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The dogs that played Max did great. They were smart, funny, and pretty beast when it comes to fighting so it made the movie even more better. Thomas Haden Church and Josh Wiggins did great acting as a father and son. Dejon LaQuake was hilarious and put great comedy into the film. Boaz Yakin directed this movie greatly and it gave the movie all those factors that made it a great family film.

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Take a night and watch this great movie with your family and have a good time! For a movie about a dog, I actually quite enjoyed it! I wasn't expecting deceptive gun runners and dog fights in the film and the emotional content did touch me, so I must admit, it was a joy to watch. Max guides Kyles squad towards some hidden weapons but when the artillery goes missing, Kyle is questioned by his superior officers.

Kyle soon realises that his close friend, Tyler Harne Luke Kleintank , is involved in the missing weapons and he warns him that he's not going to cover for him again. Whilst on the battlefield, Max heads the squad toward a suicide bomber were Max gets injured and Kyle get shot and killed during a gun battle. Kyle's younger brother, Justin Josh Wiggins , who makes money from pirating video games and his father, Ray Thomas Haden Church and mother Pamela Lauren Graham , are informed about Kyle's death and during the burial, the US marines bring in Max to say goodbye to Kyle.

Since the shooting in Afghanistan, Max has become uncontrollable but everyone can see that he is calm around Justin, because he can sense that he's Kyle's brother. As Max is due to be put down, the family agree to adopt him, as long as Justin takes control of him and they soon become best friends, with the help of his best friends cousin Carmen Mia Xitlali. Tyler then visits the Wincotts and Max goes to attack him, because he knows of his dodgy gun dealings.

Tyler then tells Ray that Kyle died because Max turned against. Justin is given a DVD to prove that Max wouldn't have turned on Kyle and while he is watching the film with Carmen and his best friend Chuy's, he is brought to tears and convinced that Tyler is lying. When they finish watching the DVD, Justin is approached by Chuy's other cousin, Emilio, whose a cartel member, about the pirate video games and they follow him into the woods and witness a arms deal with a police officer and Tyler.

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The police officers dogs can sense Max is nearby so they chase after him and Justin tries to flee the scene, leaving his bike behind. After Max fights of the police offers dogs, badly wounding one of them, they head home after hitchhiking a lift and when the police officer finds his bike, he goes to Justin house with Tyler and demands Max to be put down. Max manages to escape the pound and heads back to Justin house while Ray is held hostage because he has caught Tyler making an arms deal with the cartel. Max then leads Justin, Chuy and Carmen to Ray whereabouts and they manage to rescue Ray, after fighting of Emilio and the police officer.

Tyler then comes face to face with Justin on a damaged bridge but he's attacked by Max, which kills Tyler and badly damages Max. After the whole dramatic incident, Max and Justin visit his brothers grave and the Wincotts adopt Max again. A sweet ending to a dramatic movie! The dog was brilliant throughout the movie and the emotional scenes at the funeral were brilliant. I would have liked to have seen some more footage of Max in Afghanistan with Kyle but apart from that, it's a decent film with enough elements to keep it interesting throughout.

The dog is the real star of the movie but everyone puts in a good performance, which made the movie, surprisingly, a good watch. He's had a versatile career to date and he has worked with some big stars but taking on a movie with a dog must have been a big project, so I have to give him credit for that. He also put a lot of effort into the script, which I found quite entertaining, so for a family drama, this movie gets the thumbs up from me. Sruthi Krishna 12 July After watching the trailer I decided to match max the day it released. I enjoyed perhaps the first 10 mins of the movie until Amell dies that is and then it was completely downhill.

I went expecting a movie as the trailer appeared to promise that was full of emotions and heartache from a dog's point of view. I even went armed with tissues that instead of being used to wipe tears up were used to wipe my hands after the buckets of popcorn I ate out of sheer boredom. But instead saw a movie that hardly portrayed the emotions of a dog and instead. ScareDog 9 October Bare with me for a minute, and understand that you shouldn't loose two precious hours from your life! Since this is my first movie review on IMDb, while browsing through the review guidelines, I just had to smile when I reached the spoiler alert rules.

I kept asking myself: But I'll check the box anyway, just in case!

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The writing and directing didn't really help the actors through the scenes. You can briefly observe some natural acting talent in a few moments of this movie, when everything is going smooth technically speaking - good script lines, nice photography and no disturbing music ; and then, exactly when you are going to "like" or "dislike" some character, something or somethings goes haywire! Music is so creepy adequate and seems so familiar for that-type-of-scene, that it's pulling you out of the movie-feeling!

Most of the scenes are predictable in every detail, some script lines are annoyingly stupid or not in place or Nothing to comment about the dog, though. He played his part enough so you like him. How could you not, he is such a cute dog! Unfortunately, he is paired with a strange teenage owner main human character , which I tried to like, but couldn't Visually, I've been quite impressed, since the overall quality of the movie is not enough to satisfy a normal movies watching person.

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Through some rapidly moving scenes, there are some perks for the eye of the beholder. If you have read until here, than you wasted enough time with this movie. Just search for another flick, chances are you'll be better off viewing anything else. The only reason that pushed me into viewing this was the pretty high-score on IMDb and the fact that I disregarded my intuition, who was screaming: And please return the favor!

