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Mastering Mountain Bike Skills offers everything you need to maximize your fun and excitement on the trail.

Learn how to select the proper bike and customize it for your unique riding style. Develop a solid skills base so you can execute techniques with more power and precision. Master the essential techniques to help you carve every corner, nail every jump, and conquer every obstacle in your path.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills Book Review

Last, but not least, prepare yourself to handle every type of weather and trail condition that the mountain biking world throws at you. ONLY , be sure type the name for the autograph in the comments section of the order form. Great book full of tips and tricks. I ride times a week, on medium difficulty, single track trails and picked up a lot of good info. The book is full of practical knowledge and helpful drills to form good riding habits and confidence on the trail. By Hudson Rich on June 12, Complete with everything you need to help you get started from beginner to expert.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Mountain Biker's Training Bible. The Complete Bike Owner's Manual. A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? From the Publisher Brian Lopes, mountain bike legend, multiple world champion, and Hall of Fame inductee.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills – Second Edition

Full-color images Real-life race stories from Mountain Bike legend. More than , copies sold. Enter the Turn Entering a corner at speed: Flying off a Drop While this rock is rollable, Mr. Absorb the first roller. Let the front wheel float. Pump-manual violently with extra upper-body pull.

Fly to a sweet landing. Lay Your Bike Flat Uncork this baby next time you jump through a turn with way too much speed. Lean and turn across the face of the jump.

Customers who bought this item also bought

Turn your front wheel down. Push your bike down. Straighten your bars for landing. Land front wheel first. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Read reviews that mention mountain biking great book mountain bike well written mountain biker easy to understand brian lopes bike skills easy to read mtb skills cross country mastering mountain bad habits attack position mountain bikers highly recommend single track experienced riders lee mccormack excellent book. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Latest updated edition of the best "how-to" MTB skills book out there. Can be tediously Californian no he's not from there, I know in its wacky moto-speak but the actual tips and techniques are way ahead of any other MTB book I've read over the years.

If you're an ex BMXer you probably don't need this book but otherwise it's fantastic for the basic skills. I can honestly say it made me faster and safer at trail centres after 30 years of basic cross-country type MTBing. From an earlier edition I finally learned how to "pump" single track or any trail and discovered where all the free speed and traction came from that my riding mates already had. I just thought they had a higher innate skill level when I followed them. I'm too old to be arsed trying to follow anyone over a 4 foot drop-off but I'm safe now if the trail suddenly drops away 1 or 2 feet.


Wish this book had been around in You can also use the detail in this book to help you interpret other folk's technique videos on youtube, etc. Fantastic book, ignore the "humor". Just think the book is better than digital. It's a very good read. Good skills advice, technique, and instruction. I've been riding since the 90s, but I am self-taught.

I can ride a trail and handle most tech and descents that I have a good time on my bike, but I also have a few bad habits or technique bits to fix. I never learned to manual or wheelie, and my bunny hops are effective, but I can't get the kind of altitude I want. I can ride a berm, but not as fast as I want to. You get it, ok but not awesome rider. I need to get this stuff sorted. I can't afford coach time, and Youtube can be dodgy on advise. My overall impression of the book is very good. It is well written, logically organized, and fat with photos, charts, and diagrams to help illustrate concepts.

Now that I think about it, vids to go along with the book would be cool. Paper doesn't do that yet. So you just read a section, ponder the knowledge, then go practice it. Not as crappy rider as last week. BTW I bought the digital and print versions. The digital is good for general reading, but the print version has much better photo resolution and general layout. The pics in the digital just tend to be placed between paragraphs mostly. Still useful, all the text is there and the message still gets through.

I just think the book is better. I'm 52 and just started riding single tracks about two years ago.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

I'm planning to start racing next season and have found this book an important guide to riding with good technique so that I'm not reinforcing bad habits while training. I have taken the approach of taking one skill off-camber turns, switchbacks, pumping berms, etc reading about it, then testing and practicing what I've learned.

Once I've mastered that, it becomes part of my skillset and I move on to another skill usually one that I struggled with during a recent ride. The book is comprehensive, well organized, and easy to understand. Lopes does not overuse jargon and does not talk down to readers. I don't have a large budget, so I did a bit of research before purchasing and this seems to be the best overall book on mountain bike skills out there.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book has completely changed my riding. I have been riding XC and gravel for years and just recently started to get back into more enduro style riding.

Brian Lopes » Book

I watched videos to learn techniques and upped the difficulty in the terrain. I felt like I was exceeding my skills specifically over tough obstacles and got this book to see if it could help. In short, this book has helped me tremendously. Unlike a video the book drills in the basics and expands. I can go out on a ride and focus on the basics and one more advanced technique. This keeps me much safer and I'm getting better much faster.

The book covers every topic I wanted from equipment tips, true basics, all the way to racing. I'm still using it to learn the more advanced kung-fu techniques. There is a ton of information in this book. It resides on my nightstand so I can read a little each day and take time to absorb the and process the information. When I get out on the trail I use a lot of what I learned. The information in the book made a big difference when I upgraded to my next bike. I did a lot of research and kept comparing what I learned to what is presented in the charts in this book.

This book is easily worth twice what I paid for it.