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Duane Aston was once a supporter of a Mesoamerican model but shifted his focus to the Great Lakes region.

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Conversely, Ed Goble once believed that Book of Mormon events happened in the Great Lakes vicinity but now leans in favor of a Mesoamerican model. Common arguments that can be found in the works of several advocates include the following:. The Book of Mormon contains prophecies about the promised land that have been fulfilled or are yet to be fulfilled in — and only in — the United States of America hence, this would rule out any non-U. Joseph Smith made several comments which suggest that ancient remains discovered in their vicinity once belonged to Book of Mormon peoples.

Challenging Issues, Keeping the Faith: Great Lakes Book of Mormon geography

DNA science gives strong indication that some Native Americans — specifically those in one Great Lakes model — are descendants of Middle Eastern nations. Some ancient American artifacts — specifically those known as the "Michigan Relics" — provide powerful evidence that the Bible was known in the pre-Columbian American Northeast. DNA and the "Michigan Relics.

In several earlier articles , I demonstrated that DNA cannot currently and might never be able to verify the Book of Mormon.

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Those who claim otherwise, or who claim that DNA supports their particular geographic model, buttress their claims by cherry-picking scientific quotes and distorting their context while actually rejecting the very science behind DNA research. The "Michigan Relics" are a loose collection of copper, slate and clay pieces discovered in the Hopewell Indian mounds of Michigan from the late 19th century until the s.

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Many of these relics are inscribed with various Old World or supposed Old World texts or with graphics depicting various scenes from the Bible. After carefully examining the relics, Elder James Talmage a scientist and apostle declared them to be blatant forgeries. They tend to differ in specifics, but theorize in general that the Nephite lands were located in a limited area around the lakes and eastern New York. An example of these theories is one which suggests that the narrow neck of land is a strip of land between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and that the land northward would be northwest up into Canada, and the land southward would be southeast and eastward into New York.

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The illustrations at the right show the great lakes region at the bottom, with the isthmus between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The upper map shows a magnified view of this isthmus with the Niagara River bisecting it. The isthmus itself is about 30 miles wide. These proposals have the advantage of having the "Hill Cumorah", where Moroni deposited the golden plates, located nearby.

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This would seem to strengthen their argument. However here again we have a number of major obstacles in trying justify this proposal. First, the land is too big and is not surrounded by water although there are large bodies of water nearby.

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  • Second, the narrow neck, in the example cited above, is not northerly but lies in an east west orientation. There is also a major river the Niagara which bisects it and which would make foot travel very difficult it is approximately feet wide , and would not allow the events described in the text which took place on and around the narrow neck.

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    Third, it is located in a cold climate. Cold, snow or ice is never mentioned in the Book of Mormon. The narrow neck was blocked at one time by an infestation of poisonous snakes for eight generations. This would not have been possible in a cold climate where snakes would hibernate during the winter. Book of Mormon lands were characterized by fevers which one would associate with tropical climates Alma Fourth, there is no evidence that this area experienced any of the major geologic changes which took place at the time of the crucifixion of Christ.

    These would include volcanic activity, mountain building, extensive faulting, etc.