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The creators will not be held accountablefor any unintentional flaws or omissions which might be found. En Suivant Larcher Tome 4 Clery gad. With images shot in Hanoi, Paris or Washington, the various contributions from fiction to documentary, archives pictures to animation, presenting as many proposals as responses that cinema can bring to a situation of political crisis. The part made by Resnais is one which shows and gives voice to an imaginary person, beneath the gaze of a silent women, the language of an uneasy conscience and bad faith.

Resnais picks apart with irony the impotence of a left-wing intellectual faced with the tragedy of Vietnam. But really like reflections. He is there so that, from time to time, the audience can perceive certain contradictions, and contradictions which are also ours. It came down to saying, almost, through a character who was nevertheless touching, heartbreaking, antipathetic and sympathetic, everything that could be said at the same time against the film and on the uselessness or usefulness of doing it.

Workers leave their production lines to take their bikes and go picnicking, secretaries abandon their typewriters to go and dance in the street, residents in a block of flats throw their keys out of the windows and walk on the forbidden grass…. Following an appeal made by Charlie Hebdo, two hundred readers accepted to house the film crew. Monsieur Alexandre, alias Alexandre Stavisky, rules over Paris, drives a Rolls, has a superb wife, a theatre, a newspaper, stables.

He is the king of the social circuit, prefects and ministers eat out of his hand. Stavisky charms, then he bribes… Here is the story of the fall of Stavisky, businessman and famous crook of the 30s. It is the myth of the legend of Stavisky that we were trying to resuscitate in the film.

And then Belmondo came along, passionate about the character. In a night of solitary drunkenness, an ageing writer can feel death lurking and portrays his family in a series of vindictive settings mixing fantasy and reality. Resnais Alain Resnais explores the tortuous paths of the creative process with this critical and playful presentation of the imagination. The narration of the film is entirely at the mercy of a tyrannical and drunken old man who pulls all the strings of the action with a voice that is acerbic one minute, malicious the next.

The music of the voices is primordial for Alain Resnais who used British and American actors for this film in English. With the reflections of Professor Laborit on the brain and human behaviour as the theoretic connecting link, the destinies of three individuals illustrate or not the theories of the Professor.

Ne serait-ce pas amusant de tenter le contraire? Cela donne un sentiment de malaise. With finesse and humour he paints a picture of human beings with eternal behaviour consumption, the search for gratification, struggle… with the backdrop of a France undergoing socio-economic transformation. Deep down these people have everything they need to be happy but are not at ease with themselves. In , a conference for professors on the education of the imagination is held in the same castle. In parallel, children invent a medieval tale where a young man frees a princess and fights a tyrant.

Three universes, three utopia on the theme of the search for happiness…. An extravagant film mixing science-fiction and comedy in an atypical counter-utopia. Simon et Elizabeth vivent une intense passion.

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Simon and Elizabeth live intensely passionately. One evening Simon is suddenly taken ill and the doctor pronounces him dead. However, Simon gets up a few minutes later. Alain Resnais explicite le titre de son film ainsi: The theme does as well… Alain Resnais explains the title of this film like this: He called on the composer Henze, one of the most famous contemporary music composers, with a musical language in the heritage of the lyrical serialism of Alban Berg and Karl Amadeus Hartmann. Pierre is a concert violinist. He invites his solo violinist friend Marcel to dinner and introduces him to his young wife, Romaine.

She seduces Marcel and the illegitimate couple start a passionate and destructive relationship…. I have always protested against the theatre-cinema opposition, and even cinema-music hall: Joey Wellman is an American cartoonist. He comes to Paris for an exhibition of his work. But he discovers a universe and a culture that he rejects and wants to go home. The trip was a pretext to see his daughter who had left to study under the dashing Professor Gauthier, who does not pay much attention to his students.

Alain Resnais pays a tribute here to two worlds close to him: For the screenplay, Alain Resnais chose to work on it with Jules Feiffer, an American writer widely known for his plays and comic strips. Un village du Yorkshire. A village in Yorkshire. Celia Teasdale is the neglected wife of headmaster Toby Teasdale, an inveterate alcoholic. She is visited by Lionel, the school gardener. The decision to film in a studio was an immediate choice. Insofar as the dialogue is extremely written, it would have been difficult to connect it to real places, where the tone of the film would quickly have become artificial.

This led me to build a set which said it was a set, I like that in the cinema. While filming there was no distinction between Smoking and No Smoking. I never had the idea that one film would have one overall tone and the other another. Winter in Paris and the world has never been so small. Resnais is inspired here by the English writer Dennis Potter, who frequently used pre-existing songs in his plays.

In s Paris, Gilberte Valendray holds a salon, where she loves to flirt. She is married to a rich industrialist who does not take offence at this as he is convinced that the first man to touch a woman never really possesses her. What he does not know is that Gilberte has carefully hidden her first marriage to an American, with whom he has gone into business by pure coincidence. There is nothing more difficult than pulling off a light, witty comedy, and I do not feel naturally gifted for that.

Making tragic films is more in line with my temperament, and also easier to direct, easier to get the actors to do. There is therefore a sort of challenge to myself: What I was interested in was seeing if it was possible to take French actors and not dub any of them. Vous connaissez la chanson? At the agency his co-worker Charlotte is a woman whose behaviour is both pious and ambiguous.

Finally Lionel, a hotel barman, wants the help of a voluntary carer to look after his old father, an old man who is sick and angry. This is when Charlotte arrives…. A dark work infused with solitude but not stripped of fantasy. Marcel Marceau, in his first film appearance, plays two burlesque mime roles: Alain Resnais, then aged 24, works on the film like a handyman to ensure the subterfuge and film this playful spectacle.

After a preamble showing Lucien Coutaud painting in , images filmed by Alain Resnais in 16 mm, between and Lucien Coutaud himself comments on his paintings off camera. On pouvait parler de peinture. Inspired by the example of Sacha Guitry who recorded Ceux de chez nous Those of Our Land in , and thus kept images of Monet, Degas or Renoir, Alain Resnais made a series of shorts at the age of 25, many of them remaining incomplete, on visits to artists workshops.

