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Instead of having the same thing repeating over and over again, they have a totally new setting and conflict to the next girl's accomplishments. View all 7 comments. They are amazed and just super thrilled for Jane but are also a bit envious that Jane has somehow done what they have yet to do, which is to have the perfect life.

In this first book, which by the way this is a trilogy, Maddy Hills is the main character. Maddy turned away from her first love, Joe, when she was in high school thanks to winning a full scholarship to an awesome art school.

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After meeting an accountant and marrying him, she suffers through his slow death thanks to cancer. In the midst of caring for him and making sure his business was always a constant success, she ended up turning away from her passion of art. Now, Maddy and her two best friends make a bet with each other to find their perfect life. To begin, she accepts a position at a youth camp. The only problem is her high school sweetheart that she turned away from runs the camp.

She broke his heart years ago when she put her life, her passion for art, and her independence ahead of him, turning him down when he proposed. Only Maddy learns, sometimes having an almost perfect life is better than having the perfect life. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book is fun, sexy, and makes you want to grab your besties and make your own bet in hopes of obtaining your own almost perfect life.

The story plot is excellent. Finding an author who can spin a new tale is an achievement of its own and Julie does that quite well. The summer youth camp aspect was done just as well. The closer Maddy and Joe grow mingled with the frustrations over the past forcing them to part again are very realistic. No, Joe is pissed and still very resentful over how he was done wrong and the fights between the two are definitely heated and very realistic.

As well as the steamy make-up scenes are. There were many fine points that I really liked about Almost Perfect. The psychological aspects of emotional relationships really perked my senses throughout this book. And Julie did that to the max! She set them in places and gave them just enough notice and background to create the urge for me to want to go dive straight into book two and three.

I did feel that some scenes, a very miniscule amount, were a little slow and long drawn out. Kudos to Julie for keeping it real and keeping it clean. Why do I keep doing this??? These books are free on the kindle and so easy to read. Or salt and vinegar kettle chips. I read it in one day. They challenge each other to overcome their fears or Her hunky teenage flame now turned wounded war vet is the director. The psychology behind the characters was more interesting than your typical commitment phobia or charming stubbornness. However, it only emerged towards the very end of the novel.

There are so many things I could complain about, flaws that span over the whole chicklit genre or at least, the free ones I've been reading: Many loose strings that need to be explored more and weaved together more cohesively. I still got that warm fuzzy feeling at times but I'm not sure this would be worth your time unless your brain is frazzled and you need some lovin'. This was my first time reading Julie Ortolon and I have to say it was a nice read.

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She has been invited to work at a summer camp owned by the mother of a former boyfriend, Joe. Joe is a former Army Ranger that has had to cool it on his military career due to an injury. While I enjoyed the story, I should note that there were a few times that I felt the characters were a little immature. They were both adults, but some of the actions and reactions they had to conflict or miscommunication told me, as a reader, that they might not be able to move on from old wounds. One of the main reasons that I picked up this book is because Ortolon is a dyslexic.

I really want to support individuals with challenges like dyslexia in their craft. I think she did a fantastic job—dyslexia or not—and is an author I would not hesitate to recommend if you are looking for something really light to read. She similar is style to Rachel Gibson and Christie Ridgway. Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon 4 college girl friends, now later in life are remembering their earlier lives.

This book was sitting in my kindle queue for at least 3 months i dont know why i waited so long to read it. Jul 02, R. This was a fun sweet novel This is a feel good, old fashioned type of romance. Some steamy scenes which is never crude or over the top. The tension between the two main protagonists were enough to make me want to listen more and more.

The Momma character was a hoot as well as a very wise woman who basically served to explain the theme of the book while the two main protagonists served to advance the plot of love lost, misunderstaning etc. The narrator, Jane Cramer did a brilliant job in giving a voice to a very loveable cast This is a feel good, old fashioned type of romance. The narrator, Jane Cramer did a brilliant job in giving a voice to a very loveable cast of characters. The beginning was kind of slow, but it picked up later on when she sees the person from her past.

Almost Perfect

The tension between them and the need to avoid each other makes it appealing, but it is the longing for them to be together. For them to act upon their feelings. It was interesting waiting to see what the main character would do and how the bet would go. Although, the book starts to get kind of slow and boring towards the end.

Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy, book 1) by Julie Ortolon

Too chick lit for me And the final straw for my reading was when they started making out and Maddy is worried about her cellulite and sagging breasts because she's 32 years old. She was also worried about wrinkles around her eyes. You haven't had kids and you're only 32 and you're already saggy? That didn't make sense to me DNF. As a first for the Perfect Trilogy by Julie Ortolon, this was a wonderful start with a beautiful ending that I specially thought I still wanted to know more!

Hot and sexy hero and heroines I'm excited to get my hands on the other two books in the series! Mar 11, Ellen rated it it was amazing. Enjoyable romantic read The story has interesting characters whose flaws cause the twist and turns in the story line.

And as in all romance stories a couple finds true love. Jun 27, SandraE rated it really liked it Shelves: A great book about facing your fears and going for it. I really enjoyed this series. A wonderful story by Julie Ortolon, easy to read, fun, sexy. Looking forward to Books 2 and 3 in the series! Some times you just need that. I like the chat conversations between the friends, they're pretty funny. Looking forward to the next two books. Can't wait to read Christine and Amy's books.

Aug 13, Cally rated it really liked it.

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This was a really sweet, easy read. In so many romance books the obstacles come from outside the characters, usually a bunch of misunderstandings or one character being an awful person until they grovel or not and manage to win back the other. This book didn't have that and it made it more realistic and enjoyable for me. Maddy and Joe had a relationship when they where teenagers and it colours a lot of what they do, think and feel as adults. Neither of them are in the wrong though, it's just ex This was a really sweet, easy read.

Neither of them are in the wrong though, it's just experiences that they need to grow and learn from. Those are the obstacles that they need to overcome. Learning to look past what they think they know, to see things from the other persons perspective. When they have that moment, where they finally talk and let things out it's BOTH of them doing it. Both of them apologizing, trying to fix things, it's not one being 'in the wrong'.

I don't know if it's a book I would ever reread, but it's one I'll likely compare other novels too. Dec 24, Neek rated it it was amazing. Young love What did not work out when they were in high school finally comes to fruition in adulthood. Throwing off old ways of thinking can be difficult but sometimes it is the only way to a new and better life. Joe and Maddy go through a lot of misunderstandings. Better communication would have really helped, but that is usually a big hurdle for most couples.

Their HEA is implied and I look forward to confirmation of that in the next book in this series. Jan 08, Kadri rated it liked it. Read on a short-ish plane journey. A pretty pleasant read, though a tad unbelievable in places. It wasn't that much of a will-they-won't-they as a when-will-they book. It did bother me how the friends of the main character Maddie Amy and Christine were very flat and one-dimensional in this.

I know they got their own books, but this doesn't really lure me in. Sep 13, Lori Carnahan rated it liked it. Couldn't get into this book so stopped reading about chapter 7. Almost Perfect New Edition 2 15 Feb 11, Most authors will tell you they've been writing and reading since childhood. I hated reading and never imagined I'd someday be a writer. Of course, the fact that I have dyslexia probably has a tiny bit to do with my aversion to the written word. Nonetheless, I had a very active imagination and spent most of my school years staring out the window dreaming up stories.

When I finally escaped t Most authors will tell you they've been writing and reading since childhood. Schreiner specializes in programs for students with learning disabilities. With the help of a school administrator, who was willing to type out one of my short stories, I entered a writing contest—won first place! That was when I started longing for a way to get the other stories that were in my head down on paper. But the act of writing longhand, when I couldn't spell, could barely read, and knew zip about punctuation, proved impossible.

So, I became an artist instead—and was perfectly happy. Then came the day my journalist husband brought home a computer, and I discovered the wonders of "spell check. That computer was like a magic box—a gateway into a world where anything was possible. So he rents a secluded beach house for the fall to unblock his creative juices-and ends up falling for the reluctant landlady whose beautiful green-eyed glare reads like a "No Trespassing" sign against the world. Cleo Alyssum isn't exactly a recluse, though living on an island and avoiding people aren't the actions of a social butterfly.

Cleo simply has more important things to do than to chat with the sexy, artistic, impossibly bullheaded hunk living in her guest house. Yet somehow Jared and his devilish charm inch their way into her life, reaching the warm places her cold exterior cleverly hides. Will Cleo open her heart to a man who falls short of her expectations?