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Jul 10, - Aug 9, 30 days. Share this project Done. The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale. An evil snow queen comes to life to put an end to christmas! Can Claire and her brothers stop her before christmas morn? Birmingham, UK Children's Books. A short passage from the book. A page from the book. The Original Elaine Gale. My beautiful wife Sophie and I Christmas You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Early sketch from Connor. Working on Elaine Gale.

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Estimated delivery Nov Ships to Anywhere in the world. Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. I don't think so. And Cat stroke me as a little hot - headed, who first says and does and only then thinks about the consequences, and she's big enough already to know better, right? Not respecting what other people tell her, and doing things at any cost. On the other hand, she's funny and she may have her head in the clouds, but at least she's not wallowing in self - pity but trying!

And with the story progressing and developing, I was falling in love with Cat, just like that. Her need to know everything about other people, ekhm, I guess we are also as nosey as Cat, no? Maybe not to such an extend, Cat is extreme in this matter, but as long as she doesn't hurt anybody, why not?

She was just a girl after my own heart and I kept my fingers crossed for her all the time. She was bubbly, sparkly and full of optimism through the whole book. But she has a heart made of gold and she wants to help not only animals, but all people - I only hope that carrying problems of the whole world on her shoulders is not going to break her. There were always lot of troubles in store for our lovely Cat. Well, Cat often is herself a reason for the troubles to appear, as she can't help her nosiness and willingness to help, no matter if people involved wanted it or not.

And it's truly amazing how many sub - plots and action the author has managed to squeeze between the pages of this novel - it is a real page - turner, because you've no idea what's going to happen and what Cat is going to do. And she is lovely, our Cat, no matter if she's too drunk after a dinner with her parents, if she's confused about Mark or angry with Joe - Cat is one of the greatest characters, she's such relatable and likeable, with her flaws, hot - headed spontaneous and with heart made of gold.

From all the other characters I think that the dogs are those that we know most: I loved Disco, and all the other dogs, and they are really great written - I mean, they are like real dogs, not too exaggerated. Polly is a really brilliant great friend, and when we eventually got to know why Joe is like he is, I have warmed to him as well. I've never warmed to Mark, I was expecting that there is more to Mark than meets the eye, I don't know but he was Really didn't know what to do with him, with him being so cold and non - committal, and the more I got to know him, the more I was falling in love with Joe, who was just perfect and who appreciated Cat just like she was.

There were some funny scenes, and it had a feel - good factor to it. I felt comfortable and in the right place already after reading the first sentence of this novel. Of course the story was full of dogs and some very bad cats and I loved the way Cressida writes about them, with a lot of humour but also understanding, and it is a real joy for me, such a dog - admirer and owner of altogether more than 20 dogs in my life, to have a book mostly about the dogs and their antics, which are so greatly captured - even though Cressida herself has never had a dog!

I loved how this story wrapped up - I can't have enough of happy ends, especially such happy ends! I truly can't wait to see what Cressida has in store for us next year with her new series "The Canal Boat Cafe". Copy provided by the author. Jul 28, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it. Mar 19, PrettyFlamingo rated it liked it. I liked the character of Cat Palmer, her dogwalking business and how she fits into the community she has made her own. As I picked it up in December, I only read the Christmas segment but flicked back to gen up on some of the background and the characters — particularly that of the first love interest.

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What an absolute ratbag! It was interesting how Cat found what she wanted right under her feet, and the way that she came to realise that, through the support and kindness and total solidarity of friends and neighbours. The fabulous festive cover with the cute dogs and the seasonal glitter make the book look so special, however.

The cover is worth half a star, at least! Feb 03, Christi Poulsom rated it liked it. Hovering between 3 and 4 stars. Easy read, with mostly believable characters; in real life Cat would annoy the hell out of me, with her relentless organizing and cheeriness. Dropped to 3 stars as the dog walking part was somewhat unbelievable.

