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Buvez, buvez, jeune abeille! Au gazon Que vois-je? Comment l'homme peut-il ainsi tomber? Rousseau and had written novels and books of travel besides ; his old cousin the Marquis de Musset-Cogners, and his mother's father and brother, were ail people of taste and attainments ; — and they were ail eighteenth century people, sceptical, indulgent and polite. His greatest friend through life was his elder brother Paul. It was as the Benjamin of the Roman tic family that he produced Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie at the very end of the year Two out of three poems which filled his next volume were written in dramatic form.

Rostand's Romanesques recalls ; and the spirited, if licentious and driftless, story of Namouna has a conquering suppleness of movement. The year brought into the world the most Romantic of Musset's heroes, the sinister and sermonical Jacques Rolla. The unedifying story ends with Mme. Dudevant's return to her home in Berry.

The next few years were the most fruitful in his life. From this date onwards his production slackened, though it can hardly be said that the quality of his infrequent writing deteriorated ; and there is little more to tell about his life, which was almost divided between a sick-bed and the haunts of deleterious pleasure. Of his relations with Rachel, the Princess Bolgiojoso and other notable women there is no need to speak. He had other friends who clung to him.

Allan in and, one after another, won greater popularity than belongs perhaps to any other Romantic dramas. He was elected to the Academy in His death was almost unnoticed. If the rank of Alfred de Musset among the greater French poets of the last century is still uncertain, it is not that his positive merits — of which the chief is certainly the gift of tears — are ever seriously disputed. He is eminently a poet of disillusion: As an artist he has many obvious disabilities.

He is not one of those who lived in the words of Leconte de Lisle in constant communion with the sensible world: Composition is a quality which his longer poems scarcely show. After his nonage he openly dissociated himself from the extravagances and even from the glorious conquests of Romanticism.

There was in Musset a classicist, born out of due time, even though no poet among his contemporaries is more patheti- cally subjective. Qu'un grand faucheux bien gras Qui roule 15 Sans pattes et sans bras? Mais de vous en souvenir Et d'y revenir. A la lueur de mon flambeau, Dans mon livre ouvert il vint lire. Il pencha son front sur ma main, 10 Et resta jusqu'au lendemain, Pensif, avec un doux sourire.

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D'une main il montrait les cieux, Et de l'autre il tenait un glaive. Il secouait sous son manteau Un haillon de pourpre en lambeau. Qui donc es-tu, toi que dans cette vie Je vois toujours sur mon chemin? En te voyant, j'aime la Providence. Depuis vingt ans tu marches dans ma voie, Et je ne saurais t'appeler.

Qui donc es-tu, si c'est Dieu qui t'envoie? Tu me souris sans partager ma joie, Tu me plains sans me consoler! J'enveloppais dans un morceau de bure Ces ruines des jours heureux. Comme un plongeur dans une mer profonde, Je me perdais dans tant d'oubli. Je sens encor le mien jeune et vivace, Et bien des maux pourront y trouver place Sur le mal que vous m'avez fait. Sur mon rideau j'ai vu passer une ombre ; Elle vient s'asseoir sur mon lit.

Que me veux-tu, triste oiseau de passage? Je ne suis ni l'ange gardien Ni le mauvais destin des hommes. Bury, 14 juin Elle faisait semblant de vivre. Poetry was not young Gautier's first ambition: He showed some verses to Petrus Borel, who praised them and introduced him to the author of Les Orientales,. About the same time he rallied in prose, with abundance of good humour, the foibles of a merely snobbish and shallow Romanticism: From this time onward, much of Gautier's time and energy was absorbed by travel and joumalism.

At the same time he contributed ail sorts of imaginative articles to reviews and newspapers, passed several yearly Salons in review, and from onward his dramatic criticism enlivened Le Moniteur and Le Journal Officiel. His most ephemeral work was always indefatigable, inventive, curious, often illuminating and never dull. And ail the time he was producing durable art. Gautier cared nothing for politics ; he had; a family to keep ; and it seems unjust to reproach him with servility towards the govern- ment of December.

He could never be seduced, at any rate, from his allegiance to his master Hugo. The Princess Mathilde, a friend to so many writers and artists whom nobody could call 'officiai,' raade him her librarian: He set to work courageously to retrieve his fortunes after the Commune, but overwork and disappointment had worn him out. He died in , mourned by a host of friends. Through an unusual acuity of some faculties and an unusual obtuseness of others, Gautier is the poet of his time who concerned himself most exclusively with appearances.

