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Celebs all Most Read Most Recent Katie Price Katie Price's 'controlling' new toyboy Alex Adderson 'takes charge of her finances' amid bankruptcy battle Pals worry the year-old Essex businessman wants to 'control' cash-strapped Katie's life. Celebrity News Footage emerges of Katie Price and Peter Andre's quiet South African wedding - as she continues to spiral out of control Three years after their over the top pink-themed extravaganza, Katie and Peter jetted off to South Africa to profess their love for each other on a much smaller scale.

Jenni Falconer Jenni Falconer praises NHS after daughter Ella breaks leg in 'terrible accident' The radio show host said her little girl had to be kept in hospital for observation. Kanye West Kanye West announces he's moving back to Chicago and has 'already found a house' The rapper was speaking at an event in Chicago on Monday when he told the crowd he was returning to his hometown. However, after getting to know a fellow stranded passenger, he soon realizes his week back home might change everything he thought he knew, especially about his past.

Forgive Don't Forget Part Two by Dayreadernitewriter reviews AU My eyes flit from her wringing hands up to her eyes and back down again, several times. All that had built up between us—the secrets, the lies, the half-truths, unrevealed feelings…everything I had to keep from her. And she's…still here… She's still here… Divergent Trilogy - Rated: From the moment he saw her, she was a puzzle piece to him, and he just had to figure her out. But when he does, he realizes that he himself is a piece of a much greater puzzle, one that threatens them all.

Can Tris' second chance at life save them from impending doom? The twelve are still kidnapped as they now have to read Insurgent. T - English - Chapters: The one silver lining to the path set before her comes in the form of a certain blue-eyed boy in gray. An unexpected Christmas Eve by springberry reviews Tris has to go on a mission outside of Dauntless with her instructor Four on Christmas Eve.

Their plan to be back in time to celebrate Christmas with their friends turns to dust or snow ;- as they end up being snowed in together in an empty house. Between Dauntless and Abnegation traditions, they find their own way to celebrate Christmas T - English - Romance - Chapters: O Christmas Tree by BK2U reviews Two young adults in their lates get into the Christmas spirit while spending a weekend in their childhood neighborhood.

M - English - Romance - Chapters: In Due Time by D. God reviews I sigh and reach out, running my hand down his cheeks. I feel his stubble, and he closes his eyes at the contact. Would you care to tell me? Everything will be okay in due time. One year passes as Tobias develops a close friendship with Tris's best friend, Christina. She pushes him to move on, and live his life. They begin a romantic relationship. This story will begin as one couple is just beginning and then a true love is discovered to still be alive.

The difficulties all face as they move forward. Tris is now helping Four train the initiates. Will things go as smoothly as her own initiation? Mended by PansymuffinsPedrad reviews A year he's been gone, a year her life has changed, she can only hope it wont change their relationship. Now he's back from his own war, and they both hope to mend each other. It was hell not being able to see you. But you've got to go through hell to get to heaven, and you are my heaven Tris.


The Cowboy Way by Anonymous reviews Tris just graduated college and is taking the summer off. She is spending it on her grandparent's ranch, Dauntless. Four is the ranch hand who is trying to figure out this "city" girl who has now been dumped in his lap. Divergent Love Stories by Jojoboo90 reviews Tris and Tobias hide a dark past from their children in order to protect them.

But when their son's world changes in a way he never imagined and they are all faced with hard decisions about loyalty, family, and love, how far will they go to save him? Post Divergent fan-fic Disclaimer: I do not own Divergent! Set after Christmas Rendezvous, approximately one year prior to Rooftop Rendezvous. Tris and Tobias ring in the New Year together. Blessings by PansymuffinsPedrad reviews Tobias and Tris have been together for a while now, and Tobias has never met her parents.

Now, for the first time he will meet them, and hope that they don't disapprove of him. Its the first time he is introduces himself to the Priors, and he can only hope that they won't convince Tris to leave him. During a weekend bender in Vegas, our agents engage in self-destructive, drunken shenanigans that lead to two unplanned pregnancies, a wedding officiated by a Captain America impersonator, and a furious Nick Fury.

I Have a Rendezvous with Death by Alan Seeger - Poems |

With their jobs on the line, Skye and Ward are forced to finally get along while learning how to do this parenting thing. Killing The Cliche by GuiltyMind reviews After finding out her 'parents' aren't who they say they are, Tris makes a run for it, but she can't go alone. That's where her neighbour comes in. With no place to call home, they realise that perhaps they don't need a place - just each other.

