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Published first published July 30th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Rebecca Danced , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Feb 26, D. Williams rated it liked it. This is a very nice book. Ezzy Black has talent as a writer, however when I say nice I really mean nice. There's no conflict, no need for resolution, this book just floats along on a sea of niceness with no great character events to break up the niceness.

Rebecca is a fourteen year old girl who moves to a new school and meets Tony, a sixteen year old boy. Due to a physical problem with her legs, Rebecca has never been able to walk, and when she arrives at the new school she is wheelchair bound This is a very nice book. Due to a physical problem with her legs, Rebecca has never been able to walk, and when she arrives at the new school she is wheelchair bound after surgery on her knees. Tony has been selected to help her move around the school along with his younger sister Tina.

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The problem with this book are numerous - I had my doubts about the fourteen year old girl falling madly in love with the sixteen year old boy and a relationship which quickly became intense including sex - when there was no conflict between the characters, they never fight, absolutely adore each other and are incredibly Rebecca's parents are one dimensional, with none of the usual concerns parents would show regarding their only daughter and only child embarking on her first relationship with a boy.

They accept everything with barely more than a ripple of concern, when in fact I think most parents in their situation, with an only child who is physically handicapped, would be far more over-protective. Tony is well on his way to being nominated for sainthood. Perfect boy, perfect manners, a humanitarian who plays music beautifully, sings beautifully The high school situation is completely unrealistic.

A bunch of goody-two shoes kids attend their high school, nobody is nasty, everyone is helpful and they are all polite and loving to one another. I have no doubt that Ezzy Black has talent as a writer - but he needs to create more dimension in all his characters to succeed. May 22, Heather rated it liked it. Rebecca has just had surgery on her knees, so she is confined to a wheel chair.

She meets Tony and Tina when she starts a new school and they are responsible for getting her to her classes. They are chosen because her nurse is their older sister. Rebecca and Tony hit it off almost immediately, but they don't really acknowledge their feelings until Rebecca has complications from her surgery. This is a cute, sugar sweet story but still quite interesting. I really enjoyed that the kids were in a ba Rebecca has just had surgery on her knees, so she is confined to a wheel chair. I really enjoyed that the kids were in a band, but sometimes it was all a little unbelievable.

State of Chaos by Ezzy Black Series: Chaos , Book 3.

Chaos Series

Six teenagers and a young girl pursue their musical dreams. One will find love in the arms of an adoring fan. One will come to accept a new home and find redemption from a personal tragedy. Yet another will struggle to redefine just what home really means. One will step across the line of protecting loved ones to exact a terrible vengeance. Together, they will capture the imagination of the world.

A young prodigy has lost touch with her music. A visit home reunites her with it. Feb 18, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Alexandra Monzelle, is a police cop and is as tough as they come. With a killing drug that kills the victim from inside out, Alexa is determined to get it off the streets. She uses every weapon at her disposal even if that means a short dress and killer heels.

But none of her training or experience could have prepared her for Kallach Dunne. Kallach is in Seattle undercover, in a biker club to take KT off the streets because this This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Alexandra Monzelle, is a police cop and is as tough as they come. Kallach is in Seattle undercover, in a biker club to take KT off the streets because this is just the beginning.

If he doesn't stop it, this drug will be used to kill his people. He must do everything iin his power to stop it. Kallach is a powerful witch, but he is drawn to Alexandra from the beginning. With her sass and independent streak a mile wide But soon their relationship will take a turn when the unexpected happens, and the danger escalates and Alexandra will have to trust Kallach if she hopes to survive the coming tide. This is also tied with the Dark Protector series.

So if you loved that series than you will have a ball of fun and giggles with Wicked Ride. I had this book sitting on my e-book shelf for the longest time, and I decided I definitely needed to pick it up and am thrilled that I did. This was an amazing story and I just couldn't get enough. Both of the main characters are what really make this story golden.

They are both protectors and fighters for their people. So despite the fact that at first they seem to be on opposite ends, they really end up being quite perfect for each other in those unique ways. And boy do they like to fight each other. She is kick ass and boy does she know how to fight, but she also has a chip on her shoulder. Her father was a drug dealer and abused their mother and could care less about his own kids.

Her mother has been in medical care. Both Alexandra and her sister Tori have had to find their own ways of dealing with their pasts. Alexandra fights bad guys to deal with it. But I will say she tends to go a bit overboard and overreacts in huge ways. I loved him even more for it though. He is sexy and fun and lighthearted when he needs to be. There is quite a lot going on that I don't want to reveal too much in this story. But I will say, that this drug is definitely a bad one. So we see how desperate people are to get this off the streets.

