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A census conducted in indicated the existence of some producers of pottery in France, employing a total of around 5, full-time labourers. This great activity stimulated a parallel development in the arts, including the search for new expressions in art pottery, giving birth to l'art nouveau, a great and eclectic synthesis of a number of other art styles. Largely through British arts and crafts, and the work of artists like the Manxman Archibald Knox, it reached far back into the prehistory of Celtic art. To this were added later medieval elements, through the gothic revival championed by William Morris.

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The need for renewal, breaking away from the neo-Classical and academia, which was realm of the upper-class culture, was largely theorised by John Ruskin, who searched elsewhere for inspiration. But at its frontiers lurked the barbarian threat. This same tension is to be found once more at the heart of Game of Thrones. Kingdoms seek to survive while to the north and east savage hordes prepare to annihilate them. Another interesting parallel should be noted between modern medievalising output and texts such as the Icelandic sagas and Beowulf: Thus the ingredients of the dish have simmered for centuries.

However — and this is new — the twenty-first century offers something more than the contemplation afforded the medieval imagination: So how can the experience be prolonged once the book is closed, once the lights come up? Video games and live action role-playing games, which bring together costumed participants, immerse participants in the Middle Ages. Other fans buy figurines, board games, Lego and other products derived from the cultural objects that appeal to them. A proponent of the Long Middle Ages, Alain Corbellari offers an original cultural theory to explain our passion for swords and castles.

While barbarian invasions separate us from Antiquity, there has been no such clear break between the medieval period and our own. Where does this passion for a period in which the dragon is a recurring feature come from? Do seniors receive discounted pricing?

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He is a specialist of the history of medieval studies and of the reception of medieval literature in the modern world. Hector Servadac French Edition. Great museum, do not skip the Jules Verne room as is outstanding.

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There is a similarity here with how art was perceived in the Middle Ages. Alain Corbellari highlights an important factor — printing — which dominated the period between the fifteenth and twentieth century. For some years, print has been derailed and its very existence threatened even by information technology.

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  • Alain Corbellari suggests another factor. Our times feed on interminable series, collections of books, works in progress.