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But I am totally addicted to watching one episode of the english soap series heartbeat every day, and this is something I never tell anybody except my sister, who has the same addiction and this is really embarrassing, because I have not had a tv for the last 20 years, and I have always told everybody about my hating cheap tv, and now I am into it myself, streaming it from the internet every day 4. I have some kind of body phobia. I hate it when people touch me 5. I also like one of the previous comments go to lengths to hide my online identity, and am afraid somebody I know might find this 6.

Le Roman Comique du Chat Noir by Gabriel Montoya

But I think that many of the people who have written here could have been my friends 7. I believe I chose the wrong profession, but it is to late to change it now. And I think that being good in maths is what led me in the wrong direction. So you should be happy that you were not good in maths 8.

I have written a short novel, but am too afraid to tell anyone about it, let alone try to get it published. I dream about a different life every day On sundays, I often stay in my pajama the whole day Anna is not my real name I lived in Germany for 11 years, but losing my mother tongue was not my biggest fear. I fear losing my second or third language, german, far more I am a very private person, the opposite of you. Yes Garance I love reading your blog every day… 1. I am dyslectic… Thank god for spell check. Love going out on my own and observing people.. Sometimes I find myself staring way to much which I am sure makes people feel very uncomfortable… But oh well it is just the best fun.

Scary as I have to do it at my sisters as my apartment is way to small… Really scary. Your blog is beautiful and makes me smile whenever I read it — thought I would just say! Un bon vin rouge, et puis on peut en prendre avec du fromage…. Je crois que tout le monde aime te lire: La preuve est dans tous ces jolis commentaires.

Sorry for telling such depressing storries, but this is probably the only thing nobody knows. I climbed Kilimanjaro — felt like I was in heaven when I reached the top — just amazing! I was a tom boy when I was a kid — am 36, took me 36 yrs to be able to wear dresses 3. I worked with Autistic and Down syndrome kids — what an enriching experience! Trop fan de la bomba latina.

Pire moment de honte de ma vie! Je suis un gouffre sans fin, je pourrais manger matin, midi et soir au resto Avignon me manque terriblement! Dernier truc par rapport aux animaux promis! Je suis une fan absolue de Tintin. Bon voila 25 choses! Oui ca existe toujours, ils essayent de se relancer ces derniers temps au niveau de la com et du style! Bisous au studio et bon courage pour la lecture de tous les commentaires! Ton histoire me donne espoir!

It takes a long while for me to warm up to someone and vice versa. In the end, I stayed for about an hour and then made some excuse about heading to another dinner with friends. I wish I could stay but I have such a busy social life, what can I do?? When the truth was I went straight back home and watched Louie. The major one is this: I moved to Melbourne straight out of high school in Malaysia, to study architecture.

It is the most liveable city in the world, after all! I have this desire to leave and explore the world but that would mean putting my career on hold. I definetly share with you the hate for being late and the love of having a lunch on my own with a good book. Thanks God I never had any piercing or tattoo. Trop sympa ce post! Non pas les dauphins!

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Garance, please please pleeeease share on how did you get your bellybutton unpierced- I had mine pierced when I was 13! Sinon, il y a une chose que je confesse rarement: You will probably not get to this comment as there are so many! My two best friends one in L. My favorite movie is Blade Runner because no one has been able to outdo it, even today. Dick, William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Favorite sci-fi show on tv now is Almost Human and Orchid Black. Je suis accro aux raisins sec 4. My favorite poem I ever wrote is a list. I am so introverted I am almost dysfunctional.

It amazes me that I have a job and friends. My dogs are deeply comforting to me and I worry I put too much responsibility on them to be emotional crutches for me. He is kamikaze about it. I love hamburgers, but the thought of a cow being slaughtered makes me cry. When Pantone announced radiant orchid is the color of the year I felt happier than I have for a long time.

I separated from my husband this fall and my dream is to move to Paris and forget how to speak English because my French is so good. I think I would be very happy to make art all day and live on pennies, but I am afraid I lack the discipline. I lived in a monastery for five years. Still working I guess. Thank you for this Garance! So my 2 biggest depression-causing upsetting factors are: Wow Garance, you are adorable!

