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Jack and the bean-stalk. If you Should meet a Crocodile.

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Baa Baa Black Sheep. Opposites, More Opposites, and a Few Differences. Beauty and The Beast. Elle, the Fairy Princess. A Glimpse from Christmas Past. Little Pine Tree's Awakening. Christmas Light Crusader, Guardian of the Lights. The Red Well-Read Reader: Messengers From a New World. Webbster and Button Children's Stories Book 4. How to write a great review. AS IS takes audiences on an intimate journey through the world and words of songs long-forgotten - but newly created - with both the soulfulness and swing that's accessible, memorable and highly musical.

Combining influences of modern jazz, rock and improvisational music, this band finds its unique voice in the exploration of grooves and colours from the tribal to the avant-garde. Connection has been writing and performing music steeped in influence from the American singer-songwriter tradition and New Orleans blues.

New this year, Disney on Broadway will take over Laugh It Up, Astoria - Q. Before Seliger's musical career began, however, he established himself as a world-renowned photographer. Previously, he was the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone from to It was during that period Seliger also began writing his own music. Jakob Dylan heard Seliger's material and was impressed enough to invite him to his studio to record and write. It's been quite the journey since Seliger wrote Never Going Back" with Dylan, but the hard-earned collection of songs that comprise Luck's Changing Lanes speaks for itself.

Even Seliger is a little in awe of the accomplishment. Originally available as a limited release under the title Broken Promises, this debut album has been expanded and thoroughly re-imagined as Luck's Changing Lanes, giving Mark Seliger's songs and unique American imagery the presentation they deserve. Fashion Design Art Camp - St. Sculpt a different animal each day in sculpey clay. A comedy band that perfectly reflects the absurdity of current day USA, they are the country band for a dumb nation in decline.

Triggered yet New York Liberal Elites? Eager to make a change, a group of local children band together with the help of Mickey and Judy to put on a great show and re-establish Happyville as the bustling, optimistic town that it once was. In Jazz Queens, vocalist Emilie Surtees pays homage to these musical powerhouses with a tribute concert that highlights the amazing work of these artists and the excellence of Surtees' voice. Come out to Club Bonafide and enjoy an evening of jazz standards that showcase the greatness of these queens and the music they created.

Forming in mid December of , the band has quickly developed an unbreakable chemistry that is quite noticeable on stage. Their seamless grooves and segues, combined with mind shattering peaks—make Fungkshui one to look out for! The Lesson GK started a collaborative weekly jam session in which has become the cornerstone of the NYC underground hip hop scene. Soul Inscribed flows seamlessly between crafted songs, improvisation, and human beatboxing. Soul Inscribed members are also arts educators and have brought their music to young audiences across the world.

For their for their Southampton Arts Center performance they will be joined by Hip Hop dancer Ken Fury, who has won over thirty of the top dance competitions and has had the honor to judge some of the largest dance events worldwide. We've got the grooves for your moves, the rhythm for your system and the beats to give you heat for a hot Wednesday night. Get loose, give it up and give a FUNK. We just want to Funk You in all the right places.

For years, she has catered to her two grown sons. One day, after picking up her grandson at school, she stops alongside the river to watch some ice swimmers. When a man named Bron? Her dip into the icy water just might change her life forever. Fruit Tree Pests and Diseases Part 2 of 2 - La Plaza Cultural August 02, - New York Do your fruit trees have spots, leaf curl, or other tricky issues preventing your garden from an abundant fruit harvest?

Learn about common pests and diseases that affect fruit trees in NYC and what to do about them. This is Part 2 in a two-part series. Garden groups that attend both workshops will receive a book on fruit tree care. Maimonides Medical Center in partnership with Prospect Park Zoo, Healthfirst and By My Side Birth Support Program, Healthy Start Brooklyn fully understand that preparing for the birth of a baby and developing healthy parenting skills require a great deal of support and assistance.

In an effort to provide expectant and new mothers with educational information, resources, access to medical professionals, and gifts essential to help them with motherhood, we have teamed up to host a Breastfeeding Fiesta: Partying For a Milky Purpose at the Zoo. Tales for Tails - The Field Library August 02, - Peekskill Reading with a therapy animal can help reluctant readers, new language learners, and anxious readers gain confidence and develop a love of reading.

