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If you took out motor neurone disease, you are still left with physics. Mrs Einstein, you know, cited physics as a difference for her divorce During their marriage, she says, Stephen would retreat into himself.

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And, though he tried to explain physics to her, she always felt shut out of the world that was so crucial to him. But the stresses of MND were not solely or even mostly down to the physical difficulties of the condition; what brought even greater disruption to their lives was the advent of the carers who shared their home, who disapproved of aspects of their lives, and whose presence meant they could never have the privacy that every family needs to thrive. One of those nurses, Elaine Mason, went on to become his second wife, though the two later divorced.

This is an episode of their lives Jane is reluctant to rake over, although it was this relationship that tipped the Hawkings into splitting up, rather than her relationship with Jonathan. Why did they carry on for so long, even after she had met Jonathan and become close to him? She says it never felt like a choice: I wanted him to carry on doing his amazing work, and I wanted the children to have a stable family behind them — so we just carried on. In real life, as in the film, Jonathan became part of the family, sharing the workload of caring for Stephen with Jane, and helping bring up the children.

He had been widowed a couple of years before they met. We were both very lonely people, and then we found one another. She is proud of the way she and Stephen and Jonathan kept their lives on an even track for so long.

The lines of communication became much more difficult for a while. I mean, you all just voted them number one team in the country in the last week of the year. And we beat them on a neutral field by 21 points. And for the second time that we've beaten who everyone voted as the number one team in the country.

We beat them by 10 the first game. Beat them by 21 in the neutral field in the last week of the year. So you want to go back to our losses. We lost a game without a quarterback. And an excuse, yeah, but it's the truth. So who is playing the best right now is what everybody likes to say. Well, we just played very well for the second time against the No.

So hopefully people when they vote that matters to them, not just who was placed where and then moved someone up. It's who plays the best right now, who is beating who and beating a quality opponent and where did you beat them at. And so all of that I think people will hopefully process, and the other loss we lose is away from home on the last play of the game.

So we've played pretty well. Would you prefer people just starting with a blank slate when they make out the ballots? I would think it would matter. Some teams are sitting at home not playing anymore. We're sitting here playing the No. And schedule strikes and those kinds of things, where you played them at hopefully matters to people and who's played the best this week. Again, it wasn't me here, you know, everyone else voted them No. And so to end up to play so well against them I think speaks for itself too.

Again, to be on the neutral field and win by 21 points is pretty strong. I was going to jump on that, Bob, but talk about Sam, if you will, because he doesn't get to throw it 55 or 60 times but you would take him over about anyone, wouldn't you? Sam has been fabulous. The poise, the accuracy, everything. His numbers coming into tonight were every bit as good as everybody in the country that everybody's bragging about. I'm not complaining because they should brag about those guys, but he's in their company, right in the middle of it. Doesn't take a back seat to anyone when you're leading in the nation in pass efficiency, you have as many touchdowns as all of them and as few interceptions as all of them and your offense average is 44 points a game.

So I don't know why he wouldn't be up there with every single guy that they're talking about. Sam, how feel winning this game? It feels great, it was one of our goals at the beginning of the season to come out and play the way we did, full team effort, defense played amazing tonight, had some huge red zone stops and offense finally getting it going the second half. Great team effort tonight.

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It's an unbelievable feeling. Allen, your yard run you seemed to run possessed, you stiff armed the one guy and carried the other guy. Could you tell after that play it seemed to lift the team and was the energy level really increased after that? I believe I came out and gave them a spark, a momentum there on that play, throughout the game. We just kept it up and we kept on going. If you were to go to the Fiesta Bowl, would you have any reservation playing Kansas, conference rival?

No, you know, Mark and I are such good friends and, heck, it would be the fact we didn't play them this year, you know, that would be exciting. So I wouldn't I guess be opposed to that. I think it would be great. But hopefully that doesn't happen. Hopefully we're somewhere else. But, again, I refer everyone back to all their columns and what was said all week about how good Missouri was and how much improved they were from the first time we played them.

Then we must have improved a fair amount as well.

The Four of Us

And I agree with you, I think they were a much improved team and a very good football team. They've done an amazing job all year. Hopefully it speaks for itself what we were able to do tonight. Bob, your two defensive players, all the talk about the offense and weapons and Tony Temple back, how confident were you that you would come in do the job you did and was that any extra incentive? I'll say a little bit.

I want the other guys to speak up. We played good defense. We consistently play good defense.

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We've played them before and played good defense. So I don't know why that's surprising. We held them at their place last year to, what, 10 or 13 points. This year, they scored in the last 12 seconds of the game. Production in these shale plays has helped displace some of the crude oil imports into the United States.

US shale production is expected to rise by , barrels per day in July to 7. The wave of new American tight oil supply hitting the market continues to gather pace. Don't confuse shale oil with oil shale. Many, including myself, never imagined that oil production could grow enough to threaten the US oil production peak from In a recently published monthly report, the U. The flow of oil from U. An EIA research paper has found that shale oil production is likely to decline through to the end of , a peak to trough fall of 14 per cent from 4. Marketed natural gas production in Haynesville reached 6.

Defense Leads USA to 78-48 Victory Over Panama in World Cup Qualifying Play

EIA said this week. Most of the declines came from the Gulf of Mexico with the core US shale basins showing healthy growth m-o-m. Energy Information Administration reports. The Lone Star state has not one but two premier shale oil plays: Deep in the heart of Texas. Here are the top American companies to invest in. Production from shale formations in the United States, which has led to an unexpected reversal in long declining oil output, will peak at 4.

In just seven years, the United States US shale gas and tight oil revolution has created significant new challenges and opportunities and a new known-unknown that energy market players and analysts must learn to deal with in the years to come. We are starting to see higher production growth out of all the shale basins. The financial state of the US shale oil industry is much worse than production figures suggest, writes ex-Shell scientist Jilles van den Beukel.

This chart from the Commonwealth Bank overlays the number of oil rigs deployed in the US, based on data from energy services firm Baker Hughes, against changes in US oil production over the past 16 years. Oil production from the Permian Basin, Bakken Formation and Eagle Ford play rose by , barrels per day bpd in December from a month One internal EIA document said oil companies had exaggerated "the Despite accounting for nearly 40 per cent of US natural gas production, shale gas production EIA estimates August oil production from the Anadarko shale at , barrels per day and output should increase about 2.

Limits to the production of US shale come from the availability of finance, drilling rigs, fracking crews and pipeline capacity. A convergence of sustained bank financing, falling production costs and rising oil prices might position the US shale industry for a greater market role. Cumulative oil and gas production from these wells reached 7. The Energy Information Administration on Monday says it expects an increase in domestic shale-oil production to nearly 5 million barrels a day for April, which would be the highest monthly level in roughly a year. Shale oil is a high-quality crude oil that lies between layers of shale rock, impermeable mudstone, or siltstone.

In many ways, the Permian Basin is the gift that keeps on giving. Post to from BP Statistical Review of World Energy ; production estimated from multip le sources; Pre oil production from EIA; Pre natural gas estimated from multiple sources. Shale companies, therefore, say that they will cut production. Underscoring the extent to which the domestic shale oil boom is boosting output, the EIA expects annual U.

Through intensive analysis of oil and gas production data, he has identified a clear pattern of quite rapid boom and bust cycles in shale plays.

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Productivity Improvements The flow of oil from U.