If the artists accepted to be filmed, they also invited me for lunch. For me Van Gogh is less a film about Van Gogh than an attempt to tell the imaginary life of a painter through his paintings. An evocation of the life of Gaugin through his paintings and writings. After the success of Van Gogh, Alain Resnais made this film on Paul Gauguin, again in black and white and using the same process: A clearly innovative treatment for the time, which makes this film a seminal work in the history of art documentaries.

Through the paintings, drawings and sculptures of Pablo Picasso, an evocation of Guernica, a small Spanish town attacked German bombers on 26 April , killing people. It starts with Guernica, and we have seen where it led. Alain Resnais and Chris Marker denounce the ethnocentric and cultural colonialism of the West through an essay on African art.

The authentic creations linked to the specificity of the pantheistic and magic cultures of these regions, particularly statues and masks, have been corrupted by colonialism, which has gradually replaced them with mass-produced and mercantile artistic activities…. Chris Marker et moi sommes partis de cette question: Chris Marker and I looked at this question: Alain Resnais was originally a film editor, and here he reveals his editing talents combining poetry and commitment. The film received the Prix Jean Vigo in , but remained banned by the censors for ten years and had a third of it cut out.

Alain Resnais looks at the tragedy of the concentration camps. This film shows how these places can be ordinary, how the extermination was rational and appalling, how the grass nevertheless grew back at a site of horror. Alain Resnais explores the place with slow, majestic tracking shots in this vertiginous labyrinth of the mind of some six million works. The switch between colour images filmed in and the black and white archive images, their being brought constantly into perspective by the dark and informative commentary, and their crescendo towards the horror of the images give this commission an astounding strength.

The film remains a reference on this subject.

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I had been a faithful reader at the Library for years, and I wanted to see what happened between filling in the form and taking out the book. The film which starts with a reverie is a sort of sentimental journey through the corridors. The role of company doctor in a large enterprise is one of a detective tracking down and identifying illnesses, thanks to knowledge of the working conditions of the patient, and determining the sources of problems dangerous machinery, toxic products to try and eradicate them.

Resnais worked on the whole preparation of the film and drew up the breakdown. He only went onto the set once or twice and only filmed a few shots, and then took over the film again for the editing. The film plunges into the cold universe of mechanics, with a photograph in the image of plastic with bright artificial colours. I also had a certain taste for the sweet and the savoury, for slightly off-beat encounters.

Using jazz as much as Schoenberg or Stravinsky as inspiration, the American composer George Gershwin brought credibility to musical comedy. The story of his life and his fame are a reflection of the magnificence of a mythical period, the splendour of Broadway. Having music in its absolute pure form, no atmosphere or text over the music ….

The film evokes contemporary history in Poland around a quote from the filmmaker: Every time that liberty is got at. These enthralling films, brought together with the agreement and support of the INA National Audiovisual Institute , have been chosen from a large body of archives of documents and television programmes. In this documentary actors and technicians explain how the filmmaker fuelled their work, made suggestions and included those of others, in this film which was a clear public success.

Shooting of the film and interviews of Alain Resnais voice off , and Claude Rich. Document on the shooting of the film Providence, punctuated with comments from Alain Resnais, interviews of Dirk Bogarde and Ellen Burstyn. Les Aventures de Harry Dickson is the screenplay of a feature that Alain Resnais did not finally shoot, and which went through a series of events before being published at the end of In Alain Resnais went on his first trip to London with the instalments of Dickson as a guide, and where he started taking location photos.

Son regard est plus vif, plus aigu que celui de la plupart de nos contemporains. When Jeanne Moreau chaired the jury of the Premiers Plans Festival it was love at first sight for her. Just like finding a house where you immediately feel at home. She went on to be heavily involved in the retrospectives on major directors Bergman, Truffaut, Malle, Pasolini and was able to bring about something really close to her heart: Her love of cinema has brought Jeanne to Premiers Plans almost as a ritual.

It is not by chance that the most emblematic of all her roles remains, over the years and throughout the world, is the one she played in Jules et Jim Just like her character Catherine, Jeanne does not like to feel closed in in any sense of the term. She personifies the desire for freedom, the movement of life, the present moment, nonconformism… and contradiction. Jeanne has never been stuck in a particular style or role: Peter Brook said that she behaved like a medium… Each character she gives life to teaches her about human nature. It is a meeting that is beyond words … Language is not a problem for Jeanne.

Do not forget that she is bilingual — as a child she spoke English with her Lancastrian mother, and it soon became a way for her to share a certain complicity and her secrets. Her work as an actress later revealed her ease in understanding and speaking other languages: In a television interview of Jeanne Moreau in 2 , Marguerite Duras started by saying that now, at the peak of her celebrity following the shooting of the highly mediatised Viva Maria!

Probably because she possesses a rare curiosity and thirst for knowledge. She has been to Japan several times one of the countries where she played Zerline , she has filmed in Africa, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Australia. She has often stayed in New York and has lived in California. She has given countless interviews in. Rome, London, Berlin, Madrid or elsewhere.

She loves going to European capitals, be it to receive awards and tributes or to honour film and those who make it. Wherever she goes Jeanne is like a missionary spreading the love of art … and life. She is not only the actress going out to people. She is also the person. About life, and about literature which has been sustenance for her for so many years. Sometimes she makes mistakes, but she recognises this, which is the sign of rare intelligence and great freedom.

Aware of the fact that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the tress, she likes to see things in their context, meaning, for instance, that she never reads a script looking only at her own role, since she is interested in the whole. She knows that the slightest event can have fundamental repercussions. Her eye is sharper than that of most of our contemporaries. Jeanne Moreau is constant renewal. She has often been likened to a phoenix, the mythical bird that always rises from its ashes, reminding us of what Cocteau said about artists, that they have no age, that they are eternally young.

This should nevertheless not stop us from wishing her a wonderful and very happy birthday! Jean-Claude Moireau has a degree in geography. Celebrity came on the screen as well with La Reine Margot , her first film in colour, which was followed by a series of films noirs… Until one really stood out from the others: We all know what followed: Not just with the New Wave… She was also recognised as an international star. This event totally shakes up Anne, as it does Chauvin, a worker she meets at the scene of the crime.

