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Nov 25, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: What can I say about Sirena by Donna Napoli. Well, it's not what I expected. Her writing style was nothing I've ever encountered before, and the book was mainly a narrative from the first person of a mermaid, Sirena.

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I gave it three stars, because the writing was very fluid, and invoked the imagination which is worth mentioning. It's a fast read, and full of love, regret, and longing. I would tell anyone who likes mermaids, and wants a fast read to pick this up at the library. It teaches you a very important life lesson Dec 14, Asghar Abbas rated it really liked it. Salted, saltish, very salty like a particular salt of memory. Reminiscent of fishy hopes and hearths lost between thighs. Apr 01, Jojobean rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a great quick read that I really enjoyed.

I went into thsi book not knowing anything about it except that is is about a mermaid named Sirena. The synopsis gives no information about the time period or when it takes place. I was happy to find out that the book takes place in Ancient Greece at the time of the Trojan War. It is a re-telling of the myth of Philoctetes, who was abandoned on the island of Lemnos when he was bitten by a serpent on the way to Troy.

The myth was changed to a This book is a great quick read that I really enjoyed. The myth was changed to add a mermaid into it. The story takes place in the years that Philoctetes was stranded on the island. I really liked Sirena. She was very innocent in the beginning.

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In this book, mermaids can gain immortality by mating with a male human. They use their singing to lure ships to their island where the ships will wreck and the survivors will have to stay on the island. Sirena is a very determined character who realizes that her singing can cause death which is why she promises that she will never sing again. She is very determined to keep that promise. Sirena has a sense of right and wrong, which her sisters don't have.

Sirena wan't immortality but she doesn't want it at the price of a person's life. Sirena is also very loyal, loving, caring, fun-loving and playful. She is also very nuturing which can be seen when she helps to heal Philotcetes. She is very amazed at small things such as mosaics and fire and rejoices when she is able to do some human skills like make a fire. She becomes wiser throughout the book.

She is also fiery and passionate especially in her beliefs. I also liked Philoctetes. I admire him for staying on the island for so long without going crazy or trying to get off of it multiple times. He is a good man with unfortunate circumstances. He is a renowned archer and a Greek hero after he gets off the island and goes to Troy. He is very brave and willing to try new things like learning to swim. He is very protective, loving, passionate and a wonderful story teller. He is very sweet and caring, surprising Sirena with surprises he thinks she will like and giving a lot of thought and hard work on his surprises.

Of course being a human, Philoctetes, even though content with his life on Lemnos, dreams of going to war to be a hero and have people tell stories about him like he tells Sirena of Theseus, Achilles and Heracles. Honor is everything to him and he wants to go to war to win honor. I love the romance in the story. The love between Sirena and Philoctetes is sweet.

They both love each other completely and they fell in love on their own without her singing or anything interfering.

They truly enjoy each other's company and have lively debates on some of the stories Philoctetes tells. While I loved this book I have to say I wasn't too happy with the ending. For me it was too sad and that sucks. I hate sad ending. This review is also posted on Spantalian's Book Reviews Apr 23, Summer rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought this book was fantastic! I love Greek mythology and everything about Greek life, but this book wasn't necessarily about that stuff.

It was a fun book about mermaids and caught my attention right from the first page. It was an easy read that is easy to relate to at least I thought so , so the perfect thing to sneak in a day.

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It is the ideal book to read if you're in a book slump! Originally Reviewed on May 4, Updated with Grammarly on May 27, Jan 02, Drianne rated it did not like it Shelves: Sirena is a Siren, who, in Napoli's work, are mermaids; the offspring of the rape of a parrot-fish by Eros no, really , they cannot be immortal unless they have a man fall in love with them. So Sirena, unlike the rest of her sisters, doesn't want to trick a man into loving her by her singing shades of the Little Mermaid, oh my , and runs off to Lemnos, where she meets Philoctetes.

You could probably fill in the rest, too. The constant discussions of sex, though not graphic, offended me a whole lot more than the graphic scenes in either An Arrow's Flight or Cook's Achilles. I think it's this sort of nonsense that ought to be kept out of the hands of teenagers, not to mention its ridiculous romanticism of Love.