He saw life as a work of art, sumptuously framed: Gautier worshipped his art and its instrument. Like ail excellent craf tsmei lie loved obstacles for their own sake, and no poet pursued perfectioi with more severity. La voile ouvre son aile, La brise va souffler! Au carrefour douteux, Y grec de Pythagore, J'ai pris la branche gauche, et je chemine encore Sans arriver jamais.

Comme un autre le beau, tu cherches ce qui choque: Le vrai, toujours le vrai, c'est ta seule devise! Aux pieds des patients comme tu mets la torche!

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Dans le flanc de Caton comme tu fais crier 35 La plaie, affreuse bouche ouverte comme un porche! Sur cet air, pistons, clarinettes, Dans les bals aux poudreux berceaux, 10 Font sauter commis et grisettes, Et de leurs nids fuir les oiseaux. Il me semble, quand ou le joue Voir glisser dans son bleu sillon Une gondole avec sa proue Faite en manche de violon. Barbier wrote, besides poems, some not very distinguished novels and taies ; he translated from the English Julius Caesar and The Antient Mariner ; and with L.

The latter part of his life was almost unproductive. The principal poetry of Auguste Barbier is to be found in one volume Lemerre. Or donc, je puis braver le regard pudibond: The poet, the son of a former naval surgeon, was born at Lorient. A short comedy in verse, Racine, written in collaboration with P. Italian art and the Italian poetry strongly infiuenced Brizeux's talent, particularly on its formai side. In appeared Les Ternaires, a lyrical volume inspired wholly by his travels: But Brittany claimed him.

The Breton rimes of Brizeux became really popular and, years after, Breton minstrels would recite them as their own! The poem was immediateiy famous, praised by Vigny and Hugo and, through their efforts, 'crowned' by the French Academy. A diffuse and rather forbidding disquisition in three books on the sources of inspira- tion and the function of poetry, was his last work in verse. At the public expense, his body was taken back to Brittany, and buried beside the Elle. His 'local patriotism' is neither factitious nor complacent. His tone is always completely appropriate to his subject.

Brizeux paints in the ancient manner, broadly, and with a noble economy. He is simple without an effort, which is the only way to be simple ; and his tenderness has not a false note. His first collection of verses appeared in ; it was his Sonnets humoristiques which made him as famous in the capital as in his native city, and won him the friendship of his great contemporaries.

He had no rival as a sonneteer in his lifetime ; and even since the appearance of M. Though the fascination of the sonnet form possessed him, and obviously governed his adven- tures into the field of structural invention, his achievements in longer lyrics and even in narrative poetry are by no means negligible. He was least happy perhaps in the verse inspired by the events of He wrote one comedy, Un grand homme qu'on attend. The newspaper in which it appeared was threatened with suspension, and the poet himself driven from his chair at Lyons.

Just before the Empire fell it was offered him again by M. Emile Ollivier, and declined. Pernette, published in , is another 'heroic idyll,' a story of the Napoleonic wars which describes the effect of foreign invasion in reconciling a dis- affected peasantry to conscription: He voted with the Right, but took no part in debate, and was frequently absent through ill-health.

He had written considerably in prose also — chiefly on educational subjects. With various gifts, he is essentially a moralist. Nature supplied him inexhaustibly with emblems of moral virtue, and appears in his characteristic poetry as the great consoler, the monitress and the wise nurse of human efforts. His satire is heavy but not ineffective. Accidentally asso- ciated with Le Parnasse, though he had little enough in common with its leaders, Laprade always avoided the Romantic exaggeration of personality ; but he professed himself a disciple of Lamartine, and shared his master's aversion for literary poetry.

Adieu, les nids d'amour qui peuplaient tes rameaux! Mais n'est-il rien de toi qui subsiste et qui dure? Et n'est-il de vivant que l'immense nature, 75 Une au fond, mais s'ornant de mille aspects divers? His life of wliich his writings tell us next to nothing was tranquil and liappy. Les Cariatides, his first volume of poetry, dates from Banville made his first athletic essaya and earned Baudelaire's comparison with the infant Hercules at a moment of transition. The poetry which should shake thrones and foresee millenniums, or carry the conquests of the historical spirit into the domain of the imagination and fix in marmorean forms the transience of our illusions, was as yet hardly promised.

