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My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Verified email at post. Papers and studies in contrastive linguistics 34, , Emotion in Dialogic Interaction: Advances in the complex , , International journal of the sociology of language , , Pragmatic, semantic and syntactic perspectives 74, , Perspectives on Language and Language Development, , Articles 1—20 Show more.

Between similarity and sameness T Sovran Journal of Pragmatics 18 4 , , Relational semantics and the anatomy of abstraction T Sovran Routledge , The structure of linguistic asymmetry: A semantic stroll through metaphors and symbols T Sovran Journal of Israeli History 32 1 , , Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5 2 , The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference.

Taking the floor on time: Absolute spatial deixis and proto-toponyms in Kata Kolok. Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia, 56 , Language and speech are old: A review of the evidence and consequences for modern linguistic diversity. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference pp.

The time frame of the emergence of modern language and its implications. Free tool for creating, editing and searching metadata. Language Documentation and Conservation, 8 , Making new ideophones in Siwu: Creative depiction in conversation. Pragmatics and Society, 5 3 , Universal social rules underlie languages.

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Scientific American Mind, 25 , Ongeschreven regels van de taal. Psyche en Brein, 6 , Formats for other-initiation of repair across languages: An exercise in pragmatic typology. Studies in Language, 38 , Conversational infrastructure and the convergent evolution of linguistic items. The role of iconicity in the cultural evolution of communicative signals. Prelinguistic infants are sensitive to space-pitch associations found across cultures. Psychological Science, 25 6 , Natural causes of language: Frames, biases and cultural transmission.

Causal dynamics of language. Human agency and the infrastructure for requests. Transmission biases in the cultural evolution of language: Towards an explanatory framework. Language presupposes an enchronic infrastructure for social interaction. The Cambridge handbook of linguistic anthropology. Directions in the anthropology of language. A language of Ecuador. Four types of reduplication in the Cha'palaa language of Ecuador. Typological studies of underspecified parts of speech ed.

Linguistics, 52 , Some principles on the use of macro-areas in typological comparison. Language Dynamics and Change, 4 , Quantifying geographical determinants of large-scale distributions of linguistic features. Basic vocabulary comparison in South American languages. An ethnolinguistic study by Anvita Abbi]. Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics, 1 , Somatic, semiotic, and social. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 47 2 , Experimental methods in co-speech gesture research.

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Order in NP conjuncts in spoken English and Japanese. Early anticipation lies behind the speed of response in conversation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26 11 , Odors are expressible in language, as long as you speak the right language. Cognition, 2 , Human locomotion in languages: Constraints on moving and meaning. Journal of Memory and Language, 74 , Information structure and reference tracking in complex sentences: The languages of South America: Deep families, areal relationships, and language contact.

Monolingual Biases in Simulations of Cultural Transmission. Gene-culture coevolution of a linguistic system in two modalities. Working memory in chimps and humans. Student volume of the 9th International Conference on the Evolution of Language pp. Detecting differences between the languages of Neandertals and modern humans. Social interaction influences the evolution of cognitive biases for language. Master Thesis, Radboud University, Nijmegen. Towards an ontological theory of language: Radical minimalism, memetic linguistics and linguistic engineering, prolegomena.

Revista Philologica Romanica, 14 2 , When do people not use language to make requests? The semantic interplay of speech and co-speech hand gestures in the description of pain sensations. Speech Communication, 57 , Increased pain intensity is associated with greater verbal communication difficulty and increased production of speech and co-speech gestures.

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Rising intonation in spontaneous French: How well can continuation statements and polar questions be distinguished? Human children rely more on social information than chimpanzees do. Biology Letters, 10 Information structure in Avatime. The evolutionary dynamics of motion event encoding. Spektrum der Wissenschaft, June , Contact and isolation in hunter-gatherer language dynamics: Evidence from Maniq phonology Aslian, Malay Peninsula. Studies in Language, 38 4 , Revisiting the limits of language: The odor lexicon of Maniq. Preference organization driving structuration: Evidence from Australian Aboriginal interaction for pragmatically motivated grammaticalization.