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  6. Jan 27, Rachel Poon rated it it was amazing. I just read over this book again today, so his name is Philloctetes he was the son of Poes, he was royalty. But because he was bitten by a serpant and cursed by Hera, the goddess. The other sailor abandoned him. Philloctetes doesn't care about how hybrid or half fish she is, he just wants to live with her, but something is bothering, Sirena has got immortality, but Philloctetes doesn't.

    It was really romantic how Sirena wants Philoctetes to leave her for his own reputation and protection as she has a immortal body and he cannot live with her forever, but their love will last for eternity. Jan 26, Polly rated it liked it Shelves: I did review this a little high, but I will be "thinking about this a lot" as I am writing my own mermaid novel. This mermaid novel is the first I've read with some research behind it.

    However, I'm not sure how I feel about it, because it takes place during the battle of Troy: I'm looking for information as to how to write an underwater world. So far, most books only have mermaids above the sea lev I did review this a little high, but I will be "thinking about this a lot" as I am writing my own mermaid novel.

    Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

    So far, most books only have mermaids above the sea level. However, I did enjoy the mythic version here--of how mermaids were born, and how the mermen were lost at sea to an iceburg. Their life seems to be owed to a mystical goddess turtle. After re-reading Hans Christian Andersen's original tale, I'm surprised to discover that his mermaids were not immortal and his heroine wanted to "share the joys of a heavenly world.

    Her opinions about living for years as a mermaid and then turning into foam were not very high. In essence her risk was to aim for eternity over a mere years. It's funny that all the renditions of the mermaid's story I've seen are about how she is willing to bet her immortal fishy life for a few years of glorious human life, and who cares about the afterlife when there is a honeymoon, right? And although I bitterly scorned Andersen's ending when I was a child, I can see now in the rereading that she does get an immortal life, exactly what she asked for.

    Somehow she finds a loophole through good works and gets her wish. The princely husband was just one avenue to her destination, and she reaches it another way. Only a truly innocent can love this ending, but I can see it's beauty in a "Water Babies" type of way. Anyone read "Water Bablies? As for Sirena, I think it's more YA, but it has its place in literature that educates the Greek myths. Jul 30, Lindsay rated it it was amazing Shelves: So I was searching through the library last week, as I often do, and I found an interesting book titled, Sirena, with a picture of a mermaid on the front.

    And I was right! Sirena is a quick read, took me about one morning to So I was searching through the library last week, as I often do, and I found an interesting book titled, Sirena, with a picture of a mermaid on the front. Unlike The Little Mermaid, the whole point of Sirena is to find a human guy and make him fall in love with you.

    If the mermaid succeds at making him fall in love, she will be granted eternal life. The mermaids lure the humans to the shore with their sweet songs and then the humans would fall in love with them because of the sound of their voices. When an accident happens, Sirena runs away to a hidden island to stay away from the humans forever. If you like mythology, you will absolutely love this book! Jun 14, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this twice on a plane and wow this is just wow ugh I don't know what to say this makes me cry every time i read it.

    View all 3 comments. Oct 19, Kevin Malone rated it liked it Shelves: A genuinely good mermaid book Sep 15, Netanella rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am waiting, impatient and excited. A glimpse of orange in the damp sand above the waters edge catches my eye. It is a dried starfish. That makes the fourth one I have found this week. I lace my hair around it. My sister Cecilia will be jealous. She has covered herself with starfish. And Pontina has taken over the mussel shells, stringing them around her neck in layers.

    Her hands are red and pink with scrapes from fighting oysters. We make ourselves beautiful. Beautiful storytelling wraps around the mythological tale of Philotectes, the young friend of Hercules who is stranded on the island of Lemnos for ten years prior to the Trojan War.

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    In this tale, Philotectes is saved by the mermaid Sirena, who both pines for humans and also avoids them, after she and her sisters caused the destruction of two sea-faring ships. The story is really Sirena's, a mortal mermaid who must cause a mortal to fall in love with her in order to achieve her own immortality. Sirena, however, does not want to enchant mortals as her sisters do, she wants true love and refuses to sing her songs of enchantment. She tends to Philotectes' snake-bite wound daily and lives with him on Lemnos as a couple.