Children in 1st grade and up are invited to read to a specially trained dog. He gets caught in a blizzard that he didn't predict and finds himself trapped in a time warp.

He is doomed to relive the same day over and over again until he gets it right. Each title serves as a concise summation of the concept guiding each project. Each album showcases Keller's comprehensive and diverse musical endeavors and functions to provide another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is Keller Williams. Keller's collaborative and solo albums reflect his pursuit to create music that sounds like nothing else. Unbeholden to conventionalism, he seamlessly crosses genre boundaries. The end product is astounding and novel music that encompasses rock, jazz, funk and bluegrass, and always keeps the audience on their feet.


Let's have a musical lunch together! Filling for the sandwiches-- we will be using: Patrons will mix the filling in the library using softened cream cheese. Served with potato chips and lemonade. Is he a keyboard wizard? Or a keyboard demon? This is the only question. These guys take you all the way there. Based on her inspiring book, Motiv8, Sheira delivers a dynamic, interactive, multimedia based program that helps moms and their daughters reduce stress, boost confidence, improve communication, and ultimately feel better in their own skin.

Nice Gay" on Totally Biased with W. That means he's watched the Grammys at Joan Rivers' house. Guy has also written culture and political commentary for Slate. Guy's debut comedy album, Effable, was 1 on iTunes and Billboard charts, and The New York Times called it "a contender for the best comedy special of With its digital and acoustic sounds, heavy drums and bass, and ambient harmonic textures, OSHUN uses music to connect with ancestral spirits to manifest a sweeter tomorrow for us all.

Since the release of its debut mixtape Asase Yaa named for the great female spirit of the earth—Mother Earth as recognized by the Akan of Ghana , OSHUN has amassed a social media presence of more than , followers. Their first studio album, bittersweet vol. Face of a Nation: The film asks important questions about the country's role in the world and perceptions of the American image. With our diminished presence at World's Fairs, have we lost sight of what it means to be American?

Larry Carlton - The Clayton Opera House August 02, - Clayton Combining his roots in blues and jazz with a crossover pop rock sensibility, Carlton's unmistakable sound is marked by his signature warm tone, bright melodies and soulful guitar solos. Four-time Grammy winner, Titan of Tone recipient and legendary guitar great, Larry Carlton is one of the most influential, prolific and original guitarists in the industry.

Larry's musical story began in Southern California when he picked up his first guitar at the age of 6 years old. From to he performed with The Crusaders on 13 of their albums, often contributing material. He has been constantly featured with stars from every imaginable genre, ranging from Sammy Davis, Jr. Larry has arranged and produced projects for Barbra Streisand, Joan Baez and Larry Gatlin, as well as produced and co-wrote the theme for the hit sitcom Who's The Boss and co-writing with Michel Clombier and arranging the acclaimed movie soundtrack for Against All Odds.

  1. Easy Interviews: A Practical Workbook;
  2. Relational Semantics and the Anatomy of Abstraction (Routledge Studies in Linguistics).
  3. Polarised Light in Science and Nature!
  4. Hanging Man: La vita, le opere e larresto di Ai Weiwei (La cultura) (Italian Edition).
  5. WW1: A Laymans Guide;
  6. ;

With more than studio sessions under his belt by the early s, Carlton had picked up four Grammy nominations and won a Grammy for the theme to Hill Street Blues a collaboration with Mike Post. His 2nd special Relatable is currently airing on Netflix. The plays are divided into up to six different programs. The Audience will vote for best plays.

Those scores will be averaged to insure that everyone has a fair chance regardless of audience size. As well, those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays. We also intend to invite the finalists to have their play published in a short play anthology. This would be a non-exclusive deal, which doesn't prevent the author from pursuing a deal with Samuel French for example and is not mandatory. We will be using the theatre's standard lighting plot and will provide you with a light and soundboard operator.

In addition we will offer free 4-hour rehearsal space to each show from July 2nd - 8th, which is subject to availability and on a first come first served. Each play is responsible for providing their Director and Actors for their production. Equity Showcases permitted but acts will obtain their own code; The Secret Theatre will provide Equity compliant Insurance to the productions. Mzansi Heat and Naija Beats: Afrobeats' finest DJ Tunez will be bringing his banging mixes, designed to keep you moving all night with his massive tracks like "Iskaba" and "Too much" while South African producer, DJ Maphorisa, will get you dancing to his melange of Afropop and house music.