The Iron Soldier by Eden Kingsley reviews Tris is a journalism student working on a very important assignment. An assignment that could land her the internship of a lifetime. When she meets a mysterious stranger and learns his secret, she knows this is the story that could land her the internship. But as she gets to know him, she starts to develop feelings for him and realizes, writing the story could destroy him. Reawakening by divergentpanda46 reviews Uriah and Tris know that this shouldn't have been their time to die. They weren't ready, they weren't done yet. When they are given a second chance, can they save themselves and the people they love?

Bud has the Divergent book in his possession and has been waiting for the right time to kidnap twelve people from Dauntless so that they can read the books and try to change the future. Watch as the Divergent characters read the book. The Widower by psp reviews "I didn't think I'd ever become whole again after I lost her. But Tris picked up the pieces, and made me realize that maybe everything I'd gone through was leading me to this moment, with her.

Coffee Cups by imfallingforyoureyes reviews Tobias never thought he had a type - and he didn't. He didn't prefer blonde hair over red, he didn't like petite over average, he certainly could care less in terms of eyes. But he liked her blonde hair, and her small frame, and he definitely had a thing for the way her blue eyes flashed grey every time he approached her. Yeah, he didn't have a type, but he definitely had a crush. Christmas Rendezvous by cjgwilliams reviews Prequel to Rooftop Rendezvous.

The Eatons invite the Priors to join them for Christmas. The heat of his touch sent small shocks through me. His breath hovered over the length of my neck down to my shoulder where he placed a sensual kiss, his lips lingering there for a moment. There wasn't any need for words Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: I should be the one with a Lou Malnati's at your doorstep. No, I don't even deserve to hold a Lou Malnati's at your doorstep.

I let you down. How am I supposed to forgive myself for that? Please take it or I will start crying, right here in front of you. Prior Warning by Damn you Kylie reviews Tobias admits to Tris about what Marcus has been doing to him since before Evelyn died two years ago. Tobias makes Tris promise to never tell anyone what has been happening. But when Tris sees Marcus reaching for his belt, she does something that will change all their lives forever. Don't You Go by DivergentObsessor reviews Tris was cheated on and finds herself sitting at a bar in a club.

Four happens to be at that club, searching for someone to spend his night with. But will it really just be a one night stand? Sweet Surrender by Sweetwaterspice reviews "Soon, her body relaxed. I was certain I could spend all day holding her like this. America was everything I had dreamed of.

Our life was perfect. What could possibly go wrong? The lines between loyalty and friendship will be tested. Will Maxon and America overcome this obstacle to save their marriage? Golden Touch by Sweetwaterspice reviews "I shouldn't be allowing this. Because I'm starved and I think I have feelings for Warner. Story is rated MA for sexual content and language. Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi - Rated: They are the same age and will be going through initiation together. Starts when they meet, when they are both twelve. I know there are a few of these but this is my take on it.

Other characters will be introduced at a later point. Minor language and possible lemons later. She lived with the Eaton family for a week before being adopted by her Dauntless godmother Hana. Follow her Dauntless life. This story starts when she is 14, Tobias Eaton is transferring to Dauntless. Will they remember each other? Will they fall in love? Will there be a war? I don't own Divergent. Join us on this adventurous story as we see struggles, death, torture and shattering hope. What my mind came up as a alternative to the last episodes and what I hope to see in the future Agents of S.

Four and Tris were friends in Abnegation. So they will know each other when she arrives in Dauntless. Susan Black feels utterly betrayed by Caleb choosing Erudite. So there is only one thing she thinks she can do. Parenthood by snarkysweetness reviews The one where Ward walks in on Skye freaking out over a pregnancy test. Full Metal Panic One Shot by connie. Not what you'd expect. You thought he was too innocent to know anything. Eat your heart out Kurz Webber.

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Full Metal Panic - Rated: Stitches by snarkysweetness reviews Skye talks Ward into trying something new. Story is suitable for MA only! I do not own the characters just love the story!

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You smell like safe, home, human and like you by I'm Meaner Than My Demons reviews Scott just became a true Alpha and nothing feels the same especially that concerns his best friend Stiles. Stiles Mature for language and sexual content Teen Wolf - Rated: I Will Follow You by herbrightblueeyes reviews "It may not be the same as hope, but he trusts her, trusts her with his life, and Tobias hopes she knows that. He leans in, hands wandering over her shoulders before sliding down her arms and holding her firmly against his body as he presses his lips to hers. I will follow you, he promises her wordlessly with every caress and every kiss Resurgent by Nalurah reviews On the th day after Tris' death, Four gets a note: Four, Meet me at the place where we climbed to victory at midnight tomorrow.

