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Enemy Unknown, the Sectoid is a small impish creature that scurries around the map using low-level psionic This Core- psionics -system clocks in at pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page SRD, leaving us with pages of content, so let's By Chloi Rad Psionic Warfare: English words that begin with p.

English words that begin with ps. English words that begin with psi. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. They form the most positive means of identification we possess, although there are more than two billion beings on this planet. You learned some of my pattern, and thought that you had the key to communicate with all my kind; but I tell you sincerely that you will have to learn afresh the 'thought language' of every new human being with whom you wish to converse.

You have just discovered that for yourself. In the story a secret group of Psis called "Superiors" have been working for years to master their powers. They figure they are the next stage in human evolution, Homo Superior. However, the Superiors figure that when the ordinary Homo Sapiens the "Ordinaries" learn about the Superiors, it will be open warfare. So the Superiors decide to build a spaceship and migrate to another planet. Being a Superior is a lot of hard work. Levitating up 80 stories leaves you exhausted. Using telepathy leaves you with a splitting headache.

And moving a spaceship through hyperspace by the raw power of your mind is punishing work. Suddenly they encounter an alien! It must be a member of an alien group of Superiors. Or so they think since the alien is nonchalantly flying through space with no space ship nor space suit.

The alien tells them that his name is Mr. Thwiskumb, and that all races produce Superiors after they liberate atomic energy, and usually all the Superiors decide to migrate to another planet. This is unfortunate, they are welome to see the miserable results on Alpha Centauri III, where they were traveling to.

Meanwhile the alien says that he is late for a very important date and will check back with them soon. The Superiors are sad. Those must be the remains of the poor Ordinaries, abandoned by the Superiors. Thwiskumb reappears and tells the Terran Superiors that they have it all wrong. Those miserable cave men are not the Ordinaries left behind.

They are the Superiors. To the Terran Superior's growing horror, the alien goes on to point out that while it is cute to use psionics, flesh is weak while technology is not. Sure one can walk from place to place. But to go faster, instead of trying to breed people with bigger legs, does it not make more sense to invent an automobile? We also have no right to condemn the Ordinaries to a future like that.

They weren't the ones that were left behind. They are the descendants of those who migrated. Those poor devils down there are pure-blooded Superiors. When they ran into the limiting factor, they just gave up. We're all Ordinaries where I come from. Our Superiors left a long time ago. We just went about business as usual. Later, we found them, but it was already too late.

You see, the big difference was that we had an unlimited area of development and they didn't.

There's no limit to the machine, but there is to the human organism. No matter how much training you have, there is a limit to how loud you can shout. After that, you have to get yourself an amplifier. There is a point beyond which you can't go without the aid of the machine, an organic limiting factor. But after several generations spent in mastering what is inside your heads, rather than struggling for control of the world around you, and the time comes when your natural limits are reached, the very concept of the machine has been lost.

Then where do you go from there? He thought that if he lifted it above his head ten times a day while it was little, he would build up his strength gradually until he would still be able to lift it over his head when it was a full-grown animal. He soon discovered the existence of a natural limiting factor. Do you see what I mean? When those people down there reached their natural limits, there was no place for them to go but backward. We had the machine, though, and the machine can always be made smaller and better, so we had no stopping point. He reached inside his vest and pulled out a small shining object about the size of a cigarette case.

Of course I wouldn't, but I could move planets with it if I wanted to. It's simply a matter of applying a long enough lever, and the lever, if you'll remember, is a simple machine. We've got a long flight ahead of us. You Superiors dawdle so—I'm glad I'm normal. In the novel, scientists discover how to teach people the technique of teleporting themselves by sheer psionic power. This is called "Jaunting.

The power is discovered in a laboratory on Callisto when a researcher named Jaunte accidentally set fire to himself. Abruptly he teleported seventy feet to the fire extinquisher, and put out the fire. The other researchers then started intensively studying Jaunte to figure out how the heck he did it.

