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Either I have personally tried them and I know first hand OR I can cite a well known authority or case study example where the list building strategy has been used successfully. Sign-up for a free account on Wufoo. Then embed a simple 1 field form on your blog or website to start collecting email subscribers. You can also connect Wufoo up to a free account on Mailchimp or another email marketing services so your subscribers will be automatically placed on to your list.

The smartest way little known way you can use Zapier is to set it up to automatically post Tweets and Facebook posts at regular intervals with a link to a landing page. Followers and fans can click the link to sign-up for your newsletter or autoresponder course. You are given a lot of control over how the pop-up looks as well as the exact time when it will appear.

You can set it to appear in X seconds or to automatically try to detect the best time to appear. Based on research the App Sumo parent company behind SumoMe team recently published here are two quick tips for maximizing your conversions when using their list builder tool:. Unlink the pop-up, the scroll box is triggered to appear after the visitor reaches a certain point when scrolling down the page. I recently purchased OptinMonster for our website. It understands this because it watches the visitors mouse movements and a mouse movement that is usually, quick, up and the the left tends to indicate that the visitor is about to leave the site.

Lead Pages is probably one of the best investments I made in the last month. A LeadBox allows you to turn an image or some text into a link that shows a pop-up optin box when clicked.

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Why is it useful to show a pop-up optin form instead of embedding it directly on the page? I believe a better way to go about it though is just a plain old form like what I have at the bottom of this page. Brian Dean over on BackLinko does this in the most transparent way on his blog comments section see below. This one is a little more advanced… unless you use Aweber.

If you use Aweber for your email marketing and autoresponders, you might be surprised to hear that they actually have a nifty little feature that allows people to opt-in to your newsletter by clicking to connect their Facebook account. Then, Aweber automatically grabs their email address and name and puts it into your list. Neil Patel tested this a while ago on his blog, QuickSprout. The results could pay for themselves. The call-to-action button then leads visitors to a landing page with an offer for our free course.

Success in using the Hello Bar really depends on your ability to write a compelling 1 sentence line of copy. So test frequently with multiple Hello Bar variations. Earlier this year I did some research while writing a How-To article on retargeting. I found some data published by Walmart showing that:. The AutoGrow team and I recently went through the process of optimizing the website to decrease load time. Here are my best tips if you plan on doing this on your website:. Guest blogging has exploded in popularity as a marketing tactic over the last 4 years.

It offers a number of benefits, but few better than the fact that, done right, it will drive a large JUMP in subscribers followed by a steady stream of subscribers who continuously opt-in over time. Bryan Harris over at Video Fruit has written about this in greater depth and you should check it out here. Free courses convert better than just about anything. How do I know? If you offer a free email course on a subject or a question that resonates with your audience, you can expect that it will do well.

Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout has built up his email list to just under , subscribers over the last several years largely because of his email course offer. Offering a free tools report is a quite common opt-in bribe. The full video explanation is below, but the jist of it is this. Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt is someone who I just recently started following.

There have been a number of off-shoots of this strategy. I guarantee you, this was one big factor in why AppSumo was able to grow their email list so quickly. This one is simple and marginally effective, but every little bit counts. In the by-line right below your blog posts, insert a link that visitors can click to sign-up for your newsletter.

However, when presented with multiple options, we are more likely to make a purchase decision on the spot about 3x more likely in fact according the research. For this reason you want to consider giving people multiple options to optin for your offers.

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One choice will sign-up immediately. Very smart, copy this on your own website. This is one of those low-hanging fruit strategies that is so easy you can implement it across your website and sales funnel in a matter of minutes. Avoid creating an optin form that looks like this: Not only should you not require all those fields, but take them out! Take them ALL out, and just require an email address.

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Similarly, Marketo which is now a public company experimented with removing multiple form fields. So, creating an exit-intent popup is a macro optimization you can make to your site, where as creating page-specific exit pop-ups is a micro optimization which leads to higher conversion rates as that individual pages level. Well, think about it. The bonus offer is something related to what is discussed in the article. There are two apps right now that make implementing and delivering content upgrades on your blog article super easy:.

This strategy is more controversial. Otherwise the long term consequences of using this strategy will hurt your brand and your business. To compile a target list of B2B contacts, start by Googling with specific search terms that will lead you to the websites of your target audience. Then, match up the searches you make with each location. Then for each website you find, look for the name of the decision maker and their email address.

If not is available, just use the contact form on the site itself and not the URL location. After you have your list compiled, go ahead and write your email template.

How to Build an Email List Fast and for Free — 5 List Building Tips

Consider using a template like this:. I believe this can help you [get desired result]. To setup the landing page, you can use one of the recommended tools above like Lead Pages, or Unbounce, or Instapage. Yes, I was obnoxious and scrappy enough to email strangers — but I did it out of love! I sent the campaign just to collect some research data for a whitepaper I was writing at the time on how weather and other factors affect restaurant sales. Keep in mind, in both of these situations, I was taking value rather than giving it but still getting results!

However, I urge you not to abuse this. This one is simple and relatively quick to implement. This accomplishes two strategically important goals beyond just growing your email list:. A split test on your website means to run a randomized test with two or more design variations being shown to different visitors. The Every Page Rule is simply this:. Again, for the sake of helping you to remember and to help you increase your email subscriber conversions:. Think of every page on your website is a landing page this includes your homepage, your about page, even your blog post pages.

What does it mean, practically speaking, for you and your website? It means a few things:.