Never been on safari! To introduce myself…I am originally from NY, the Bronx. After you leave NY, you look at most as odd. Yes, we live in a beautiful country, but to find that NYC energy is a bit tough. I despise pattern-making and LOVE to drape from my dress form to this day! You need a creative mind to figure out problems!

I cook more French than Italian. The French side is from Normandy and to me being a Norman makes so much sense for my personality. I think my mother had it right…she went to Italy to meet her husband.

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I have two beautiful sons who have a European way at looking at life and I hope that after we get our Italian citizenship, they will study in Italy or France. We love to go karting, sailing, horseback riding, cooking and hanging out in NYC! So glad to meet another renaissance woman, Garance. It would be great to meet with you and hang out at the Studio. Wishing you well and lots of continued success! I do misspelling in all languages?? There are no potatos in the house!!! Hello Garance, Je tente le coup aussi: Je crois toujours que je suis une princesse. Mais depuis que je conduis 2h par jour pour aller travailler, je suis devenue la reine du volant!

I dated a Francophone for 3 years and yet did not pick up any French a big regret 2. I love the adrenaline rush. I love horses and truly see them as people 4. I have a horrible fear of writing exams and totally get panic attacks when I write them 7. I played tennis every day for like 2 months because I had a huge crush on my tennis partner.

I even played with a knee injury. Nothing could stop me lol.

The Lion King - Circle of Life (French version)

I almost got my nose pierced a la Abbey Lee Kershaw, yep, embarrassing when my friend and I got drunk and she dragged me to a tattoo parlour. Fortunately it was closed… Quelle merveille de lire tes petits secrets et les commentaires qui suivent! Des annees que je suis ton blog et mon premier commentaire par ici! Merci pour ce coup de fraicheur sur la blogosphere! Je mange, je parle, je dors, je respire: Y et travailler pour toi. Alec Baldwin comme voisin!!! Or is it better asked: I love this kind of post, the lists, also love the illustrations. Before you even put them for sale I had two of them printed, framed, and put on my wall.

So here is my list of random stuff about me:. I am obsessed with clean hair. Not obsessed with trees. Singing makes me lose track of time. People hate when I sing near them. I never keep up with a hobby for too long. I am secretly proud of my shitty handcraft house models I do for college. I have a secret journal with letters to people I met in high school and never saw again.

Then met him again after four years and even dated him for a while. I have an irrational fear of heights. I loved Matt Dillon too! I remember being SO excited when I got to meet him in person in a night club in Cambodia of all places — he was shooting a movie there at the time. Highlight of my teenage years lol. So shameful — I guess it will teach me for making fun of Ophelie Winter when I was young…. I dress like a tom boy, prefer scifi and fantasy over chick flicks and yet I love everything girly and glittery with an almighty passion. Did I mention glitter?

Oh how I love glitter 3. Maths and science are my strengths.

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a test pilot. I tell people that as a joke but, secretly, it is my everlasting regret that my health barred me from following either career path. When I was super skinny I still hated my body.

webGuinée/Camp Boiro Memorial/Témoignages/Alsény René Gomez/L'enfer de Boiro

If we had the time and money, my partner and I would have four or five kids. Je voudrais bien parler francais. If I won the lottery it would be amazing: My hot headed temper gets me into trouble on average once a week. Ils sont tous plus ridicules les uns que les autres. La vie a NY est quand meme parfois dur. Je mexcuse pour ce msg, des touches de mon claviers sont frozen.

Jaime bien le dire en public, ca fait femme decidee qui sait ce quelle veut et ou elle va mais faut avouer parfois je me laisse tenter. La vie est injuste mais bon cest la vie. Cet article est juste fantastique!! Je suis un peu multifonctions quoi. Etant une Parisienne qui vit aux Etats-Unis depuis 12 ans et maintenant a San Francisco je comprend tout a fait la perte du Francais…. Je suis tres polie meme trop. Je lis tout le temps: Crazy I know 7. Je parle plusieurs langues et meme la langue des signes.