This is his only link with the Parnassians: Banville's is a poetry of fantastic and delicious variations. In a word, the form of verse interested him profoundly: The principal volumes of Banville's poetry are: The works of Banville are published by Lemerre and by Charpentier. Puis, tout flamboyants sous les chrysolithes, Les bruns Adonis et les Hyppolytes 10 Montrent leurs arcs d'or et leurs peaux de loups. Mon enfant, seul bien qui me reste, Dors sous ces branches d'arbre en fleurs.

Dans les feux du soleil couchant Le vieux mont est brillant de neige. Ta petite bouche sourit. Ta petite bouche sourit, Pareille aux corolles qui s'ouvrent. Je vois luire des diamants Sur la montagne enchanteresse. Sur la montagne enchanteresse Je vois des topazes de feu. Dors, qu'un songe heureux te caresse, 35 Ferme tes yeux de lotus bleu! Ses yeux tout grands ouverts ont des blancheurs de nacre.

Il voudrait se coucher, dormir ; il ne peut pas. Il est malheureux comme un homme. Mercredi, 12 janvier He began riming as a schoolboy, and afterwards, between walking the hospitals and coaching pupils for a living, found time to perfect his talent.

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He gave up medicine in and thenceforward devoted his life to poetry. Its successors ail written in verse except one of the best, Faustine were produced with various success: His disinterested and laborious career ended prematurely, just when his appointment to the charge of the public library at Rouen had brought him material independence. Bouilhet might be called a transitional Romantic.

Ail his verse is of admirable work- manship. Cela se rapprochait et sonnait sur les dalles. He was brought up partly in the colony and partly in Brittany, and after leaving school spent some time in travel, being in- tended for a commercial career, and visited India and Madagascar to the incalculable advantage of a late-blossoming talent. It was only in that, abandoning ail idea of an active occupation, he settled in Paris and lived there 'on privations and Greek roots,' acquiring the science of verse and teaching and studying ancient languages and civilisations.

In his ardent Republicanism threatened to sweep him into politics, but he remained faithful to letters, and between that year and contributed to periodicals a certain number of poerns which formed the nucleus of his first volume. In appeared the first of Leconte's translations of the greatest Greek and Latin poets into French prose. In the events of the Terrible Year Leconte de Lisle took the part of a patriot and of an uncompromising Republican. He had struggled with poverty during his best years ; a small government pension had been granted him in ; and in the Republic rewarded his zeal with the post of sub-librarian to the Senate, which gave him a modest independence.

His followers gloried in a stoical or impassive attitude ; and from his works the record of intimate joys and sorrows, the strain of argument and prophecy, confidences and ejaculations, were conscientiously eliminated. The works of Leconte de Lisle are published by Lemerre. Comme vous, dans l'ombre sans bornes, Heureux qui roule enseveli!

Haine, amour, larmes, violence, Ce qui fut l'homme est aboli. Et si j'ai le visage et les bras trop velus, Eh bien! Si je savais nager, du moins! Au sein des flots J'irais t'offrir des lis et de rouges pavots. Rien n'est vivant ici, rien n'est triste ou joyeux.

Antigone de Jean Anouilh (par Nicolas Briançon)

Une nuit d'or emplit d'un magique silence La merveilleuse horreur de l'espace et des flots. Tout est vide et muet. Rien qui nage ou qui flotte, 25 Qui soit vivant ou mort, qu'il puisse entendre ou voir. Vide sur eux palais, maisons, temples et rues: He held a place in the administra- tion of the Senate under the Consulate and the Empire ; had painters and men of letters for his friends ; and died not quite six years after the poet's birth. Charles was only seven when his mother, still quite a young woman, married an officer, Major afterwards General Aupick.

His stepfather wished him to enter the diplomatie service: Baudelaire refused to do anything but write; and from to he led a somewhat riotous and outwardly fruitless life in Paris, indulging a hundred curiosities, among a crew of Bohemians more or less intel- lectual ; until at last, after an open quarrel with General Aupick, his family, in alarm at his spendthrift idleness and the queer company he kept, put him on board a merchantman sailing from Bordeaux for the Indies under the charge of a friendly captain.

He returned to Paris on the eve of his majority and, possessed of material independence, began that life of studious dissipation, of feverish kbour without fruition, joyless vice, discontent and remorse and vagabondage and exasperated idealism, of which the history or the legend has been used too often to supply an unedifying com- mentary on his writings.