They meet again and try to imagine the circumstances surrounding this passionate drama, and gradually grow closer to each other. Based on the novel of the same name Marguerite Duras, Peter Brook relates an atypical love story and at the same time gives the portrait of a woman whose desires are awakening. Jeanne Moreau received the best actress award in Cannes for Moderato Cantabile in Giovanni and Lidia have been married for ten years. They go to the bedside of a dying friend, then onto a social evening in a luxurious villa belonging to industrialists from Milan.

They try to amuse themselves there but cannot overcome the misunderstandings that exist between them, or the fatigue and indifference they generate. Pourquoi ne pas vouloir admettre que les sentiments peuvent mourir? Antonioni A few hours in the life of a couple on the verge of breakdown, from the afternoon to the dawn, in a modern, dehumanised city. Here I observed the feelings of two people who find that they no longer love each other and are desperate about this … My heroes have three qualities which I appreciate above all: It is surprising to note the extent to which man is particularly lacking in these three qualities faced with feelings, however, we know will die one day and we accept that very well.

Why not admit that feelings can die? There he meets Eva, a courtesan he falls madly in love with, but she has chosen to lead an independent life — refusing to love and be loved. Following this constant rejection he marries Francesca, but cannot forget Eve, making his life hell Jeanne Moreau once again plays a free woman, but unlike Catherine in Jules et Jim, which she had just made, she becomes cold and hard, with a hypnotic gaze and scandalous pout. Paris, at the turn of the century, Jules and Jim are inseparable friends. On their return from Greece, they both fall in love with Catherine, who has the same smile as a statue that dazzled them on their trip.

And so begins an unusual love story where Catherine flits from one to the other without really settling on one of them. Truffaut In a free and cheerful atmosphere, Jules et Jim is an ode to love in all its forms. Jackie and Jean are brought together by chance at the casino in Nice. Jackie is a hardened gambler, she is shallow but determined, and notices the incredible luck of a simple bank clerk starting out on his gambling career. She decides to initiate the young man to gambling and stays alongside him, bringing him luck.

Jean very soon falls in love with this free-spirited loner. He stands by her despite her capriciousness, hoping that one day this beautiful and exuberant seductress will become attached to him. Elle observe au quotidien les petits travers de chacun: She has to use all her wiles and charms to gain respect in this sordid environment. Je voulais une autre musique. Il suffisait de lui demander. Jacques Demy asked Jeanne to act and to speak differently: I wanted a different music.

All I had to do was ask. The character of the chambermaid, both docile and rebellious, contrasts the narrow-minded crumbling world of the provincial petite-bourgeoisie. I have always been sensitive to the way women walk, an also to the look they have. During the boots scene, I took genuine pleasure in making her walk and filming her. She is a wonderful actress, all I had to do was to follow her, barely correcting her at all.

Both sublime and distressing in the title role Jeanne Moreau gives us one of her major character performances. Tony Richardson, a leading figure in English Free Cinema, desperately wanted to work with her and gave her a free choice in what she wanted to do. Jeanne Moreau immediately thought of a screenplay that Jean Genet had written seven years earlier and which had never been filmed.

It was snubbed by critics and audiences alike at the time, but it has become a cult film. La Grande Catherine Great Catherine says more about acting than history: Mademoiselle gives herself to the lumberjack before accusing him of rape…. Macao, in the s. Mr Clay is a rich, ageing, American merchant, living the life of a recluse only being visited by his bookkeeper Levinsky. One day he tells the story of an old man who offered a young sailor 5 guineas to have a child with his young wife. But Levinsky tells him that this story is a legend circulating among sailors. Mr Clay does everything he can for this story to come true.

His favourite themes — art, power and manipulation — reach their rarest expression; he gets closer than ever before to his characters, and the camera captures the actors in fascinating close-ups. But her determined nature wins over the favour of the father, who allows their union. The war comes and Berthe wins renown in the Resistance, before becoming the real head of the family on the death of the patriarch.

Cela explique leur aveuglement. The aim of the work was to see how the bourgeoisie always gives itself a desirable representation. Berthe is a spectator who is given access to the magical scene to become a player. I wanted to show that behind that love, it was the class that was desired. For all the characters in the family, History cannot be lived in the imagination. This explains their blindness. A gentle complicity has created a strong bond between grandmother and grand-daughter. But this year Marie has grown up a little: The action takes place on the eve of the Second World War, showing a time when the Western world changed for ever, and marking the end of childhood in this intimate chronicle whose impressionistic brushwork is reminiscent of Renoir.

Querelle, an attractive young sailor goes ashore in Brest. He wins over a crowd of shady people in a brothel in the seedy area of the port, where he finds his brother Robert, the lover of the owner Lysiane. Querelle is torn between his fascination for the enigmatic owner and the effect that he has on men in search for a little tenderness. Et dans cette histoire, Lysiane est la femme. This film by the spearhead of new German cinema caused a scandal when it was released, with the heavy homoerotic content and the disturbing climate recreated by Fassbinder from the novel by Jean Genet.

The only female character, with her phantasmagorical presence in this virile and violent universe. Jeanne Moreau considered that the bar owner had nothing of a real character: On the eve of the 21st century, technology and communication reign over the worked. Claire Tourneur is on the trail of the man she loves, Trevor Mc Phee, who is going around the world with an invention made by his father. It is a camera capable of transmitting images to the blind, and the great powers want to get their hands on it. Trevor travels to collect images for his mother, who has been blind since childhood In a village in the North of Greece, refugees of various nationalities are waiting to cross the river which serves as a border.

Alexandre, a young reporter, thinks he can recognise a Greek politician who disappeared several years earlier among them. After being a cameraman, director of photography and special effects director Guy Jacques went on to make institutional films and adverts, along with animated films such as Portrait and Uhloz Since then he has made Violetta, la reine de la moto Violetta, the Motorcycle Queen and Ze film Romain is a 30 year old photographer who seems to have succeeded in life: When he suddenly learns he is in the terminal phase of cancer, he refuses treatment, argues with those close to him without telling them about his illness and decides to go and visit his grandmother….

Rather I wanted to show the concrete reality of the situation: The challenge for him is not one of reconciling himself with others, but with himself. Nothing to do but look at the ceiling. There are three of them: In the intimacy of the swimming pool changing rooms their destinies cross and desire wells up.