Dan Abraham is a stripped down echo that rings of loss from start to finish. A powerful, dark, and genuine slice of modern blues. Our Little Racket is her debut novel. A Tribute with Marissa Nadler, U. Developing a Web Series - BRIC, August 02, - Brooklyn Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where experienced TV, film, and web series producers give invaluable advice and guidance so that you can develop your own successful web series.

She flits between mommy groups, playdates, cocktail hour, and dinner parties, always with her son, Dylan, in tow. Meanwhile, in a cave in the mountains just beyond the limits of Herot Hall lives Gren, short for Grendel, as well as his mother, Dana, a former soldier who gave birth as if by chance. Dana didn't want Gren, didn't plan Gren, and doesn't know how she got Gren, but when she returned from war, there he was.

When Gren, unaware of the borders erected to keep him at bay, ventures into Herot Hall and runs off with Dylan, Dana's and Willa's worlds collide. They recorded at a furious pace after forming in , releasing six albums in five years; their first, BBNG, was laid down in a single three-hour session, setting the tone for the spontaneity and confidence that has marked their career ever since.

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Another product of Toronto, she produces much of her own work—a fact often overlooked as critics swoon about her singing. Eventually those skills can help you make interactive websites, mobile apps and even robots. This meetup requires no more than a computer and a web browser. We will go over Javascript fundamentals, such as data types, variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Consider this day one of your new programming adventure. This dedicated team of volunteers perform a variety of different projects throughout the Park.

The group meets at a different location every week helping in a variety of landscape and horticultural projects. Regardless of physical ability, there's something for everyone to do.

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No wigs, no backing tracks, no gimmicks, just five musicians recreating the music of Fleetwood Mac to perfection with note for note renditions that no other Fleetwood Mac tribute on the touring scene today can come close to duplicating. Co-edited by Paul Raffaele and Barbie Bertisch, Love Injection has quickly established itself as a critical platform for celebrating the constantly shifting cultures of dance music.

Featuring in-depth interviews with DJs, musicians, artists, and promoters; profiles on record labels, record stores, and nightclubs; alongside record reviews and DJ charts, 'Love Injection' is an essential monthly read for anyone interested in dance music and dance-floor culture in all its manifestations, past and present. As DJs spin, the photobooth flashes and mixers mix, enjoy delicious selections from the Lobby Bar and high fives from our friendly staff.

For seating reservations, hit up our events team. He studied privately with Gene Stewart and Roy Brooks and later attended Oakland Community College for courses in music theory, piano and composition. Hollander moved to New York City in and Europe in He is also the leader of his own group which has been in existence for over twenty five years. El Pais, Madrid wrote: Rick's signature drumming style has been featured on over 50 Lp's and CD's. The jazz trumpeter played professionally in New York for 21 years.

In the late seventies and early eighties came recordings and tours with the bands of Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton and Mel Lewis. The group performed in NY, up and down the east-coast, and recorded three highly-acclaimed albums. Battle your friends in giant games on this fun-filled Friday night. Snacks will be served. For students entering 5th and 6th grade in September. He was selected as the Best Trombonist by the Washington [D. He is well versed and feels equally at home in various styles of music and is always eager to contribute with like-minded musicians.

He continues to show his vast knowledge of music and love for reaching people regardless of the style. He is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY and freelances all over the United States as a musician, composer, and arranger. Watch her light the way through a world part Inferno, part Space Odyssey, part touching flick the family will love. It's dark, she's reloaded, and you're in for the ride of your life.

There will be lots of puppets. Alice Schoen at or alice. How do you know that what you are experiencing is real? What does it mean to be you when you are channeling someone elses words and experiences? Possessed is a Verb explores the ideas of spirit possession, ancestral lines, silence, trauma, ownership, authorship, appropriation and intertextuality through the lens of playwright Cherry Lou Sys childhood, young adulthood and the stories that shes told. Hillsong Conference - Barclays Center Through August 03, - Brooklyn Hillsong Conference is about championing the Church of Jesus Christ — across every nation, denomination, age and background.