Between and — the great landmark in Baudelaire's career — his most notable work was done in art criticism: A conscientious study on the ' philosophy of love ' and several dramas among which L'Ivrogne promised to be the most characteristic never got beyond the stage of fragments. In Baudelaire published his translation of The Raven, which had been heralded by a remarkable article on Poe's life and writings in La Revue de Paris ; two volumes of Poe's Taies, turned into a French prose which is allowed to surpass the original, were brought out in and In this latter year, a friend who had set up a publishing business in a provincial town produced Les Fleurs du Mal.

A collection of Baudelaire's poems had been curiously expected by a small number of intellectual men ; the book drew praise, not unreserved, but warm and candid, from Hugo and Gautier, Sainte- Beuve and Barbey d'Aurevilly, E. Deschamps and Flaubert and other writers of worth: For a short period Baudelaire's life now became more regular and lus activity more fruitful.

He was reconciled with his mother, General Aupick being dead. He was twice a candidate — the second time for the chair of Lacordaire! Baudelaire's last books were translations of Poe which appeared in and In the former year he left Paris for Brussels with the idea of paying his debts by profits from lectures. His success as a lecturer on Gautier and' Delacroix was short-lived ; disagreements and misunderstandings with the agents left him penniless, hopeless and ailing.

He founded new hopes on a book about Belgium, and took copious notes, and made many journeys up and down a country in which almost everything and every one exasperated him. In the spring of he had a paralytic stroke in a churck at Namur and was taken back, henceforth speech- less, to Brussels.

But he was born with a fatal avidity for sensations, and an intense consciousness of being irre- mediably alone. His irony and his cynicism — the armour he wore against the importunity of the self-complacent and the temptations of an easy expansiveness — hardly detract from the desperate sincerity which is the final impression of his verse. He made himself the centre of the world ; but there was in him an aristocracy which forbade the mercenary sob, the disorder, the revolted egoism of the debased romantic temper.

Baudelaire was besieged by images of corruption and by a vision, partly a memory, of some material paradise ; or rather, the sensation of death, the homesickness for an exotic bliss, are the poisonous excitants that continually sting ail his faculties of perception at once — hearing, touch, smell as well as sight ; and this is so rare among the poets that his merely visual power seems by comparison ordinary. His verse if we except what Gautier called his sonnets libertins is scrupulously correct. He loved long words ; he used asson- ance before that subsidiary charm became common.

Baudelaire is morbid, if excessive unhappiness is morbidity. He is also virile. The two things must be conciliated somehow. One thing should be added — his inspiration is essentially Christian: Many prose frag- ments, notably two curious diaries, are to be read in M. C'est le Diable qui tient les fils qui nous remuent! O pauvres corps tordus, maigres, ventrus ou flasques, Que le dieu de l'Utile, implacable et serein, Enfants, emmaillotta dans ses langes d'airain! Peut-on illuminer un ciel bourbeux et noir?

Autant qu'un roi je suis heureux ; 5 L'air est pur, le ciel admirable. Nous sommes tous plus ou moins fous! Sors de cette vie! Un seul Parmi ces ivrognes stupides 30 Songea-t-il dans ses nuits morbides A faire du vin un linceul? Je serai ce soir ivre mort: Alors, sans peur et sans remord, Je me coucherai sur la terre, Et je dormirai comme un chien! He lias published little or no new poetry for some years.

Among the less conspicuous followers of Leconte de Lisle, M. Dierx is distinguished as an admirable craftsman, especially ardent in the pur- suit of melodious effects. In a remarkably sympathetic and luminous rendering into French verse of the first book of Lucretius prepared the way for two long philosophical poems, La Justice and Le Bonheur, which appeared in and in respectively.

He is impersonal and im- passive, according to the Parnassian formula: The humanitarian strain in Sully-Prudhomme recalls Victor de Laprade, who was, like him, what is emphatically called a thinker. And he was a genuine poet as well as a genuine thinker: It is, in fact, too late in the day for a philosophical poetry, and we are fatally conscious of a double aim. Tu n'es par aucun d'eux au passage accueillie ; 5 Tu peux longtemps encor dans l'infini courir: His family came from the Belgian Ardennes, but his father was a French captain of engineers.

He married, unhappily, in , adhered to the Commune, travelled with the youthful Arthur Rimbaud and, at Brussels, was tried and sentenced to two years' imprisonment for shooting his friend in a drunken quarrel. For some time he was an usher in England, and towards the end of his career he gave lectures in Belgium, Holland, the French provinces, England, and contributed to respectable reviews.