If first times are unforgettable it is because they do not have any rules. Naissance des pieuvres Water Lilies deals with adolescence and sexuality in the feminine world of synchronised swimming. I wanted to deal with these moments in the raw, in the emotion rather than in the handling of feelings. Punctuated with interviews of Welles and comments by Jeanne Moreau, this documentary gives an original portrait of this great filmmaker who gives us anecdotes, ideas on the cinema and even a cooking recipe… Footage from the shooting of The Immortal Story is also included in this film which won the short film Golden Bear in Berlin in Jeanne Moreau performs 22 poems by Norge, set to music by M.

Nora Wilder Parker Posey is a thirty-something Manhattanite who is cynical about love and relationships. After a series of disastrous first dates, she meets Julien Melvil Poupaud , a seemingly devil-may-care Frenchman with a passion for living. Excepting another disastrous ending, Nora tries to avoid making the same mistakes. She finds herself in Paris looking to break old patterns. Inevitably, Nora has to look inward before she can find a new outlook on life and most importantly, love.

Zoe Cassavetes, a multi-talented artist, has worked in many facets of filmmaking. She began her career by creating and hosting the experimental digital video show High Octane with longtime friend Sofia Coppola. The short achieved "cult classic" status and critical acclaim in the United States and France.

Zoe has extensive commercial directing experience with varied clients such as Chase Manhattan Bank and designer Anna Sui, and music videos for Duncan Sheik and Nancy Boy. She has also recently completed a video for comedian Chris Rock. She has also just completed directing an in-house video for hotel mogul Andre Balazs, as well as three minute short advertisement for French handbag company Lamarthe in the Nouvelle Vague style starring Elletra Rossellini.

This encounter will provide a possibility to compare the experiences of a young American director with those of the new European filmmakers that Jeanne Moreau trains during the Ateliers d'Angers. Fontana is a millionaire industrialist from Milan. He hires a private detective to investigate the past of his wife Paula. Tired of his urban lifestyle, Paola wants to return to Guido and sees Fontana as a barrier to her happiness….

Distant directing, no close ups or reverse angles, the shots are highly composed and the camera movements independent of the characters. Here I observed the feelings of two people who find that they no longer love each other and are desperate about this. They are courageous enough, particularly the woman, to look this truth in the face, and to try to stay together. My heroes have three qualities which I appreciate above all: After a period abroad Anna, her young son Johan and her Ester return to Sweden.

They stop off in a rundown deserted luxury hotel, in a desolate country at war where they do not understand the language. Anna is a sensual young woman, who wanders the streets and calms her appetite with fleeting encounters which torment Ester, who she knows jealously loves her. Ester is a tormented intellectual, she is ill and sexually frustrated and drowns her illness and repression in alcohol. Sitemap

Johan stands powerlessly by as he watches this double degeneration. Or rather we live in the illusion that we have everything. But in the middle of this very full life we have a massive vacuum, the lost illusion of God, a need for intellectual security coming to compensate all the insufficiencies of material or social security. This emptiness and everything that people invent to fill this emptiness that I describe in my films and I think that it is a way of making committed films in terms of contemporary problems, and even the only fundamental problem: Harry and Monika, two teenagers from working class neighbourhoods in Stockholm, decide to flee the suffocating reality of the city.

For a summer, they live out their love on an island, until life catches up with them The unexpected and the little miracles which happen are the lot of each edition, and contribute to that particular alchemy which creates the excitement and effervescence of these events.

Every day spectators are faced with cruel choices, along with the worry of not being in the right place that day. Hence the sincere enthusiasm they bring to the scene and the discussions, above and beyond what their films have brought. Now it was our turn to be faced with a plethora of first works picked out with varying points of view and selected since , out of which we had to choose about 20 titles.

After serious thought we decided not to go down the path of just prize winners or systematically choosing one film for each past edition. We had different ambitions. We wanted to show something subjective, to show through a simple list of films what could commonly be called a point of view, an editorial line or the spirit of Premiers Plans, which has always simply shown a genuine taste for exploration and suggestion.

Despite being years apart, miles apart and kept apart by borders which have come down to a certain extent since , the films communicate with each other, reply to each other, no doubt connected by a. Others focus on solitude Pigalle, Death of a Neapolitan Mathematician, The Cherry Tree or celebrate the collective spirit in the face of a world which is increasingly harsh and cruel Blame it on Voltaire, Stesti, twentyfourseven. Above and beyond their many points in common, these films are connected by the fragility and energy of a first time.

Sometimes the directors have put everything into these first works, which are never mean or calculating, without knowing whether they would make a second. Come and re- see all the wonderful promises…! Venez re voir toutes ces belles promesses! Ten years later, Roland is released from prison. He returns home to find his brother, who has got married and become the prosperous owner of the now modernised farm. They become overwhelmed by the trivial event of the beginning.

Between a western and a claustrophic play, the trio develops surrounded by vast open spaces which reinforce the heavy atmosphere, unspoken frustrations but ternderness as well. But without concessions, without any possible or impossible dreams. The true story of Irish painter and writer Christy Brown, who was born into a large family in Dublin. Suffering from spasmodic paralysis, he overcame this terrible handicap with the love of his mother and the support of his therapist.

He painted and wrote the story of his life with his left foot. My Left Foot is not a film about disability, but about the life of a disabled person, about the destiny of someone diminished physically but not spiritually. Born in in Dublin, Jim Sheridan started as an art director in the theatre. He has written several plays and is a graduate of the New York Film School. Patrick has tried to commit suicide. The family gathers in a house in the country, the spare beds are got out, the rooms are allocated, people talk, people argue. Everyone is waiting for news from the hospital, waiting for Patrick to decide to die.

An intimate and claustrophobic story of a family finding an even balance between harmony and discomfort. His first film La Vie des morts, was discovered in Angers in where he won the Grand Prix for best screenplay. With La Vie des morts we can see the birth not only of a filmmaker, but of a whole generation of actors, directors and technicians: He made his first film, Nord North , which was selected in Angers in , at the age of In a village in deepest Russia, three very different brothers are united by poverty and their problems in finding their place in society.

The story takes place in during Moscow Olympics. By placing the action in , Lidia Bobrova uses a sort of faraway counterpoint to reveal the coercive nature of a society which nevertheless has a foreshadowing of decline. Between dark realism and folk nostalgia, the leitmotiv song Oy, vi, gusi Hey, You Geese symbolises an idyllic period which is forever gone. Lidia Bobrova was born in Russia in She graduated in history at the University of Leningrad, and gave up teaching to study scriptwriting at the VGIK, the Moscow cinema school.