It is for people who are passionate about the local church and the call of the Kingdom of God. This conference gathers the greater church, inspires fresh vision and hope for the future, and equips every individual to walk out the call of God on their life. It inspires leaders and believers alike to make a difference in their sphere of influence for Kingdom's cause.

It equips the church with God-breathed sessions, practical tools, and connection. Jackie Cohen hurts her own feelings in her new collection of curious poem-songs "Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I've Got the Blues. Models and Bottles Fridays Free on the A. Broadway and 6th Ave A. Top DJs, aerialists, dancers, expert mixologists, bottle service served by our Showgirls, a true VIP experience, a sexy crowd, all in a spectacular new venue. World reknown DJs play open format, house music, old skool, top 40, mash-ups and more.

Call me direct To expedite entry, get on the "A. Pass Guest List" please e-mail me directly, crisac mac. All admission is at the discretion of the doorman. Ladies please wear shoes no sandals or flip flops , Guys dark sneakers OK with collar shirt or button up! Special Thanks to www. The members of Sonic Garden deliver each performance with sincerity, affection, and expertise which has led the band to play a significant role in the development and sustenance of Western New York's 'Deadhead' community, over the years.

Sonic Garden has been a local Buffalo tradition since The band has experienced many personnel changes throughout the years which have included many very special people. The band has recently experienced a resurgence allowing them to illustrate and sustain a high level of professionalism and musicianship. After the death of Jerry Garcia in , The Grateful Dead ended their decades of shows and touring, leaving their fans with only memories, bootleg cassette recordings, cable-TV documentaries, and cover bands to fill the void.

Sonic Garden, already a well-established example of the latter, continues bringing to their audience the excitement, variety, and spontaneity of The Dead's original concerts. Sonic Garden's efforts have also paid off, as increasing numbers of young people, many learning about this music for the first time in their lives, now have a chance to experience the live renditions of The Dead's music firsthand, and to connect with the spirit and culture of its attendant and devoted community of fans.

Located on 10 blocks of Jamaica Ave; closed to vehicular traffic, Parsons Blvd. Both of his parents played the piano. His dad played by ear, and his mother only played if the music was in front of her. When his parents realized that their son had an ear for music, they hired a piano teacher for year old Jerry. Prior to that, as a young child, Jerry played in a park across the street from a trumpet studio. His love for the sound of a trumpet eventually influenced him to switch from piano lessons to trumpet instruction. During that time, he also sang in the chorus in school.

Most of the musicians in these bands were much older than I was, which gave me the opportunity to learn the tunes in the 30's and 40's. At 19, I added valve trombone to my performance. In , the draft board caught up with me and I was drafted into the Army. I spent the next two years playing tuba and trumpet in the Army band. Sophisticated, satirical, and sometimes wigs. Do you ever leave a comedy show saying "Hmm that was pretty funny but not enough reading.. They've read upwards of one books between the two of them and now they want to share that love of literature with you!

Riding on the edge of heavy metal, the band carefully balances grooves and crushing guitar riffs with beautiful melodies to achieve a sound that many can connect with. Christina Alexander's alto vocals mix with Jason Alexander's guitar melodies to create an atmosphere that is fully constructed with the articulate work of CJ Dykas and Craig McKenna in the rhythm section. The group's four members - Gabrielle Ross, Chris "Trippz" Michaud, Joey Castellani, and Ian Biggs - had spent the majority of their careers as solo arts, but the energy when they wrote and recorded together was undeniable, so they embraced the new direction.

As a result, these songs represent not only a clean start artistically, but a fresh new outlook on life. At times calling to mind modern chart toppers like The Black Eyed Peas and Twenty One Pilots, Whatever We Are's music blurs the boundaries of genre as it melds four distinct voices into a singular whole.

Unlocking the Truth - Blackthorn 51 August 03, - Elmhurst Following years of media excitement, breakouts at Coachella and Bonnaroo, buzzy late-night TV appearances. Your participation will be counted in the global numbers. Summerscapes Art Camp - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Through August 03, - New York Exclusively for kids ages 8—11, this five-day camp features discussions and activities that foster creativity and critical-thinking. Each session includes guided explorations of the museum's Frank Lloyd Wright building and special exhibitions, followed by hands-on, interactive workshops where campers create their own works of art.

