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Body found near Hartselle City storm drain

Now it's been almost 6 years but i think it me about 3 and the half, four years for me to figure the shit out first, so i don't want to discourage anyone if they are just at the beginning, it might be sooner for others, but um 6 years later anyway now i can truly have months, weeks where is like i completely forget that i have an issue, like you i would be sick in bed, miserable like i never wanted to commit suicide but i didn't want to wake up the next day.

So first of all starts with mindset, you decide you are not gonna be a sick patient, no matter what you are feeling, this is not denying your symptoms, this is not necessarily saying that this is not a reality for people, but i'm not gonna live in that space right? And then you are doing research finding out what are some ways we can live a healthier life, so i found out during my process that i couldn't do some of the workouts that i used to be able to do, i couldn't eat some of the food that i used to be able to eat, and so you make lifestyle changes and that's the word path that i was saying is a continuum cuz then you find out that this isnt working as well as it could you might make some adjustments but talk to me about some of the things you had to change in your life.

Food was the number one thing which was really difficult for me, i still struggle with it and was actually today thinking struggling with that a little bit today, i'm on a mission to figure out how to make penecocta and have it taste like real penecocta not jello. So for me the biggest thing was food, express adjustment, you know exercise wasn't always, my favorite thing, the number one thing on my list and so that was an adjustment because i have to, it's not an option, absolutely have to, yoga is not going to be missed, minimum 3 times a week, i think really if i'm a little more thoughtful about it and not as quick to answer, the biggest thing is self care, that's been one of my biggest adjustments as far as overall lifestyle and just living mindfully can be a relative thing, to be more aware of me and the space i'm occupying in this body and in this world and pay attention to myself, i didn't always come first and i do now.

I love everything about that and i think we've watched each other go through this changes because we've known each other for nine or ten years something like that, but watching eachother go through the transformation, that's definitely yes i have seen the diet change in you cuz you were the french fries dipping iit and straight vodka girl laughs.

And yes i have seen you go and just dive into beak of yoga and this beautiful things i have seen, but one of the things i have seen the most is exactly what you just said is your shift from such a caretaker of the world, but at the sacrifice of yourself and i saw you flip that script and i know that was really hard for you because i know the people around you struggled, and probably your family was like what's happening, where's my punching bag and i mean that mostly figured of leave, and so that's i very important thing for anyone who is going through anything in life, even if you are not really but especially if you are going through a chronic illness or something that can easily take you down if you allow it is to know that you've got to put yourself first, not only can you only take care of yourself and what you are going through but you can't do sit for anyone else at all.

I too made diet changes and i had to change my exercise regime, you know that there was about a 4 year period where i was a crusted fanatic but i still love crusted but i'm not just able to do it the way i used to be able to do it, and so changing that and changing my diet has been some major things for me. I agree and people that have met and it opens you, it's like anything else and i have had my share and i know you've had your share and continue to do so, it makes you a better parent for a lot of reasons but i think it opens you and there's a surrender.

I was never in a bitter space at all, i'm just a problem solver by nature, so that was a problem that needed to be solved and dealt with because that was not going to become my story.

Mom Suffers Severe Bruises After Protecting Baby from Hail Storm: 'I Covered Her with My Body'

I took it on you know i saddled up, i clocked my gun. I recently was visiting angel and we went to a shooting range and i shot shotguns for the first time and this girl is over ere with this giant shotgun that literally is like ripping the hole on her shoulder and she is acting like she don't even notice and i'm over here wit a little baby one like"ooh look at me" and she just like papooh!

But for a personality like that, there is a loss of control and surrender that i'm grateful for, i know how to do tht now and i didnt know how to do that before and everybody needs to learn how to do that don't they? So Dee do you have any questions for us "crazies" over here? Yeah i do, i have a couple of questions, so uh you guys know each other's stories obviously but i'm trying to put the pieces together so Angel what was it that you were diagnosed with?

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I have Hashimotos and when i said that it goes back a lot further than i'm willing to even admit that it goes back. Just about right before my 2nd child was born 21 years ago , i had very similar symptoms and high levels of epstein barr, so a lot of the autoimmune stuff and the thyroid stuff probably goes back years and years, so hashimoto's, they was a question mark to whether it was rheumatoid arthritis and gluten, i am a gluten intolerance not allergic, shannon is allergic, i don't need nappy time or a hospital visit, i don't need to have it and IBS symptomatic stuff, vitamin deficiencies, adreno failure, it just hit me all at one time.

So you were saying that you made changes to food, what kind of foods specifically, what did you have to change?

There is a diet called the fog math diet, it's called an elimination diet that you do and as shannon pointed out you eat basically air, you drink water, you fast, you eliminate everything and the you fat your things in slowly a little at a time and sometimes you have to wait 3 or 4 times, keep a log of your trigger, keep a log of what the foods are that are your triggers, when your sensitivities lie, most of the allergy test if they unless it's an underkopy for celiac aren't going to diagnose this sensitivities, so i do what's called the low fodmap diet, very low carb eating, i am not a vegan like shannon, like my meat, it's just your way of eating.

Is there anything you can trace back to that you think also might have been a factor? So yes and that's one of the reasons why women are more disposition to autoimmune issues than men , is because birth is really hard on our body, our hormones fluctuate more which also causes stress and because stress affects our hormones and our thyroid differently than it does for men and so those things as you were saying stress like somebody who is carrying a lot of pressure and anxiety or whatever and if they are carrying it mentally, it absolutely can compromise your immune system and if your immune system is compromised, maybe you will just get a cold, maybe you'll just get a flu, maybe you'll just get backaches, maybe you'll just get a few things but if you've got that genetic predisposition in there and you've got gut problems on top of that, and if you add all those things together then you've created this perfect storm that can really open you up to those problems.

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I think there is a tipping point too don't you shannon? It's so funny but it's so interesting that you are saying that a lot of it starts in your gut and just as we speak in our language we'll talk about trusting our gut so much and i think that says alot about what you just kinda wrapped up for us that you are your best identifier and listening to your body is so important. Yes i'm glad you brought that up cuz i know the things that Dee and i like to talk about is your mindset and i think is "brain for" i'm just kidding.


I think you have to take control, i mean you surrender and loss control but you have to take control at the same time, you can't just passively float through any medical system whether its a functional medical doctor, group or medicine doctor, you can't just float when you are dealing with an autoimmune disease, you have to be an advocate for yourself.

I think you can surrender but i think you can still be an advocate at the same time and i think surrendering don't mean don't resist it, don't fight it and go through the bitter trail that i went through where it's like f the world and f everything cuz that doesn't help anything laughs. So Hopefully this gave some food for thought for anyone who maybe is either newly through it or being going through it, we love to hear from you, we love to hear your thoughts, what's working for you, share some resources, we will be happy to share resources that are shared with us and if you got specific questions you want to know from Angel or myself, you know i will respond to you, so anyhow, Angel thank you so much for jumping on with us , i know it was like a Georgia tech game or something going on laughs.

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