    She pines for children, knowing she cannot have any. And when a Greek ship finally pulls up to take Philotectes away to war, she must finally reconcile their love and differing natures. I loved this story. Aug 11, Jasmine Luna rated it it was amazing. This book was beautifully written, as Napoli is a brilliant writer. I cried many times during my adventure reading it. The characters are surprisingly relatable, and the story is compelling. When we summarize it--"An immortal mermaid who falls in love with a human wishes she could return to mortality to live a full life with him"--it sounds very cliched.

    But in all reality, starting this book was like climbing up a hill, but when you reached the top, the view was meant for a great mountain. Clim This book was beautifully written, as Napoli is a brilliant writer. Climbing down the hill was a painful journey as the book was coming to its end, but it was satisfying--as if you stopped to cry at the sunset and feel proud that you'd gone through such an adventure.

    This book truly makes you think about life, and it's a spectacular read that I don't recommend finishing in a single sitting but in multiple sittings. May 18, Stephanie Lancaster rated it it was amazing. I happened to see it at A Half-Price Bookstore a few weeks ago, and picked it up. Re-reading it, I am amazed at how truly well-written and deep it is. My one regret is the ending, as it seemed fairly rushed. That doesn't change at all how much I enjoyed it. The mosaic scene was one of the most prominent in my mind, and Mrs.

    Napoli did such a fantastic job with descriptions that you really could I read this book a LONG time ago, before I even graduated High School, and didn't quite understand it. Napoli did such a fantastic job with descriptions that you really could FEEL like you were there. Really wish this could have been a movie, or even re-released now, as I know it would be a hit once more. Sep 07, Dale Pearl rated it really liked it Shelves: My good friend and fellow goodreads author Asghar Abbas recommended this book. We had a discussion on a lack of credible literature involving the vision of mermaids.

    He produced this book and suggested I give it a go. I thouroughly enjoyed this tale. It is an easy read and can appeal to all ages. The story doesn't read like a typical mythological tale, however, there is no mistake that is what it is. Sirena is another story of coming of age. Hunger, desire, struggles with maturing it is all there. Jun 04, America Sanders rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of my favorite books. It is about a siren who realizes that her song brings only death and she cannot bare the idea of taking lives for her benefit.

    But luck comes to her in the form of a shipwrecked soldier she grows closer to. The book is an awesome combination of greek mythology with an interesting twist, it was told from the point of view of a notorious monster and surprisingly she is not that evil. I can learn much from this book about creating unique ideas just by taking known This is one of my favorite books.

    I can learn much from this book about creating unique ideas just by taking known concepts and changing them so that they become original and intriguing idea Mar 29, Madeline rated it really liked it. Dec 21, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Fantasy, fiction, romance, greek mythology.

    Feb 19, Judith rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this a long time ago, but I know I loved it! Apr 30, Pamela Cruz rated it it was amazing. Such a pretty story. It leaves you happy. May 17, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Super enjoyable, quick read. Jun 12, Nicole Saga-flores rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a good read Jun 11, Silvia rated it really liked it.

    I came in with no expectations at all, just to read a good ol'book about mermaids. I'm a sucker for mythology and mermaids' love stories in particular , so this was the book for me, but it was written like 20 years ago, so I was a bit skeptical about some, like, 90s vibe in an Ancient Greek setting, but boy was I wrong. This little story is so bittersweet it will leave you laughing and crying and wanting for more, definitely. The writer is a Professor and it shows in her knowledge about the Greek I came in with no expectations at all, just to read a good ol'book about mermaids.

    The writer is a Professor and it shows in her knowledge about the Greek culture and mythology, so I enjoyed that as well. Sirena will hold a special place in my heart for sure. Jan 25, Lauren rated it it was amazing.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sirena is set in the times of the ancient Greeks, while the Trojan war is at its peak. In Pre-colonial Philippines, it was believed that in the full moon or in the Dayaw or Kadayawan, one of the embodiments of the moon who is Bulan descended from the heavens to swim with the mermaids and that the mermaids protected the boy moon from sea monsters.

    Marina was a fantasy series that features a mermaid. It aired on February 23, to November 12, , starring Claudine Barretto. It originally aired on April 28, and ended on October 17, , completing episodes. It starred Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes in the lead roles. Cindy Kurlteto was originally cast as Dyesebel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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