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The Sacred Darkness

Farmers could bring the yields of their harvest in the form of bushels of wheat to the temple priestesses and trade them in for tokens that could be used in the marketplace. In Sumeria one of the earliest civilizations, emerging sometime around B.

Sacred Lies: Raw, Hot N' Holy

All neurons connect to all neurons, a much more efficient way of processing information, than say, monopoly or monarchy. The Internet as an artificial neural network with a self-organized, rhizomatic structure offers high hopes in terms of reorganizing society so that our natural human flows promote economic, social, spiritual, emotional and environmental justice.

With the rise of feminine consciousness being the only force rivaling the rise of technology, how do we use gender politics to mitigate power globally? How do we ensure that the intention behind what we are creating is for the good of the all? These and other burning questions swirled in the words of the panelists.

This entails stretching beyond our comfort zones and relinquishing control, as Belleveau depicts in rich detail, to the rhythms of the Life — the Earth in all her life-giving and death-wielding aspects — CHAOS and harmony pressed into one. To accept the terrible forms of the Goddess is to become a total person letting life live through you. To borrow a Buddhist metaphor, sometimes the best we have is stretching words like fingers pointing to the moon. The Alphabet and the Goddess: She makes me aware of levels of thought and feeling not found in my usual day.

I so appreciate her being out there on the edge of feminism, making it better for all of us, eventually! Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The non-malevolent Black god also has an important role as the caretaker of the dead, but he's ironically cut off from Nyx: As the name suggests, in this reality it was Celestia who fell into madness and Luna who saved the ponies and has ruled for the past millennium.

Furthermore, while in canon Nightmare Moon was all but forgotten, in the Lunaverse everybody still fears Corona, even a thousand years later. And while in canon the Elements of Harmony purged the Nightmare and restored Luna to her right mind, in the Lunaverse Corona was still consumed by her madness even after the Elements defeated her first attempt to regain the throne.

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Dark Magic is not evil , it simply runs on emotions that can be hard to control. If properly controlled, it can be used for good. Sweetie Belle is a prodigy in it, and Luna helps train her to use it correctly, making her a great help during the Rumors Arc. Luna, naturally, is this.

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She's also a master of dark magic. It turns out Tirek's Rainbow of Darkness was originally this trope. In it's pure form, it is just as beautiful as its twin the Rainbow of Light and both emerged from the Tree of Harmony at the same time and uplifted Ponykind. It was originally owned by Spike's ancient ancestor, who used it for good and was a wise dragon teacher and leader.

Unfortunately, after his death, it fell into Tirek's hands who corrupted it for evil. Magic Star eventually forged the original, purified Alicorn Amulet from the regenerated Rainbow of Darkness and used it for good until it was corrupted being used to imprison most of the evil Pure Magic Being Lilith's power to defeat her. It's implied Trixie is destined to one day purify the Amulet and return it to this trope.

After the world is saved, they purify the Alicorn Amulet and use it to make a new set of physical Elements of Chaos, and use both sets to destroy Grogar once and for all.

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An underlying factor in the Contractually Obligated Chaos series is that there is a prophecy regarding Life and Death; the Avatar of Death embodies this trope. The Spanish Renaissance poem "The Dark Night of the Soul" La noche oscura del alma by the mystic Spanish poet and saint, Juan de la Cruz, uses the metaphor of night, as a cherished time during which a lover may meet his beloved in secret, as an allegory for the soul finding unity with God.

O guiding dark of night! One of the Eight Lands is the Land of Nights, which is covered in eternal darkness.

Nevertheless, the darkness is also one of the eight sacred elements needed for the Talisman of Power, and the spirit of darkness is the kindest and most helpful. By contrast, the Light spirit Glael comes across as a Psychopathic Man Child who's willing to resort to Demonic Possession to end his solitude. Toyed with in Book 7 of The Dresden Files , Dead Beat , in which Kumori claims that Necromantic magic Always Chaotic Evil can be turned to good purposes such as when she brings a recently dead man back for long enough for the paramedics to save him , as ordinary magic can be turned to evil, her reasoning being that if death is defeated, the genii of history could live for ever.

Harry considers this for a moment, then points out how close this is to Jumping Off the Slippery Slope. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Explored in the Dragonlance novels, pertaining to the different mage orders of White, Red, and Black. At least one character wonders why the "good" mages allow the Black Robes to exist in their order, and it's explained that darkness has its own purpose and that there must always be a balance; tipping the scales either way leads to catastrophe, and in fact, the Cataclysm that devastated Krynn was caused by the Kingpriest trying to tip the scales towards the side of "light"; the same applies to priests, since the evil gods need worship just as much as the good gods.

Also explored by Crysania in "Time of the Twins" in the same series, when she muses that fear of the darkness is childish and stupid, and that lighting candle after candle to keep the darkness at bay only results in a house burning down because people can't understand that the darkness has a purpose.

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The Dwarfs of the Discworld , being belowground-dwellers, have many values opposite to those of humans. One of them is that they consider darkness sacred, and their equivalent of priests keep themselves in it whenever possible, many shunning daylight altogether and believing it to be blasphemy.

They recognize different kinds of darkness — including malevolent kinds like the Summoning Dark — but generally think of it as a good thing; one dwarf priest uses the metaphor that the eyes grow wider in darkness, but shrink in light. For example, their creation myth: Thus he became too tall. He was the first Man. He found no Laws, and he was enlightened. The second Brother walked toward the darkness, and stood under a roof of stone.