After Jaunte managed to survive a few death-traps, the researchers figured out enough to try teaching others. They got some suicide volunteers, trained them, and put them in death-traps. If a person can involuntarily jaunt when threatened with death, why in all the thouands of years of recorded history there is no record of this ever happening? FTL communication is not the only bone of contention science fiction authors have with Doc Einstein, or even the largest one. The major solar-plexus blow Einstein sucker-punched the authors with is his forbidding the existence of Faster-Than-Light Starships.

Again the supernatural power of psionics laughs at the puny limits of relativity. In early pulp-science fiction authors were faced with the problem of space explorers communicating with aliens. It really put the brakes on the plot to force their intrepid heroes to take half a year to learn Alien Pidgin. Such authors would wave their hands and say that telepathy was somehow a universal translator, then get on with the story.

There are quite a few problems with this short cut. In the world of espionage, a spy with any psionic powers is a super-spy. Just imagine the catastrophic security breach if an enemy agent with telepathic reception manages to get a cover job within range of scientists working on top-secret projects, military generals, or political leaders with high security clearance! The spy can read the target's mind and get valuable intel whenever the target thinks about classified information. And no one can detect it, at least no one who isn't a friendly psionic spy.

Such a development would create pressure to develop the technology for an electronic thought screen. Or some kind of mental training to at least cloak one's thoughts. In some science fiction novels, people generally the protagonist can be "latent" psis. They are unaware that they possess psionic powers, such powers are locked away in the depths of their minds.

Certain events can cause these latent powers to awaken or unlock, the protagonist suddenly finds they have superpowers. Of course this can cause problems. A latent telepath undergoing an awakening will unexpectedly find they can hear a torrent of voices in their heads. And if they are not careful going to the doctor will have them diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia.

A common awakening trigger is the protagonist going through puberty. A less common awakening trigger is the protagonist being psionically attacked by a bad guy. It is sort of like the protagonist can see the bad guy's psionic energies messing inside their head, and can thus figure out how to do it themselves. In the movie Star Wars: She is unware of this until the bad guy Kylo Ren makes the mistake of trying to use the Force to telepathically extract information from Rey's mind. This psionic attack awakens Rey's Force powers. She not only manages to turn the tables and read Kylo's mind, but later uses the Force to hypnotize a storm trooper into helping her escape.

Kylo becomes angry, telling the storm troopers the longer it takes to recapture her, the stronger she will become. But the trope is much older than the Star Wars movie. There was something akin to that trope in Novice by James H. Schmitz the first Telzey Amberdon story in , and I know I've read earlier stories along those lines but sadly cannot recall the titles.

There are a few cases of science fiction stories postulating that telepathy can be used for interstellar communication because telepathy is faster than light and has an intragalactic range. Because that meanie Einstein may have cursed radio with a speed-of-light limit but even he must fall back helpless when faced with the awesome mystical powers of the human mind. Just ask Darth Vader. The editor of this publication has requested that I compose a short article explaining the philosophies and motivations of my people.

In the interests of improved understanding between us, especially in view of the tensions which have almost always existed between the Imperium and the Consulate, I have cheerfully undertaken this task. The physical differences between our two peoples are well-known, and have been fully dealt with in many fine reference works. I will, therefore, pass over our physical appearance except to correct a few of the more blatant misrepresentations. Let me assure you, the natural variation in the patterns and length of our facial hair is as great in the Consulate as it is in the Imperium.

I admit there is a marked tendency of our nobles to sport beards, but not all of us do so. Among us, too, the class you call Intendants and a great many of our Nobles as well wear their head hair longer as a mark of distinction. Secondly, contrary to what many of your holographic film directors seem to think, we smile and even laugh as often as Imperials. The Consulate is not the gloomy, humorless place which your entertainments seem always to show.

