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Excellent book for someone who knows very little about WW1. I never liked history in school, but picked this up after going to the WW1 museum which is too much to take in and digest , and I wanted more information and a better understanding of the spark that started the war, and why it went on so long. This was really easy to read, easy to follow, and I could envision the eastern front and the western front and how the war was progressing as I read it.

Now I'll be moving on to other more detail Excellent book for someone who knows very little about WW1. Now I'll be moving on to other more detailed books, but I am really glad I started with this one! Jan 14, malcolm pascoe rated it really liked it. A true and accurate account that pulls no punches and is easy to understand!

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Of value to anyone wishing to make sense of ww1. Oct 15, Nicholas Smith rated it it was amazing. An amazing book An easy read which is both engaging and informative.

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As someone who rarely reads I managed to read this in 2 days. I literally couldn't put it down. In his introduction, Scott acknowledges that a significant number of readers would like to know more about the conflict who find existing accounts inaccessible because they a Last week Scott Addington very kindly sent me a copy of his new book World War One: This book comprises many short, well titled chapters, so whilst it is a fascinating read-through book in its own right, it is also really easy to dip in and out of to find something specific.

The chapters are broadly chronological, with diversions where appropriate to expand on different aspects of the war.

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The chapters on Bully Beef and Rats: Others look at the events leading up to the declaration of war, and some of the major offensives through to the Armistice of There is no place for the detail that you will find in some of the heavier tomes about the conflict, but this is a great, plain English, introduction to the war. Similarly, though the battle descriptions are brief [a chapter is typically two or three pages] there is a wealth of information in terms of battle losses and artillery used. The book ends, unsurprisingly, with a reference section. Not for this man the staid old formatting of traditional referencing: Google is his main suggestion, followed by links to some cracking websites [most I use regularly, but a couple of new ones for me to try] then suggestions of further reading which this book will no doubt inspire in its readers.

Oct 27, tomlinton rated it it was amazing. Linton Sr's winning the Distinguished Service Crosse near Suippes France 7 Jul but then Grandpa had to have his arm twisted to mention it himself Didn't deduct a star for that because I have a much better handle on just what went on. Apr 15, Gypsy rated it really liked it.

Perfect as an overview Brief and to the point, there is a lot of information here. I'm not sure whether the author's colourful interjections and flavor text were entertaining or hindering to my full understanding of the content. Overall, though very useful to anyone just looking for a brief overview of the first c.

Nov 09, W. Clinton rated it it was ok. The book is exactly what the author describes in his forward. It is not a scholarly work, and it sketches out the events of the war in broad strokes to provide an overview for those who know little about the war. I think it achieves its main goal, but does not surpass it. While he did focus a bit much on the dates and battles, he also focused a lot on the "why" which was what I was looking for.

I learned a lot. Decent primer for those of us who know little to nothing about the First World War. Definitely not a scholarly work, but it doesn't claim to be. Reads like an exam project from middle school. Seeped in "witty" commentaries from the author.

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If you like cringing, this is the book for you. Sep 16, Ryan rated it liked it. Concise and to the point. I recommend the book. Kel Brown rated it really liked it Nov 06, Pilar Bretos Carvajal rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Lynne rated it it was amazing Sep 27, On 16th July until 6th August , the world is set to go football-crazy! On November 9th it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The mile 45 km barrier dividing Germany's capital was built in to prevent East Berliners fleeing to the West.

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