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Humility and Pride , Responsibility , Teamwork and Cooperation. Wilson, a high school band teacher, tries to determine the students responsible for toilet papering his house Drugs and Alcohol , Parent-Teen Conflicts. Chris comes home after curfew with alcohol on his breath. Stacy, his mother, is furious Heather, a skilled ballerina since she was a little girl, recently suffered a horrible accident that left her confined to a wheelchair A pair of snobby popular girls take the place of the emperor in this contemporary fairy tale.

The school bullies are bored.

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It's been many years since Jack was abused by his father. But today, on Father's Day, he can't help remembering the pain. Goldie Lockes is always picking on her sisters Everybody wants a Happily Ever After. If you're a Big Bad Wolf, it's just a little hard to find.

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Bullying , Compassion , Judging by Appearances. When the Big Bad Wolf's son shows up at the Grimm Brothers' office, he only wants one thing—a happy ending for the story of his life A death in the family and a looming graduation cause a teen to reflect on her own mortality. Friendships , Meaning in Life.

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Mandy, a high school junior who should be studying for the SAT with her friends, only wants to play "Hide and Seek" Greg doesn't usually make fun of kids who are "different. Bullying , Compassion , Gossip , Handicaps.

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Lyla, a teenage girl, relates the story of how she was molested at age six. Comedy Interactive Play 60 minutes. Consequences of Our Actions. Alfred Ransom III is hosting an extravagent Millionaires' Club Banquet at his mansion tonight, and everybody who's anybody will be there Dating , Sexuality , Wise Choices. This school year, George has decided that he'll do anything to be popular—even pick on other kids Some things are so important that you have to keep working on them, even when you feel like quitting.

Consequences of Our Actions , Perseverance , Responsibility. George is positive that something as boring as math can't possibly be important, so he resolves not to do his homework Consequences of Our Actions , Teamwork and Cooperation.

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There's serious trouble brewing in Taleville, home of the fairy tales A contemporary adaptation of Mark Twain's famous tale of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. Tomboys Tonya Sawyer and Huck Finn are minding their own business when Abigail, a snobby rich girl, decides to play a prank on the P. Comedy 35 minutes 3 males, 7 females, extras Themes: Be the Hero Faster than a speeding insult Comedy 60 minutes 2 males and 1 female appear live onstage; there are additional roles for 2 males, 1 female, and 2 either gender that may be prerecorded Themes: Comedy 18 minutes 11 females, extras Themes: Consequences of Our Actions , Perseverance After the Royal Tailor kills three with one blow, the Queen decides that she is the perfect person to drive some Scary Thieves out of the kingdom Bully Game, The Bullying hurts.

Drama minutes 2 males, 3 females, 1 either gender Themes: Cinderella in Middle School What happens when everybody's favorite princess goes to middle school? Comedy 20 minutes 3 males, 7 females, extras Themes: Clean-Up Cantata Teamwork is always a good idea. Even when it comes to toilet papering.

Comedy 7 minutes 2 males, 2 females, extras Themes: Doubt , Faith , Healing , Prayer, Unanswered. Atonement , Crucifixion , Easter , Salvation.

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A little hypocrisy is a dangerous thing--especially when it comes to obeying God's Word. Bible, Authority of , Hypocrisy , Obedience to God. Staci goes to church. Her husband Don does not Many people find it difficult to be cheerful givers. George and Laura find it impossible. Giving and Finances , Hypocrisy. Creation, Fall, Redemption Three unique dramatic readings about some of the greatest themes in Scripture. Dramatic Reading 5 minutes per reading 1 storyteller, either gender Atonement , Creation , Fall , Grace , Marriage Each staged reading re-imagines a different theme from the Bible: Dance, The Heather spent her whole life dancing Drama 9 minutes 1 male, 2 females Themes: Courage , Friendships , Handicaps , Meaning in Life , Perseverance Heather, a skilled ballerina since she was a little girl, recently suffered a horrible accident that left her confined to a wheelchair Easter Readings A collection of dramatic readings for Holy Week.

Eulogy Tasha died as a teenager, but her legacy will live forever. Drama 5 minutes 1 male Death , Heaven , Salvation Roger remembers his girlfriend Tasha at her funeral Drama 6 minutes 1 male, 1 recorded voice Themes: Free Cookies Almost anybody will get saved if you offer them free cookies.

Comedy 6 minutes 3 males Evangelism and Missions , Salvation Matt and George, two misguided young evangelists, try to persuade Toby to "accept Jesus into his heart" Inconspicuous How would you respond if God called you to be a missionary? Man in the Suit, The Placing a spiritual leader on a pedestal is a dangerous thing. Drama 4 minutes 2 males, extras Accountability , Authenticity , Doubt , Sin What happens when the pastor begins to doubt God--when he's living a nightmare and has nowhere to turn?

Mustard Seed Holes Is depression a physical problem, or a spiritual one?

A Unique Collection of 23 Plays for Three Actors

Drama 5 minutes 1 male, 1 female Depression , Doubt , Faith , Healing , Marriage A young married woman has descended into the pit of depression, and refuses to seek treatment Interactive Play 15 minutes 1 actor, either gender, plus 2 married couples as contestants Authenticity , Marriage , Servanthood "The Not-So-Newlyweds Game" puts ordinary couples from your church in the spotlight!

Shattered Some things you can forgive and forget. Some things you can't. Drama 8 minutes 1 male, 1 female Themes: Abuse , Consequences of Our Actions , Forgiveness As an adult brother and sister sort through relics of their past, painful memories come back to the surface