Hey, You Geese is her graduation script, but it was rejected for being too far from official ideology. With the arrival of Perestroika, her screenplay was published ten years later and then produced by Lenfilm, the studio of the experimental filmmaker Aleksei German, in The evocation of the last six days in the life of Renato Caccioppoli, a respectable mathematician and leading figure in Italian communism in the s.

After becoming disillusioned and an alcoholic, he roams through Naples and finishes by committing suicide. Je ne sais pas. Shot with a yellow filter, the film takes on a sort of timelessness, and is bathed in a dusklike light. At the beginning, I only wanted to film one day, but I would not have been able to include all the ingredients. I also had the impression that each day gave him another reason to commit suicide.

What triggers off this decision? When he made this film, Mario Martone already had a long stage directing career behind him, during which he set up his famous troupe Falso Movimiento, today called Teatri Uniti, which performs combining music, film and visual arts. Three friends living together take on a fourth flatmate. Not long after they find him dead next to a suitcase stuffed with banknotes. Faced with a moral dilemma, they decide to keep the money and get rid of the body.

Pigalle is a strange and magical place peopled with dealers and drag artists, strippers and pimps. That is where Fifi, a young pickpocket, will love and lose Divine, a victim of underworld rivalries. He meets Vera, a stripper, but their story becomes complicated in this world of heightened passions and revenge. Karim Dridi gives us an almost documentary view of life in a neighbourhood, a social reality. Karim Dridi was born in He wrote 15 noted short screenplays before shooting several of them: His first feature, Pigalle, was selected for Angers and Venice.

The Gelliner Valley, to the south of Valencia. A village lost in the mountains, during one winter. People coming and going, lives criss-crossing, each character showing their secret wounds, their unspoken dreams, the failed loves or their fear of death. Like the lives of my characters, cinema is struggle against the relentless erosion of memory, of the constant movement of time which strips everything back. A prolific director from an early age, Marc Recha made his first experimental feature, El Cielo sube, at 21, it won several prizes in Spain.

The Cherry Tree is his first drama feature, and was in the competition selection in Angers in Vingt-quatre heures sur vingt-quatre. In the disillusioned England of the Thatcher years, Alan Darcy is an inspired visionary. He is convinced that he can help the youth of the town, which is faced with rival gang wars. He sets up a boxing club and organises training sessions during which he shakes up, challenges and encourages the young people.

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Born in , Shane Meadows grew up in Uttoxeter, a small town in the Midlands which was hard hit by the free-market policies of the s. He left school as a teenager and did odd-jobs before finally studying acting and photography.

Disappointed in the school system, Shane Meadows discovered directing as a volunteer worker in a local cinema. At weekends he would borrow a video camera and learn directing techniques by making shorts. Following in the vein of social realism, Meadows is today considered as a rising star in English cinema, in the footsteps of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh. The story of a boy called Azate in a small mountain village in Central Asia, of his games, of the first stirrings of his emotions. Time is fleeting and it is only by turning round that you become aware of its gestures, its actions, its emotions.

The film is original in that it mixes black and white and colour. The school then helps them to progress in the professional world. George, a teenager, is trying to overcome the sudden loss of his best friend Chris. Is Chris a hallucination too or could it be more than that? What if friendship were greater than death? His passion for directing led to the birth of projects containing a very peculiar style which is fully exploited in Yeah Yeah Yeah, his graduation film, selected in the official competition of Premiers Plans in Founded in , the National Film and Television School welcomes approximately sixty students a year.

It offers two-year programmes in nine departments: The NFTS also offers a one-year programme in TV directing and production, and a one- to two-year screenwriting programme. George est un adolescent qui essaye de surmonter la perte soudaine de son meilleur ami Chris. Dans la chambre de son appartement new-yorkais, Charles Lewis, trompettiste de jazz, doit choisir entre sa vie de couple et son amour pour la musique.

Pietro, a 15 year old boy from Calabria, is faced with the difficulty of becoming a man in a region dominated by the mafia and the law of silence. In a New York appartament bedroom, Charles Lewis, Jazz trumpeter, must decide between life with his partner, or the love of his music. He returned to Italy where he continued studying at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, in the directing department. His first short, Troppo Vento, won several awards. He arrived in Spain in where he started out as an illustrator and graphic novelist.

He was involved in the shorts Hambre and Jirafas as a colourist. Jazz Song is his first work as a director. Established en as the Experimental Cinematografy Center, the Nationa Film School today offers courses for the various film professions: Created in , the ECAM provides its students with three-year programmes in animation, directing, artistic management, photography, script writing, acting, editing, production, sound and makeup. The classes combine both theory and practice. Quelques jours dans la vie de Kadidja Osake, qui recueille chez elle une femme malade et sans papiers.

A few days in the life of Kadidja Osake who welcomes into his home an illegal immigrant women. Sarah, jeune femme juive orthodoxe, est sur le point de se marier. Sarah is a young orthodox Jewish woman who is about to be married. As the wedding approaches she is faced with the strict rules of her culture and serious illness of her mother. Kadidja Osake is his graduation film. Born in Israel, Miri Shapiro currently lives in London. Miri Shapiro is currently working on the development of the screenplay of her first feature. Its programme lasts two years.

The instruction is given by cinema professionals. They have been taken to gentler climes where labour costs are minimal. The film draws a picture of Lilli, a young opiate addict, by looking at her diaries in which she vividly conveys her feelings, perceptions and fantasies until the age of Paul Calori was born in in Marseille. Oliwia Tonteri was born in and is of Polish origin. Lilli is her third documentary film, after Laboratorywoman in and Kontrakt in Kostia Testut was born in Its goal is to offer the future producers and distributors a realistic and concrete image of contemporary approaches to scriptwriting, financing, production, distribution and marketing in Europe.

The University of Art and Design Helsinki is an international university dedicated to design, audiovisual communication, art education and art. It is the largest university of its kind in Scandinavia and has a strong and active international presence. Grzegorz Muskala was born in Poland in His family moved in Germany in He studied drama, film and television sciences in Cologne from to Founded in , the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin offers a four-year programme on directing, photography and production.