The side characters were such fun and added a sense of lightheartedness to a danger-filled plot. We have Kellach's two brothers. Then we have Alexandra's sister and her partner. And each character was unique and added a balance to the story that was needed and heartfelt at times. I just couldn't get enough of Wicked Ride and am so excited for the next book. And man is he delicious. Love those shoulder and the abs Overall View A delicious and thrilling tale that Zanetti has weaved for her readers. Jun 23, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: I expect some things from a Rebecca Zanetti book.

Scorching hot chemistry, alpha males, strong and intelligent heroines, engaging supporting characters, lots of action both in and out of the bedroom. Wicked ride gave me all of that, except one thing. The heroine was not what I was expecting. I loved the plot of this book. An unknown bad guy is developing a drug that will kill witches and temporarily give humans powers that usually only the immortals can wield and Seattle is the testing ground. Hu I expect some things from a Rebecca Zanetti book. Humans are literally flaming out and dying from drug overdoses, and the immortals are scrambling to stop it before it hits the stage where it can be used as a weapon against the witches.

It was fast paced with lots of twists and turns and it had me completely sucked in. As with both the Zanetti books I read, the world building was excellent. This is a spin-off of the Dark Protectors Series so I was familiar with this particular universe. I loved some of the characters that were introduced. I adored the cousins Logan and Garret.

They provided some much needed comic relief between all those rolling heads and fire balls.

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Kell is definitely grade A book boyfriend material. He also has the patience of Job dealing with Lexi the way he did. Oh, and he was sex on a stick and could burn up those sheets….. My one problem with Kell was he had shit taste in women. The only thing Lex had going for her was she was a badass who could kick ass.. Unfortunately she was also stupid and unbelievably annoying. Her first meeting with Kell, he saves her and carries her unconscious body to his compound to keep her safe, so she arrests him.

Usually characters who are cops that throw around their badges like she did are considered a bad guy. She annoyed me so bad, at one point I wanted her to magically come to life so I could smack her. Because of how her character was, I never bought into the whole Kell and Lexi insta-lust relationship.

You could definitely do better. So how do you rate a book that was well written, has a great plot, but one of the main characters is a total twit? I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. For this review and more like it, check out http: Alexandra is the sexy, serious, Seattle vice cop. She wants to rid the street of drugs, especially the new drug called Apollo. While undercover tracking down Apollo, Alexandra comes up against, Kellach. She is unsure if he is friend or foe. Kellach is a bad ass biker with a secret.

He is an enforcer for the Witches Coven. Alexandra Lexi finds herself thrown into a world with vampires, witches, demons and shape shifters.

Rebecca Danced (Chaos, #1) by Ezzy Black

Their relationship is definitely volatile, but in a totally good way. Fun, fast paced and action intense, Wicked Ride is a wonderful start to a new series by Rebecca Zanetti. This book is set for publication June 23, Realm Enforcers Sequence in Series: Paranormal Romance Find this book on: Jun 04, Carvanz rated it really liked it Shelves: Lex is a Seattle cop and is trying to get a new scary drug off the streets. In the course of her work she encounters Kell who is a witch and an enforcer for his own people.

When these two come up against each other in their attempts to find who is distributing Apollo, there are all kinds of threats and attempts at one upmanship. Both are tough and dedicated to their job and it effects their relationship. This was a reread for me after I finished the Dark Protectors series. I was able to understand a lot more of the workings of the witches and the realm this time around and that was a nice bonus. View all 16 comments. Rebecca Zanetti's paranormals just aren't for me it seems. Though I do think we've come a long way since my first was a one star.

That being said, the only reason I read this was cause my best friend loves it and hell, who else can you trust? So even though initially I wanted to read the next book or more accurately Daire's book, I don't think I'll be continuing cause while this wasn't bad, both MCs got on my nerves and I don't want that to happen with Daire cause right now I really like him. But Rebecca Zanetti's paranormals just aren't for me it seems. But who knows maybe someday I'll actually end up reading it. View all 3 comments. Leigh's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 3.

Unfortunately, a number of issues kept it from being the story that I hoped it would be. The idea was fantastic. A drug that kills witches is being tested in Seattle and sold on the open market to humans. It enables the user to harness fire and feel like a god…right up to the point that it kills them.

Alexandra is assigned the case, trying to figure out what this drug is and what are these new weapons that shoot fire. Kellach Dunne is an immortal witch, a supernatural enforcer undercover in an MC. He knows what the drug is, but wants to know who is supplying it and how to stop it. When their paths cross, the tension between them is high, but the cooperation non-existent.


It felt as if she had too much to prove, and I never really felt much of a connection with her, which made it hard for me to feel one between her and Kellach. Then there was my disappointment in the resolution of the story. This sort of crawled. The book did not end in a true cliffhanger.