These individual and collaborative art-making projects encourage participants to experiment with various mediums and methods, including painting, sculpture, collage, and digital media. The week concludes with a mini-exhibition for kids to share their creations with family and friends. Participants must be ages 8— Limited to two weeks per child. Includes art materials, snacks, a family pass, and photos documenting the program. For more information, please call or e-mail Carolyn Keogh at ckeogh guggenheim. With live musical accompaniment by Charlie Judkins.

Frogg specializes in personalized and collective risk management. Our mantra is train your ear and your ass will follow. Frogg is NOT a ponzi scheme. At a typical Frogg show you may find yourself laughing, crying, compulsively shaking your booty, and settling your k. Frogg is about the bigger picture. We think outside the box and inside the pocket. Frogg is spelled with two Gs. If you forget that, we'll remind you. Frogg is also releasing an EP very soon. It's called "Frog is Dead!

Read Wildlife Sanctuary at Playland Park August 03, - Rye Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of nature on the sound shore along a migratory flyway. This annual Shabbat on the Beach service is a relaxing way to bring a close to your week. Bring Your Own Chair or blanket. For free parking passes and for more information, please contact Abbie at alevitt c-e-w. This week we are exploring Coney Island. We will read Feivel's Flying Horses, a fictional tale about the Coney Island carousel, and children will create an art project to take home. Watch professional poets perform and our Wednesday night Slam winners spit!

Judges of our Friday Night Slams are 5 randomly chosen members of our audience in other words, it could be you! Tired of waiting on line? Buy VIP Tickets online and mingle with da poets! Arrive at the Main Entrance and not in the line by 9: They're back and this year, their goal is to go bigger! When these brave men and women make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our city, Answer the Call believes it is our civic duty to support the families these heroes have left behind. Their mission is to reassure these families that we will never forget them or the sacrifice made by their loved ones.

They provide financial assistance, host special gatherings, and offer a network of support to over families. Their goal is to raise enough funds to assist these families for the rest of their lives. To learn more please visit www. They remind us that a person's impact on their community is not determined by one's size or age, but by their desire to help others.

They are already growing into their roles as outstanding citizens," he said. The album is set to come out this summer, and the band will play compositions off of it as well as other unique arrangements. Born in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Brooklyn based musician and vocalist Gaya Feldheim Schorr was introduced to music at home. Her mother, a multimedia artist with an immense musical taste, brought her up to be highly receptive to diversity and acquainted with a multitude of musical genres and eras, all coming to form the musical fiber of her artistic palate. Gaya creates and performs jazz and creative contemporary music, deconstructing her wide array of musical influences to conjure up her enchanting original voice.

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Buenos-Aires and Tel-Aviv before moving to New York in late , Or Bareket has quickly established himself as one of the most sought after bassists on the NYC jazz scene, as well as a bandleader with a persuasive sense of composition. Brooklyn-based Israeli guitarist Nadav Remez's new band reimagines the traditional organ trio. Over new compositions influences by genres ranging from indie to middle eastern music, as well as favorite old standards, the group stretches its improvisations into new territories, exploring sounds and textures that are unexpected and surprising — keeping the listeners on their toes.

Lunch and Learn Series: This diaspora novel is a celebration of Indian and African culture as seen through the eyes of a young woman, who brings her heritage with her wherever she goes. As a member of an Indian minority in a small African country, Shaza's life is complicated from the beginning. She looks for trouble and is always getting into scrapes and fights. She allies herself with her soft-hearted grandmother in a lively house full of relatives dropping by for long meals and siestas. Her family sends her to a strict English boarding school, but she tries to run away.

Later, she meets Idi Amin, the bloodthirsty Ugandan dictator, he invites her to the palace which few people come back from alive… As a teenager, Shaza goes to a convent school run by Irish nuns. Despite the strict rules, the girls are beginning to discover the opposite sex and flirting with what's forbidden. Shaza is part of a Muslim family that emigrated from India at the turn of the century, but the old ways still rule.

No one in Kenya dates, they just sneak around. At seventeen, Shaza meets a handsome Hindu boy at a party; Sameer is smitten but they come from two different religions.

KC Remington

Sameer and Shaza sneak around going to parties and movies, seeing each other secretly. Shaza is torn between her sense of duty and her longing for Sameer. Will the relationship survive her family's disapproval and a long separation? The saga follows Shaza's life from the 's to the 's showing the political upheavals in Kenya and her move to the United States. Nairobi Days is a coming of age story, a love story, a political novel and above all a celebration of life.

