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In the works for some time, here are first class tunes. Petre Inspirescu is back.

Gypsy World

His dance single is almost four years since the last one. Two first class minimalistic house tracks. This duo delivers two first-class hypnotic dancefloor weapons. Unnecessary to say bla bla bla Toto has been releasing eclectic house music from mighty Innervisions and Yoruba Records over the last few years. On the B side is "Magnus" and "First Day Without Her", more dark techno for the big rooms, but you can still hear some musical elements.

Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead, Williams, Tihanyi

Kuniyuki and Itabashi invited Henrik Schwarz as vocalist, you might remember Henrik and Kuniyuki's house version. Itabashi said "River" is one of the best songs he has produced. Finally available on vinyl!

GRÈN SÉMÉ - HORS SOL (Extended Version)

Mule Musiq present the first vinyl reissue of Fumio Itabashi 's Nature , originally released in The legendary Japanese jazz pianist's first solo record ever, Nature was recorded at Nippon Columbia's first studio in Tokyo from March in the year of its release. It features Itabashi making feverish love with the piano and he shares the studio with the great bass players Hideaki Mochizuki and Koichi Yamazaki , drummers Kenichi Kameyama and Ryojiro Furusawa , soprano saxophonist Yoshio Otomo , and vibraphone wizard Hiroshi Hatsuyama.

They all joined him to perform his very own songs, composed by Itabashi himself and produced by Ryonosuke Honmura , who also produced Japanese jazz heroes, like saxophonist Keizo Inoue , during his career. Nature is fresh, propulsive, twitchy, and melodious from the first to the last tone.

On Dvd & Streaming

Sometimes the instrumentalists play a classic solo in an overall deep modal jazz atmosphere that seems to be made for cats that love the good old stars and inventors -- from John Coltrane to Miles Davis , from Thelonious Monk to Art Blakey. Nature also shows how deep Itabashi studied the history of the genre, while keeping his very own vision of jazz alive. The man that made his professional debut as a member of the Sadao Watanabe Quintet in and who was also a member of the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine world tour from , plays the piano in all tempos, from a nervous high-flying quickness to a deep blues-style slow.

Besides the traditional jazz flavors, you get a feeling of mind-expanding spiritual jazz, that grand masters like Pharaoh Sanders or Gary Bartz , turned into a sacred music genre. A master-class record in ravishing big city jazz music, adventurous, sometimes meditative, sometimes faster than the speed of light, always grooving with a bright, pure-toned sensibility and deeply soulful melodic imaginations. It extends the jazz history with a fine balance between tradition and innovation. And it stays infectious all the time while sounding surprisingly fresh due to a lot of thrilling musical spontaneity that touches profoundly even though all notes have been written down by Itabashi before he and his combatants entered the studio.

And maybe that's the mystery of these timeless five at times epic recordings: Raw, soulful, and agitating: Glenn Astro , the humble house sorcerer from Berlin, produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for Mule Musiq that show house music is still heading for the future.

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The Taurus EP shows this anew with unpolished, speedy, even techno-like rhythms, and deep gentle melodies. Dance music for jagged movers that have enough of high gloss sounds. Glenn Astro delivers some fresh grooving prayers. Water, Sky, Sun, Wood. The German trio Wareika , consisting of Florian Schirmacher , Henrik Raabe , and Jakob Seidensticker , love the silence between their notes, even if their music is often fully loaded with many detailed sounds, rhythms, melodies, and intercultural sound links.

Since they've spread their passion for repetitive club grooves in the minimal house spheres that love to swing in an epic way. And now they present Water, Sky, Sun, Wood , an ambitious one-track love letter that kicks you deep into meditation, assuming you'll surrender yourself to their complex sounding and grooving story-arc. It all started with an unplanned four-hour jam session between Henrik and Florian, gaming and messing around on the piano, guitar, and drum computer.

Later Florian edited the happening into a one-hour sensation, Henrik added some congas and synth lines, and Jakob mixed it down.

The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead

You can use it to get lost. You can use it to move to a place beyond words that guarantees some genuine experience. Or you just can shut yourself down to it, dive deep into your unforeseeable dream world, and dance your sub-consciousness around and around. Unlike so many filmmakers, he was not a born cinephile, and did not see his first movie until he was nearly 20 years old. Like Bocelli, Amos is diagnosed with glaucoma as an infant, and loses his sight completely by the age of 12 — at which point, his mother Luisa Ranieri throws her hands to the heavens and breaks down in tears.

What will her son do? Why, he will become a world-famous pop-era singer, of course. Amos discovers music early and displays an aptitude for singing from a young age, but suffers an embarrassing setback when his voice cracks while singing at a family wedding. Should he give up singing? Later, after a detour spent studying law, he begins playing piano at a nightclub.

Does that dissuade Amos? Did it deter Bocelli? Finally, after a long first hour, Amos finds his maestro Antonio Banderas , who hears potential in the largely untrained student, but insists that Amos not talk or sing except when absolutely necessary until such time as he learns how to use his voice properly. A better question might be: Lost Maps of the Caliphs Yossef Rapoport. Marketable Values Desmond Fitz-Gibbon. The Neighborhood of Gods William Elison. Patrick Williams Translated by Catherine Tihanyi. For many of us, one of the most important ways of coping with the death of a close relative is talking about them, telling all who will listen what they meant to us.

Anyone interested in Gypsies, death rituals, or the formation of culture will enjoy this fascinating and sensitive ethnography.