Contrary to what most Imperials believe, we are not robots. Creativity, divergence of opinion, freedom of expression Our government is not oppressive In return, our citizens respect, obey, and freely criticize their rulers as is their duty. I shall turn now to the major difference between our peoples: It is the possession of psionic abilities which is the root cause of all tension between us.

I have dwelt in the Imperium for years, and I believe I have an understanding of Imperials as great as any of my people, yet even I have only begun to understand the depths of the distrust Imperials feel for us. Most of your populace seems to fear psi powers, even though they have brought our society nothing but benefits and could yours, if you would but embrace them. For example, psionics permit us to advance the science of behavioral psychology far beyond the Imperial efforts. Where your scientists must guess what occurs in a subject's mind, our observers can know. Our doctors can be certain of the precise effects of a particular course of treatment, instead of stumbling about in the dark, as yours do.

Since such disorders as greed can be cured, there is no need for a Zhodani to steal. Since our citizens learn to be open and free in their opinions and to respect and accept those of others , there is no need for a Zhodani to lie. Since most anti-social tendencies can be detected and corrected early, there is almost no violent crime within the Consulate. The idea that we constantly monitor our citizens' thoughts is ludicrous. Privacy is not an unknown and alien concept to us. In any case, not all of us have the ability to "read minds" as you phrase it. However, many of us are trained in "reading" subtleties of body language, speech and behavior, but these are talents anyone can learn, with or without psionic abilities a great number of your own psychiatric and behavioral scientists study and use our techniques, so they can hardly be considered " evil" by your intelligentsia.

Of course, a citizen's right to privacy does have certain limitations. Our Teverchedle patrols occasionally monitor the general state of certain minds more or less at random , but this is no more a violation of their privacy than when Imperial police stop and question an imperial citizen. It is done to detect the beginnings of mental illness, that such illness may be uncovered and treated as early as possible. Which brings us, in a rather roundabout fashion, to another basic difference between our citizens and yours In conversations, I have noticed that many Imperials will signal that they are about to speak the truth with a phrase such as "believe me" or "to be perfectly frank.

They are not needed. Indeed, while we have an intellectual understanding of the concept of "lie," contact with the actual fact that people exist who willingly convey information that they know to be untrue disgusts those of us without special training. Naturally, some of us are often misinformed, and thus convey falsehoods, but these are accidental, and we all strive to be as truthful as possible.

Our people believe that the truthful expression of opinion cannot be harmful if it is sincerely and constructively expressed. Just as the average Imperial citizen would be uncomfortable in the midst of the Consulate, the average Consulate citizen would be uncomfortable in the midst of the Imperium. He can trust no one. He believes himself to be completely surrounded by liars and thieves. Even if he has no psi abilities, no Imperial will believe him, and he will be shunned as if he has some terrible disease. For these reasons, only those of us with the highest motivations towards peace and mutual understanding can remain long in the Imperium, and even we require special training and education.

It is, of course, understandable that Imperials should fear the exposure of their innermost thoughts. Because of the structure of your society, anti-social thoughts are allowed to form, and grow without hindrance. An Imperial often grows to adulthood without ever receiving the help he needs to properly adjust himself to society, and make the greatest possible contribution to the common good and to himself, by doing so. Criminal behaviors grow and fester In his mind Consider what could happen in your society if the energy, the inventiveness that is channelled into criminal pursuits were instead directed to the benefit of all.

What a wonderful place the Imperium could be! Legendary SF editor and author but unfortunately total bigot John W. This was the "psi boom" in science fiction of the early s. It fizzled out by the mid s. Campbell originally coined the term "Psionics" to be applied to machines that can augment psi powers such as dowsing rods , radionics , and the Hieronymus machine. Campbell was of the opinion that these things actually worked in the real world.

The Hieronymus machine was especially egregious, the blasted thing worked equally well if it contained the electronics or if it only contained a blueprint of the electronics. Bertram Chandler's Commodore Grimes series , interstellar communication is performed by telepaths whose powers are amplified by a device which includes a living dog brain in a tank. Gilliland's The End of the Empire tractor beams are human psychokinesis experts who require a laser beam of a Mechanically Simulated Telekinesis device as a sort of crutch.