He spent years, on and orT, in the hospitals of Paris ; and died in squalid surroundings at the beginning of Verlaine's rank as a poet is still hotly disputed. The phrase ' a transitional Parnassian ' defines him aptly, at least on the formai side of his art. A real raaster of expression, who quite evidently thought in verse, he often preferred to suggest merely, and he carried the semblance of a fluid artlessness in discourse to the frontiers of genius and insipidity. His verse is of very various quality.

Much or most of it is not only firm and regular, but rigorous ; and when he chooses to be demure, his sober utterance has almost the virtues of Racine's, without the pride of carriage. Racine alone, and possibly Lamartine, can match his naturel sensitiveness to the merely sonorous value of words — a gift he presumed on. Their common tendency is towards equi vocation. Verlaine has often attained an aerial tenderness, and as often sunk to an earthiness and triviality, which are equally characteristic.

Celare artem was his sovereign art. Et je hais toujours la femme jolie, La rime assonante et l'ami prudent. Est-elle brune, blonde ou rousse? Car c'est bon pour une fois. Vie atroce et laide d'ici-bas! Car qu'est-ce qui nous accompagne, Et vraiment, quand la mort viendra, que reste-t-il? Un frisson d'eau sur de la mousse! He began life as a shorthand clerk in the war office.

But since the year of national calamity to which he paid his poetical tribute he earned no small part of his popularity by prose stories and by plays. He died last summer after a protracted illness. But he was without question a keen observer, a charming and familiar narrator, and had many moments of cordial inspiration. Et dans la serre chaude ainsi qu'en un harem S'exhalent sans parfum tes ennuis de sultane. Three years later Heredia succeeded his friend and master Leconte de Lisle at the Academy: A very little more of his poetry was printed in one or other of the reviews a short time before his death.

The limitations of the poet are those of his school: His verse, full, sumptuous, pellucid, and singularly varied for its compass, is his own, and uniformly admirable. An expensive volume of his poetry was first published in ; a volume of miscellaneous prose called simply Pages appeared at Brussels in , and at Brussels also, in , an essay — originally a lecture — on Villiers de L'Isle-Adam.

His rooms in the Rue de Rome were, for two or three lustres, a centre of eager intellectual life. It was not long since, upon the death of Verlaine, the young writers of Paris had publicly hailed him 'the Prince of poets. In other hands, the move- ment of which he is perhaps the most convinced theorist was pre-eminently a revival of sentiment: The absence of punctuation, the strangeness of a summary dislocated syntax which seems always to chafe at the necessity of presenting simultaneous impressions successively, are only superficial obstacles: Claude Debussy so happily, may be best seen the temper of his wistful and aristocratie imagination and in what company he loved to take refuge.

The author had indulged the taste for a wandering life long enough to guarantee the faithfulness of his pictures from the woiid of outcasts: He was elected to the French Academy in Jean Richepin's is a curious figure among French poets of the day. If nine-tenths of his 1 realism ' is the abuse of dialect and slang, he certainly knows the submerged classes and feels for them, and has conscientiously striven to make their joys and their revolts articulate — and picturesque. Walt Whitman was called ' the tramp in literature ': J'ai mis d'autres sous dans ma main Et, vite, ai repris mon chemin, 30 Fuyard honteux songeant tout bas Qu'il n'avait pas tort, n'est-ce pas?

He was educated at Brussels, Ghent and Louvain, and called to the Brussels bar. About the same time he began also to contribute critical articles to various 'young' reviews,both Belgian and French. A violently personal poet for whom the world is rich in emblems and who has consistently sought to express himself by imposing his visions and his rhythms, who riots in furnaces of colour and whose einphatic accents betray the tribune boni, might be called a Romantic or a Symbolist with almost equal propriety: Verhaeren deserves better than to be identified with any school. It may be added that of late the meliorist in him, and the champion of what may perhaps bear the name of a pantheistic positivism, has been sometimes oppressively conspicuous in gnomic sentences and pro- phecies and loud denunciation.

Verhaeren is also the poet of Flemish hearths and familiar joys ; he has met heroes and spectres — S. George and the North Wind — on the roads ; he is saturated with the history and the legends of his country and penetrated with the still and sullen beauty of its landscape. There is more force than perfection in this poetry. And, it may well be by an atavistic instinct inherited from a speech more heavily stressed than French, he is given to reinforcing his rhythm by surrounding the strong syllables with enclitics which exaggerate their weight by contrast. The following books of poetry are published by M.

