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While the boss is away, Beth Kirby is taxed with teaching PI new-hire Michael Preston the ropes on a seemingly cut-and-dried suicide case. Judging by the ending of this one … there will be a book four in the future! Murder Comes by Mail by A. Another fine mystery from Ann Gabhart!

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The characters from Hidden Springs are back for another round of who-done-it. Deputy Michael Keane is wondering why he ever thought Hidden Springs was a sleepy like town. He saves a man from jumping off a bridge, only to start a wave of murders tied to … Deputy Keane himself. While the body count rises, Michael works to find the monster who photographs his victims and mails the photos. Looking forward to the next one!

There are actually two mysteries to be solved in this one. When an old friend from high school calls for help, the cousins head to Memphis. They arrive too late to help Danny.

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They stay to help his sister, the same Isabelle Andre who had scorned the high school aged Nate Price so long ago. Meanwhile, a crazy man is stalking Isabelle and Nate finds he cares too much for his new client. Wrapping up all the loose ends with take team effort and some old-fashioned PI sleuthing.

Lots of stuff going on in this book and lots of characters. Mary Ellis does a good job of making this story stand on its own. Murder at the Courthouse by A. Gabhart as she displays her name for her mystery line did a wonderful job of pulling me into the story.

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Michael Keane left the big city police department he worked for. He returned to his sleepy little hometown as their deputy sheriff. He expected to rest and relax, to enjoy the slower pace of life. Amid a cast of colorful local characters, Michael finds more truth than he expects — or wants — to find.

I loved the characters in this story. But he plugs along and tried to help others as best he can. The romance is sweet and lighthearted, but the underlying message is deep and well presented. Suitable for any age reader. I love a story that keeps me guessing — and this one does! Jan Drexler paints a very tranquil setting in s Pennsylvania, with creeks and farms and orchards. What could go wrong in such a place? The deaths of three younger siblings to an outbreak of diphtheria had covered her family with blanket of sadness that refused to lift.

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Until her father decided to move the family to the wilderness of Indiana, away from the little graves, away from the memories that haunted her mother. Her only hope to stay would be to leave her Amish faith and marry her Mennonite neighbor Adam, her best friend since childhood.

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Then handsome Josef Bender arrives with his old world accent and solid Amish faith. Josef is going to Indiana too. What will Hannah do? I loved the the characters in this story. Very real, very likable, very different from one another. The Photograph by Beverly Lewis My rating: On a train bound for Pennsylvania, Jed Stutzman finds a book with a photograph stuck between its pages. The photo is of a beautiful Amish girl. The book is full of comments written in the margins. Her mother and father have both passed on. Her brother is moving his family into the farmhouse where she was raised. Her world is tipped on its ear.

Then a handsome Amishman from Ohio shows up with a photograph of Lily. This is a sweet read, a quiet story, a glimpse into the plain life.

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The Quieting 02 May. The Photograph 15 Oct. Pegg's Amazon Author Page Learn about my new releases and browse all my titles. Stitches Thru Time Investigating the stitches of past and present. Pegg Thomas — Author.