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Athanasou and Raoul Van Esbroeck. Similar feelings might affect professionals forced to abandon professions due to health or personal reasons. Career guidance or counseling can help change your self-concept, improving your career prospects. Choose a professional counselor or psychologist and ask for help defining yourself in positive ways. After that, improve your career prospects by clearly defining your goals and working steadily to achieve them. Stan Mack is a business writer specializing in finance, business ethics and human resources. Mack studied philosophy and economics at the University of Memphis.

Skip to main content. Effect on Career Choices Positive and negative self-concepts can influence career decisions. Effect on Others If your self-concept is apparent to others, it can have an influence on how they perceive you. Loss of Identity Sometimes circumstances dictate abandoning a career, undermining your self-concept. Considerations Career guidance or counseling can help change your self-concept, improving your career prospects. About the Author Stan Mack is a business writer specializing in finance, business ethics and human resources. However, in the long-run, they will only hurt you.

You will hurt because you struggle to face the reality of your situation. In fact, it will take a great deal of patience , time, and effort. If the choices you make are not stretching your comfort zone and pushing you toward your goals then change is something that needs to be on the horizon. Even though this journey and the inevitable transformation will not be easy, it will, however, be worth your while.

No longer will you be at the mercy of your rose-colored view of reality. Instead, you will have taken control. And with control comes confidence.

And with confidence comes personal power — the power to transform your life with purpose. What this means is that when your emotions are healthy and serving your greater good, then the quality of your life will likewise improve. Your life improves because life always comes down to the emotional experiences we choose to indulge in.

When our emotional experiences are of a healthy and positive nature, this improves the quality of our thoughts. And as our thoughts improve so do our choices, decisions, and actions. When you make better choices, you get better results. And with improved outcomes, you feel immeasurably better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself, your self-concept grows stronger. That is, in essence, the key that will help transform a poor self-concept into something that can help optimize how you live the rest of your life. Write up a contract that gives you the green light to initiate the process of change.

Secondly, you need to take responsibility for making these changes. Nobody is responsible for your life but YOU. You must, therefore, take the responsibility on your shoulders that you, and you alone, are responsible for making these changes. Thirdly, you must be committed to making the necessary changes to improve your life. Without commitment, there is no motivation. You, therefore, need to acknowledge that things must change, you need to take responsibility for this change, and you need to commit yourself to follow through with the change. Now, on the surface, this might seem kind of silly.

You already know who you are, right? However, below the surface, you are in reality so much more than that. To strengthen your self-concept, you must figure out how to bridge this gap successfully. In fact, there will always be some kind of discrepancy. And this is important to understand because without a discrepancy there is no motivation to grow and develop yourself over time. However, if this discrepancy is too significant between the YOU of today and the YOU you desire to become in the future, then your self-concept will never bloom into its full potential.

There must, therefore, be congruence, or otherwise, self-actualization is impossible. The purpose of these questions is to identify how you see yourself in the present moment and then compare that against the final set of questions laid out below. As you go through each question, you will gain various insights and perspectives into who you are. Embrace these differences, because this is in essence how you see yourself each day.

Things are the way they are. Your ideal self must be congruent with your perceived self in the present moment. If there is a significant difference between the two, then you must work on bridging that gap — thereby strengthening your self-concept. Your objective for the remainder of this journey is to begin bridging that gap between your ideal self and the self you are experiencing at this very moment. Your self-ideal must be realistic and achievable. Otherwise, you will struggle to meet your highest standards of performance. Subsequently, your self-concept will continue to suffer.

The key then is to ensure that your self-ideal is not entirely out of this world — at least not at the beginning. Given this, be sure to lower your standards and expectations to make them more achievable. Only when you reach these set standards and expectations should you incrementally raise the bar higher.

Remember though that your self-image is often not based on reality. Therefore, if your self-image is based on false assumptions or distorted perspectives, then you will first need to work through these issues before moving through the process outlined here. Our discussion here is more about using this process to help build your self-confidence so that you can then take the necessary action steps to achieve your desired goals and objectives. Below you will find numerous suggestions and guidelines to help you transform your self-concept.

Some of these suggestions are easy and quick to implement, while others might take a little time. This essentially comes down to three fundamental things:. No matter how you proceed, every particular change you desire to make comes down to just these three fundamental things. Therefore, no matter what ideas you decide to implement, be sure to always keep in mind how these changes can be made in relation to your thoughts, self-talk, and the belief systems that govern your subconscious behavior.

All this will hopefully start making more sense as you work your way through the following ideas. Your first objective is to look within and become very consciously aware of your daily thoughts, self-talk, belief systems, psychological rules , and the questions you tend to ask. Your objective is to reach congruence in these areas.