Lettres jusques au ciel, lettres en or qui bouge, C'est un bazar au bout des faubourgs rouges! Car vivre, c'est prendre et donner avec liesse. Heures de chute ou de grandeur! Jadis, on allumait des feux Sur leur sommet, dans le soir sombre ; 10 Et le marin fixait ses yeux Vers ce flambeau tendu dans l'ombre. Some years later he became in fact a Parisian, and began to rime in reviews of the Latin Quarter. Paul Adam in a couple of novels, and at the same time vigorously defended in pamphlets and letters his own conception of his art.

Its author has hardly left Paris, or at least France, since he first settled there, except to visit his country at the time of the Greco-Turkish war. By diligent reading of the elder poets he has amassed a treasure of verbal associations, and he has learned the secret resources of his adopted language by donning the habit of successive periods. It remains to be seen whether he will succeed in delivering a personality which is possibly vigorous from the nemesis of his triumphant assimilations. The earlier verse was published by L. Ainsi, en la bailli' de celle Dont les cheveux passent l'or fin Las!

He read enormously — philosophy and science as well as literature — wrote much both prose and verse, got in touch through friends MM. He lived four years in Germany and left Berlin finally in to marry a young Englishwoman whom he had met there ; but he had hardly settled again in Paris with brilliant literary prospects and published his first volume, when his lungs were found to be affected and he was ordered to the South.

The disease was however too far advanced already, and he died in Paris within two days of his twenty-seventh birthday. In French poetry he inaugurated something more than a new manner. But also his undress served the ends of a new irony, gay and glacial, inexorable and infantile, based on the obsession of our nothingness, which lisps the cruellest syllables and veils a shamefast sensibility.

Camille Mauclair's remarkable monograph on Jules Laforgue. Pauvres morts hors des villes! Comment va cette affaire? Entretien tombe et messe. Since that date M. It is quite likely that his success owes something to a versatility real enough to cause a little misgiving: But there is every reason to call prose his relaxation: His imagery is rich, not recondite ; his vocabulary personal with- out strangeness. In a word, M. Vanier , republished in La voici qui vient. Les vagues sont Farouches et le vent dur qui les fouette rue Leur troupe furieuse et leur foule bourrue.

Aucun toit n'y fait luire, au soleil qui l'irise Ou l'empourpre, dans l'air du soir ou du matin, 10 Sa tuile rougeoyante ou son ardoise grise. Que m'importe qu'il souffre et qu'il pleure et qu'il m'aime, 15 Puisque je n'aime pas? His first verses appeared in a little periodical now def unct ; Vanier, the publisher of les jeimes, brought out his earlier volumes. The accent was personal from the first, but the form in Cueille d'Avril and Les Cygnes was mainly traditional.

The poet is himself a thoughtf ul and fastidious critic ; he writes in English as well as in French; and in he had published a remarkable translation of Mr. Both in the form and the spirit of his poetry M. Probably on the strength of his origin he has been called a pupil of Walt Whitman ; but the technical prestige of Mr.

Avec des fleurs qui causent, Qu'on effeuille sans se le dire: Il est bon de partir quand on aime, Il est doux de se quitter ainsi: He took an active part in the manage- ment of another militant periodical, Le Symboliste, and in this and other organs — French and Belgian — of the new poetical movement he did notable work for some years as a critic and especially as a theorist on prosody.

Les Nomades, published in , was among the first-fruits of Symbolism ; and M. Kahn speedily won and main- tained by successive publications a very eminent place among French poets of the day. The best part of his output in verse — relatively small in quanti ty — is collected in two volumes: Kahn has cultivated some rare plants of Eastern origin. The Orient which his cunning and often delicious music evokes most often is rather that Orient whose charm filtered into the French poetry of the Middle Ages than that with which the Romantics glutted their wild and uninstructed fancy: He evokes it by the opulent embroidery of his dreams and by the languorous tenderness of his subtle incantations.

He is often and especially in his earlier work obscure ; and he has been reproached quite justly with a licentious syntax and a vocabulary in which words that are too old and words that are too young jostle each other disconcertingly. Internai assonance, and also parallelism which is the assonance of meaning play a paramount part in the construc- tion of M. Kahn's curious and — given the conditions — accomplished verse. Le compagnon du tour de France y vient frapper ; c'est son repos. Femme, verse-moi plein mon broc. Alors les temps sont durs? Je partirai demain plus loin de la mer.