Based on our popular Modern Calligraphy series, the Calligraphy Bootcamp offers an all-in-one approach to learning about the tools of the trade for calligraphy.

Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

In 3 hours, calligrapher Danielle Rothman will teach you how to use a gel pen, marker, and traditional pen and ink to make beautiful writing that reflects your personal style. Calligraphy is a millennia-old art form, with its roots in both Eastern and Western cultures. Traditionally, calligraphy was used for illuminated manuscripts and formal writing.

Modern calligraphy, the focus of this class, used both new and traditional tools to create a more free-form style of writing that maintains the elegance of traditional calligraphy while allowing for more self-expression. We will have all the supplies and materials ready for you. During in class exercises you will create a name card and several greeting cards for friends and family. You will also receive a brush marker and dip pen with nib! Cherry Glazerr - Rough Trade NYC August 03, - Brooklyn Society would deem that a prodigious girl can't be in a progressive rock band while also being in complete control of its creative vision, business plan and social messaging.

Clem, a 19 year old teen Queen with a headstrong resolve like her hero Patti Smith and a cartoon laugh like Muttley the dog, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. And yet, she carries herself very lightly. It's every bit as epic, funny, life-assuring, doom-defiant and flaming fire as that title sounds.

What's more, it's the soundtrack to their collective rockstar evolution. Today things look a little different from the band's early days back in when they were associated with much-loved Cali imprint Burger Records who put out their intoxicating debut Haxel Princess and Suicide Squeeze who released the Had Ten Dollaz 7-inch.

Back then, they were born as a different trio, featuring Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman who have since both moved onto other artistic pursuits. Shunned by everyone for being the son of an evil warlord, a teenager seeks to defeat him with the help of his fellow ninjas. Free Play must be redeemed by 5pm on Fridays.

The summer of promises another album, their 10 th studio album in 20 years. Umolu was committed to educating a new generation about the history of the only uniquely American art form created in the 20th century—Jazz—thus ensuring that the entire community heard the music. Clinton Crawford, the current department chair. We do not envision Jazzy Jazz as simply a summer concert event," he said.

With a boost of electrolytes, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, lycopene, and l-citrulline for muscle recovery , the pink, juicy goodness has become a summer essential, and will help you stay refreshed as you celebrate the nutritious fruit. Spark in the Park! Friday, August 3rd 2: Enjoy the music, explore the museum, and stroll the garden; light refreshments available.

The free trolley makes an hourly loop starting at 5: He is joined by another celebrated veteran, Peter Washingtion on bass. LLATV exposes a new wave of groovy singer-songwriter blues with their innovative rhythms, guitar olympics, tight harmonies, and unforgettable hooks. While often described as "fun, insightful soulpop", LLATV strives to preserve and deliver the human experience through a new genre-bending lens! It is the ideal place for your child to make friends, foster their imagination, and develop socially and educationally.

Each of our age-based groups is led by a Head Counselor who is a certified teacher, and all of our highly-trained staff are committed to nurturing a fun, safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for every camper. The result is one of Bentley's most personal songs that also taps into a universal feeling of love and gratitude for those who walk through life beside us. There was also something entirely captivating about performing this past summer at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. New music quickly follows as its debut single "Woman Amen" gives a taste of the record's "themes of questing and self-actualization across a wide-open terrain of arid deserts and rugged ridgelines, cactus flowers and tumbleweeds," NPR.

The writing process came together quickly when Bentley returned to Telluride a short time later for a retreat with fellow Nashville songwriters. Guitars, banjos, mandolins, and fiddles are given room to shine, and integrated into modern drum and bass sounds that will fuel the arenas and amphitheaters of Bentley's tour. While earning 17 career No. For more information, visit www. They just released their new single "Shoot Me Straight" off their forthcoming sophomore album to be released later this year.

Bring your blanket and watch outdoors in your westside backyard! Women and men leap from her music, as fully formed and real as we are, all blood and sweat, living, loving, killing, and dying. Produced by Jamey Johnson and Jim "Moose" Brown and featuring Chris Stapleton, Randy Houser, Ricky Skaggs, Jon Randall, and more, Enderlin's highly anticipated sophomore album Whiskeytown Crier puts all the sad souls she's become known for singing and writing about in the same tiny, fictional city.

