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The idea that God is male is evidence of two things. One is the power of the old, white men who have made God in their own image, to their immense benefit.

What does it mean to be made in God's image? | ERLC

It is vanity in excelsis, psychological projection at its most revealing. The message is that men are the default humans, and their power on Earth is a mirror of that wielded by the Divine. It positions the female as subordinate. It simultaneously reflects and reinforces the subjugation of women. It has done untold harm.

This damaging misconception also exposes a deep flaw in our thinking. It shows the danger of our placing undue faith in words.

God aside, for whom does Justin Welby speak? | Simon Jenkins

Yes, Jesus frequently used masculine language when talking of God, but its metaphorical nature is too often overlooked. This may sound to some like a postmodern cop-out but it has been a central understanding of the church since its early days. The notion finds its most direct expression in what is known as apophatic theology, which dates back in Christian terms to the second century and teaches that language will always fall short of that which it purports to describe. The supremacy of language was also challenged by the Christian mystics of medieval times, while the weakness of words is acknowledged in church services around the world, which at their richest are multisensory experiences, appealing to faculties beyond the intellect.

Anything that shows up wrong ways is light. And Christ will give you light. Do not live like people who are not wise, but live like people who are wise. That is living in a wrong way.

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But be filled with the Spirit. Sing and make a joyful noise in your hearts to the Lord. The church is his body and he saved it. He gave his life for the church. The people of the church must have no dirty spot or wrinkle or any thing like that. But they are to be holy and good. The man who loves his wife loves himself. But he feeds it and takes care of it.

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He shall be joined to his wife, and the two of them shall be like one person. I am speaking here of the plan about Christ and the church people.

If Youre Gonna Think.... Think Like a God!

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