Since , its students can follow a two-year scriptwriting programme. Each year, the Academy welcomes 34 students, often including students from many different countries.

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Jelena and Milan are going to a house in the mountains for a weekend. Jelena starts looking for him and gets lost in the snowy wood He studied cinema at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is an important higher education department in the fields of drama, cinema, radio and television. The Faculty is divided into two departments: His father is very ill and is unable to handle the daily work on the farm. But he is easily distracted by his 6-year-old sister, who is still enjoying the carefree days of childhood, regarding the farm as her playground.

A man goes from one woman to another in a night club. He seems to be looking for something, or someone.

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Everything seems to be slipping away from him. However, a young woman joins him on the way home. Sonia is part of the Slovakian Rom community. She became interested in the Rom community through various photography and other projects during her training. She decided to continue her training by joining the post-doctoral programme. The stand-alone Film and Television Faculty was established in as the only University level school for audiovisual media in Slovakia.

The Academy offers a complete film and television education in eight departments: Alex Pastor Vallejo was born in Barcelona in While he was there he made the short La ruta natural, which won awards in several festivals, including Angers in He is currently finishing his first feature Carriers, shot in the US with his brother David.

He has tried various techniques and experiments. He has taken part in a several films and exhibitions, and is currently continuing his training in the FAMU animation department. Lita Roig E mail: The curriculum is divided in two cycles. In the first one 2 years , the classes are general. The second one 2 years , is specified according to the speciality of the student.

The different specialities that the school offers are: An impossible love story between a man who has decided to live horizontally and a woman who lives vertically. Five year programmes are offered to its students in eight different departments: Johnny Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland in Since graduating from the course, Johnny has joined Nexus Productions in London as a Director, where he will make advertisements and music videos as well as short films.

Time stands still as well for the passengers. It welcomes approximately eleven students each year for its two-year programme. In addition to directing workshops where students acquire the diverse techniques of animation, the students can attend screenings, seminars and debates.

Created in the mids, the experimental animation film workshop at the La Cambre National School of Visual Arts offers a five-year programme within which its students can develop and promote their various works. Each student enjoys the freedom to choose their projects, but assumes a corresponding responsibility in the organisation of their work. When there she made Zoei, the Gothic Girl, which was selected for several festivals.

The SzFE was founded in It offers three-year BA and two-year MA programmes in film and television directing, cinematography, production, editing, sound, TV broadcasting and programme supervision. Marc Reisbig was born in and grew up in Norway. He studied graphic arts before joining the Royal College of Art where he won his Animation diploma in June In , he directed A Revolution in Kindness.

Time is Running Out is his graduation film. In a luxury product shop she notices an attractive young woman trying on a skirt. She decides to buy it. The film explores the reaction of the inhabitants of a world in danger, faced with the imminent disaster threatening them. One man tries to stop the inevitable from happening. Teresa, 15, has met her Syrian cousin, 32, just once in her life.

Surprisingly he appears in Berlin and needs to stay in her flat for one night. After a cramped day and a sleepless night they start to become friends. Teresas Zimmer est son dernier film. Constanze Knoche was born in Magdeburg in From to , she studied dramaturgy in Leipzig and Vienna. Between and , she worked as a drama advisor for various films and theatre productions. In , she began studying directing at the Konrad Wolf Film School in Potsdam-Babelsberg, where she directed various short films, such as Effi, selected in Angers in Teresas Zimmer is her latest film.

With a student-body of more than , it offers courses in directing, screenwriting, editing and animation. A house hunting couple isn't aware that their future is already being planned in the other room. Training emphasises both the different techniques of animation, including computer aided animation, and the different stages of production. From one day to the next Inga is left alone with two younger siblings.

She has to run away from the welfare worker who wants to place her in an emergency shelter for chidren He graduated from many schools: He directed several films during his different graduations. The school runs feature fiction and documentary courses. The training is based on project development and practical issues. Students develop their scripts, at the same time direct numerous scenes, fragments and sequences from their scripts, work with different photographers, editors and sound engineers, test actors, dialogues, and turning points.

Under Construction explores the human implications of the Shanghai Planning Office and the operations of its Property Developers. Photographs are composed and animated with documentary shots; the film proposes a voyage through the destruction of a district of the city…. Zhenchen Liu was born in in Shanghai. He works a great deal on the subjects of urbanisation, modernisation, and the development of China. Founded in , the national studio of contemporary art is a public school for advanced art and audio-visual students.

Its creation and organisation were entrusted to Alain Fleisher, its current director. Mais en ces jours de grande chaleur, il questionne son engagement. Giacomo is completing his studies at the seminary. While Giacomo walks the roads going out to meet people, the heart of the country is beating to the rhythm of the football world cup. He has made two films at the school: Following a break-up, 28 year old student Iris has to find a job. She is taken on by a strange old man.

Her work consists of describing everyday objects packed away in little white boxes, which soon become reminiscent of her own wounds. Marie Kreutzer was born in in Graz. She studied Romance languages and German from to in Graz and Vienna. From , she studied screenwriting and drama at the Vienna Film Academy.

While there she made several short films, including Un peu beaucoup. The audiovisual and film department created in of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts offers a two-step programme: Each student can then go on to specialise in directing, photography, editing, screenplay writing or production. Fake memories of a relationship are coming up in the semiconscious state of being awake and asleep. A surrealistic comedy on the media and on lies.

A film on the fascination a child has for his father. Here he was, that blind man. We put an helmet on his head, to see what is inside. But dark is not empty. Radio Kebrle is his graduation film. Following this film, Matthieu Buchalski opened up to new techniques and cultivated his taste for animated film, and continued writing new film projects. Jean-Michel Drechsler, after the Camera Obscura experience, wanted to continue making films and perhaps teach one day.

Thierry Onillon, wants to continue writing and finding new artistic projects in animation and live shows. He lives and works in London. Being controlled by time can take its toll. The day-to-day life of a little boy living in Dachau. The poetic memories of an old man of a time when he received the unexpected visit of a sheep from heaven, bringing fortune to the village. Three characters from a circus and their ostrich are threatened with expulsion.

