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He had his cell phone out and punched in numbers without taking his gaze off of her. I have business to attend to before I can leave. Please return it to the garage for me. They all liked them fast. Henry took care of all the vehicles and kept them in top running order. Stefano snapped the phone shut and stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street. He held up his hand imperiously and of course the cars stopped for him.

Everything stopped for him when he demanded it. There were holes in the knees and one small one on her upper thigh, but some of the designer jeans featured rips. The tears in her jeans just happened to be from real wear. She yanked it open and ushered Francesca inside. Francesca thought she might faint from all the smells of food. Her stomach growled and she pushed on it with one hand, hoping to quiet it. People were three deep at the counter and every small table throughout the room was filled. Not after all Joanna had done for her. Now all the smells blended together, making her feel nauseous.

Joanna had promised her the job. She had nothing left for food or clothing. She had to get this job. She could survive another week if she was very, very careful, but not much longer. Still, it had a roof. The cold was biting and penetrated right to the bone. The soles were thin and the water easily had gotten inside her shoes. Not only were her feet wet, but her toes were numb. Still, if she got the job, this was the perfect place for her.

The neighborhood was small. Everything was in walking distance. Clearly, Pietro needed help. She could handle a cash register no problem. She could make sandwiches. The door opened and a blast of cold air swept into the shop, chilling her further. She turned her head and froze. She had never in her life seen a man more gorgeous or more dangerous. His hair was jet black and seemed messy, but artfully so, as if even it refused to disobey him.

His tie was a darker gray to match the thin stripes in his suit and was worn over a lighter shade of charcoal shirt. He made her acutely aware of her shabby clothes. The moment he entered, all chatter in the shop ceased. No one so much as whispered. No one moved, as if they were all frozen in place. Pietro came to attention. Beside her, Joanna took a deep breath. The atmosphere in the store went from friendly chatter and lighthearted gossip to one of danger. His face was carved in masculine lines and set in stone.

He had a strong jaw covered by a dark shadow. The blue eyes swept the room, taking in everything and everyone. She knew he did. So did everyone in the room. Just like her, they were all staring at him. The eyes came back to her. The impact was physical. Her breath rushed from her lungs. He could see right through her. She had far too many secrets for him to be looking at her and seeing so much. Worse, his gaze drifted over her, taking in the cropped sweater that molded to her breasts and just barely reached her waist.

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Her jeans rode a little lower than her waist so she had to resist pulling at the hem of the sweater, although her fingers automatically curled around the hem to do just that. The sweater was one of the few things she owned that was warm. His gaze traveled down her holey jeans to her wet shoes and back up to her face. She wished the earth would open up and swallow her.

The tension in the deli went up several more notches. Not only was this man gorgeous and dangerous, he was angry. A black wall of intense heat filled the room until no one seemed able to breathe. She could actually feel his anger shimmering in the air. The room vibrated with his fury. She found herself trembling and shrinking back under that brilliant blue stare. His diamond hard gaze was fixed on her, not on any of the other customers— just her. She took a deep breath and let it out, tugging self consciously on the hem of her sweater.

When she did, his scowl deepened. He looked as if he might faint any moment. They were all afraid of him. Francesca could see why— he looked and felt dangerous. But every single person in the store? That was a little terrifying. She wished fervently he would stop looking at her. Ferraro, stepped in her direction. Not for one moment. The crowd instantly parted, just like the Red Sea, leaving open a path straight to her. She felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever. Or why his anger would be directed at her.

Everything in her stilled. She had nothing left, nowhere to go. Her face burned under his scrutiny. She knew he saw everything. Her thrift store clothes. Her lack of makeup.

Cast No Shadow

His suit easily cost thousands, as did his coat. What he spent on his watch could probably buy a car. Her gaze lowered, although she felt defiant. Just because he was wealthy— and he was more than wealthy— anyone with eyes could see that— he had no right to judge her. Gorgeous blue eyes and thick black hair that made a woman want to run her fingers through it. No man should be able to look like he did.

He stalked, like a great jungle cat emerging from the shadows. Right in front of her. She felt more color creeping into her face. She was mortified to be singled out of the crowd.