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  • The result is unprecedented: But when the arrogant Bertram refuses to marry beneath his class and flees from both King and bride to the nearest war, Shakespeare's courageous heroine must stop at nothing to bring him home. Meanwhile, Bertram's friends hilariously unmask the swashbuckling braggart Parolles. All performances are free to the public and will feature an interactive kids workshop 30 minutes before showtime. An Evening of Music and Storytelling - The Cutting Room August 03, - New York This is a solo show in which Thomas deconstructs half a dozen of his best-known songs, telling the story behind their creation while breaking down the beats, chords, keyboard parts, and synth sounds, looping and layering them un-til he has recreated the entire song.

    Thomas' simple rig is a couple of key-boards, a drum pad, and a MacBook, the output of which is projected on a screen behind him, so the audience can see 'under the hood' while he performs each piece. The list of breakthrough innovations in Thomas Dolby's 35 year career is con-tinuous.

    As an early MTV icon he blazed a trail for electronic music with his im-aginative videos. Compass Song was commissioned by and created in residence with Times Square Arts. As you turn on the app, plug in your headphones and walk through Times Square, a voice will accompany your wanderings with poems about searching for freedom, reflections on navigating the city, and cross-cultural myths about the cardinal directions, woven through with quotes from and reworkings of Walk With Me, the African-American spiritual turned Civil Rights freedom song.

    The voice in Compass Song is always underscored by a drone, a unique harmony that translates the latitude and longitude data for Times Square into sound and modulates as you walk north, south, east, or west. Interspersed with this are vocal performances of the sounds of Times Square, as if the city itself is singing to you.

    Compass Song is centered at Duffy Square, with sounds spread between 49th Street to the north, 42nd Street to the south, 8th Avenue to the west, and 6th Avenue to the east. For more information on the project, please visit CompassSong. Come for the comedy, stay for the friendship. Join a Cooper Hewitt educator in conversation and explore a selection of objects through detailed verbal description and touch.

    Design Beyond Vision August 3: Free with the price of museum admission, no preregistration required. EagleMania has dedicated themselves to faithfully reproducing the music of The Eagles. Since their inception, EagleMania has been thrilling audiences all over the country with their stunning five-part harmony and their uncanny ability to emulate the unmistakable sound of The Eagles.

    Sunset cruises with amazing bands and a full bar -- all with the world's greatest view: NYC from the Hudson! James Brandon Lewis, a jazz saxophonist in his 30s, raw-toned but measured, doesn't sound steeped in current jazz-academy values and isn't really coming from a free-improvising perspective. There's an independence about him, and on "Days of FreeMan" Okeh , he makes it sound natural to play roaming, experimental funk, with only the electric bassist Jamaladeen Tacuma and the drummer Rudy Royston, and without much sonic enhancement.

    This massive Quiet Clubbing Party brings together hundreds of people singing and dancing while 3 live DJs battle for their attention on the main stage. Learn how to walk on the tight-wire, work on the trapeze, perform on aerial silks, juggle, act, and learn classic clown routines.

    And that is before lunch! Friendship even in cloudy weather allows the morning to arrive sunny. But sometimes all is not what is planned as Webbster and Button find out searching for a lost golf ball. Often called surreal The Blue Kangaroo! About 45min long it's entertaining for them and adults. Poems about the animals in the Big Green Woods. Days follow days in the simple lives of Webbster and Button but on this day their imaginations are charmed by a story of the past told by a grumpy old badger named, guess what?

    Quackenbush by KC Remington Series: A lighthouse keeper and his assistant Mildred the mouse confront a pirate from a burning ship and one learns his vivid imagination can take him anywhere. Their bravery tested once again Webbster and Button slowly enter the haunted castle with their hair standing on end. What they find is Webbster and Button Children's Stories , Book 9. What would you trade for a wish? Webbster and Button meet a devilish goblin with a lantern who promises all their wishes will come true. Webbster and Button Children's Stories , Book 8.

    What it contains is a love that will warm rather than chill. Webbster and Button Children's Stories , Book 7. Nothing could prepare Webbster and Button for what was going to happen when they saw a strange light shining from the Misty Glen. But Button as always with his courage carries the day.