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Sarah (Women of Genesis, Book 1)

Dennis this is absolutely worked.. Many thanks Reply 2 Like Follow 1 hour ago. Reply 2 Like Follow 48 minutes ago. Written by ann spangler, jean e syswerda, narrated by sarah rutan download the app and start listening to women of the bible today - free with a 30 day trial keep your audiobook forever. Sarah women of genesis, book 1 women of genesis forge read more product details now he ventures into the stories of women of the bible.

"Sarah and Hagar - God Sees" - Genesis 16

What can we learn from the life of sarah first peter 3: Sarah of the bible was a woman of great faith like many of us god grew her weak faith into maturity and trust in god. A superficial reading of the bible might lead us to believe that women played a superfluous role sarah: List of women in the bible part of a series on according to genesis Now that you've created a bible gateway account, upgrade to bible gateway plus: In this article dr mike takes us through some bible passages to share a character profile on the sarah of the bible.

At the age of ten, Sarah meets Abram and falls in love at first sight.

Linda Hart’s review of Sarah (Women of Genesis

He pledges to come back and marry her and within ten years, he does. Card portrays Sarai as a courageous Hebrew woman from the house of Ur, always devoted to her husband, the patriarch, Abram. She deals with desert life, barrenness and jealousy.

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Their marriage takes her from Ur, a city on the banks of the Euphrates River in ancient Sumeria, to Canaan, Pharaoh's palace in Egypt, and back again. We can't possibly know if the real Sarai acted and reacted as Card writes her because the Biblical account of her is sketchy. In this book, she is a living, breathing, complex woman. Cultural and social details are there not plentiful , but the overriding subject is Sarah and her relationships. She admirably tolerates her ever-complaining sister, Qira.

I found it refreshing to read about Abram through the eyes of his wife. In this fictional account, the author combines historical and archeological details, the Genesis account and his imagination to bring Sarai to life.

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If you can accept that certain details are changed to suit the author's pen, you will enjoy this sensitive recreation of Sarai, wife of Abraham. I admire the author male for going out on a limb to recreate a biblical character female.

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I wanted to like this book more than I did. I was somewhat put off because it was heavy on dialogue that sounded very modern. Reviewed by Holly Weiss, author of Crestmont. One of the best books ever. I had the privilege to meet Orson Scott Card in a book signing once. I brought the Women of Genesis books all 3 to be signed.

Women of Genesis: Sarah Bk. 1 by Orson Scott Card (2000, Hardcover)

He whispered to me, "The Women of Genesis is my most proudest work. It is so brilliant and really makes these Bible stories come alive. One of Card's remarkable talents is the ability to craft a character that thoroughly engages the reader's interest while remaining persistently unrealistic. His characters all seem so alive and fascinating to me that it startled me to remember that no one I know would think or behave in the ways he describes.

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  6. And yet I like his characters so much, at least at first, that sometimes I wish I had a friend like them. This Bible story has many weird events that imply strong, complex players, a situation Card handles without many surprises. Lot doesn't really make an appearance whereas his wife is one of Card's stupid bullies.