Niebla is his first film, produced as part of his studies. Born in in Switzerland, Dustin Rees grew up in the UK and returned to his native country at the age of He studied animation at the Lucerne Arts and Design University. They talk about Hemingway, Wild at Heart and Spinoza Yorkshireman Martin Pickles spent some years studying literature, creating graphic novels, painting and designing theatre sets.

He moved to London to earn his living and is today studying at the Royal College of Art. Jean is the latest in a series of short films made for his diploma project ; it was made in two weeks. The statue of a soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. How will society react to such an anomaly? John Kenn Mortensen a 29 ans et travaille comme illustrateur.

John Kenn Mortensen is 29 and works as an illustrator. During his studies at The Animation Workshop in Denmark he made several shorts, including Fishing with Spinoza, and graduated in animation. David Peros Bonnot was born in Zagreb in Soldat is his first short. From a little further, where the imagination re-invents the food chain…. Painting on plain super 8 film and digital music. A synaesthetic experience through the rhythmical interaction of pictorial symbols with music. Marina Rosset was born in in Lausanne.

Nikolaus Jantsch was born in in Linz. After studying sociology and painting, he made several experimental animation films in Vienna and got his diploma in Das Internationale, Photon is his latest short, made as part of his studies. A young woman goes for a walk in the place she used to go as a child. Near the sea she gradually realises that her memories are not as pleasant as she would have wished them to be.

He now works as a motion designer and is developing animation projects. Three brothers live in a remote forest glade. One day, when the youngest of the three has to go into the forest, his fear is so great that he keeps his eyes closed and trips over a bear. A central character, travelling in a train, becomes a window into a dimension where words come alive, truths are revealed, and wishes remain just that.

Tess Martin is from the US but grew up in Europe and is currently working in the UK where she animates paper and gives other materials a new existence. A film created from work done in a drawing workshop with mentally disabled people. A journey through their worries, their spontaneity and their stories.

Eugenia Mumenthaler was born in in Argentina. David Epiney was born in Geneva in After a diploma in animation and computer graphics he worked as a graphic artist and made the animated film Galeries. A young boy follows his sister into a field as she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. Lost in the strange world of the cornfield, the siblings experience both fear and love, learning both more about themselves and their relationship as brother and sister.

Capsule et Youth is Reassuring, avant Milk Teeth. Capsule and Youth is Reassuring, before Milk Teeth. When sharing the same body, and devoid of any musical talent, taking the lift takes on a new light. Osman Cerfon was born in Five stories of the abduction and detention of Eastern-European and African women, told in the first person by a customs officer, a door-to-door saleswoman, a nightclub director, a diplomat and a taxi driver. Stories of false promises, debts, coercion and violence — such are the mechanisms underlying women-trafficking networks.

Her work explores the boundaries between fiction and documentary. Kurz davor ist es passiert is her first feature and has been shown in several festivals. Abandoned by her divorced parents, Isabelle finds herself out on the street. Isabelle gradually loses the power of speech. Born in Dijon in , Nathalie Boutefeu studied drama at the Conservatoire national de Strasbourg from to An extravagant and crazy musical journey Northern Scotland.

Vincent is a tortured dreamer who wants to start a travelling disco in this region which is hostile from all points of view. He finds himself having to cope with the harsh realities of the Highlands, its vast landscapes and the incorrigible smugness of the inhabitants. Christian, alias Chrigu, 24, is in the terminal phase of cancer. With the help of his best friend Jan and his DV camera he relates his daily life.

The film is presented as a puzzle mixing the past and the present, some sequences filmed by Jan, others by Chrigu himself. The spectator travels from image to image, from holidays in the India to concerts of Chrigus group, from the family universe to the circle of friends. Chrigu paints a portrait full of life of an ambitious young man, and also of a friendship. Laurin Federlein was born in Germany in Since he has lived in London where he studied art at Central St.

His animation and videos have been shown in various exhibitions in Norway, Germany and the UK. His graduation film London, a funny and melancholic journal on the first impressions of a foreigner in London was presented at Premiers Plans in Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness was presented at the last Rotterdam festival. In his film Mit Kanonen auf Krebse he talks about the process of his chemotherapy.

Jan Gassman was born in Langau am Albis, close to Zurich. After a few years in the world of television he moved across to Documentary filmmaking. Trips to India, Senegal, or South America resulted in films. Est-ce le jour ou bien la nuit? A man is walking. Or on the contrary, I am walking. Is it day or night? If you believe what you see it is a dark, cold forest. A forest — really?

Or rather, where am I? And what about them, what are they doing there? It looks just like far distant land. Yes, someone is walking, and it is me, and my road is long, and night is falling. He has lived for several years with the Wodani of the highlands of New Guinea, where he made Eux et moi and Le Ciel dans un jardin The growing pains of adolescence, and the attempts of a young man to disengage from an overbearing mother. Astried Riger was born in in Romania. After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Offenbach, she has worked freelance since Mammal is her first short since finishing her studies.

He studied in Norway, and cinema in Cuba. Seven men experience aspects of their masculinity: In parallel to his job as a performer, he has been a stage director several times, he has made short films and is the joint-author of Margo, by the Archaos company. His professional experience nurtures his cinematographic research; he therefore takes up human questions and touches upon the nature of human frailty by working in depth on what the body can express.

Hezurbeltzak is a Basque word which does not appear in any dictionary. It is an inexistent word indicating, pejoratively, a group of people who are socially invisible. Hezurbeltzak, una fosa comun est son premier film. She is specialised in painting and more particularly in animation. Her thesis was on the theme of antiheroes and their representation in modern art. She exhibits regularly in the Bilbao Epelde-Mardaras Gallery and runs animation workshops for children. Hezurbeltzak, una fosa comun is her first film. In the 19th century, an isolated house, a professor cares for a strange patient.

After studying interior design and communication at the Boulle School in Paris, Laura Gozlan was awarded a Masters in stage design and cinematography in Helsinki in Her film Quando corpus morietur was made during her studies at Le Fresnoy. Exit la ville est son premier film. Pauline Kalioujny was born in Paris. Before going into animation she worked in illustration, photography and images. Exit la ville is her first film. Au Sud du Liban, on trouve parfois de curieux objets dans le sol. In the South of Lebanon, you might find strange object under the ground, so strange that you lose your job and you lose yourself.