In StarForce the telesthetics need the help of intelligent computers called "gnostechs", but no pure machine assemblage can move a starship. Technically the Guild Navigators are not the FTL drive so much as they are the FTL sensors, using precognition to foresee the safe path through folded space. In Larry Niven's "Known Space" series, a psionic device called a mass sensor allows starship pilots to avoid gravitational concentrations that will make their hyperspace starships vanish forever.

It is described as "psionic" as an excuse explaining why human starship pilots existed when it would be so easy to run them automatically by computer. It seems that in Niven's universe computers cannot use psionic devices because of Reasons. It was at this time that the Robotic Wars began. Some say the Robots erupted from a depopulated Earth and spread their rebellion through the stars. Some say that Robotic electrical life represented the next step in evolution toward a smarter, more perfect organism. At any rate, the Robots tipped their plans too soon, and Humanity was able to fight back.

For fifty years, Man was driven out of system after system by the totally superior Robotic race, which could seemingly build themselves to meet any function. There were, of course, millions of machines that remained loyal to their creators, and without them Man would have been snuffed out instantly. But those years of combat instilled an instinctive prejudice and distrust of mechanical life that has still not been eradicated.

It was psionics that eventually defeated the Robots. With the aid of a completely telepathic race of nitrogen-breathing octopoids, Man developed the literally mind-freeing drug LSDX which released and amplified all the latent psionic talents of the human mind.

Could a human mind have influence/control over matter?

As the drug went into distribution, the patterns of victory and defeat in space began to turn around. The Robots had never developed psychic powers, and were incapable of developing any. They found themselves unable to cope with an enemy that was precognitively aware of all their plans, or one that had the telekinetic power to mentally enter and ruin their most delicate machinery. Mothers throughout space took the drug, and human children were born with powerful psychic talents and no longer needed to take the drug. In twenty years the Robots were everywhere on the run; in thirty years they had seemingly been annihilated.

They visited his place four, five times before I was born.

Psionics (role-playing games) | Revolvy

They told me about him. He's got a sort of skullcap he uses that keeps klatha psionic waves out of his mind. You can bet he'll wear it tomorrow! But he still doesn't want trouble with witches. He knows too much about them. Uldune's lord wore a long black robe and a helmet-like cap of velvet green which covered half his forehead and enclosed his skull to the nape of his neck.

The last must be the anti-klatha device Goth had mentioned. This novel too equates psionic powers with the next stage of evolution. Humanity is right at the cusp of evolving into bodiless psionic hyperintelligent hive-mind energy creatures, just like all races do. The Overmind is a composite of all the other races who have made the transition.

What Is A Psionic Ability?

The trouble is that if a race does not do the transition properly, they will become sort of a telepathic cancer whose inevitable decay will poison the Overmind. The Overmind sends their servants the Overlords to Terra. They are tasked with halting all human research into parapsychology, making humanity march in place while the Overmind mentally molds the next generation so as to safely make the transition.

The Atheleni and the Mithraneans are two alien races with high intelligence, incredibly developed mathematics, telepathic powers, but no hands. They have no artifacts at all, and constant wars because with no agriculture there is not enough food. In the last war, the Atheleni only managed to avoid defeat from the Mithraneans by starting a telepathic " Manhattan Project " and inventing the telepathic equivalent of a nuclear weapon.

The weapon telepathically burns the intellect of the target, leaving them with the mental capacity of a one-year old.

Psionic Exploration (The Science of Psionics Short)

In a breakthrough, one Atheleni makes contact with a third race on the planet, the Phileni. They are somewhat limited in IQ, but they do have hands. With the Atheleni as the head and the Pheleni as the hands, they start mastering the physical sciences. The story ends by noting that they of all the races of the universe had reached the second crossroads, but had never passed the first.