I can't wait for a movie about a military combat dog. And although Max may appear to be one, what it's really about is a boy named Justin, taking possession of Max after Justin's brother, who happened to be Max's owner, dies, and Justin has to train him and then they save the day together. So basically, it was your average family movie, showcasing hardly anything new. Although Max's name is in the title, the movie is more about Justin, the sour teenager who hates his brother's and father's patriotism, and pirates video games to make a few bucks.

I would have preferred a movie about Max, since he's a great dog and a great actor yeah, the dog's the best actor in the film, except for maybe Thomas Haden Church, Justin's dad , but the film leaves us utterly disappointed in that aspect. As one critic said, "It's as if the Coen brothers, or maybe Quentin Tarantino, were invited to script a few scenes in Dora the Explorer.

Lassie meets American Sniper. I'm sure that sounded funny in the pitch. If only it would have tried better to be the dog version of War Horse, then it might have been better. But then again, War Horse had Spielberg. Although the movie doesn't get off on the right footing, one scene is executed well: The funeral proceedings proceed, and then one of the only well-crafted scenes is over.

Max's friend Chuy tries to provide some comic relief, but ultimately fails, since the movie would need a lot more than just him to make up for its disappointments. Justin's character is completely uninteresting, his mom is the only character that tries to be inspiring There were so many extremely agonizing moments, scenes, etc. But, after a long wait, the kind of exciting climax almost saves the day; well, it would be a stretch to say almost, because unfortunately, it would have taken a lot more than just one decent climax to save this movie.

After Max, I will open my arms to any other military combat dog movie, under a couple of conditions: Max was a idiotic movie, and I don't mean idiotic in a childish sort of way, but I mean that the movie thinks that the audience are idiots. By that, I mean that Max was the first movie to come out this year that made me want to die.

So instead of having a huge piece of literature as my review, I think it would be more fun just to list the things I didn't like from the movie, things that actually leaves a pit in my stomach, and leaves me frustrated and angry beyond belief. First things first, the racist undertones I found in the movie. By that, I mean that every Hispanic character in the film are either gangsters, or annoying. And what's hilarious is that these gangsters aren't after drugs or weapons, but video games.

It's funny because e main kid, Justin Wincott, gets into all of this trouble because of video games. Speaking of Justin, I found it very creepy that he basically had no remorse that his only brother just died. After that he just goes on his merry way and he originally sees Max as another problem that he has to deal with even though the dog is a surrogate for his dead brother, he doesn't care, he just goes back to playing with his elaborate three monitor personal computer setup.

And it's only when his mother forces him to take care of Max is when he actually gives a damn. Also, Justin's best friend Chuy is the most stereotypical character I have ever did see. I'm not even finishing this review, I suggest that you just see it anyway, thinking about it makes me have critical migraines. I liked part of it, and was disappointed with another aspect of it.

I liked the dogs, the "name" actors, and the overall, one-paragraph story. I had trouble with the script, the execution of the story, and some of the minor character actors. I was also nervous about seeing a corny, ultra-patriotic political war message. That was surprisingly absent. Handled with subtlety, it was in very good taste. I was also nervous about the prospect of an overly sentimental dog story, one that might even be maudlin.

Needn't have worried - it was handled with a deft touch - subtle, yet moving. Good job with that. The problem I had was the script, and thus the movement of the plot. It felt like some pieces were missing, somehow.

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Not fluid, not smooth. It was clunky and a bit clumsy - like a hastily made afternoon TV movie. The girl, Carmen, was actually the best all-round kid here. Good actor - I totally bought her emotions, her dog training skills, and her overall motivations.

User Reviews

The curl-haired guy, Chuy, was so annoying as a character - I couldn't tell if I was disliking the kid or the character. I suspect it was the character so maybe that was good acting? I am a university teacher, and in my line of work this story would be great, but again, the script itself came off as a rough draft. A few more rewrites and 6 months of polishing would have made a big difference. All in all - not bad. Probably family friendly, from 8 years old and up. I decided to see this movie yesterday, instead of Jurassic World; I'm glad I did.

Max is a story about loyalty, betrayal, and compassion. The film shows us how dogs have served our armed forces since the Civil War. The film is about a dog who serves in the Military during Operation Enduring Freedom. When his handler is tragically killed the dog is retired from service. Once the family is notified about Max, they decide to take him in to save him from being put down. Once the family takes him home Max and Justin, Kyle's brother , form a tight bond.

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Kids will learn about different dog breeds and about how dogs and handlers compete in dog shows. Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by Krista P. Dangerous message sent to kids. This movie sends an extremely dangerous message to kids and could be harmful to children who have experienced abuse.

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Adult Written by S P May 22, Grooming tips for molestors! This movie teaches the dog to be quiet about having his genitals touched against his will. I just want you to read that again. Kid, 12 years old May 20, There is an unnessacary scene when Max the Parents should stop overreacting! Honestly the parents who keep overreacting saying " oh it's so inappropriate! There are bad messages in this movie! Is it any good?

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Talk to your kids about What made you want to see this movie -- the story, or all the advertising for it? Movie details In theaters: May 18, On DVD or streaming: August 21, Cast: Global Road Entertainment Genre: Family and Kids Topics: Cats, Dogs, and Mice Run time: Cats, Dogs, and Mice.

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