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Later in Chapter 8, we will be looking at examples from scripture of the two thirds, and the one third Zechariah The two thirds represent the cursed in the Scriptures, and the one third the believers. Interestingly, the decimal equivalent of two thirds is.

If you are truly born again, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit Ephesians 1: We will also discuss how the gospel has been perverted into giving certain ministries money to receive promises that God is going to do this or do that in your favour, and when it doesn't come to pass, it was your lack of faith, "buying and selling" if you will. A sad teaching that misinterprets the Biblical reason for giving and teaches selfish motivations and desires.

The number 7 is very significant in the book of Revelation. The number 7 is used 53 times in Revelation, and total times throughout the entire canon of the Holy Scriptures. A few examples of the number 7 include the 7 days of the creation account Genesis 2: A week in the Bible sometimes refers to a period of 7 years Genesis We have the 70 x 7 for forgiveness in Matthew The 70 disciples sent forth in Luke There are 7 sayings of Jesus from the cross Luke Like the numbers , , 10, etc.

The Bible speaks of 10 coins Luke The number 12 is used frequently to signify the fullness of whatever is in view. There were 12 tribes and 12 apostles, the Holy City is spoken of as 12, furlongs by 12, furlongs Revelation Thus, we can conclude that the number 12 identifies with the fullness of whatever is in view. Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him. Numbers in Revelation Introduction to Numbers The subject of numbers in the Bible could lead us to an exhaustive study in itself, but for the purpose of this study, we will briefly examine a few numbers that have symbolic or spiritual meaning throughout the book's of the Bible.

In this study we will examine the following numbers: He marrieth also Rachel, and serveth for her seven years more. Leah beareth Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah. Study Genesis 30 Rachel, in grief for her barrenness, giveth Bilhah her maid unto Jacob. She beareth Dan and Naphtali. Leah giveth Zilpah her maid, who beareth Gad and Asher. Reuben findeth mandrakes, with which Leah buyeth her husband of Rachel. Leah beareth Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah. Jacob desireth to depart. Laban stayeth him on a new covenant. Jacob's policy, whereby he became rich.

Study Genesis 31 Jacob upon displeasure departeth secretly. Rachel stealeth her father's images. Laban pursueth after Jacob, and complaineth of the wrong. Rachel's policy to hide the images. Jacob's complaint of Laban. The covenant of Laban and Jacob at Galeed.

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Study Genesis 32 Jacob's vision at Mahanaim. His message to Esau. He is afraid of Esau's coming. He prayeth for deliverance. He sendeth a present to Esau. He wrestleth with an angel at Peniel, where he is called Israel. Study Genesis 33 The kindness of Jacob and Esau at their meeting. Jacob cometh to Succoth. At Shalem he buyeth a field, and buildeth an altar called El-elohe-Israel.

Study Genesis 34 Dinah is ravished by Shechem. He sueth to marry her. The sons of Jacob offer their condition of circumcision to the Shechemites. Hamor and Shechem persuade them to accept it. The sons of Jacob upon that advantage slay them, and spoil their city. Jacob reproveth Simeon and Levi. Study Genesis 35 God sendeth Jacob to Beth-el. He purgeth his house of idols. He buildeth an altar at Beth-el. Deborah dieth at Allon-bachuth. God blesseth Jacob at Beth-el. Rachel travaileth of Benjamin, and dieth in the way to Ephrath. Reuben lieth with Bilhah.

The sons of Jacob. Jacob cometh to Isaac at Hebron. The age, death, and burial of Isaac. Study Genesis 36 Esau's three wives. His removing to mount Seir. The dukes which descended of his sons. The sons and dukes of Seir. The kings of Edom.


The dukes that descended of Esau. Study Genesis 37 Joseph is hated of his brethren. Jacob sendeth him to visit his brethren. His brethren conspire his death. They sell him to the Ishmeelites. His father, deceived by the bloody coat, mourneth for him. He is sold to Potiphar in Egypt. The trespass of Onan. Tamar stayeth for Shelah. She beareth twins, Pharez and Zarah. Study Genesis 39 Joseph advanceth in Potiphar's house. He resisteth his mistress's temptation. He is falsely accused. He is cast in prison. God is with him there.

Study Genesis 40 The butler and baker of Pharaoh in prison. Joseph hath charge of them. He interpreteth their dreams. They come to pass according to his interpretation. The ingratitude of the butler. Study Genesis 41 Pharaoh's two dreams. He giveth Pharaoh counsel.

He begetteth Manasseh and Ephraim. Study Genesis 42 Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt. They are imprisoned by Joseph for spies. They are set at liberty, on condition to bring Benjamin. They have remorse for Joseph. Simeon is kept for a pledge.