They had safely passed the crossroad of telepathic weapons and telepathic armageddon, but hand not yet faced the crossroad of nuclear weapons and nuclear armageddon. The planet Khatka was settled three hundred years ago by desperate refugees escaping from the Second Atomic War. They decivilized, but gradually managed to recover before being contacted by the Scout Service. However, they retain the hereditary familiy of witch-doctors, who possess magic that actually works. Chief witch-doctor Lumbrilo is making a power-play, to become not only chief witch-doctor but also the political ruler of the planet.

He is systematically using magic to assassinate those who stand in his way. The current leader is Chief Ranger Asaki. To counter the threat of Lumbrilo, he contacts his old friend the free-trader Captain Jellico. Specfically to request the aid of free-trader Medic Craig Tau. It turns out that Tau has a hobby of studying what the natives call "magic" on the myriad worlds the free-traders have visited.

Psionics was popularised by John W. Schmitz, Andre Norton, Alan E. Nourse, and many many others. In space opera a person seldom has all the psionic abilities, they generally only have two or three. Some have limitations for dramatic reasons: Telepathic receiving was popular in early space operas, when the authors didn't want their characters wasting dramatic tension by taking months learning an alien language.

Hal Clement pointed out a little flaw in that idea. Well, why didn't anybody know? You get copies of their reports, don't you? And I'll be the daughter of a C-Class human," she added bitterly, " if it isn't a type-case in full flower, with all the trimmings! Including immortalization and the Siva Psychosis. Result of the use of an expanding series of psychimpulse-multipliers, organic or otherwise, by Telepaths of the Orders Two to Four, for the transference of directional patterns, compulsions, illusions, et cetera, to large numbers of subjects.

Though not infrequently developed independently by Telepaths above the primary level , their employment in any form is prohibited throughout the Confederacy of Vega and variously discouraged by responsible governments elsewhere. It is classified, under all circumstances, as Prohibited General Knowledge and is subject to deletion under the regulations pertaining to that classification. There is, however, continuing and fairly intensive activity on the part of the directing mentality. Quantitatively, they have not begun as yet to affect the population level. The open and indiscriminate slaughter preceding the sudden final decline presumably would not appear, then, for at least another century.

Obviously, under such conditions, only the wildest sort of bad luck could prevent discovery and co-ordination of the three basic requirements for any of the forms of individual perpetuation presently developed. It will be almost a century, of course, before they grow back to a point where they can be of any real use to us.

The four linked up and went to work, and the Destons tuned themselves in; very slowly at first; more as observers than as active participants in the investigation.

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The subject this time was a middle-echelon executive, the traffic manager of one division of far-flung Warner Oil. Postulating a two-dimensional creature, you could pile a million of him up and still have no thickness at all. Similarly, no three-dimensional material body can be compressed to zero thickness. The analogy holds in three and four dimensions. However, there are discontinuities, incompatibilities, and sheer logical impossibilities.

Hence, ordinarily, a four-dimensional mind, which all psionic minds are , cannot engage any three-dimensional, non-psionic mind at all. All possible points of contact are of zero dimensions……. Consider transformation of coordinates—polar into Cartesian, three-dimensional into two-dimensional, and so on. What a competent operator in the Fourth actually does is manipulate non-space-non-time attributes in such a way as to construct a matrix that is both three-and four-dimensional.

Thought patterns are as individual as fingerprints or the shape of one snowflake or one instantaneous pattern in a kaleidoscope. What two telepaths do is not tune one mind to the other. The child of parents of two different generations would have their generation number equal to a random integer in an inclusive range of one greater than the greatest and one less than the least.

A 2 and a 5 have a child that can be between 1 and 6. A parent without the ability would be considered generation 0. The best of the 10th generation base number 8 and an unbroken chain of children of two parents with the ability for 10 generations could move 1 billion atoms, but even in gold that's only femtograms.

