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Remember a job interview is not therapy, and your interviewer is not your confessor. You will not usually be asked to swear on Bibles or take lie-detector tests. Your strengths may be easy to identify and communicate. But did you know your weaknesses are always related to your strengths? For instance, one of my weaknesses is lack of attention to detail.

What Do Cessationists Believe About Prophecy?

However, one of my strengths is amazing skill in seeing the big and abstract picture. I can walk into a room and with surprising accuracy tell you what just happened in that room. The downside is procrastinators can get so anxious about doing things right that they do nothing at all. If you avoid getting defensive, look the interviewer in the eye and focus on the fact that the company is getting strengths with any weaknesses you possess, your answer to this question might win you the job.

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Do I need to fake friendliness toward her? No, but you need to genuinely behave courteously. Your ability to behave graciously even when you are uncomfortable will win the respect of those you admire and keep your enemies off balance. She can be reached at N. Sorry, no personal replies. In contrast, for the novel I edited, which had a fabulous story line and compelling characters but horrific mechanics of writing, I divided the pages-long-narratives into paragraphs, re-wrote whole sections, and even re-arranged the sequence of the chapters, in addition to making the many nitty-gritty spelling, punctuation, and syntax corrections.

What Does an Editor Do?

The author gave me free rein and he was so pleased with the result that he did nothing else to it after I finished. He passed away before he could submit it for consideration for publication, however. I can make changes in the articles after the peer review, but the editor has the final say. I say what I think, based on my own expertise, then the author makes the decisions. When I write fiction, I ask someone with expertise to critically read it before I submit it. I appreciate and depend on that input, but do my own rewriting.

Whwn you say the word editor I have memories of my Mom who was a sci-fi writer. After she had a few short stories published she dove into the work of a full length novel.

8 Common Writing Weaknesses (How to Spot & Fix Them)

She was so excited to find that it was accepted for publication with Avalon with the caveat of cutting the length from one hundred thousand words to fifty thousand. Mom was so mad as she thundered out the rewritten manuscript on her old Royal typewriter! But she did what the editor required and she went on to publish another seven titles. I desire a partner to bring fresh eyes to my novel with the ability to see and disclose what I am missing whether that be grammatical mistakes or plot discrepancies. But above all, I would select an editor that brings encouragement, a caring guide to direct my path through the harder portion of publishing.

As each editor has their own style and pet-peeves, I would love to find a way to discover those traits ahead of time. Always fascinating to see what people post here, huh? If not, well, great examples of what NOT to do. I want an editor that loves my work including every single wonderful word and punctuation mark. Personally, the editor I want to partner with should be able to see in my work what I do not. The goal is to make the work better, not different. Spelling and grammar errors get the rule in the comments.

The Secret to Self-Discipline

Additional instances of the same error simply get a reminder. In my experience, the editor is a magical person who prevents me from showing my bare bottom to the world. This magical person sends back changes that make me sound far more awesome than I am. The editor tightens up my writing and throws out all the lame and unnecessary stuff. In summary, the editor is my BFF. I love your description.

When an author and editor work together, it truly can feel like magic!

How To Write an Editorial

Thanks for this post! As a freelance editor, it was nice to read the expectations authors have for their editors. I am impressed that so many of the comments showed a good understanding of what an editor has to offer. So far communications have been spot on!

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