Your self-image will never directly align with your self-ideal. However, you can certainly make the necessary adjustments to your mindset to move in the right direction.

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Meditation will help clear the clutter in your brain. It will encourage you to think and act more mindfully throughout the day. This will subsequently improve your ability to make effective decisions. Visualization, on the other hand, can provide you with the necessary vision you need to better understand your future direction.

This will likewise help you lay down a much clearer path toward your desired outcomes. Remember, that how you think about things has a lot to do with your perceptions and interpretations of reality. For instance, interpreting things one way will give you access to a particular set of resources and opportunities. However, interpreting things another way will provide you with access to a different set of resources and opportunities.

Ironically, it might even deny you access altogether. What this essentially means is that how you think and how you emotionalize your experience influences how you use your physiology. Likewise, how you use your physiology influences how you think and emotionalize your experiences. They are both interconnected, and therefore what you do to one directly influences the other.

With that in mind, have a think about your body and how you use it throughout the day. Do you move your body with confidence, or do you tend to move it sluggishly? What about your breath and posture? By making small adjustments to your physiology, you will indirectly influence your inner world. And as your inner world changes you will begin bridging the gap between where you are today and your ideal self. When it comes to your lifestyle, you need to start making some better choices that will help move you toward your ideal self.

How can I begin bridging the lifestyle gap between where I am today and my ideal self of tomorrow? As you go through these questions, you will get a strong sense of the changes you might need to make to bridge the gap between where you are today and your ideal self. To strengthen your self-confidence , you need to explore self-love. Before you can feel confident in the external world, you must first find confidence in yourself — which that comes through self-love.

Self-love means fully accepting yourself despite your flaws, despite your weaknesses, and despite your inadequacies. It means feeling comfortable in your own skin no matter what you look like or how you feel. To find your self-love, spend time with yourself. Actually, spend time pampering yourself.

Get a massage, enjoy a hot sauna, go for a nature walk, etc. First and foremost, the key is to reconnect with yourself. Your ideal self-has certain skills, knowledge, and abilities. Identify what these things are and then go to work acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills you need to help you bridge the gap between your self-image and self-ideal. You will often find the information you need in books, by taking courses, by volunteering your time to a cause, or by connecting with people who already have the knowledge and skill you desire.

You could, for instance, get a mentor or life coach. Find someone who could guide you along your journey toward your self-ideal. As you work on developing your knowledge and skills, you will most certainly need support along your journey. You will need people to help you through the tough times and struggles.

You will need people that can be relied upon for emotional support.

What Exactly is a Self-Concept and How Does it Impact Your Life?

And you will need people who will accept you unconditionally without the strings. These people must, of course, be positive, inspiring, creative, passionate, and caring. They must be giving and generous, joyful, and happy souls.

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  7. These are the kinds of people that should comprise your support network. They will be there to help keep you motivated, focused, and inspired as you make progress toward your ideal self. Use your support network for guidance and direction. This will never work out well in the long-run.

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    • What Exactly is a Self-Concept and How Does it Impact Your Life?!

    You must be in charge of your own choices and decisions. To be in charge means not concerning yourself with what others think. It means not worrying about criticism or rejection. And it means not comparing yourself with others.

    Self Concept

    You are on your own unique path. These people are there to support you, but ultimately you make the final decision that determines the direction you will take. Having inspiring goals means that your life has purpose and meaning. This keeps you motivated and active. You actually want to set goals that match your self-ideal.

    Self Esteem - Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

    Once you have your answers to these questions, set some inspiring goals and lay down a plan of action that will help you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you ideally would like to be in the future. Building a healthy and robust self-concept no doubt takes some work and consistent effort. In fact, it takes time.

    Self-Concept & Self-Esteem in Organizational Behavior - Video & Lesson Transcript |

    Transforming your self-concept is something that you need to work on consistently over time. There is no need to complete this process in one go. Set small daily objectives, and over many weeks, months and years you will make considerable progress as you sculpt who you are and whom you desire to become. Did you gain value from this article?

    Is it important that you know and understand this topic? Would you like to optimize how you think about this topic? Would you like a method for applying these ideas to your life? This mind map provides you with a quick visual overview of the article you just read. The branches, interlinking ideas, and images model how the brain thinks and processes information.

    If, on the other hand, you want access to an ever-growing library of s of visual tools and resources, then check out our Premium Membership Packages. These packages provide you with the ultimate visual reference library for all your personal development needs. Skip to content We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.

    Negative Self-Concept

    Here is a list of all articles in this series: Your Self Image Your self-image comes down to how you see yourself in the present moment. Your Self-Esteem Your self-esteem encompasses your current emotional experiences. The Value of a Healthy Self-Concept The value of having a healthy self-concept becomes more evident when we recognize how much it influences our ability to manage our emotional experiences.