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Dandan Fan's every move will soon be watched and judged by her government, and she's happy about that. Top Stories Prime Minister announces new penalties for fruit tampering 'grubs' In phone calls from jail, baby killer Keli Lane says her daughter Tegan is alive Amid an epidemic of mortgage stress, a financial 'perfect storm' is on the way Analysis: How do you propose to raise kids and be Prime Minister, Mr Morrison? This Stanford professor has some tactical advice Daniel is proud of his Aboriginal heritage. But the government wants to deport him photos Live: Trump steps up defence of Kavanaugh Climate change, battery boom threatening life on the 'roof of the world' There's more to smarter grocery shopping than ordering online SPORT Umpire suspended for giving US Open pep talk to Kyrgios Public funds to kill crown-of-thorns funnelled through companies linked to tourism operators Are Bert and Ernie gay or just good friends?

Carlos Moya reveals Rafael Nadal's punishment as a teenager

And does it matter? AFL fans feel betrayed by finals ticketing system 45kg of marijuana washes onto Florida beaches, police warn public not to touch it Lost your keys?

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Bayes' theorem to the rescue And the Emmy goes to Social giant decides it wants in on prestige TV police investigating Queensland strawberry contamination scandal Top amateur golfer killed by homeless man on US university course This tiny, invasive lizard is all over your house, and there's not much you can do about it.

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Coach Carlos Moya reveals when he shared house with Rafael Nadal

SmashaStrawb People take to social media to share their inventive strawberry recipes and urge others to support farmers, giving rise to the trending tag SmashaStrawb. Preserving culture with VR Using virtual reality and video games to bring Aboriginal culture to life is the next frontier, according to 'virtual Jedi' Brett Leavy. Do you 'zombie check' your phone? A model citizen in a digital dictatorship By China correspondent Matthew Carney Dandan Fan's every move will soon be watched and judged by her government, and she's happy about that.

Part of the reason for privatisation, however, is to galvanise change and boost efficiency. Since entering the private sector, Royal Mail has fallen woefully behind in meeting its own targets for modernisation and improvement.

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As for increased competition, well, this has hardly come out of a clear blue sky. Everyone knew about it at the time of flotation, and the prospectus warned about it in terms. It was one of the reasons why the stock was priced at what came to be seen as a scandalously low level. That investors later foolishly chased the shares all the way up to p, with many now suffering painful losses, is entirely their look out. To the no doubt quiet satisfaction of Vince Cable, who has had it in the neck for apparently underselling the company, the original flotation price now looks about right.

There is no other company in Britain with the ability to collect, sort and deliver the length and breadth of the country.

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It beggars belief that this unique capability should in some way be regarded as a ball and chain. To be fair, the main complaint is of course not the obligation as such, but the single price of delivery, and the fact that rivals have no such obligation, allowing them to cherry pick the most profitable, low cost business.

Ms Greene wants obligations imposed on them too.

Coach Carlos Moya reveals when he shared house with Rafael Nadal

Already it has forced the posties to reintroduce Sunday deliveries. As it is, the competitors are still a small proportion of the market. As and when they get to critical mass, Ms Greene may or may not have a case. In the meantime she should stop whinging and start delivering. How about Native American shape-shifting?

If a Native American is capable of magic and casting curses and spells, well then so are Christians and Muslims and Jews and every other religion, because you know what? The belief of something with no empirical, demonstrable, visible evidence. In any sense, today, in the 21st century, people — not just the fanatical sports asshole who blames Native Americans for a curse we allegedly cast on his favorite racist team with its racist name — continue to blindly associate Native Americans with curses and magic. What matters here, folks, in this debate over J.

How in the living hell can a child differentiate alleged fact from fiction if schools continue to teach students that Native Americans practiced magic? Super sad, but super true.

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Twitter turns years-old this month. Social media, then, is prepubescent. Previous to the ubiquity of social media, propelled by the proliferation of the Web, people thought Indians were either dead or living in teepees. Lucky for us, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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But do you know what else social media has done? It has provided the Native American voice to the non-Native American, and at once it has revealed to them that the U. Avada kedavra to that stereotype, muggle. You can read J.

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Both illustrate Native Americans as magical creatures.