Je suis tres forte a lire les gens: Body language ,tensions, people character. Cela vient aussi de mon etude de la langue des signes. Je ne suis pas snob. Quand je suis intimidee je suis un moulin a paroles nerveux…. Je masque le silence. Je porte des talons hauts en presque toute occasion.. Pas de Botox pour moi merci bien. Je suis curieuse et un peu temeraire… Je suis confortable avec les deux sexes.

Je ne suis pas jalouse si je vois une femme plus jolie ou intelligente que moi…Cela me ravit. Un moment de calme et de bonheur plus que du shopping dans les magasins de haute gamme. I also agree to disagree a lot. Make tea, not love, comme diraient les Monty Python!!!! Je crains que cela ne me porte malheur. I have just discovered you Garcance, and have totally fallen in love with you in an older sister to younger sister sort of way. Thank you for bringing your very French perspective to us here in the states.

You inspire me to live a more whimsical, savor the simple pleasures, like a great glass of wine with friends sort of life. I am a huge fan. Well hello there sister from another mother!!! On se console comme on peut. Et nous voulions que notre retraite, cette Ils seraient meilleurs potes. A Moment Without The Internet.

Lifestyle Food for Thought. Looking for my words hhuuuuuum all the time and making terrible typos. Makes me so sad!!! This post is really interesting, thank you for sharing! You should go, just bring a good book for appearance, then just watch life go by…. We all want to meet you at the Studio!!! Thanks for sharing such intimate parts of what makes you… Very inspiring xx http: Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! This has been my favorite post ever! Merci pour ce post. En tout merci pour ce petit partage bisous et bonne journee http: I think we actually learned lots of useFUL things, thank you for this intimate post!

Having such a crummy day, and you cheered me up! You are doing good! I like my feet. Black is a colour. And Pluto a planet. I lose concentration when I read. I have an incredible list of obsessions.

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Kindle Edition File Size: Not Enabled Screen Reader: Enabled Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Je voulais tout savoir concernant mes enfants, mes parents, mes amis. En quittant la maison le 22 septembre , mon fils avait quatre ans, et ma fille quatorze mois.

Bonjour papa, je t'aime beaucoup, je t'embrasse bien. Note en langue nationale soso: Au fil du temps, nous voyions les agents revenir de chez eux le matin avec des sacs de plus en plus gros. Il occupait la cellule Mon unique sauveur est Dieu. Il est trop tard pour lui demander de me sortir de Boiro.

Il aura fallu attendre le 12 janvier pour recevoir la suite. Je n'appellerai qu'Allah le Tout Puissant. Cela venait du poste de police. Branle-bas de combat dans les cellules. Incroyable mais malheureusement vrai. Pendant plus de deux semaines, ce fut pour les survivants l'une des formes les plus insupportables de tortures morales. Essayons de nous souvenir:. Ils portaient la griffe d'une maison anglaise de renom. On peut citer entre autres: D'autres diront avec conviction: En effet, le 13 mars comme chaque dimanche, nous attendions le repas du jour, le riz gras.

Ensuite un concert de bruit de portes que l'on refermait indiquait la fin de la distribution. Ibrahima Sylla, dernier de service ce jour dans sa cellule n'avait donc pas eu besoin d'interrompre son chapelet. De mon poste d'observation je surveillais le grand et lourd portail du bloc. L'espoir se lisait sur tous les visages. Les conjectures allaient bon train. J'avais alors pu lui passer un message, et un seul: Quelques gouttes d'eau sur un chiffon, c'est peu de chose quand on a entre ses mains, un arrosoir rempli.

Je me demande aujourd'hui encore pourquoi? Niassa Mamadou chef cuisinier, et Keita Mamady son adjoint. Il habitait le Camp Boiro avec toute sa famille. Nous ignorions les causes de cette alerte en plein jour, et nous nous attendions au pire. Fait nouveau, plusieurs cadres administratifs et politiques faisaient partie du lot.

Elles le resteront encore pour plusieurs mois. Ils avaient pour noms:. Bien au contraire, ce fut pour nous une providence. Ensuite tous les tabous furent progressivement mis en veilleuse. Pour expliquer leur comportement, ils nous disaient avoir eu l'occasion de sortir du pays, pour aller servir en Angola et en Sierra Leone.