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There is a great need for those who will teach the faith to our children and youth, who will serve the homeless and hungry, who will visit those in prison, who will announce the Good News of Jesus. These are not just functions, but responses to a call issued by Jesus himself in his love for the Church and the world.

Universal Call to Holiness

May the Holy Spirit guide you as you browse this website and reflect upon how the Lord is calling you to serve him. Your greatest challenge - and your most profound joy - will be to respond to the Lord's call. Open your hearts to Jesus to receive his love, then freely give what you have been so freely given.

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Ways to Give Development: To achieve or even attempt holiness in the modern world can seem futile, and yet the way of attaining holiness and perfection of charity, in general, can be that: We use our strengths and talents as a gift from Christ. We should follow Christ and become like him, seeking the Father's will in all things, the glory of God and the good of our neighbor. We should use our personal gifts and fulfill our duties in the spirit of faith working through love.

We are often led to think that holiness is a goal reserved for a few elect.

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And he was speaking about all of us. At the centre of the divine plan is Christ in whom. God shows his Face, in accord with the favour of his will. The Mystery hidden in the centuries is revealed in its fullness in the Word made flesh. And Paul then says: The Second Vatican Council, in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, speaks with clarity of the universal call to holiness, saying that no one is excluded: The universal call to holiness is rooted in baptism , and the Paschal Mystery , which configures a person to Jesus Christ who is truly God and truly man, thus uniting a person with the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity , bringing him in communion with intra-trinitarian life.

John Paul II states in his apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte , [7] his apostolic letter for the new millennium, a "program for all times", that holiness is not only a state but a task, whereby Christians should strive for a full Christian life, imitating Christ, God the Son, who gave his life for God the Father and for his neighbor.

This entails a "training in the art of prayer ".

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According to the Pope, all pastoral initiatives have to be set in relation to holiness, as this has to be the topmost priority of the Church. The universal call to holiness is explained as more fundamental than the vocational discernment to particular ways of life such as priesthood , marriage , or virginity. At the very core of the spirituality of a Catholic is this call to perfection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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