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The Other Preacher in Lynchburg: The other preacher in Lynchburg: Life in Falwells Town. Getting to Know You. My wife and I didn't realize it at the time, but we were entering a period that would almost totally alter our understanding of life, faith, and the church.

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The Other Preacher in Lynchburg: My Life Across Town from Jerry Falwell by John Killinger

Permission to reproduce the material in any manner or medium must be secured from the Publisher. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Read more Read less. Chapter One Choosing Lynchburg I had grown up in the Southern Baptist tradition and always intended to be a pastor, not a teacher. And when they had heard him preach, they decided they didn't want that minister after all! What are you doing down here? They came home and said, "Dad, you've got to go to Lynchburg!

I had to go to Lynchburg. But that was where I was supposed to go. Martin's Press All rights reserved. Thomas Dunne Books; 1 edition March 17, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Let me begin with some positive comments about this book. First, it is engagingly written. Killinger knows how to communicate.

Second, Killinger points out some real problems with Falwell's kind of ministry as well as that of other televangelists. If Killinger was indeed harassed as he claims by Falwell supporters, and even received death threats, that is horrifying. And that is just one negative aspect of Rev. Having said that, there is, to my mind, a lot more wrong with this book. First, there is the tone. It is frequently condescending and sometimes nasty. How many times does the reader need to hear about Mr. Killinger's high level of education, especially compared to Mr.

And, of course, when Mr. Killinger receives feedback on his anti-Falwell sermons, virtually without exception, the well educated favor him and the poorly educated favor Falwell. In the "nasty" category, Mr. Killinger refers to Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral fame as "monkey-faced. Killinger also refers to the growing prominence of Religious Right televangelism as a "fungus" spreading over the land. For a self-proclaimed apostle of gentility and tolerance, Mr.

Killinger is all too ready use the kind of language used by Nazi propagandists. Killinger also makes some dubious claims, such as having no idea that his frontal attack on Falwell's ministry, in one of his first sermons as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Lynchburg, would get back to Falwell and cause a negative reaction.

Now, FPC was and maybe still is a prominent congregation in Lynchburg. Falwell's ministry was even more prominent.

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Lynchburg is a relatively small town. Would any prominent pastor really be unaware that negative sermonic comments against another ministry would end up all over town? And that is quite aside from the propriety of attacking another ministry from the pulpit. Killinger did criticize his own church as well and as a pastor myself, I think he showed poor judgment in doing so at such an early point in his ministry there ; but why did he feel it necessary to pick a fight with Jerry Falwell at that time?

For that is what he did.

Jerry Falwell

That does not excuse the vehemence or implied violence of the responses to Mr. But let's be clear as to who started the conflict. It was not Mr. Killinger, after sharing that he received death threats, then pooh-poohs Mr. Falwell's claims of death threats against him. To Killinger, this is an example of Falwell's paranoia. But wait a minute Falwell was becoming a nationally prominent and frequently highly controversial leader of the Religious Right.

Is it really that hard to believe that Mr. Falwell would have received some death threats? Killinger flunks the Golden Rule in the way he deals with Mr. Falwell's claims of harassment and death threats. Falwell, despite their differences, enjoyed some convivial social occasions together. That is good to hear.

But they apparently did not much soften Mr. Killinger's harsh and judgmental heart, at least towards Mr. Killinger points to a large theological gap or division between himself and Mr. Falwell, he is correct.

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But he does not acknowledge that he and Falwell represent different extremes. It is telling that Mr. Killinger speaks so highly of Mr. John Shelby Spong, who was rector of a Lynchburg Episcopal church for a time, and who later won fame as a homosexuality- promoting Bishop and all-around denier of Nicene Christianity. Spong returns the favor by writing a positive blurb about this book. I mention this because it is clear that Mr. Killinger is not a representative of a moderate and temperate form of Christianity against Mr.

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Killinger is part of the far left fringe of the Christian faith Falwell's brand of fundamentalism. Killinger represents the real fringe. A Rochester Top Contributor: John Kellinger writes very well. This book is enjoyable as a read. However, he is a failure at making his case, fundamental vs liberal religion.

He presents his liberal side and attacks Jerry Falwell for his fundamental beliefs. He gives himself glowing credentials and educational achievements. By his own words he presents a long history of abruptly and unpleasantly ended steps in his career. He gives numerous examples of how he was wronged. He presents his liberal side and attacks Jerry Falwell for his fundamentalist beliefs. Time and time again Killinger tells of his own written and spoken assaults on Falwell.

In the author's mind he finds himself always innocent. As he reports Falwell's defense, it is evident that Falwell can take care of himself. I was amazed as I read. The author's own words are painting a picture of a disturbed, unfair and disagreeable person. He fails at making his case and does not even know it!! It doesn't really matter whether you choose liberal or fundamental religion. It just makes you wonder why he wrote the book. It is an emotional and angry book and a fascinating read because of the way it continues to unfold.

John Kellinger is standing before the world naked and thinks he looks great! I planned on writing a complete review of this book, but honestly, I just can't. Its too revolting and over the top to give additional attention. However, if you are a non-Christian looking for another reason to hate us Christians this book is for you.

Jerry Falwell, was like the rest of us, human and imperfect. However his legacy is the 12, students attending Liberty University every year who grow in love and faith in Christ with every step they take on campus. Every year a new generation of extraordinary young men and women graduate from Falwell's legacy. And what will be Killinger's?

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Jealousy and hate; two most un-Christ like attributes. I tried to give it zero stars, but Amazon's software wouldn't let me. Don't buy this book; don't give this guy another dime. John Killinger is a great writer, and I found this to be an easy and entertaining read. I got the book because I have a general contempt for TV preachers and the nonsense that they spread, but I quickly became impatient with the tone of the book.

I found it dripping with arrogance, intolerance and stereotypes--ironically, the very qualities that Kipplinger opposed in Jerry Falwell. I highly recommend this book if you are a liberal Protestant or non-churchgoer who wants to hear all the good dirt on a TV preacher. But don't bother if you're expecting a balanced or open-minded perspective on modern religion, as this book proves that intolerance and judgementalism go both ways.

This book is rife with jealousy, gripes, complaints and childishness.. I'm certain the Lord Jesus Christ will have "the last word' on all of this Cameron Park Books Published: This is a collectible item. Suitable for a gift.

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