The List Building Strategies that Grew 70, Subscribers

The Feature Box is exactly what you see in the screenshot above. It was popularized invented? If you want to see another example of this, just look at the feature box at the top of the AutoGrow blog roll page. It makes sense right? The Sticky Widget which is a free WordPress plugin that you can download here helps to take advantage of the notorious, all-too-common blank white-space on the right side of your blog.

See screenshot below for an example: The way it works is like this:. Retargeting is an amazing new type of advertising technology. If you want to learn more about how retargeting works and how you can easily set it up to help you drive more leads and grow your email list, click the lazy cat below. This strategy is pretty popular among more seasoned marketers like Ryan Deis founder of DigitalMarketer.

The reason for this is two-fold:. Pretty practical reasons right?

If you can get it to work, you can advertise for free, which means you can build your email list literally for free. Forming a marketing alliance to grow your email list is similar to doing a JV webinar, except the goal is specifically to grow your email list. To do this, you need to find one person or organization who is willing to promote your to their email subscribers. In Part 1, we showed you how to get more visitors to your site using social media.

And, from there, how to convert those visitors into subscribers using lead capture forms. Plus, a few other best practices we recommend following. Much like the overzealous salesperson greeting a first-time visitor, this site shows an intrusive popup that asks for my email as soon as I enter their site. Not a good start. But if they offered me a personalized experience, one that made me feel like the offer was for me and me only, THEN I would feel more inclined to take them up on their offer. One of my favorite brands that personalize the user experience is Fabletics.

Help users segment themselves based on preferences. Then, deliver relevant marketing messages based on that information. You can assume that people who browse your about page have an interest in learning more about you and your brand. So, give these visitors an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter—and let them know what they getting in return.

As you can see, all you need is an optin form and a line of benefit-driven copy to persuade them to opt in. But did you know you can use them on product pages, too? And while searching, I landed on Evelo —a site that sells, well, electric bikes. After browsing the same product page at Evelo for a while, a popup appeared offering me a guide to buying an electric bike. Visitors who fill in this form qualify as good leads because they said yes to a guide on choosing the right product. What more could you ask for?

You hear about it every day. And you do everything you can to prevent it…. Not everyone will complete their purchase. Take Burrow , for instance. Like many online retailers, they use a cart abandonment popup on their checkout page to re-engage abandoning buyers. Offering a discount is an effective way of turning users into customers through another channel like email marketing. If, like other strategies, you ignore best practices.

Your confirmation page has the potential to become one of the best lead generating pages on your site. A customer has just bought from you. Instead, promote something like your loyalty program and get them one step closer to becoming brand evangelists. Another good incentive is to offer to save their receipts including the one for the purchase they just made.

You can also offer to reward points for each purchase again, including the one they just made. And for many marketers, an effective way to do that is to upsell a relevant offer. With that in mind, I have an upselling strategy for you, one that you might not have seen before. Then, when you click to get notified, a popup appears where visitors can enter their information and get notified when the new products are available:.

But catalogs still work. And they might not be for you. Sweaty Betty knows this better than anyone. On their catalog page, they ask users to give an email to get a catalog. There are countless opportunities where you CAN ask for an email. And in the process, forgo good list building opportunities. This is one example. And there are many others like it. So it begs the question: Something to think about. When you go on their contact page, you see the normal input fields you would expect from a contact form. But when you scroll to the submit button, you see the following:.

Not everyone will be relevant, of course. Your page is just like any other page on your website, and you can edit and optimize it for lead generation. Adding a signup form to your page is quite simple. Being creative with your error page will not only help grow your email list it, but it will also give people a much better experience on your site.

Live chat is perfect for inviting visitors to reach out when they need it—and handling any objections they might have. Asking for an email address before connecting visitors to a live chat representative is not uncommon for many e-commerce sites. Many live chats include an option to receive a transcript when the chat ends. So why not use this opportunity to grow your email list with qualified leads? So in a bid to get more emails, you consider showing visitors a popup as soon as they arrive at your site.

But you also know Google prioritizes a good user experience. And anyone that ignores that is likely to get penalized. One brand that has nailed this strategy is Calvin Klein. Giving users a choice over their optin preferences gives them a better on-site experience, and it keeps you on the right side of Google.

Beardbrand combines a badge notification on their site with a click-activated popup:. Users see a red notification badge, feel compelled to click it, and see a popup asking them to opt in. But you plan to someday. What do you do if a prospect from another country wants to buy from you? There are two ways to do this. After all, if your competitors do it, it must be a good idea, right? While it is a good idea to add an optin there, many sites fail to use it to their full advantage. As much as marketers might wish, no one wakes up in the morning wishing they had more newsletters in their inboxes.

But saving money or getting a discount off a future purchase? Charish positions their offer well. But give users a good reason to opt in. So, there you have it: We learned a LOT writing this post and we hope you got a lot out of it, too. Which e-commerce ist building strategy are you going to try now? Are you going to use content upgrades on product pages? Or, are you going to use personalized popups?

47 Best Email List Building Strategies Proven to Get You Results

Leave a comment below. This is a great comprehensive guide! One more way to add in the list is to run giveaways and contests. I am using Woorise App for that one. What about building a list with favorite products or wishlists? Is this old school or does it still works? Your email address will not be published. New Strategies for List Building. But in doing so, you might have noticed something few marketers mention: Not all list building strategies are relevant to e-commerce.

What the biggest and brightest online retailers are doing to get more targeted emails. How to put our favorite strategies in place, best practices to follow, and more. Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio. It's a List Building Goldmine. Use Content Upgrades With a Twist. Social Media There are two ways to grow an email list using social media: With it, you can add a tab to your business page where users can sign up for your newsletter.