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If this were to happen, it is very unlikely that anyone would know about it to protest. In late June, Esquire John H. Richardson from Esquire rightly pointed out a quote from a police interview with George Zimmerman that he thought was important and named his article: A few moments later, he asks Zimmerman why he kept following Martin even after the police dispatcher told him not to.

This may be the moment that will convict him. It means that even he suspected that Martin was a legitimate visitor to the complex, staying in an apartment and legally on the property, Zimmerman continued to pursue him. And it makes sense that Martin was staying there because of the terrain, the complex being isolated from other complexes and a mile distant from the nearest shopping center.

A professional thief would be moving intentionally, not wandering down the middle of the street in the full light of the streetlamps. At this point, the officer asks again why he was following Martin — and Zimmerman flat-out lies.

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The admission of Zimmerman wanting to give police an address was not a smoking gun, though. He could have been referring to an address of a place that Trayvon Martin would be attempting to break into rather than his knowledge that this stranger in a hoodie was probably staying nearby. The real lost opportunity here was in the police not recognizing the two areas to follow up on in the interrogation:.

If he thought that Martin was a guest in the neighborhood, the interrogators needed to make Zimmerman say it in his own words. It's easy for me as a former interrogator to be a Monday morning quarterback here , but the real artistry in interrogation is to seize upon the one or two opportunities during an interview that may yield an admission. Two recent reports from two different parts of the world hint at potential problematic behavior in the interrogation of children. The Ma'an news agency reported that a Palestinian teenager accused an Israeli interrogator of threatening rape.

In a Maryland kindergarten, a five year boy was interrogated for two hours by Calvert County school officials after showing another boy his toy cap gun on a bus. The interrogation caused the boy to wet his pants , according to his mother on Huffington Post. I cannot speak to the real facts in either of these cases. I do know, however, when a country is fearful of violence it is less likely to consider the rights of any prisoner. How we, as democratic societies, treat the weakest and most vulnerable of us, says a lot about who we really are. A question for us to ask ourselves every day is: Many of us have pictures in our head about the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and some of the enhanced interrogation techniques that were exposed there.

However it may be that red tape is the worst torture device of all in the war against terror. Journalist Max Fisher in the Washington Post breaks down the 4 different ways that prisoners can leave the detention facility in his article Why hasn't Obama closed Guantanamo Bay. The first two paths to leave Gitmo - civilian trial and military tribunal - have been blocked by Congress. No one is saying that it will be easy to do.

Obama and our government should do more, and the American people should hold them more accountable to do so. For many years, playing loud music to keep prisoners awake has been in the repertoire of CIA and military interrogators. Here is a reported playlist:.

I wonder if this was someone's ITunes playlist? Have I considered queueing this up for my downstairs neighbors blasting Bjork on a Sunday morning? Well, we all have our weak moments. To ask other readers questions about The Interrogator's Notebook , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Interrogator's Notebook.

Lists with This Book. Aug 28, Brandon rated it liked it Shelves: Norman Kross has returned home to Los Angeles following a lengthy career as a professional interrogator.

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Content to work on his memoirs and mold the minds of future interrogators, Kross begins to consider retirement. Can Kross uncover the truth? I was approache Norman Kross has returned home to Los Angeles following a lengthy career as a professional interrogator. I was approached by the author and offered a free copy in exchange for a fair review.

It was a struggle to believe someone would be so flamboyant in the face of a murder investigation. That being said, it did keep things interesting, which is sometimes better than a straightforward procedural. A bonus story that works well and doesn't feel tacked on. Cross Posted Every Read Thing Jun 25, Grady rated it it was amazing. The poet in the novelist's cloak There is much praise being heaped upon this new novel by Martin Ott and rightly so.

He is a young man of considerable talent and it is satisfying that he refuses to leave his already well established reputation as a poet to enter the financially more lucrative realm of writing fiction. He writes fiction well - a story that is a psychological thriller imbued with the synaptic connections that only someone with the lived background of a former U. Army interrogator The poet in the novelist's cloak There is much praise being heaped upon this new novel by Martin Ott and rightly so.

Army interrogator could understand so well, and could translate that manner of crawling through the brain of a person being psychologically dissected and use that language to create the characters that populate this novel. For the sake of those who have yet to read this novel, the Publisher's summary will be helpful and thus is quoted here: He returns to his Los Angeles home contemplating retirement and coming to terms with his past. He may be a master at unlocking others' secrets, but he is blind to the truth of his deteriorating relationship with his wife, to take on one last assignment, to interrogate a character actor who may be responsible for the death of a director's daughter.

But fortunately for the reader he provides enough of a challenge to piece together his narrative that his demands on our attention span are great. The way he weaves paragraphs and conversations is not at all unlike that manner in which he distills his poetic paintings. And for those unfamiliar with Ott's poems and how gritty and real they can be, this reader feels it is helpful to select one and place it here, for appreciation, for comparison.

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Read the poem read all his poems! So much of what Ott has accomplished as a novelist began in the succinct stories of his poems. Martin Ott is a talent to watch - on very many levels. He is important now: Apr 12, Superstition Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: And while George Stark is definitely insane, he does teach the reader one valuable lesson in the end.