Almost everyone Cat meets wants her to walk their dogs, even though she has no insurance, lets neighbour's children walk clients dogs, and insists on calling German Shepherd's Alsatians. Which is just about plausible, but would a vet nurse? Product placemen Hovering between 3 and 4 stars. BUT maybe I'm being too picky - apart from that, it was quite entertaining! Jul 12, Sarah Baines rated it it was amazing. I was a wee bit concerned initially as its called A Christmas Tail but as I knew it had originally been published as a serial, I thought surely it can't be too Christmassy???

I love Christmas fiction but draw the line at reading it in July I'm happy to report its not too Christmas orientated!! Its a lovely read, full of gorgeous dogs and i want them all!! I admit to welling up at one point but I won't say at which point it is. Cressida McLaughlin is fast becoming one of my mus Loved this book.

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Cressida McLaughlin is fast becoming one of my must-read-at-all-costs authors!!!!! Dec 26, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: This compilation of four short stories is a wonderful read for any dog lover. Add the element of Christmas in the final book and you too will want to live on Primrose Terrace. The characters were interesting, multidimensional, and fun. Jan 08, Mary-Anne Willets rated it really liked it Shelves: A book about Christmas and Dogs!

What more could a girl ask for? Full of brilliant characters, both human and animal, that make it hard for you to not fall in love with all of them well, most of them Dec 11, Denise rated it really liked it. It was a sweet story and I loved the main character, Cat. I waffled between 3 or 4 stars. I think in my 20s I would give it 5 stars. In my 40s with 50s coming up fast I'm giving it 4.

I was ready for a light read. Dec 05, Valerie R. Great fun Loved all the good people. Hated the vicious people.

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The story was lots of fun and the romances very satisfying. Sep 21, Sam rated it liked it. Got given this to read. Was easy to read and enjoyable but nothing special. Dec 27, hello there rated it really liked it. Dec 19, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: Not a bad book. A bit predictable and only the last few chapters are set at Christmas.

Its a bit slow but picks up towards the end.

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  6. Car's Critters This story was so entertaining. The characters were all so interesting and fun.

    The Story Behind The Story

    Cat's crazy ideas seemed to have unexpected results. The pets have their own story too. Nov 07, Zarina rated it it was amazing. Serials are nothing new, after all Charles Dickens was a master of them, but in the digital age they've only quite recently made a spectacular comeback and especially in the commercial women's fiction genre it's working really well.

    Novels from the likes of Cathy Bramley and Lisa Dickenson come out first in staggered digital parts before being published in full as a paperback. It's genius, because readers will initially buy the books digitally, eagerly ant http: It's genius, because readers will initially buy the books digitally, eagerly anticipating each new instalment, and they will also purchase the full paperback to have a beautiful copy on their bookshelves to cherish. While I love the idea of serials, once I start reading I wouldn't have the patience to wait for a next instalment I'm far too curious!

    This means I do have to wait for the full paperback release and I had to really put my patience to the test when Cress McLaughlin's Primrose Terrace was published in four digital parts. In November the full book was finally released and I of course read it straight away.

    It was an absolute joy and well worth waiting for! She works in a nearby nursery and while she loves the kids, her boss is an entirely different matter and after one too many differences she suddenly finds herself jobless and without a regular income to pay her share of the bills. It doesn't take long for her to come up with the idea of creating her own dog-walking business, to make some quick cash while doing something she genuinely loves. What starts out quite small, soon takes over Cat's entire life and she not only gets to know all the dogs in the neighbourhood but their owners as well.

    She's privy to many private conversations and Joe teases that curiosity killed the cat when he warns her again and again that she should keep her nose out of other people's business, but Cat wouldn't be Cat if she didn't try to help some of her neighbours with their assorted problems involving money, marriage and much more. And then there is Mark, Cat's love interest from down the road, who keeps disappearing from Primrose Terrace without a word. Between the dog walking business, romance woes and interfering in her neighbours' lives, Cat may have bitten off more than she can chew I am not a dog person.

    The stereotype of being either a cat or a dog person is very much true for me as I grew up with cats and I've been fearful of dogs ever since I was bitten by one as a child. However, while I am not a fan of dogs in the real world, I have to admit that Cress did an incredible job making me fall in love with the fictional pooches within her debut novel. I especially adored Elsie's Disco and Chalky and even became a bit okay, a lot tearful in the final part of the novel where one of these adorable dogs takes centre stage.