Was everything not as it seems? Takes place after Allegiant. Rated M for future smut. FourTris Divergent Trilogy - Rated: Smut happens, M for language and sexual content, Girl! Stiles, Sciles Teen Wolf - Rated: So much…that I couldn't fathom, I can't fathom anyone hurting you…and he did that…in so many ways I didn't want to tell you like this…" My breathing is increasing significantly. Evelyn and Tobias Eaton's bodies are taken out of their home, dead. At the same time in Dauntless, Evelyn and Tobias Johnson are starting new lives with new names.

Watch as Tobias grows up in Dauntless. Vigilante Four is one Chicago's most troubling characters out there. He acts as a superhero, of sorts. Tris is assigned to catch him and lock him up for the act of vigilantism. Meanwhile, Officer Tobias Eaton and Tris have become good friends. Little did she know these men would drive her mad.

In The Shower by cjgwilliams reviews Four has had a really bad day and decides to drown his sorrows in the shower. Stop, Rewind by Damn you Kylie reviews What happens when Tobias is woken from a nightmare after Tris' death only to find himself in his old Abnegation bedroom? How did he get here? Who can he trust? Is there a chance to save the people he thought he had lost? The rest is history. His Happy Ending by FringeDivision reviews She doesn't know if it would ever have worked between them had events not happened the way they did. If HYDRA was discovered before it had been, she'd have never been shot and Ward would have never realized his love for her.

Despite the damage to that love, it was sacred and not something to be messed with. Halloween in an Elevator by m reviews Instead of going to the party as planned, Tobias finds himself spending his Halloween stuck in the elevator of his apartment building.

But he doesn't mind, because he's not alone. He's accompanied by his neighbor Tris, who he happens to be head over heels for. Falling in love with Agent Grant Ward was chaos at best. Realizing he was a traitor The war is on, and for the first time they're on opposite sides. Tris and Tobias's one night stand turns more permanent. Dancing in the Car by livyroro reviews One shot of Tris and Tobias meeting for the first time in a funny circumstance! AU Divergent Trilogy - Rated: It seems like yesterday I was a freshman at West Ridge back in sunny California.

Now with dad's new job I've been forced to come here to Chicago.

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I don't like it here. Wish me luck today. Ugh, Erudite High School, what kind of name is that? Takes place before Divergent, when Caleb and Tris are both What happens when Natalie realizes that something is wrong with Beatrice? This is my first time writing in Natalie's point of view, so please tell me what you think! Long Island Iced Tea by cjgwilliams reviews Thanks to a shot of liquid courage, Tris finally makes a move on Tobias, the man she's been eyeing all semester.

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  8. This is Love by brie reviews AU: Following a stint in the navy, Tobias returns home, unsure if he still has a relationship with Tris. Despite the long distance, they remain in touch growing up. But during college, they drift apart. Now in their mid's, they unexpectedly bump into each other. Will they be friends again? What has happened over their years apart? They were each other's first, with many things. But who will be their last?

    Relinquishing Dominance by lostinwonderland87 reviews Four sees something he wants but can Tris submit to his desires or will she continue to assert her control? I do not own Divergent, I simply borrow the characters for our own pleasures; all rights go to respective author s. Reservations by FoureverDivergentInitiate reviews Tobias reluctantly agrees to go on a date, and falls for his clumsy waitress instead. Let's Marvin Gaye by brie reviews AU: Tobias comes home to hearing Tris singing a new song.

    Rated M just in case. Hedwig and the Tiny Bump by snarkysweetness reviews Grant has a little Mother's Day surprise for his wife. The First Time by milner reviews Meet-cute prompts. A bunch of one shots done for fun on the different ways Tris and Tobias could possibly meet in the modern day.

    To be updated in between stories. And will the contagious bug spread around Dauntless to certain other members? Looking Through the Mirror by lostinwonderland87 reviews What if at the end of Allegiant Tris didn't die? When she succumbs to the darkness, she suddenly finds herself back in Abnegation on the day of her Choosing Ceremony. Will Tris be able to stop the events that she knows is coming or is something even bigger at work against her?

    Intrusion by Windchimed reviews Inspired by Milner's new "The First Time" story, this is a modern-day one-shot where Tris and Tobias meet in a very unusual manner. Apartment by NeverFearTheNight reviews Tris Prior is 20 years old and as she works at a cafe, she realizes that she can't afford living in a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Chicago anymore.

    In a review for The Egoist in , T. Ay, it is fitting on this holiday, Commemorative of our soldier dead, When—with sweet flowers of our New England May Hiding the lichened stones by fifty years made gray—. Leave this field blank. I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade And apple-blossoms fill the air— I have a rendezvous with Death When Spring brings back blue days and fair.