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Stark is proof that you cannot run from your past, because no matter how much you change yourself, no matter who you try to become, the truth will always come out. And Ott, through Norman and his family, proves that without communication, even the sturdiest of relationships will eventually fail. View all 4 comments. Feb 28, John Buckley rated it it was amazing.

Martin Ott's complex protagonist Norman Kross holds the mirror up to all those who combine raw talent, earned skills, and significant personality flaws. Along the way to learning deeper truths about himself, Kross must first best an enemy with a sinister mastery of misdirection and perception, an enemy that threatens what Kross holds most dear.

I read this book in one sitting, for good reason. Apr 14, Gayle Pace rated it really liked it. In the novel, Norman Kross is a career interrogator who has worked covertly in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Armed with cunning, deceit and a deadly past, the actor poses an escalating challenge, and a terrifying threat to everything Norman has ever cared about. But it is the personal life of a man pushed to the brink of his and societal moralities, and the choices he makes that is at the heart of this story.

Find out more at www. He may be a master at unlocking others' secrets, but he is blind to the truth of his relationship with his wife, sons, father, and friends. Floundering as a teacher, Norman agrees to take on one last assignment, to interrogate a character actor who may be responsible for the death of a director's daughter. The author, Martin Ott did a great job of writing this book. It provides the reader with a lot to think about. It's about an interrogator on his last assignment. The author shows the fight within the interrogator between his family and his job.

This book took the thought that most women have that men leave them because they can't handle the responsibility of a family. The author shows that it's much more than that. When you think about interrogation, you think about torture. This story isn't about torture, at least not physical. The book is written with a common theme in mind, but there isn't such a thing as a ccommon theme. Every writer writes in his own style with his own ideas and reasoning.

No two are the same. The minute you start reading you become hooked on the book. You keep turning those pages wanting to know what the ending holds Norman has many flaws but the author shapes him into a totally rounded man. The book is more than just a thriller. The author adds detail and images that are very thoughtful. You expect this type of genre to be hard and uncaring.

You won't want to put this book down. It's a page turner and a keeper. You'll want to keep this on your shelf to read several more times. Ott served in the Army as a Russian linguist and interrogator before attending the University of Michigan. He began writing fiction and poetry in his undergraduate years, and early publications include the chapbook Misery Loves on Red Dancefloor Press.

He has traveled through the United States and internationally, and these influences can be seen in his poetry travelogue, Poets' Guide to America from Brooklyn Arts Press, cowritten with John F. Apr 04, Nadine Maritz rated it it was amazing. As many people, I too am just human and fickle when it comes to matters that rise suspicion and clarity. I mean what human out there would deny their eagerness to know things? Who out there wouldn't want to know how to pull information from others, who wouldn't want to know how to react or avoid when in question?

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  2. Deuxième Belvédère (Les Cahiers Rouges t. 119) (French Edition).
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  5. Instead he created an exciting thriller that points back to Norman himself, his struggles within his own marriage, his family. I had the honour of interviewing Martin a while back and wanted to know how close he was to this main character Norman Kross. I questioned how interlinked his own story was with that of his protagonist. Martin Ott has a way with words. I loved the way he describes things from every day locations to tables and chairs, boots and paper.

    He has this novel way of depicting things that puts you right there at the edge, in the story with his character. I am intrigued by the way he allows his readers to experience the deterioration of his protagonist. Martin allowed his character to have flaw, which is risky but it made the story line that much more gripping. His family life was - to say the least really in chaotic, far from normal, colorful. In fact all I wanted to know was what George Stark was up to next, which character he was going to express, how close Norman will get to resolving the murder.

    Having said this, this specific point also created a small dislike. The name Stark constantly pulled me out of the story to compare George Stark back to the familiar figure of Robert Downy Jr.

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    Even though I thought the character lay out to be masterful, I did constantly compare this particular villain to Stark meets Sherlock Holmes both done brilliantly by Robert D. Jun 05, Yawatta Hosby rated it it was amazing Shelves: This woman would not be the last person whose life I ruined as an interrogator. George was a famous actor with a dark side. He gave me the willy nillies, in a good way.

    The Interrogator's Notebook

    The first pool scene where he dressed up as the victim gave me chills down my spine. It was cool that George kept getting inside his head and getting the best of him. Knocked Norman down a couple of pegs. My favorite scene was when Vera and Norman are at the cabin. It was pretty scary. I loved the suspense and the mystery.

    The situation was very sad, and I enjoyed all the drama. The author had a brilliant talent with characterization; all the people in his story were three-dimensional and entertaining. I liked the villains and the heroes. Aug 24, Gigi Frost rated it it was amazing Shelves: Norman Kross, a retired interrogator, finds himself teaching a class within his field expertise, perhaps feeling a bit bereft of his own path in life.

    In civilian life, he is going through the motions of a pseudo-proletarian existence. The aphorism "those who can't do, teach", rings with the banality of truth. His family life is at odds with the successes of his professional life, and he is plagued with certain doubts. What did it say about him that he wan't in it? Did his family like having him around now that he wasn't traveling to the four corners of the globe I was impressed with the progression of The Interrogator's Notebook and the character development that portrayed a complex understanding on the author's part of human behavior.

    Snippets of the Notebook are added before each chapter, allowing a glimpse at the moral reckoning and experiences of the main character.