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They presented a joint proposal to US and China. However, activists spoke against that and the EU decides to stop emission growth at while starting decline at India seemed very ambitious and US was willing to give money rather than reducing their emissions.

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After about 50 minutes, all the countries submitted their terms and commitments. It was really difficult to put an end to the negotiations as many delegates were still engaging their colleagues in other terms and deals. It was really amazing to see the reaction of some of our participants from Europe who were representing India and other developing countries. Joshua Amponsem and Natasha Verco reiterated the impact of global warming and why it is necessary to reach a 2degC.

With that, delegates from Other Developed nations and those from Other Developing countries swiftly opted to strengthen their commitment. After these changes, our global warming decreased to 2. The room was full of suspension as everyone looked up to US to make a change. Like magic, we reached 2degC with these changes.

The house gave marvelous applauds to delegates who pushed for the changes that made it possible for us to achieve our target. I already feel like Prez. Its great to have such a taste of decision making. I appreciate it and I think more if this should be happening on campuses. I think this is good because we are not the future leaders; we are the present leaders and very soon we might be taking similar roles at the international levels.

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So thank you organizers for bringing this training and I hope we will be ambassadors for Climate Change. As youth, we have been given an opportunity to be part of decision making and also to take up leadership role in environmental issues. It starts from us and we should take up the challenge. We enjoyed discussing with each other — it was fun to be in debates with other countries and see what they are up to.

The World Climate simulation event gives people a taste of what it is like to be a negotiator at the UN climate change negotiations. Over 60 people registered to attend the event while 40 people made it to the event excluding facilitators and organizers. The event was attended by environmental enthusiasts, civil society groups, public servants working in the field if environment, and mostly young environmental graduates. Our event kick-started at around Joshua Amponsem introduced the formal section and divided the organizations into their 6 bloc groups — U.

Additionally, people played the role of the press and also delegates to represent Climate Activist groups. Joshua launched the first round of negotiations and delegates commenced the 1st round of negotiations. Prior to the commencement of the first round, Ms. After about 10 minutes, the first round came to an end. Following that, we opened the second round of negotiations.

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During the second round, participants felt much more involved with their role. EU proved to be very difficult in agreeing to funds rather than the US. The representatives from the developing countries seemed too timid and out of the game — they had poor negotiation skills. China seemed to be more responsible and wanted to negotiate with the US in terms of fund and carbon reduction.

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The other developed countries had no trouble at all with negotiations — their commitments were just right. India had great ideas and spent so much time talking to EU for funding and collaborative investments towards green technology — which was okay. The results from the computer showed the nations have only limited global warming to 2. China and the US made changes to enable us meet our 2deg C target.

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After the World Climate simulation, room was made for contributions and comments. A number of contributions and comments were made by the participants;. In conclusion, the program was successful and was impressed by the participation of the youth-led organizations with their presence, contributions and comments to the event.

It was an opportunity for young people to play such active role as country leaders and also having given them the opportunity to learn more on climate change. Africa must achieve sustainable transport in its effort to contribute to global carbon emission reduction and the goal of limiting global temperature increase well below 2 degrees Celsius, while urging efforts to limit the increase to 1. Africa has comparably low CO2 emissions from transport: Fiat Group Automobiles and Chrysler South Africa also became a green transport sector with the implementation of a recycling programme.

Following to , there have been rising news in the interest of the few known commercial taxi companies to divert from solely depending on Petrol or Diesel but also including a more eco-friendly fuel — Liquefied Petroleum Gas — a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in vehicles. It burns more cleanly than petrol. The Green Cab is the idea of a group of women who decided to pool their expertise to help lower vehicle emissions and make transport services more sustainable.

The Cape Town-based initiative has attracted much attention from businesses looking to green their operations, eco-conscious individuals and the local tourism sector. We are destroying our planet and we all have a responsibility to do something. Schumer, pausing as a bus roared by. For the last seven years, with the Republicans in charge of Congress, Mr. Schumer seemed to be battling history itself to keep his career moving forward, attracting attention for his agenda in the House through sheer force of will and shameless self-promotion, and in the Senate by transforming himself into a cross-party deal-maker bearing little resemblance to the partisan firebrand of his earlier days.

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He will have more real power than he has ever had. Schumer said that a number of Congressmen, including three upstate Republicans, have called him since the Jeffords switch to ask for his help on various matters. The prospect of all Chuck Schumer, all the time is less than thrilling for some New York politicos. Schumer is nothing but good news. Schumer , with the prospect of a further freeze-out during the Presidency of Mr. We need his help on a lot of things, so I would say this puts us in a much better position.

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Senator, have sparred over who would have the final say in advising the President on appointments in New York. That battle is over now that Mr. Schumer is part of the Senate majority. On a national level, Mr. Schumer assume the role of attack dog while he takes on the traditionally conciliatory role of committee leader.

This means that Mr. Schumer will be perfectly positioned to play a starring role in the first great, divisive battle of the Bush era-when the President chooses his first Supreme Court nominee. Schumer is also benefiting from something of a power vacuum. His junior colleague from New York, Hillary Clinton, is supposed to be hogging all the attention of the local and national media.

The reality is that Mrs. With a constant media contingent devoted almost exclusively to chronicling every last detail of her life in Washington, Mrs. Clinton has come to resemble one of the small plastic animals in a game of Whack-a-Mole. Under such circumstances, it is unlikely that she would adopt a higher public profile amidst the partisan, process-driven, inside-the-Beltway commotion surrounding the Jeffords defection. Schumer has had no such reservations. For her part, Mrs. Clinton will probably benefit from the shift in the Senate by pressing legislation-like her teacher-recruitment bill, or one of her packages of economic incentives for upstate New York -without getting laughed at by the Senate leadership.