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Especially you should never trust Evil Real Estate Agents because they are always telling barefaced lies. Dear Madams, Dear Sirs, We show respect for your everyday activity.

Welcome to Boycott Tokyu (TOKYUFUBAI)!

Though he seemed to have been gossiped about so mortifying by blockbusters, the real Hayashida Riki has detested all sorts of meanness and dirtiness and, whatever reason they may have, he has wanted to make all such dirty people suffer. His act of kindness improved his image very much.

He enjoys networking and learning from others. Hayashida Riki never pushes himself forward. Of course, he forgives neither Tokyu Livable Inc. He cannot put up with such a weird plutocracy any more. You know, blockbusters are so hopeless because all they can do is just frustrating able people so that they will be unable to do what they used to be able to do. They are very good at such jobs where all they have to do is just pretending to be apparently good. It's a great pity that even such atrocities of these bad losers would never help them be able to do the same thing at all.


There seem not a few evil imposters of the plaintiff who fought Against TOKYU Land Corp, play pranks or infringe the copyrights of his intellectual properties, to be overrunning here and there now. If you happen to see any of them, please do not hesitate to accuse them of fraud! Please never mistake the real one for anyone else.

Of course, please do not forget to check his abilities well, too. If anyone else does any other things under the false name of him, we must accuse him of fraud soon. What do you think of the weird behaviors of real estate agency who's not only been behaving so uneducationally but also even violating the Japanese constitution? I think they should consult with some psychiatrist if they have some mental disorders.

Boycott and Occupy Tokyu.

If they have enough ability to fulfill their responsibilities, it would be a kind of violation of the Japanese constitution because they violate "the freedom of expression". Don't you know such wicked blockbusters, who are always raising money in this and that dirty ways but after all driving able people to commit suicide without being able to use them well, around you?

Those greedy blockbusters have been making very big money on the pretext of making stupid people feel good while they have actually made them guinea pigs. They are such atrocious wrongdoers who don't seem to take the possibility of those stupid people's noticing the fact and they are going to take advantage of them to the marrows of their bones pretending to be very good.

We should never be accomplices in their fraud. So I video-recorded their weird behaviours as evidence. I cannot help suspecting that they should have been possessed by something like the Devil. Listen, they have been such hypocrites that have been always speaking ill of Hayashida Riki the plaintiff who fought Against TOKYU Land Corporation that he has been such a juvenile delinquent who's never wanted to get any regular jobs while they themselves have always been disturbing his job hunting, spreading groundless rumors about him, disguis-ing themselves as a sincere enterprise. That's why they've been somehow cursed.

I often thought, don't they have anything else but to always watch me just like spies? I'd say they have been the very type of people I dislike the most, or I look down on the most. But they have become mere bums now that they have lost their professionalism so badly. It's quite natural for you to have become unable to help looking down on them. We know that Evil Real Estate Agents are terrible human rights infringers. There are now almost no sensible people who are willingly to even approach those insane Real Estate Agents.

How to Win" presents the top consumer predictions. Some of the questions that will be answered in this book. Do you want to improve your brain? What book would interest you most? How to Win" is! We just cannot stop reading it. How to Win" is known to be one of the most famous master-pieces written by Hayashida Riki. I decided to read it. I am interested in not only the story of this nonfiction but also "typical" Japanese. I'd like to syntactically analyze the excellent Japanese written by Hayashida Riki. How to Win" in a morning. After all, I just received such a strange answer that there were no such copies in stock at any of its publishing companies.

The Suit TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud 7 (Japanese Edition) Kindle Edition

How could that be true that there should not be any copies of such a famous work? I felt a little annoyed, doubting if they seriously inquired or not. But I just received the same answer. A young female clerk in charge, who ran a computer search so clumsily, was a little annoying. Shall I run the search for you if you can't read the Japanese language? Where did you get its? How about Amazon or big book store. I bought by local book store in Tokyo. Come and join the protest action against Tokyu. Corporatocracy is an imprecise pejorative term describing an unhealthy alignment between business and political power.

"The Suit TOKYU Land Corp's Fraud" is called "divine nonfiction"

Earthquakes, tornadoes, monsoons, hurricanes, flooding, and other severe natural disasters have brought alarming devastation to regions around the world over the past several years. By the Secret Agreement, the park moved in the distance and becomes the wall. It is that the park is opened at the earliest. The ground of the park is raised by the artificial ground to make it same as the redevelopment area, so the park is higher seven or eight meters than outskirts area and becomes wall to block for the people of the circumference.

Who will be pleased with such park? How have you enjoyed the New Year holidays?

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Boycott and Occupy Tokyu. We are the 99 percent. Boycott Tokyu is is a leaderless people powered movement for democracy that began in Japan. They are ordinary, timid persons who are given to adventurous and self-aggrandizing daydreams or secret plans as a way of glamorizing their humdrum life. Everyone looks down on Walter Mittys.

They are looked down on by everyone. We look on him as an impostor. Their talk always gets me down.

They are looked on as a danger to society. We are disgusted with their rude manner. They are a bit slow on the uptake. I'm gonna get them!

I'm sick of Walter Mittys. How malicious they are!! Hakenkreuz is the official emblem of the Nazi Party. Kanezaki Hiroyuki calls himself "Yankee Lawyer", which means a rogue lawyer or a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel. Kanezaki Hiroyuki joined "Kanto Rengo" bosozoku biker gang. It is a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities. It is extremely violent, adept at blackmail and extortion. It was a former member of that same group that famously assaulted kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa at a Nishi Azabu bar in The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are increasingly having trouble with the Kanto Rengo which has taken over most drug distribution in Tokyo.

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