Thus he achieved the correct height. He was the first Dwarf. He found the Laws Tak had written, and he was endarkened. O night, O holy night O night divine. God is associated with Actually referenced in a Biblical verse, Psalm Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: In the Hebrew Bible, references to "shadow" are often positive.

During the Exodus, for example, God provides a cloud to shade the people from the sun each day. In The Qur'an , nighttime and darkness are almost always portrayed positively. Anne Cousin's hymn "The Sands Of Time Are Sinking" associates the night with free will, and emphasizes that although darkness is distinct from the light of God, humanity also needs it. But flowers need night's cool darkness, the moonlight and the dew; So Christ, from one who loved it, His shining oft withdrew In Warhammer , magic is either present in its raw chaotic form, or is refined into eight winds which can be further refined and weaved together into High Magic ; one of said winds provides magic over death, and another over shadows.

Both are very distinct from the chaotic magic used by necromancers and worshippers of chaos gods. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk supplement Home of the Brave. A religion called Worshippers of the Night considers the night to be a time of rest and spiritual purification. They patrol the streets at night to "protect the night's holiness against the evil that surrounds us. She is also pretty much the only Immortal of Entropy who is not evil, although her goals would be horrifying to most people. Still, Nyx serves as the key reminder that Entropy is as necessary for the existence of the cosmos as are the other four Spheres of Power, and is not inherently evil.

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Pathfinder has the Chaotic Good goddess Desna, who is associated with Stars and the night sky. The land of Tian Xia also has the Lawful Good god Tsukiyo, the most prominent Good deity to provide the Darkness domain to his clerics. They thusly treat their zombie and skeleton servants with great respect, honoring them for their kindness and seeking to protect them when possible. Though most gods concerned with the undead are evil monsters, the 3rd edition goddess Evening Glory is a kindly patroness of love and beauty, who preaches that love should conquer all things, even death, and that undeath is merely an expedient way to preserve love through all eternity.

Her followers, then, are passionate believers in love ever-lasting, and embrace undeath so they can be together forever. It is sadly undermined somewhat by Gameplay and Story Segregation ; due to necromantic spells carrying the "Evil" trait, all worshippers of Evening Glory must be one of the Morally Neutral alignments to use her magic.

The Gathering , Black Mana, the power of darkness, decay and death, is usually held up as the "evil" color of mana. But, on some planes, there are exceptions. On Ravnica, the Golgari Swarm are an order of shamans and druids who worship the philosophy that life and death are two inseparable parts of the same coin, and undeath is a natural part of the circle. They thusly draw upon both Green Mana and Black Mana simultaneously. On Amonkhet, a dying world where the dead spontaneously reanimate as mindless yet tormented zombies anyway, the surviving culture has founded itself around the philosophy of seeking a glorious death in battle, to guarantee themselves a prized place when they are resurrected into a new paradise of a world by the God-Pharaoh.

To facilitate this, those who perish early, before the final trials, are resurrected as docile mummified undead respected as "The Anointed"; these early returners are the foundation of Amonkhet society, as they undertake all of the labors that civilization requires whilst the living occupants concern themselves with nothing other than training for their ultimate fate of battling to the death in the Trial of Zeal.

Additionally, Black Mana is associated with Bontu, crocodile-headed God of Ambition, who teaches that the worthy are those who deliberately strive for glory in life and do not let themselves be burdened by false humility or uncertainty — teachings that are considered one of the five great lessons that the Amonkhetians must learn to attain their glorious resurrection as an Immortal.

Subverted when it is ultimately revealed that the Amonkhetian culture has been twisted into an industrialized producer of elite undead minions for the malevolent Planeswalking dragon, Nicol Bolas, and that Bontu betrayed her siblings to Bolas when he conquered their already-dying world generations ago, although before then Bontu was one of the respected and beloved gods of Amonkhet. Believe it or not, the will of the galaxy itself in Boktai literally known as "Dark" is this. Although its followers, the Immortals , seek to destroy humanity to supplant them with their own race of undead, Dark itself wishes to eliminate humanity to return peace to the galaxy, fearing that humanity will otherwise spread unfettered across the galaxy and ultimately destroy it and themselves.

The exception here is the Jugdral canon , which plays Dark Is Evil very straight - of the holy weapons of the Twelve Crusaders, none of them are dark magic, and the equivalent dark tome, Loptous, was born of a destructive evil god of the same name and is used by the final boss, a descendent of and possessed by said evil god; however, the "holy" blood of Loptous is charted in exactly the same way as the holy blood of the Crusaders. Nontheless, the holy sword Mysteltainn might be an example, as side materials sometimes call it a demonic sword and its destined wielders are always Black Knights on the side of good like Eldigan and his son Ares.

The Jugdral backstory tried to invoke the trope with Saint Maira's third option for the Jugdral people: Naturally, Status Quo Is God , and he failed. Gleipnir actually doesn't deal bonus damage to monsters the way the other Sacred Twin weapons do. However, in Radiant Dawn , every unit brought to the endgame gets one of their weapons turned into a holy weapon at a certain point.

If the chosen group includes a dark magic wielder, a dark tome could become holy. Fire Emblem Awakening brings up an interesting new thought in regards to curse magic.