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It means the female doctors who look up to me so much, will have to choose children or their careers. It will mean hospitals can make me work as many Saturdays as they like which is the only time I have left with my children — my husband has long given up on me.

It is at such a cost that it is now too high a price to pay. If you would like to write a piece for Blood, sweat and tears, read our guidelines and get in touch by emailing healthcare theguardian. Join our network to read more pieces like this. And follow us on Twitter GdnHealthcare to keep up with the latest healthcare news and views. I have been doing this for 12 years.

Topics Healthcare Network Blood, sweat and tears. Order by newest oldest recommendations. This is a truism of security. Only you have the cryptographic keys to your data. Hackers would have to breach many many users to gain any meaningful value from the data.

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There is no single point of failure. Things are distributed and so are the incentives to attack it. Now that you are in control of your PHI, blockchain also makes sharing simpler and widely available to more health services anywhere in the world. All the permissions and access are recorded on the blockchain. Full traceability and accountability are ensured by the decentralized ledger.

Full utilization of asymmetric cryptography to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt data.

Healthcare staff, how do you feel about an all-out junior doctors' strike?

New applications of homomorphic cryptography enable more services to run more analysis on sensitive data. Third-party developers can freely build on top layers to add more value to unlock health insights. All of this is only possible once each person owns their data and distribute access to it. As a result, health outcomes will improve two-fold. First, by keeping the person informed about their health, they will be more incentivized to make better health choices. What are the differences between allopathic medicine and holistic health care? How have you seen the field of holistic health care change since you first became involved?

How does what you do relate to human potential, performance and quality of life? What do you feel has happened to prevent holistic health care from being seen by the world as it really is?

I'm sorry, I can't face being a doctor any more | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian

Who are some of your mentors, and what impact have they had on your life? What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? Where do you see holistic health care 10 years from now?

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The result is fascinating insights from people who are currently on the holistic fringe of health care. It is a fringe created by a programmed allegiance to allopathic healthcare. It is also a fringe that they are actively working to eliminate.

Why the Future of Health Must Be Reinvented with Blockchain

When eliminated, holistic health care will be where we turn for guidance in the area of wellness. Each participant is a person who is willing to ask questions about the healing process. They have been on lifelong journeys that have molded their perspectives. They are learners, and they are teachers. They have taught me and expanded my understanding of the movement to return healing to the roots of centuries of knowledge, and simultaneously bring it into the 21st century with all of the technology available.

I am grateful to each of them and hope that you may learn as much reading this book as I did writing it.