    Despite her flaws mainly curiosity, which I am all too familiar with myself! Cat was an utterly lovely character and I admired how she didn't get down in the dumps when things became difficult for her on the job front, but instead she put the time and energy into making her dream a reality.

    Not only that, but she was selfless and kind to her neighbours and she single-handedly turned a row of stand-alone houses into a real community of people who came together to look out for each other. Of course it wasn't all sunshine and spaniels, there were many roadblocks along the way — sometimes self-inflicted by Cat's relentless curiosity but more often than not through unforeseen circumstances that managed to disrupt her life at the worst possible times.

    Because Car was such a likeable character, as a reader you really feel for her during these parts of the novel which made this a far more engaging and interesting read than if it had been a predictable sugary sweet story. Not that there weren't any lovely moment within this novel, mind, but it was balanced very well to make it such an engrossing story from start to finish.

    I'm currently really loving books that that exude cosyness and neighbourly solidarity and A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin perfectly manages to capture that heart-warming feeling, making it so very fitting for this time of the year. Cress has written a novel that is both heartfelt and exciting, against the backdrop of the incredibly inviting Primrose Terrace, which turns into such a joyous community by the end of it that I want to move there myself!

    The story within isn't the only enticing aspect of this book, the cover is gorgeous and sparkly as well, and all it needs is a festive ribbon and a gift tag to make it a beautiful addition underneath your Christmas tree. Go on, you know you want to! Dec 01, Petra Q rated it it was amazing. Catherine Cat Palmer made a huge mistake by bringing a little puppy to her workplace nursery and consequently gets the sack.

    Deciding it may just be the perfect opportunity to launch her dog-walking business, Cat enlists the help of her two housemates Polly and Joe. Cat is eager for her business to get the best possible start, getting to know the owners and their precious pooches isn't plain sailing at first but Cat is making friends, and she is happier then she every was particularly aft Catherine Cat Palmer made a huge mistake by bringing a little puppy to her workplace nursery and consequently gets the sack. Cat is eager for her business to get the best possible start, getting to know the owners and their precious pooches isn't plain sailing at first but Cat is making friends, and she is happier then she every was particularly after meeting a very sexy neighbour Mark and his collie, Chips.

    There are a few obstacles to overcome before the Christmas lights get to be switched on. This book was first published as a four-part digital series. Very fitting for each of the stories. After reading this feel-good romantic story, Cressida McLaughlin has very quickly made herself at home on my list of favourite authors. I delved head straight into the Primrose Terrace life and did not want to come up until I devoured the whole story because from the very first page I fell in love with Cat story, her love of dogs, her curiosity and meddlesome tenancies.

    Cat quickly became one of my favourite heroines. She is a budding entrepreneur - setting up her dog- walking business The Pooches Promenade. She has a heart of gold and continually inspire her neighbours there is a particularly one neighbour that is quite smitten with her , and she isn't scared to get involve in causes that are close to her heart. There are two men eager to please Cat aside from the pooches, of course! Joe, Cat's housemate, is a grumpy fella at first who doesn't seem to like dogs or so Cat thinks, but she can't be more wrong.

    Joe has a creative personality and a good heart, he is always there to help, offering advice, secure and reliable friendship and that makes him rather irritable in Cat's eyes. Then there is Mark, the new neighbour, who is a cocky and confident man and Cat is attracted to him at first and he quickly became Cat's boyfriend although he was at times rather cold and irritated and as the book progressed I could feel that their relationship was missing something quite important.

    It felt empty and strange. They seemed to be so much going on in their household, and I felt like I was there sitting on their sofa and watching their affectionate interactions and enjoyable banter. I would love to get a puppy too! I must not forget the stars of this book - the puppies! Westies, Spaniels, Retrievers, etc. Their unwavering loyalty, straightforwardness and open affection so beautifully described by the author that it made me want to buy a puppy or two for this Christmas. The Setting of the book I loved the description of the Fairview Park with it's ever expanding grass, walking paths and the Pavilion Cafe all surrounded by the gorgeous Georgian terraces.

