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Some things are worth fighting for, which both high-born ruler and low-born lover learn in Book 1 of The Chronicles of Ylandre. In the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, the great divide between the high-born True Bloods and the lower-ranked Half Bloods is deemed impassable by most. Rohyr Essendri dared to cross it when he took young Lassen Idana from his provincial town and made him his paramour. Lassen perforce learned how to navigate the intricate byways of life at court.

Chronicles of Ylandre Series

But anything worth having is worth fighting for, both figuratively and, as Lassen discovers, literally speaking. This story mixes historical and fantasy with exquisite world building. As novel as the idea for this story is, it could easily overwhelm the unwary reader. A glossary of terms came be found at the end. I would suggest first time readers to at least take a look before tackling the story.

Even I needed a bit of help with the terms used.

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This was a reread for me because I wished to finally read the rest of the series, which I already own just haven't gotten around to yet. I'm glad that I did because I needed the refresher on the world and terms.

The story was unique enough that I still recalled the plot but the terms tripped me up. I still hold to my stance, there are too many side characters.

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It is why I cannot give the story five stars. Something of the story was lost when I had trouble following in certain places. The uncommon names and titles weren't familiar enough to help me place certain characters when they entered a scene. That being said, remembering the core characters wasn't as difficult so I didn't become lost following them through the plot. There are many elements such as: Some years pass since Rohyr took Lassen from his home as a youth and claimed him as leman.

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It was difficult to watch Rohyr take and bed his consort, even though he was in love with Lassen. His uncle was always pushing, shoving, and reminding Rohyr of his duty time and again until I wanted to run the man through. The court intrigue and political maneuverings began in earnest.

The threat the consort would find a way to part Rohyr from Lassen built until I devised multiple ways for Rohyr's duplicitous cousin to meet his untimely demise. I think Lassen easily speaks to many readers.

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