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Tonight's Sky — Enter coordinates. Volcanoes of mud erupt from dwarf planet Ceres. Four bright planets arc across the southern sky tonight 5 times Einstein was wrong.

The sky this week for September 14 to Neptune draws relatively near The sky this week for September 7 to 16 See Saturn shine in Sagittarius Spot Mercury shining bright at twilight. Picture of the Day Image Galleries. A Plasma Lensed Pulsar. Mission Moon 3-D by David J. Eicher and Brian May arrives!

Dave's Universe Year of Pluto. The Universe Contains 2 Trillion Galaxies. Astronomers have recounted the total number of galaxies in the universe and now believe that 2 trillion may exist. Having trouble viewing this video? Please visit our Video FAQ page. Downsizing the Andromeda Galaxy. The Most Distant Quasar.

World is a simulation— and ‘God’ is the machine

The Real Reality Show: Earth Is Not Flat. Astronomy Messier Flashcards Set. Mercury Globe from Astronomy magazine. The Milky Way Inside and Out. Venus Globe from Astronomy magazine. It nevertheless repudiates the Pythagorean claim, made on behalf of mathematics for at least twenty-six hundred years, that mathematical insight represents a shortcut to eternal truth about incorruptible objects.

It sees mathematical reasoning as inquiry into the world -- the only world that there is, the world of time and fuzzy distinction -- only at one step of remove. A global preferred time would have to be relational, in that it would be determined by the dynamics and state of the universe as a whole. It would thus not be determinable in terms of information local to any observer.

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Such a relational local time could then be consistent with the relativity of simultaneity holding locally in regions of spacetime. There is a precedent for such a relational, dynamically determined global time in the Barbour-Bertotti model.

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This raises the question of whether general relativity can be formulated as a theory with a preferred dynamically determined global time. The answer is yes; this is shown by the existence of a formulation of general relativity as a theory defined on a fixed three-surface which evolves in a global time coordinate. This formulation, called shape dynamics, shares with general relativity diffeomorphism invariance on the three-dimensional spacelike surfaces but replaces the many-fingered time invariance on the three-dimensional spacelike surfaces with a new local gauge invariance which is invariant under local three-dimensional conformal transformations.

These transformations however are restricted to preserve the volume of the universe.

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The spatial volume then becomes an observable and can be used as a time parameter. Only when we understand becoming from the perspective of relational time can we subject it to a dynamics that is internal to the universe. Only then can we lay it open to explanation by the methods of science. We must reestablish the indispensable link, in social and historical study, between insight into the actual and exploration of the adjacent possible.

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