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Brands that focused on experiences stood out, their focus wasn't solely on making money but rather building their community and culture. Where were the women? Where were brands that appealed to women?

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I did see women there but with most drops only going as low as a mens size 7 there was no question if they were shopping for themselves or someone else. Aside from brands not offering exclusives in sizes that most women can wear, I asked myself why women weren't there, and I realized, it's because we didn't insist on being there. Women have shown they have a place at the table, or in this case, in the booths, on the names of exclusives - a la Aleali May - and in conversations, and yet, they were few and far between.

As a female who associates with this culture, the discussions around art, sport, music and fashion, I will not be passive about where I belong. To my fellow women who feel the same, I ask that you stand up and insist we belong there too, together we can ensure a change in this culture.

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Lastly, what was the take away message from this weekend? Other than an exclusive or the profit from their resale, what did they get? On Sunday the news of the shooting in Sutherland Springs started to trickle in via some pretty weak wifi. I looked around and very few seemed fazed by the news, let alone affected.

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I saw kids running, lining up, fighting and rushing to get something, to gain more brands to flex for their friends and on social media. Their lack of regard for what was happening in the world shook me.

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What was happening across the country shook me and yet we didn't stop to acknowledge it. Nor did we acknowledge any of the other devastating events that took place earlier this year. With this audience ready to absorb anything and everything fed to them by ComplexCon, why wasn't there a space dedicated to raising funds, or even awareness for those that don't have the luxury of multiple outfits or even three meals a day. Imagine if a percentage of tickets sales or any sales went to organizations making a difference in their own country, or to enter you had to donate an article of clothing?

I wonder if these teens and young adults would start to be as passionate about changing their country as they were about coping the next exclusive sneaker.

How to classify complex numbers (example)

It's not that Complex. Diary , Fashion Mary Young November 14, nike , off white , complexcon , kendrick lamar , virgil abloh , kobe bryant , aleali may. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Diary Mary Young November 27, SodaStream, sparkling water, healthy habits, sleep, laughter, stretching. Negative 7 is a real number. And 9 is a real number. So we could just add those up. So 2 plus negative 7 would be negative 5. Negative 5 plus 9 would be 4.

So the real numbers add up to 4. And now we have these imaginary numbers. So 3 times i minus 5 times i. So if you have 3 of something and then I were to subtract 5 of that same something from it, now you're going to have negative 2 of that something. Or another way of thinking about it is the coefficients. So three i's minus five i's, that's going to give you negative 2i.

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Now you might say, well, can we simplify this any further? Well no, you really can't. This right over here is a real number. And negative 2i, that's an imaginary number. And so what we really consider this is this 4 minus 2i, we can now consider this entire expression to really be a number.

Intuitive Arithmetic With Complex Numbers

So this is a number that has a real part and an imaginary part. And numbers like this we call complex numbers.

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It is a complex number. Why is it complex? Well, it has a real part and an imaginary part. And you might say, well, gee, can't any real number be considered a complex number?

Here's the problem:

For example, if I have the real number 3, can't I just write the real number 3 as 3 plus 0i? And you would be correct. Any real number is a complex number. You could view this right over here as a complex number. And actually, the real numbers are a subset of the complex numbers. Likewise, imaginary numbers are a subset of the complex numbers.

For example, you could rewrite i as a real part-- 0 is a real number-- 0 plus i. So the imaginaries are a subset of complex numbers.