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They return with corn, and their money. Their relation to Jacob. Jacob refuseth to send Benjamin. Study Genesis 43 Jacob is hardly persuaded to send Benjamin. Joseph entertaineth his brethren. He maketh them a feast. Study Genesis 44 Joseph's policy to stay his brethren. Judah's humble supplication to Joseph.

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Paul experienced three shipwrecks 2 Cor The number three appears often in measurements of time as well. When the Hebrews had traveled from Mount Sinai for three days, the people began to complain Num A three-month period also figures in some matters. In keeping with this the third month is often mentioned as one in which some significant action or event took place. Thus three months after Judah visited the supposed shrine prostitute, he learned that she was really his daughter-in-law Tamar who was pregnant with his child Gen Ezekiel received a message from the Lord concerning the fate of Egypt in the third month of the eleventh year of his exile Ezek Still later after the ship that was carrying him to Rome to stand trial was wrecked in a storm, he and his captives stayed on the island of Malta for three months Acts A period of three years can be noted in the accounts of several biblical texts.

As part of the Levitical stipulations with regard to the year of Jubilee the Hebrews were forbidden to sow or reap, to plant, reap or harvest in the fiftieth year for it was to be a holy year for them. Shimei obeyed this restriction for three years, but when two of his slaves fled from him, he left the city to retrieve them, an action that was to cost him his life vv. Daniel and his three friends were schooled for three years with regard to the language and literature of the Babylonians Dan 1: A three-year period appears in some of the accounts of the New Testament as well.

The Apostle Paul spent three years in Arabia apparently to commune with the Lord and receive instruction from him before going to acquaint himself with Peter Gal 1: Appropriately, the third year is also singled out for special mention.

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The third year was also the year that Jehoshaphat went to meet King Ahab of Israel with regard to their joining forces in an effort to regain Ramoth Gilead from the Arameans 1 Kgs Still later, during the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem God gave to Hezekiah a sign of deliverance and renewed activity 2 Kgs When in the harvest of the third year the people ate in abundance, they would know assuredly that God had been in the entire crisis. In light of the above discussion it is evident that the number three has a distinct place in matters related to time.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that a great many things were certainly said to have happened when the number three was utilized, be it three days, three months, or years. Therefore, such may involve more than mere coincidence.

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In some literary genres in which the number three is found a symbolic sense may also be intended. Yet it should be pointed out that it is not always easy to determine whether a number, even one that in some cases appears to be symbolic, is being used in a literal or symbolic sense or both. As mentioned above the concern of this study has more to do with the rhetorical and literary uses of the number three and in particular with the third day as a standard biblical motif.

In connection with the former goal, it may be noted that one frequently encounters a threefold literary pattern in the Scriptures. He also puts forward a threefold plea to Judah not to follow in the ways of the Northern Kingdom Hos 4: Benjamin, Ephraim, and Judah 5: He also prophesies against the Northern Kingdom by addressing Ephraim, Israel, and Samaria with its king As indicated above, many details in the Scriptures are enumerated in terms of the number three.

This was especially true for the traveler in the ancient Near East. Although a solitary traveler could easily fall victim to robbers along the way, a traveling companion could serve as a possible deterrent to a robber or provide a source of help. In some cases the number three may signify completeness or finality. For example, on Mount Carmel Elijah had the sacrifice doused with water three times to demonstrate that there was no human chance that the sacrifice could be consumed. Several other examples may be cited.

Thus Balaam beat his donkey three times after which he was reprimanded by both his donkey and an angel of the Lord Num In some of the above examples as well as in others the third in a series may serve both to indicate completeness and an expectation of further developments. Both intended significances are thus held in tension simultaneously.

In each instance involving the employment of the number three or a series of three, of course, the full context and perhaps the characteristic style of the author must be the determining factor of the precise use and significance or nuance, which was intended to be conveyed. With this background in mind, the study now turns to the second projected goal—the use of the number three in the motif of the third day. As with the use of the number three in a series, which conveys implications and expectations beyond the normal conventional meaning, so the third day often carries with it an additional sense or nuance.

It seems apparent from the scriptural record that the third day was selected for a given activity or matter at hand for some distinct purpose and attendant emphasis, which those who were involved in the situation understood. Likewise those who later heard or read of the incident would be familiar with the various possible emphases in the choice. The abundant use of the third day argues for viewing the third day as a literary motif that could be employed for several reasons.

In some contexts the third day appears to emphasize the presence of new information that will generate further activity. Thus on the third day Laban learned that Jacob had fled with his wives and property Gen The reader expects that Laban is surely going to do something with that information; and indeed he does: