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I loved Brice and how she struggled with trust. I felt her fears were real. Based on her past, which is not the prettiest childhood. My heart went out to her. I was glad that things did not instantly become perfect. I would have liked a little more attration between the two and I was taken in by the blurb and was not disappointed by Ms. I would have liked a little more attration between the two and more time spent together. With danger lurking and traitors wanting to kill we get some mystery as well. I was surprised at how at who was the traitors were! This is a mystery, sweet clean no sex or bad language romance with grit.

I was left wanting more so I felt the ending was a bit rushed. I would like to read Ewian's story.

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I am still thinking about it two days later. Not only is his freedom secure, Darius has bargained for certain privileges after missions. After this particular mission to confront an enemy, Darius decides to hold the King to his word — he wants Brice as his wife. But Brice had to learn that through trust and time. What can I say about Brice, other than she was a delight to know.

When she first lays eyes on Darius, you just knew she saw the man and not the scars or the battle fatigue. She was anxious and fearful without being either clingy or ill tempered. I thought her fears of Darius were perfectly justifiable because of her past with the men in her life and really the age in which she lived.

And even better and most perfect actually, she can take a licking and keep on ticking. There were so many other characters that made up this great story — Ewian and Karyn, the good doctor Kurt, Trenar and many more. All of them quite lovely to know. Nov 19, Shoujo85 rated it it was ok Shelves: It was OK 2. The book in general seemed very amateur. Given a much higher page c Rating: Given a much higher page count, more in-depth characterisation especially for the villains!! Is there a Happy Ending? PG There are a couple of elements that make this suitable only for older teens and adults.

OK, but a bit flat As mentioned above, the characterisation was a little flat and the character motivations a little unclear. The up-side of that is there was absolutely zero sexual content, which is A-OK with me! There was one or two chaste kisses, but nothing more, not even smouldering looks, for which I am always infinitely grateful nothing annoys me quite as much as incessant descriptions of smoky eyes, smouldering looks and ogling glances! For awhile now I've wanted to try reading something by Rachel Rossano, so I was very excited to win The Mercenary's Marriage in a giveaway.

I was surprised though not in a bad way at how short it was. It was a quick read, probably closer to a novella-length. Sometimes it's nice to read something shorter instead of being stuck in a book for a long time when you're busy. Other than the way it jumped right into the story so I was lost for a bit at the start, and the way it so For awhile now I've wanted to try reading something by Rachel Rossano, so I was very excited to win The Mercenary's Marriage in a giveaway.

Other than the way it jumped right into the story so I was lost for a bit at the start, and the way it sometimes seemed like a scene was missing both probably due to the short length , plus the usual typos of most self-published books, I had no complaints about this otherwise enjoyable read. The author did a good job of delivering an intriguing story with some characters I came to love by the end, all in a short space.

I liked the way it switched points-of-view between Brice the heroine and Darius the hero , so that we got both of their outlooks. Brice was a good mix of timid and brave, and Darius was wonderfully strong and nice and basically all-around awesome; I really liked him. The action and peril was gripping, the fictional world well-defined so that I felt like I was there, and the romance story was sweet.

The ending was quite satisfying and made me smile! Overall, a good quick read for anyone who would like a medieval romance adventure.

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Dec 25, Ruth Hill rated it liked it. This is a completely clean historical read. There is no sex and no profanity. Also, no descriptive violence.

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The book was fairly well written and basically easy to follow. The story was not overly engaging, but it was a nice story with a happy ending. My only real drawbacks were that I had no idea where this story took place. I knew there were kings, queens, and slaves, but I wish I would known the time period and the place. I also would have like to have seen a little more passion from the char This is a completely clean historical read. I also would have like to have seen a little more passion from the characters. Don't get me wrong. I like the sweetness of the story and the fact that everything is quite chaste.

But I struggled to see any real love between the characters. I agree that the brevity of the story is nice. You can sit down and read it in no time. However, possibly it would have been nice for this to be part of a bigger collection. I feel like I need some background on the characters. At the end of the story, I still knew very little about Darius and Brice. I would have liked to have known why the fighting was going on. I think that if the author revisits this story at some point, she could truly fill in the blanks and possibly have a dynamic historical tale.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are percent mine. Nov 12, E. The vibrant characters felt like they could step off the page at any moment because of their realism.

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The journey and challenges of Darius and Brice kept me riding along on their emotional roller coaster until the very end. While I would have liked to see little more attention given to Darius' motivation for his actions, I have to admit that the way Ms. Rossano wrote his character made it that much easier Once I started reading The Mercenary's Marriage I couldn't stop until I finished the book! Rossano wrote his character made it that much easier to identify with Brice.

After all, Darius kept me guessing as much as he did her! All in all, this is a wonderful sweet romance I would recommend to anyone looking for an engaging read. I would definitely read more books by Rachel Rossano. Aug 22, Englishrose rated it it was amazing. This was a really good read. Despite there being so many characters and events in a shorter book it was wonderfully written and gives a full story. It really sucks you in and brings you along on an adventurous ride. Brice is a sweet character with courage and a tender heart. Darius is a noble man, though definitely a warrior.

Their sweet romance is tender and realistic. The adventure of treason and mystery is exciting and keeps you turning the pages for more. I really enjoyed this one and hope t This was a really good read.

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I really enjoyed this one and hope to read more by this author. Oct 23, Roseanne Wilkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a clean historical romance which I am planning to hand over to my daughters. From the moment Darius saw Brice, he felt the need to protect her. The only way out of her being abused by the conquering army his king's army , was for him to claim her as his own. Even though Darius' greatest desire was to protect Brice, his lifestyle put her in danger. There is plenty of swordplay, intrigue, and danger to want you to keep turning pages, and Darius's tender treatment of Brice is heartwarming.

I'm planning on reading Rachel's other books. This was an okay read. I enjoyed the story and it kept me reading and wanting to know what was going to happen next. It lost a little of its steam towards the end and things wrapped up a little too quickly. Brices attitude towards Darius changed rather quickly, I would have liked a little more where that was concered. I would have liked a little more chemistry between the two and really feel them fall in love. It's a fun read if you're looking for a quick escape.

The story takes place in a ficti This was an okay read. The story takes place in a fictional land, but has the feel of a medieval setting. Mar 28, Yelania Nightwalker rated it really liked it Shelves: Me encanta esta novela. Mar 29, Annette rated it liked it. This book was all right. Good, clean romance, interesting premise.

My big problem was that is was just short. It felt underdeveloped and the ending especially was so unsatisfying. There needed to be more. Dec 11, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. Simply a wonderful romance. Feb 20, Ashley rated it really liked it. I just wish it had been a little longer. This is one of those that could've gone on for pages and I would've loved every page! Very clean, very sweet. Jun 18, Patricia rated it really liked it. I have read four of this author' books in a row one of those being a novella and, while I liked them all, I liked the first two Rhynan series best.

Either this is an author whose books need to have a palate cleanser between them or I just like the first two books better. On the bright side, each of the books has been different enough that I did not feel like I was reading the same story over and over like I do with some authors. I think perhaps I liked the cas Rating 3. I think perhaps I liked the cast of characters in the first two better. While I liked the characters in this book, there was an air of melancholy that never really went away. The ending seemed kind of sudden to me in this one as did the "I love you" part of the romance.

Anyway, this was still a good one to read and I like the authors plots for each of the books. I just may read a fifth in a row! Umm I really wanted this book to be awesome. I've read other books by the author. I just couldn't connect with Brice and Darius, and their relationship was odd at best. Brice barely said 2 words to him most of the time. I don't know this book was a struggle to get through.

Sep 01, Andrea Smith rated it did not like it. I got this book based on some great reviews both on goodreads and a blog that I follow. I was very disappointed. The storyline is okay and has potential but the writing is rough and in need of a good editor. There were many distracting "ly" adverbs, serious plot holes, and the characters were flat.

The author described the actions of the characters but I couldn't see the motivation behind those actions.

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What were they thinking, feeling and why did they make that choice? These were the questions I got this book based on some great reviews both on goodreads and a blog that I follow. These were the questions running through my mind. Sorry, I just didn't get it.

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Dec 11, Nicole rated it it was amazing. I started this book right before a busy weekend, so I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish it right away! I thoroughly enjoyed The Mercenary's Marriage; the intricate plot, the wonderful characters, the steady pacing, and the beautiful love story. As with other reviewers, I do wish the story could have been longer because I so enjoyed reading it! I'm looking forward to reading more from Rachel Rossano. Jul 12, Zoe and the Edge rated it it was ok Shelves: There was something especially sweet about the way Darius acknowledges and allows Brice to be so timid about the world.

The characters have no personality whatsoever. I chalked it up to the fact that a cold mercenary and a pitiful slave might be excused for be lacking in charm. It is not a dirty word. I am not a 'heavy' wife. He wanted me to be at home in the traditional role of wife and mother, and I was happy to do it. He would go off to Paris and say: Simon would go away a lot but when he came home he loved our family life. He would help Freddy with his times tables, and take him off fishing. He is an unbelievably fantastic father. In , the Manns moved to Cape Town in South Africa, where they lived for several years before buying a property in Hampshire and moving back to England to establish their children in English schools.

In February , Amanda discovered she was pregnant with Arthur. Her husband was away at the time on one of his working trips - she doesn't recall where - and she broke the news over the phone. He said that Simon's plane was in Zimbabwe but there was no sign of Simon, they couldn't find him. I took the children to school as usual and tried to deal with the job in hand, but my heart was racing.

The next day, I phoned one of Simon's special friends, one of his contacts in the security business, and said Simon was missing and he said he would look out for him. Two days after that, he called back to say that Simon was in a Zimbabwean prison. But then details of an alleged coup plot began to emerge. One of the reasons the case attracted so much attention was because of the involvement of Mark Thatcher, the son of Margaret Thatcher. Mann did not get off so lightly and was jailed in Zimbabwe after pleading guilty to attempting to buy weapons with no end user certificate.

At first, Amanda and Simon wrote to each other every week. Wherever he was on his travels, he always made it abundantly clear that me and the children are the most important thing to him, he has always put us above everything. I feel this incredible support from him. So I kept my letters relatively upbeat, talking about what the children were up to. We have a secret language, so I would put in a few lines so he would know it was me. Amanda says that in a way it actually helped being pregnant because it gave her a connection to Simon. She chose to give birth at home because she felt there would be too much emotional stress in hospital.

The message came back 'Arthur'. It was so unbelievably emotional. Could she have gone to see her husband in jail? He didn't want our love to be shattered by the emotional pain we would both suffer if I saw him in jail. I have four children who need their mother. And so Amanda tried to get on with life back in Britain, concentrating on being a mother, while Simon made the best of life in Chikurubi Prison.

He befriended the guards and the inmates and was teaching some of them English to help improve their lives when they were released. He was very highly regarded as a soldier and his troops adored him. He is loving, kind and generous. There have been many times when Amanda has felt very low. What kept Amanda going was her belief that when Mann had finished his sentence last May they would finally be reunited. It was not to be. Now she is terrified she will never see him again. It does not help that she knows how scared her husband was of this happening.

His lawyers have told her how, on the day he was due to be released from his Zimbabwean jail, secret police came to the prison to collect him. In his heart he knew it might come to this. Simon does not deserve this. I need my husband back, and my children desperately need their father. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Married to a mercenary: How do I tell the children Daddy may never come home? But when the call did come, the shock was lessened in no way by the anticipation of it.

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