Language, 89 4 , The acquisition of agreement in four Mayan languages. Processing consequences of superfluous and missing prosodic breaks in auditory sentence comprehension. Neuropsychologia, 51 , Time does not flow without language: Spatial distance affects temporal duration regardless of movement or direction. Do you see what I'm singing? Visuospatial movement biases pitch perception.

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PLoS One, 8 The thickness of musical pitch: Psychophysical evidence for linguistic relativity. Psychological Science, 24 , Time and place in the prehistory of the Aslian languages. Human Biology, 85 , Agency, enchrony, and human sociality. Doing fieldwork on the body, language, and communication. University of Hawaii Press. Language, culture, and mind: Trends and standards in the latest pendulum swing. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 19 , Rejoinder to Daniel Everett [Comment].

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Territories of knowledge in Japanese conversation. Selective and faithful imitation at 12 and 15 months. The core and the periphery: Data-driven perspectives on syntax inspired by Ivan A. Does resumption facilitate sentence comprehension? Here's not looking at you, kid! Unaddressed recipients benefit from co-speech gestures when speech processing suffers.

Reversing the direction of time: Does the visibility of spatial representations of time shape temporal focus? Proceedings of the Master's Program Cognitive Neuroscience, 8 1 , A robustness approach to theory building: A case study of language evolution. Spatial terms across languages support near-optimal communication: Evidence from Peruvian Amazonia, and computational analyses.

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Perspectives from Systemic Functional Linguistics : Lise Fontaine :

Oceanic Linguistics, 52 , Infant contributions to joint attention predict vocabulary development. The handbook on conversation analysis. Multiple levels of structure in language and music. Cardinal numerals in rural sign languages: Linguistic Typology, 17 3 , Kin-based teasing in Murriny Patha conversation. Journal of Pragmatics, 44 , Citing on-line language resources.

Time and space in Tzeltal: Is the future uphill? Frontiers in Psychology, 3 , Verb semantics in Tzeltal placement and removal expressions. A crosslinguistic perspective pp. The linguistic encoding of placement and removal events in Jahai. Are superfluous prosodic breaks harder to process than missing ones? ERP data on auditory sentence comprehension [Abstract]. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 85 3 , The interplay between gesture and speech in the production of referring expressions: Investigating the tradeoff hypothesis.

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Topics in Cognitive Science, 4 , Exploring the cognitive infrastructure of communication. Studies on the emergence and evolution of human communication pp. Generational differences in the orientation of time in Cantonese speakers as a function of changes in the direction of Chinese writing.

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An updated sociolinguistic profile. Anthropological and linguistic insights pp. Sign-spatiality in Kata Kolok: How a village sign language in Bali inscribes its signing space. The Kata Kolok perfective in child signing: Coordination of manual and non-manual components. Journal of Linguistics, 48 , Demographic, sociocultural, and linguistic variation across rural signing communities.

Linguistic and cultural cues in the emergence of tag-based cooperation [Commentary]. Current Anthropology, 53 , Abstract profiles of structural stability point to universal tendencies, family-specific factors, and ancient connections between languages. PLoS One, 7 9 , e Conceptual event units of putting and taking in two unrelated languages. Advances in the cross-linguistic study of ideophones. Language and Linguistics Compass, 6 , Kleurt taal je wereldbeeld?

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Over de relatie tussen taal en denken. The semantic structure of sensory vocabulary in an African language. A high speed transcription interface for annotating primary linguistic data. Association for Computational Linguistics. The sound of thickness: Prelinguistic infants' associations of space and pitch. Diachronica, 29 1 , The continuous unified electronic diary method. Behavior Research Methods, 44 , Diversity disregarded [Review of the book Games primates play: An undercover investigation of the evolution and economics of human relationships by Dario Maestripieri].