The Shadow Society Book Review

She opened her mouth. She actually felt paralyzed with fear. She winced at his language and the abruptness of his completely shocking question. She tipped her chin up and instantly his eyes were on her face, following that gesture of defiance. She felt alone, as if there were only the two of them.

Where the fuck is your coat? Not one single word. We were walking along Franklin and there was a woman sitting under the eaves there and she was cold so Francesca gave her coat to her. She sent up a little prayer for the floor to open up and swallow her right there. This was met with silence so Joanna jumped to fill the breach.

Uncle Pietro needed someone to help in the deli and she has tons of experience. She was certain she looked homeless in her thrift store clothes, but really, the woman in the street had been freezing. You vouch for her? Francesca could feel her trembling, which was unusual. I came to really love him, he is fighting for Tatiana to have a much better life.

Yes, I Am Still Writing Book Five

I really loved Tatiana, Luka and Victor as characters. Alec and Boris too. This book has incredible drama, suspense and some intense sexual scenes. Everything in this book ties very well together and I look forward to reading more from TJ Hamilton. Well, you will have to read it and find out!!

Add it to your TBR list or you will be missing out on a thrilling book. Let me at it!! We knew she flew off to join the Russian Ballet, but things are not always what they seem. And buy, things really weren't as they seemed! TJ Hamilton takes us on one hell of an adventure! Starting up where Keeping Thyme ended, we are taken on a non-stop rollercoaster ride, never knowing what was around the corner. But what I want around the corner is a Luka. Through past and present tense we get the story of Tia and Luka and I gotta say I think he may have taken over from Nick as my favourite of Ms Hamilton's men.

There is nothing not to love about him! Through the past tense we also learn what happened to Tia back when she first got to Russia, and OMG it is heart breaking. But you can never keep a tough Aussie woman down and I loved how she fought through it all to get where she is today. There are some great secondary characters, and I especially liked Boris There are a few WTF moments that will have your head spinning. But we don't expect anything less from a TJ Hamilton book. Can't wait to see what she brings us next Dec 22, Jessica Rice rated it liked it.

Although the story was really good - how a young Australian girl was sold into sex trafficking in Russia, manages to climb out of the hole they put her in and come out on top - I felt a bit let down by the bad writing style. I'd read sentences and think Maybe I just got an older Kindle version or something but I really struggled. I felt it needed a good edit. Also, some of the reaction Although the story was really good - how a young Australian girl was sold into sex trafficking in Russia, manages to climb out of the hole they put her in and come out on top - I felt a bit let down by the bad writing style.

Also, some of the reactions of the characters in their really scary and traumatic experiences didn't sit well with me. There's a scene towards the end where Tia tells one of the recently freed girls who just watched her tormentor get dragged into the hole for a little payback "You belong to no one now" and the girl just giggles and says "Whatever you say.

Like maybe be a bit in shock or more serious about the situation? I only carried on reading because I wanted to see how it all played out for Tia, who I felt deserved some closure. Aug 13, Ive rated it it was amazing. If you still thinking buy it or not? Tatiana wanted to become a ballerina. She got an invitation to go to Russian, to ballet. She took it, and when she left plane everything collapsed around here like house of cards. She was raped, beaten, almost died. But she survived everything. No, this is just the beginning. Sincerely this is the best standalone of the year.

When the opportunity came up for Tatiana to become a Russian prima ballerina, all those years ago back in Australia, she thought all her dreams had come true. But once she got to Russia everything changed. Yes she still became the prima ballerina that she always dreamed to be but the track to get there was not an easy one, especially when the Russian Mafia is involved. I loved this book. The two points of vie When the opportunity came up for Tatiana to become a Russian prima ballerina, all those years ago back in Australia, she thought all her dreams had come true.

The two points of view, Tatiana and Luka's gives you more story as well as Tatiana's memories of events gone by. Can't wait to see what's install next. Dec 17, Hooked On Books rated it it was amazing. Reviewed for hookedonbooks The moment Tatiana left Australia, she knew her life would change forever.

But not in the way she thought, she suffered abuse after abuse at the hands of Bratva. Now Dmitri, Dima, the devil himself, is dead and she wants revenge! Such a powerful story line that grips you in from the very beginning and keeps you gripped until the end. Excellent writing from T J Hamilton, i will be sure to check out more of her novels after reading such a gripping story, the plot was bril Reviewed for hookedonbooks The moment Tatiana left Australia, she knew her life would change forever. Jan 08, Allyson rated it it was amazing. To write a review for this is hard without giving anything away.