The characters were interesting, with the exception of the heroine they were very likable, and the paranormal aspect was fun and exciting. But I feel as if too much was shoved into this story and I wanted there to be a better conclusion than there was. Instead of on the precipice, I was left midway up a mountain where I still had a ways to go before I could see the view. Jun 27, Anna's Herding Cats rated it it was ok Shelves: There's a new drug on the streets that's literally burning people from the inside out and both Alexandra-- a cop-- and Kell-- a witch enforcer-- are bound and determined to find the supplier and get it off the street.

If the other would just stay out of their damn way so they could do their jobs. So my issues with this one were But, yall, I just had so many issues with it. Which is surprising because Zanetti is an amazing author. Told so many times how good a cop Lexi was, that they liked each other, loved each other, that Lexi was so super sweet. But I never really saw those things in action. And things that were shown were in direct opposition more often than not. And had a huge chip on her shoulder and kept claiming sexism against everyone male.

I was so stupid to trust you! Maybe if they were free one day. Overall, though, I was underwhelmed by Wicked Ride. I expected so much more from Zanetti and just didn't get it. View all 7 comments. Apr 19, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it really liked it Shelves: Wicked Ride took me on a great adventure. This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookvies. Jun 15, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a spin-off of the Dark Protectors series.

It looks like the focus of this series is going to be on the witches — in particular, the Dunne family. In this world witches can be either female or male, and Kellach is a centuries-old, powerful witch who is also an Enforcer for the Council of the Coven 9 the ruling witch body. Alexandra Monzelle is a tenacious detective. Completely dedicated to her job, she is ruthlessly investigating a dangerous new drug on the streets of Seattle.

She has a personal stake in the war on drugs, as she fights against the memories of a painful past, and she refuses to let anything get in her way. While working undercover one night she runs into Kellach and, he is a member of a local biker club one that is already on the police radar for drug and weapon dealing , so immediately becomes a focus of her investigation. But even though she has labelled him as the bad guy, their frequent run ins spark an attraction that is impossible for them to ignore, and the battle is intense, fun, and so so hot!

She shook her head, trying to regain control of her body. No way could she let him know he had that much power over her. He leaned back, one hand tethered in her hair, the other on her breast. He eyed her, awareness dawning in those deadly eyes. Way too fucking close. Now put me down. Kell is the perfect mix of sweet and charming, and confident badassery, and he is sexy as all hell, but Alexandra wants nothing to do with the man who she believes is a criminal biker, so she fights him and her feelings every step of the way.

She also has no knowledge of the supernatural world and no clue as to who he really is, and the sense of anticipation just waiting for her to discover his secrets adds excitement to every interaction.

Every little moment between them is sizzling with UST, and when neither of them are unable to resist it any longer, Alexandra is dragged into bone-melting passion and a world she could never have imagined. I really liked the set up for this relationship. But I had some issues with Alexandra, whose trust issues went on for way too long.

I get that she has issues from her past, but come on! Thank God Kell is so far gone for her that he is able to forgive and forget, and their relationship is eventually able to develop into something meaningful. Apollo is a drug that is lethal to witches, and gives humans temporary witchy power before killing them quickly and painfully, and the race is on to track down the source and distributor.

I really like the way it all played out! An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Jan 11, Sunny rated it really liked it Shelves: If your not, you should be. Wicked Ride is a highly entertaining start to an action adventure story. Things I Really Like: I really like these characters. I'm a sucker for strong, kick-ass female characters and Alexandra Lex Monzelle fits the bill. She is a fearless detective with the Seattle Police Department with a sense of purpose.

As a teenager, she discovers that her father is a major drug dealer and that casts her future in stone. She lives her life to atone for his crimes by taking drugs off the street. Her sense of fairness and willingness to be vulnerable, especially around those she loves, highlight her strengths. Kellach Gideon Dunne awesome name, by the way is an Irish Enforcer of the Coven 9, the ruling cody of witches. He is a dedicated soldier on the hunt for the makers of Apollo, a deadly drug that can destroy both humans and witches. Kell epitomizes the alpha male - protective, loyal, determined and over-bearing.

His immortality gives him years of experience and perspective, yet he is completely blindsided by his attraction to Lex. I enjoy the motley crew of characters - the witches, shifters, vampires and demons. Everything you can want in a paranormal adventure. Each character clearly has a story of their own to tell. This is a fast paced story.

It reminds me when of years ago when the television show, ER , first debuted. It was one of the first shows to use hand-held cameras. The frenetic pace and multi-story lines made the show a little chaotic, and I loved it. I feel the same thrill reading this story. A lot happens between these pages and there is not one moment to rest. Kell's protectiveness of Lex is overwhelming for her and for us. And yet, she kinda deserves it.

Despite that fact that she continually states that she is a cop and therefore, can protect herself, she keeps getting in over her head. For being a smart cookie, she is a little slow to accept that immortals have a little advantage over humans, namely they are difficult to kill.