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Book review of [Poeticas de vida en espacios de muerte: Gender, power and the state in Warao everyday life] Charles L. American Anthropologist, , Speech act recognition in conversation: Probing the linguistic encoding of placement and removal events in Swedish. Pronouns and the Preliminary Classification of Papuan languages. Language and linguistics in Melanesia, Special issue Part 2 , Tracking down abstract linguistic meaning: Neural correlates of spatial frame of reference ambiguities in language.

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Perspectives from Systemic Functional Linguistics

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Language Documentation and Conservation, 6 , Referring to colour and taste in Kilivila: Stability and change in two lexical domains of sensual perception. Language diversity and social action: A third locus of linguistic relativity. Mobilizing response in interaction: A compositional view of questions. Humanities of the lesser-known: New directions in the description, documentation and typology of endangered languages and musics [Special Issue].

Language Documentation and Description, Language Documentation and Description, 10 , Investigating the nature of aspirated stops in Western Andalusian Spanish.

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Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 42 , Phonetica, 69 , Beta oscillations relate to the Nm during language comprehension. Human Brain Mapping, 33 , Language, thought, and reality: Carroll; foreword by Stephen C. Olfaction in a hunter-gatherer society: Insights from language and culture. Sign languages in village communities: Anthropological and linguistic insights. Laughter is the best medicine: Roles for prosody in a Murriny Patha conversational narrative. Papers in Honour of Michael Walsh pp.

Landscape terms and place names questionnaire. Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. The segmentation of causal chains. Phonology, morphology, and semantico-syntactic typology] pp. Crossmodal compounding in Tzeltal perception words. Everyone has to lie in Tzeltal [Reprint].

Critical concepts in language studies. Volume III Talking about language pp. The cultural organization of attention. Some universals in language usage, Japanese translation]. Some universals in language use [Reprint]. The coding of reciprocal events in Jahai. Linguistics, 49 , Olfaction in Aslian ideology and language. Language history and culture groups among Austroasiatic-speaking foragers of the Malay Peninsula.

The case of mainland Southeast Asia pp. Universals and variation in spatial language and cognition: Changes in the language of perception in Cantonese. Kata Kolok color terms and the emergence of lexical signs in rural signing communities. Ezra Pound among the Mawu: Ideophones and iconicity in Siwu. Ideophones and the aesthetics of everyday language in a West-African society. The meaning and use of ideophones in Siwu. Two cross-modal association tasks. Psychophysical evidence for the Whorfian hypothesis. A case study in computational phylogenetics.

Diachronica, 28 , Evolved structure of language shows lineage-specific trends in word-order universals.

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Dynamics of human diversity: The case of mainland Southeast Asia. Books that live and die [Book review]. Current Anthropology, 52 1 , Credit tests [Review of the book You are not a gadget by Jaron Lanier]. The Times Literary Supplement, February 18, , Description of reciprocal situations in Lao. Dynamics of human diversity in mainland Southeast Asia: Language and body in the material world pp.

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In Field manual volume 14 pp. Reciprocals and semantic typology. Re-discovering the Quechua adjective. Linguistic Typology, 15 , Language in Society, 40 , Interactional functions as part of the grammar: Music and language in Duna pikono. Studies in form, meaning and sociocultural context pp. Plasticity of human spatial memory: Spatial language and cognition covary across cultures. Yo-marked assessments in Japanese. Collaborative narration and cross-speaker repetition in Umpila and Kuuku Ya'u.

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Machst Du jetzt Witze oder was? Talking about color and taste on the Trobriand Islands: To have and have not: The thickness of pitch: Crossmodal metaphors in Farsi, Turkish and Zapotec. Agency and ideology in language shift and language maintenance. University of Arizona Press. Putting things in places: Developmental consequences of linguistic typology. Morality and question design: The morality of knowledge in conversation. Knowledge, morality and affiliation in social interaction.

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Human sociality at the heart of language [Inaugural lecture]. Burnt banknotes [Review of the books Making the social world by John R. Searle and The theory of social and cultural selection by W. The Times Literary Supplement, September 3, , Language and culture in Laos: An agenda for research.