The Psionic Thief (The Science of Psionics Book 4)

In gold that's micrograms, in water it's nearly This might be detectable, but is still very unlikely. The 26th generation is probably when the psionic ability would be detected. The best of this generation would be able to influence half a mole. A person would have to be extremely lucky to be such a person, but they'd be able to move 9 kg of water or nearly kg of a denser element like gold.

This motion would not be like levitation or many of the other telekinesis that is common in sci-fi. It would be more like a vibrating cell phone moving across a table, just the vibrations are much smaller and much more frequent. At this point governments and the scientific community would probably get involved. It could be quickly discovered that this is a genetic trait, and that the effects increase with successive generations if both parents have the ability. This could lead to selecting for the genes and the ability being scene as desirable. As nearly all of humanity should have at least one ancestor with the ability so class warfare between users and non-users should not be an issue.

Populations in countries with modern freedoms would probably just add it as a factor in mate selection. Similar to modern day tech-savvy. Nearly all have it to some degree. Some think it is important in mate selection, some do not. In more totalitarian governments, parents may be sought out to create children with the greatest possible ability China: Two tallest people in country "encouraged" to marry and produce a child. That child is Yao Ming. The numbers can be changed to speed up or slow down the process, and of course if a user concentrates on half the number of particles, twice the result is achieved and so on.

For this sort of psionics to be possible, you need to have the electrical signals of the brain affect something outside the human body. This has already happened. Google Cathy Hutchinson, who can control a robotic arm with her mind, thanks to implants. She currently controls it with a wire running into her head, but it's easy to imagine a wireless version.

In the future, such implants will probably become more common. They will certainly become smaller, possible to the microscopic scale if they can be made with nanotechnology. Telepathy is probably coming too. If you are talking about something like the X-Men, where Professor Xavier was just born with unique mental powers, then the answer is no, it won't happen unless genetic engineering makes progress by leaps and bounds over the next few centuries.

And even then, it'd be through indirect mechanical means. It will never spontaneously happen. We already have robotic arms which are driven by patterns of human brain activity. No psionic skill is necessary, but tricky part is to be focused enough to keep proper brain pattern long enough and clear enough. Our current technology is unable to measure any energies coming out of a human skull which might provide a mechanism for either telepathy or telekinesis We can say that it is unlikely that such an energy could have existed across all human history without a scientist or professional observer actually capturing proof of its existence in an undeniable fashion.

But the absence of proof is not a proof of absence. Especially if you mean telepathy rather than telekinesis. People who study telepathy will tell you that we already have it, but have mostly let it fall into disuse and be squelched by disbelief, skepticism, and unscientific scientists. People who study animal communication will tell you that animals still can and do use it. Same for people who study plant communications. Brain activity and plant communication does give off radiation, which is how lie detectors and brain activity scanners work. Experiments show that people, animals and plants can attune to each other and then respond to each other even at great distances, where it seems implausible that it happens via something like a radio signal.

However it happens, there are many reproducible experiments which show that it does happen. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Will humans ever develop psionic powers? Could we humans develop psionic powers in the future? Our world and our rules of today Psionic powers that don't require machines. It doesn't matter how strong it is, it could be simply making a pencil move.

FoxElemental 1, 10 Is this in a purely science-as-we-know it universe? IMHO unanswerable - if someone knows what technologies will be possible years from now, should not be wasting time on this forum but doing something more productive: Jan 7 '15 at TimB Yes, purely from a scientific view. Based on the possible answer by Telastyn, perhaps I should change this question to: Psionic powers that don't require machines?

Supernatural abilities don't spontaneously develop, they're not part of nature - that's why they're supernatural. Beyond that, there is no plausible science to exert force upon random items remotely. Telastyn 4, 14 Or we could evolve our brains into this organic machine that has wireless transmiters. I think this question can be closed down. The answer by Telastyn is very much what I was expecting. Bio-tech really provides a good answer for it.