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I have to say, if I had read them in the order the author had presented them, I probably would have rated the book roughly the book' average rati My heart is still racing. I have to say, if I had read them in the order the author had presented them, I probably would have rated the book roughly the book' average rating of 3 something stars. Instead, by reading it in chron order, the tension mounted from today's world, into the zombie apocalypse world.

I've no idea why the author thought the book should be read the other way around. I recommend two things: The book is free.

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  4. It won't take too long to read that short story, and if you aren't captured, then you didn't really lose much. Except a few moments of your time. Dec 13, Scott McCloskey rated it really liked it. Rizen is a pleasant mixture of light reading that deals with a heavy topic. The fact that it is a collection of several short stories makes it very approachable if you only have on-the-fly reading time to spare, which is a definite plus for me. The stories are all unique unto themselves, but remain connected by occurring in the same reality at different points in the apocalypse, all the way from patient zero to ten years after the outbreak.

    This also makes it easy to jump back in whenever it's m Rizen is a pleasant mixture of light reading that deals with a heavy topic. This also makes it easy to jump back in whenever it's most convenient. If you're looking to digest your zombie stories during your lunch break, Rizen may be for you.

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    7. The four stories in the book are presented in reverse chronological order, with the first occuring ten years after the outbreak, and the last marking the moment it began. Author Kirk Anderson includes a note at the beginning welcoming the reader to enjoy the stories in the order they are presented, or to read them backwards if you prefer to remain true to the flow of time.

      RIZEN: Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse by Kirk Anderson

      I chose the latter. It really doesn't matter how you approach it, but for me, the best part of a good zombie story is the very beginning, when the people in the story who were apparently never exposed to the legacy of George Romero in their reality have no idea what's happening and must cope with the horrors unfolding around them. I prefer to begin with that and then expand outwards. While I found all of the stories to be enjoyable reads, it may be the desire I just expressed that somewhat colored my opinion while reading this book.

      If I had to rank the stories from my favorite on downwards, I would rate them exactly in the order I read them. Allow me to explain: Flight deals with the moment of outbreak, and the shock factor in this story is high. Naturally I can't say much for fear of spoilers, but I want a zombie story to make me react, and this one gave me pause to look away and think, "oh man, did that just happen?

      Zombies are still the main adversary, and there is still plenty of ominous fear afoot why read about zombies if not to be scared? The characters in this story have a better grasp of the situation than in Flight for obvious reasons, but all that serves to do is involve them in more complicated moral dilemmas.

      See a Problem?

      I was expecting a different fate for the main protagonist, but I was still satisfied with what the story had to offer. There are still enough shambling corpses for my taste and the story does culminate in some serious "what happens next" page turning, but I felt as though the opening was a tad contrived. The protagonist seemed to have a little too much handed to him on a platter to pull me into the believability of his circumstances.

      If I didn't think that, I wouldn't have read it to the end. But again, my perception of zombie apocalypse stories clouded my ability to entirely accept this tale as fitting in well with the others. Ten years is simply too much time for my taste. When I think zombies, I want to read about zombies If all mention of zombies had been removed from this tale and it had been included in a different anthology about a dystopian human future, I feel it would have fit right in.

      The main character came off as a Lara Croft type to me many readers will like this, though I personally don't care for that character archetype. This story was more about race wars and Mad Max style antics than a zombie horror tale. This story was not a deal-breaker for me because as I've said, it is still a decent tale, but it did cause me to lose the general sense of "zombie-ism" I was hoping would exist throughout the book. All in all, Rizen is worth the read in my opinion.

      Product details

      It's reasonably priced for its length, and though there really isn't much new under the sun here, that shouldn't bother readers who are specifically looking for a zombie horror story to begin with. Writing about the zombie apocalypse is just about as difficult as writing about angsty vampires these days -- even before Twilight came long, the concept had already been beaten to death and well past the point of being a cliche I reference The Vampire Lestat.