    I could so easily see myself there taking a puppy for a stroll! The Christmas part of this book was the cherry on the cake or a bow on a wagging tail. I loved who the whole Primrose Terrace pulled together and made it a Christmas to remember forever. My Roundup A Christmas Tail is a fun-filled, uplifting and utterly delightful book that I highly recommend being on your wish list this Christmas.

    Dec 11, Amanda rated it it was amazing. This book was previously published in a 4 novella series set on Primrose Terrace. In response to her lack of a job, Cat sets up a dog walking business with her friend Polly, called Pooches Promenade. Cat gradually builds the business up. At the same time, Cat gets to know the residents of Primrose Terrace and their dogs. Eventually Cat finds herself a love life but is he really the right man for her? I really LOVED this book as a lot of the dog related dialogue and behaviour rang true to me and made me smile.

    On occasion I even laughed out loud. I also loved the mention of a Rhodesian Ridgeback as I used to have one in the past. The characters are well thought out and well written. This is a funny, light hearted, feel good romance with characters you really do start to care about. There is never a dull moment in this book. This book is really well written and I found it hard to believe that this was a debut novel as it is so well written. Jan 03, Stacey rated it it was amazing Shelves: I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover.

    It's so Christmassy and so glittery, it's beautiful! Maybe it was the way she was described but she was always the one who helped people out and to be honest that just doesn't seem believable to me. As the story went on, I started warming to her a bit and started falling in love with the story. It's probably one of the best books I've read so far. I love the l I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw the cover.

    Christmas Tails, 2 in 1 Edition | Baker Publishing Group

    I love the location of the book, as it's now January I wanted to start reading books with more of a Summer vibe to them I know it says Christmas in the title, but there's only a small part in regards to that holiday! It made me want to visit Fairview and I really felt a part of the story. I really liked the characters of Joe and Polly, they were bubbly and their relationship was fun.

    I realllyyyy didn't like Mark and I was soooo glad when Cat broke up for him in favour of Joe! Mark was flash and really cocky and I did think that he was having an affair with Jessica at the start, but turns out he wasn't, he was doing something much worse! Looking back, I don't really understand the character of Jessica, I think she was just someone who's there for other characters stories, because we didn't actually learn much about her. Don't get me wrong, she seemed like a lovely enough person but she just seemed a bit irrelevant as well.

    One thing I loved is the togetherness of this book, the street felt like a community even though on quite a few occasions Cat got told off for getting involved in something that wasn't hers to get involved in and I loved that. I just found myself really warming to this book and I really enjoyed it so would highly recommend!

    Dec 16, Gill The Bookish Reader rated it liked it. A heart-warming story of Cat Palmer's new adventure into the world of starting her own business, settling into a new town and finding love. Cat loves dogs and although her house-mate forbids her from owning one herself, she finds a way to indulge her passion by starting her own dog-walking business.

    While drumming up new customers she meets and befriends her neighbours, tries to help with their problems and takes on the council when they try and ban dogs from the beach. The undercurrent of roma A heart-warming story of Cat Palmer's new adventure into the world of starting her own business, settling into a new town and finding love. The undercurrent of romance comes to a head at Christmas time culminating in a beautiful ending which will make anyone smile.

    Now, I don't generally read chick-lit novels, I prefer something a little meatier which makes me think, however this novel found me just at the right time. I was looking for something festive to read which was light and fun after reading a few difficult Booker Prize nominated novels and this one fit the bill perfectly. It has just the right mix of character, story and slightly predictable yet very enjoyable plot.

    Cat is ditzy, interfering, clumsy but has a good heart and has a passion for life which made her endearing to read. The story is split into four parts one for each season, I guess and follows Cat starting her own business, dealing with opposition, helping her neighbours and ends with a Christmas competition. A great seasonal read, I would recommend this author and am looking forwards to reading more of her work. Feb 06, Sarah Lee rated it liked it.

    See a Problem?

    I haven't read anything by Cressida McLaughlin before so wasn't sure what to expect. I found this an enjoyable read. I liked the character of Cat and loved how she gets involved in everyone's lives for the better. I kind of expected the ending but enjoyed it anyway.