What I will say is fuck me it took me on a journey I'll never forget and my love for Tia and Luka will always remain.

Melissa McPhail

I read this in one go I couldn't put it down. GR Peeps if you are reading my review one click this 5 Star book and see for yourself. Dec 12, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 26, J. Low rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series is amazing I was captivated from the start. Aug 20, Lauren Campbell rated it really liked it. Loved this story of revenge. The ending shattered me though. Dec 15, Maria rated it it was amazing. If you like dark reads this is for you.

Dark, raw, suspenseful and more! Feb 12, Carol rated it it was amazing. Nov 25, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 16, Megan Williams rated it it was amazing.

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The art is quite stylised with fantastic backgrounds. The characters are expressive and a good representation o Cast No Shadow is about a young teen struggling to deal with his mother's death and his dad's new girlfriend. The characters are expressive and a good representation of the ups and downs of that period of life.

Feb 28, Millie rated it it was amazing. I checked this book out from the library and finished it in an afternoon. I loved this book, it was so amazing to find a comic with such an interesting story and cute drawings and I just love any story with ghosts incorporated into it: Feb 15, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this graphic novel. Jan 23, Literary Strawberry rated it it was amazing Shelves: The art is super cute and aesthetically pleasing, the characters are a lot of fun I love Layla okay , the dialogue was amusing Honestly, it reminded me in some ways of Gravity Falls and as far as I'm concerned, my suspicions about the show's influence on this were confirmed as soon as I spotted that mysterious triangle doodle on page Pretty much nothing I disliked about this, actually??

Jan 03, Sarah treesofreverie McMahon rated it really liked it Shelves: Cast No Shadow brings together an array of delightful characters and is full of adorable artwork. This is a light, fun, easy read that I do recommend to anyone looking for a graphic novel to giggle and squeal over! Oct 20, Cara rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn't know anything about this book when it came across my desk. I opened it, and was immediately drawn in. Seriously though, this was a good story and the illustrations were good. Oct 30, Kristin rated it it was amazing.

This graphic novel hits all the adolescent pangs without being saccharine and predictable. The illustrations are at once simple and expressive, and the story and dialogue are touching and funny. Feb 22, Kiri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Meet Greg, a teenage boy with a lot of weight on his shoulders.

When family and friend issues get to be too much for him he confides in his new ghostly girlfriend, Eleanor. I'm really loving the names for these characters! The rest of the book is dedicated to solving his life issues and helping Eleanor out. Yup, I'm totally great at summarizing. Any who, this graphic nov Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review. Any who, this graphic novel is fantastic in my opinion. It is well written with a teen audience in mind. I love the illustrations and the dialogue was quirky and engaging.

Something specific that I enjoyed was the fact that when Greg had questions about Eleanor he went and did research at the library. Also, I think this would be a really good book to use in bibliotherapy. His life seems to be thrown for a loop with his dad getting a new girlfriend and his best friend having a crush on a boy that used to bully him. All he wants is a sense of normalcy and this book is all about him finding it with the help of both his family and friends. TL;DR I enjoyed this graphic novel immensely. Oct 06, Bitsy rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a very sweet graphic novel.

On one hand, the plot was instantly familiar--a boy, Greg, who's a little scared of the changes that are happening in his life dad's new girlfriend, best friend's new boyfriend deals with that fear through anger and frustration. Despite Greg's relationship with ghost girl Eleanor, I felt like I knew where the story was headed from pretty much page 1.

However, even though the overall emotional arc of Greg coming to terms with and accepting change was expecte This was a very sweet graphic novel. However, even though the overall emotional arc of Greg coming to terms with and accepting change was expected, this story still felt special.

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The eventual explanation for Greg's lack of shadow played into his characterization really nicely, and the relationship between shadows and spirits was interesting. Plus, the art was great--downright adorable in parts and moving in others. The way that Eleanor's memories are made physical was especially striking. Oct 21, Austine NovelKnight rated it really liked it Shelves: Cast No Shadow is not only the first graphic novel I've ever read, but also the first I've ever reviewed so it was an interesting experience all around. We have Greg, a teen dealing with family troubles, a friend who has more going on in her life beside him, and suddenly a ghost in an abandoned house near town.