Par la Lande et la Mer grise. He was a schoolboy when his father died ; and to help to support his mother and a younger sister and brother lie was obliged to take a place in a bank, and a little later became cashier to a firra of sugar brokers. His early life was dull, friendless and laborious, but he snatched what time he could for reading, taught himself Greek and English, and had begun to write verses when, in , an extension of the business brought him to Paris.

His mother and brother joined him in Paris and his commercial prospects grew brighter: Acting on the advice of M. Richepin, with whom he had a slight acquaintance, Samain now attempted to escape from intellectual insulation by joining a group of young literary vagabonds who called themseives 'Nous Autres'; and when Salis started his 'Chat Noir,' began to spout verses at that famous night-house. At last, in , Au Jardin de l'Infante was published. The critics almost unanimously saluted a new poet, a great poet. The scruples of an excessive modesty, and some constitutional inertia, prevented Samain from following up this legitimate success at once ; — and when Aux Flancs du Vase appeared in it was almost overlooked.

He had taken a conspicuous part, too, in founding a literary organ destined to a brilliant career, Le Mercure de France, and contributed both poetry and short stories to its pages. His mother's death at the end of was a blow from which he did not recover ; and a winter in the South only retarded for a few months the progress of a consumption which soon showed itself.

A year later, having broken down entirely, he was taken to Lille, his birthplace, to be nursed by his sister, and from Lille to the country house of a friend in the valley of Chevreuse, near Versailles. It was there that he quietly expired in the summer of A third volume of poetry, Le Chariot d'Or, was published posthumously, and also some stories in prose. No French poet is more sensitive to the nervous spell of hours and seasons: He was rich in pity and in fortitude.

Le Silence entre nous marche. Urne qu'une main d'ange incline au bord des cieux. Le couchant est d'or rose et la joie emplit l'air, Et la ville, ce soir, chante comme la mer. Premiers soirs de printemps: Maeterlinck's which are now famous. It would seem that he adopted the System of printing verse to look like prose not so much as a test of its genuine quality, as under an illusion that he writes something between the two.

Fort, since they conform to an external rhythm quite independent of typography, are indubitably verse, and verse of remarkable merit.

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Indeed, in nearly every case, the measure they suggest immediately to the reader's ear, being an old traditional measure, imposes itself in spite of the syllabic varia- tions the poet affects, sometimes counting the mutes and sometimes neglecting them, and occasionally docking a hemistich of a syllable: Let it be added that M. In a word it is the verse of a scholar cunning enough to reproduce the very irregularities of that popular poetry in which the French provinces are so rich — but without losing his own real spontaneity.

Paul Fort persists in a particular intonation, fresh as the sea-spray and as tender as young grass. Gai, gai, marions-nous, les rubans et les cornettes, gai, gai, marions-nous, et ce joli couple, itou! Pleurez, les vieux, sur vos livres de messe. Enfin c'est tout, et la cloche est muette. Voici danser les gars et les fillettes. Je bute dans les herbes, mes yeux s'ouvrent au monde. D'un seul effort j'atteins le haut de la colline.

Mais ce n'est pas la foudre, ce ne sont pas ses lueurs, je n'entends pas rouler le tonnerre — et j'ai peur! He once edited and indeed composed a poetical magazine called Le Sonnet at Nancy, and lias contributed to a good many young periodicals: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. On reste cependant sur Sa faim. Mai 68 au l imagination au pouvoir, - Paris: Trente-huit photographies de Bruno Barbey. Deux cent soixante-dix-huit affiches. Velickovic, Matta, Jorn, etc. Editions Luc Pir-e, De l art br-ut: Paroles de mai, - Paris: Babel , Graffitis et slogans, tracts et chansons: Peu de lecteurs auront le courage de le traverser de bout en bout.

Il n en est rien. Et dans la vie, un excentrique comme les Britanniques les aiment. Focalisation externe, qui sera 50 ans plus tard le postulat axial d Alain Robbe-Grillet. Et cependant Roussel est aux antipodes de ses grands contemporains. Pierre Iran l cm Papy dort pour toujours. Elle enterre une photo et les lunettes de Papy au jardin.

Mais je dirai certainement d autres choses qui les marqueront.

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  • La légende de Bloodsmoor (La cosmopolite) (French Edition).
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