      To write decent tales these days on topics like these, one has to intermingle a healthy dose of the original in with what we expect and want to see, and that gets tougher as new ideas continue to be used up. Rizen has the groundwork, and I believe it incorporates enough uniqueness to keep it from being consigned to the rank of "just another zombie story". Check it out - for the time you put in, I believe you'll find it worthwhile. Feb 23, Laura of Lurking rated it it was amazing. A collection of short stories set in the same world where a zombie plague has taken over. I found these short and refreshing overall, each one could stand on its own but together they created a much larger and richer picture.

      These stories work great as a set, really giving a good timeline and atmosphere. The last one in particular built on the previous ones as it assumed at least basic knowledge of zombies to know what was going on before the characters did. A fantastic read The Chosen: When the action increased I felt the author paid a bit less attention to his writing style, which was a shame but did not decrease the story quality. This is an interesting take on fights and wars between different colonisations because come on, we know even when there are only a few of us left we won't be able to live in harmony , especially as it takes a look though the repenting eyes of the instigators of one such war.

      At one point the text looked more like a tactical battle plan, but this soon smoothed out to humans fighting for freedom. Despite the dark tones the ending left a smile on my face. Road Trip at the End of the World: At first this story seemed rather bah-humbug and lacking in plot, not engaging me. A few pages in the emotional factor really kicked it, building a water-tight raft for the narrative to float on.

      I squirmed, I even started to tear up at one image. The emotions packed into this story were fantastic, I would recommend this collection purely for you to read this one work. This showed how possibly one of the first wide spread contagions happened on a plane through the eyes of the air traffic controller and friend of the pilot.

      The writing was tight and emotion based, but also with a fair dash of plot, and of course plenty of blood. It left you willing the plane to land and to save the pilot. Although I gave most of these stories 4 stars for the cohesive picture this gives I give the book a big 5 stars. I'd recommend0 not just for horror and apocalypse fans, but foe anyone that enjoys a good story masterfully fitted together piece by piece Feb 09, chucklesthescot rated it liked it Shelves: For me, anthologies of short stories, whether by one author or different authors, are very hit and miss.

      This was a decent set of stories as I liked three out of the four. My comments will be short as I don't want to spoil each story for those wishing to read them. This would do well as a full length novel as it had lots of good ideas and it would allow the good characters to be fleshed out more, seeing their story evolve instead of being told what happened over the last ten years. Dan and his family try to cope with the zombie apocalypse but an unlucky meeting with a survivor compound leads an army of the dead to their door.

      I liked the ideas, the reasons for Dan not wanting to join the compound and the aftermath. This focuses on the survivor compound and what was really happening to the 'saved' people behind the walls. Resistance fighters plan an assault on it.

      RIZEN: Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse (Unabridged)

      Again, some great ideas and would do well in a longer format showing the start of the apocalypse and previous encounters with The White Fist which are mentioned. This is the one I was less keen on.

      ASMR Character Roleplay: They're After You - Survivors, A Zombie Apocalypse Tale - Part Two

      I liked how it was written but one dumb choice by a character leads to a somewhat unsatisfying end. Richard and Andrea are stuck in their home, waiting for rescue and tired of keeping quiet. They make the decision to leave and this is where their problems start. The infection breaks out on a plane about to come in to land leaving ATC with a moral dilemma. I liked this because we see the human side of the outbreak and the choices that need to be made.

      I would love to get the story of how the virus took over the plane. Overall I liked the way the author put the stories together to give four different looks at the same zombie apocalypse. I would be interested in reading any zombie novels that he might bring out in the future. Jan 14, Molly rated it really liked it. Five years after the first of the infected reach Texas, pockets of survivors are reminded that the living can be even more dangerous than the dead. A middle-aged couple, cut off from civilization for months, decides to strike out into the ruined world and make for the West Coast.

      What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? Being clearer on things. What do you think your next listen will be? How could the performance have been better? Put more of himself into it. Nope, waste of time: The reader is a little overly dramatic, and the stories are so short they are more like essays , but I did enjoy listening.

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