I think what sold me on this book was that the protagonist is a bit awkward, a bit unusual he doesn't have a shadow , but very real.

Greg is dealing with things in his life that I can ima Cast No Shadow is not only the first graphic novel I've ever read, but also the first I've ever reviewed so it was an interesting experience all around. Greg is dealing with things in his life that I can imagine many others have gone through. His father is dating someone new after his mother passed away and he feels that his father is trying to replace his mom. His friend is starting to date someone he doesn't get along with and it's causing conflict between them. He's crushing on someone.

Okay, that one might not be as "real. Greg doesn't have a shadow. There's a bit of otherworldliness going on as the story progresses. And yet I never felt that this book lost its touch with bringing the story back to Greg and his internal conflicts, represented through some of these supernatural elements.

I did feel like Greg's best friend, Layla, was a bit of a flat character. Her main course of action was to hit things, which she proves over and over but isn't really given more than that. I understand that she's not the main character but she played a fairly large role in the story and I just wanted a bit more. In terms of the illustrations, they were all black and white I'm not sure if this is the norm or not so I'm mentioning it anyway. I wasn't actually a huge fan of the drawing style.

Melissa’s Bookshelf

It wasn't bad by any means and definitely captured the story, just not something that drew me in. I definitely stuck around more for the plot itself and the characters. I'd love to see more from this author too! This book is listed as young adult but I can definitely see it appealing to middle grade readers as well. Certainly a book I would recommend! Sep 21, Sharon Tyler rated it really liked it. It is currently scheduled for release on October 10 When Greg discovers an old mansion in the woods just outside of town, he didn't expect to meet a smart, beautiful, funny, and dead teenaged girl named Eleanor.

And before he knows what's happening, Greg finds himself at the wrong end of a history lesson when the town's past, and his own, threaten to pull the two of them apart permanently. Cast No Shadow is an engaging graphic novel. I enjoyed the unusual lack of a shadow from our main character, and the story that stemmed from that. I really liked how that played out. I also liked that Greg faces some realistic family issues, and complicated friendships. His imperfect life made his emotions and the trouble he faced that much more real and relatable as a reader.

While there is a romance involved, I also liked that his best friend is a girl and the idea of girls as more than a romantic interest is clear. Although, the fact that she has her own romance negates that a little bit, her clear personality and utter lack of fitting the 'girl best friend' stereotype did help a little. I like that the town and most of its inhabitants are a little odd, and the story is unexpected in many ways.

I thought the art did a wonderful job of bringing the story to life, adding details and little bits of information that made the read even more enjoyable. The combination of heart felt emotion and facing real life struggles of family and friend relationships along-side the paranormal aspects and humor struck a chord with me. Cast No Shadow is a graphic novel with a unique twist to teen romance.

I enjoyed the art and the story and think that many readers from middle grade on up through adults will enjoy the read. Oct 18, Hallie added it Shelves: Greg is dealing with a lot--the loss of this mother, his best friend liking his enemy, and his lack of a shadow casting him as an outsider. On top of everything else, he has a new crush Cast No Shadow is a quirky, heartfelt graphic novel about letting go and finding yourself.

Greg's mother passed away and his father has moved on and invited his significant other to move in. Greg is having a hard time accepting this on top of so many other changes in his life. His best friend, Layla, has started hanging out with the bully from Greg's past and he's feeling left out. When Greg and Layla go to an old abandoned house, Greg finally finds his own new beginning in the form of a teenage ghost named Eleanor.

Grief and regret are perfectly captured in the bond that Greg and Eleanor share. There were several competing storylines that didn't always seem to flow together. Greg's lack of shadow seems pretty forgotten and unimportant at the beginning of the book. This part of the story seems superfluous compared to the rest, even though it does become important later on. However, it's a solid paranormal teen love story that will attract a lot of readers.

The black and white pictures and text are easy to read and understand. The story moves along at a nice pace and keeps you interested in how Greg will help Eleanor. There are serious moments nicely interrupted by typical funny ghost shenanigans.