Wissam Charaf was born in Beirut in Between and he worked for Lebanese and foreign radio and TV channels, and then as a video editor up until when he moved to Paris. He went on to work as a cameraman, assistant director, editor and scriptwriter. In he wrote the script for his first short, Hizz Ya Wizz, which was shown at Premiers Plans in I stop when she moves in her sleep. And I repeat it again. Until the tip of her finger becomes white. With a razor blade, I make a very little incision.

Antoine Barraud is a screenwriter and script doctor. His first short, Monstre, was shown in Angers in A small student town in the South, at the end of June. Two benches, a piece of chewing gum, a student waiting for her exam results, a strange young man hanging around, another one elsewhere is bored. Skin is sweaty, skirts are short, streets are narrow and twist back on themselves always bringing you back to the same place. A beautiful day to meet someone. Together with his girlfriend Liliane, Bruno pays a visit to his father who lives alone in the countryside.

He wants to introduce Liliane to him and ask him for some money. Born in Paris in , Arthur Harari studied cinema at University. From the age of 17 to 21 he co-directed several super8 shorts with his brother Tom Harari. Des jours dans la rue, his first 35 mm short, was presented in Angers in He then made another video short, Le Petit.

A man and his son live at the top of a precipitous peak. They are only connected to the outside world by a bridge. The bridge is destroyed and the characters are totally cut off from the rest of humanity. One night the child sees the twinkling lights of a town in the distance. His first short outside the school, Le Portefeuille, won awards in several festivals, including Angers in An actor reads aloud the entire script, in the presence of its author, of a yet unmade feature film.

Two of these readings will be recorded and broadcast on France Culture in May Above and beyond a simple recording or broadcast, we wanted to Denis Podalydes use these recordings to make these writer-directors aware of the radio and the space given over to drama on our station. We also wanted to open up radio drama to new writing, recreating the bond between radio and cinema, opening up the field of writing to scriptwriters.

After each recording we met the authors and invited them to work on the radio, and each one of them produced a high quality radio project. David Oelhoffen adapted a work of Antonio Lobo Antunes for the radio, which will soon be produced. We wanted to continue inviting people and last year recorded Alain Monne and Pierre Shoeller.

It is therefore a kind of exchange. The writers are invited to follow the finalisation of the recording in Angers with a radio producer, and can therefore get an initial insight into radiophonics, before starting, if they wish, a radio project of their own that we can commission from them. Above all it is a question of creating links with these writers by providing them with a space for creation and for radio to be fuelled with this new writing, thus adding to the world of the theatre that it knows well already, the world of cinema.

This year the festival is paying tribute to Jeanne Moreau. France Culture has worked closely with her at the Avignon Festival and is very happy to be involved in this celebration! David Kessler Directeur de France Culture. Every year, the Festival reading committee chooses five first feature film scripts from among the following:. Les Rwandais s'entretuent et les Occidentaux quittent le pays. Kigali in the first days of the genocide. Rwandans are killing each other and Westerners are leaving the country.

Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman who is a nanny in a Belgian family, finds herself alone and abandoned. She flees from the massacres, but arrives too late to save her children and takes refuge in the forest. There she meets another escapee. Isolated in the woods, one fights for their survival while the other drifts towards death. Reclus dans leur maison, les Klein attendent et redoutent le retour de Jean…. Abou Maher lives in Damascus with his wife and their two children.

He is a sensitive and generous mechanical engineer, who is driven by unemployment to become a taxi driver between Damascus and Beirut. One day he meets Diana, a Lebanese nurse, and lives a love story with her.

Le voyage de Rabia, selected in Angers in , was his first fiction film and Six histoires ordinaires his latest documentary On the first day, Jean, the younger son, is thrown out. Threatening, he goes to the chalet of Nils and Ida for a hunting party. On the second day, he learns to kill. He is accused, but disappears into the mountains with a gun. On the third day, there is torrential rain. In the evening, the storm abates. While there he made Judas and Dormeurs for which he travelled to Algeria twice — having grown up in Tamanrasset until Again in he made his first short, Ombre, influenced by old silent films.

During the next two years at the Studio national du Fresnoy graduating in , he continued his directing research with La Plaine, selected and awarded in Angers in , then Yeux. After a hold-up he takes refuge in Spain. Life is not easy, just a long slow drift into alcohol. Jacques Sechaud has worked as first assistant director in the cinema and also as assistant director and director in the theatre.

Suerte is his first feature project. Anna, 14, leaves her boarding school to go back to her village for the Easter holidays, during which she is to receive the sacrament of confirmation, the final step in her Catholic commitment. When she arrives, she finds that her father has left the house. Anna is stifled by this claustrophobic and sad atmosphere. Overwhelmed by her desire for a boy, feeling that she is distancing herself from God, she finds refuge with her grandfather.

The old man, a pleasure-seeking atheist, lives out his final moments with the young girl. For the first time, these screenplay readings will be put to the audience vote. The winning screenplay will be pre-bought by France 2 Histoires courtes. These readings will be recorded and broadcast on France Culture in May In partnership with the SACD. Since its creation in , the Adami has devoted itself to serving artists and performers. A portion of its fees is used to help and promote artistic creation, live performance, and professional training.

In particular, it accompanies new talent through the first steps of their careers: These short films later serve as veritable business cards for those chosen. While this visit stirs up trouble in the family harmony, bit by bit we understand that the young woman has come to settle some accounts and face a painful past.

The screenplays were chosen from the projects supported by France 2, or by the full committee of the CNC this year. Driss, a black 21 year old, is acting in a porn film for the first time. On the set the director pushes him to be violent with Joana, a pretty 26 year old. Driss feels guilty, but Joana seems to be totally impervious to the violence she has suffered. After the shoot, Driss follows her in Paris…. In the search for his lost manhood, Didier goes from disappointment to bad encounters and falls into a deep depression.

Bit by bit his search for sex fades to give way to the search for his identity as a man. Will the surprise return of his son help him look differently at what binds him to women? Following two years studying fine arts in Bergen, Norway, he worked in Oslo as an illustrator, graphic artist and artistic director. In he became interested in directing and went on to make several shorts, which were selected for and won prizes in several festivals: Since with his first feature, Hiroshima mon amour, he has constantly wrong-footed even his most loyal audiences with each new film.

The combination of opposites is even at the very centre of his cinema. His seventeen features are all as many variations on the balance between the solemn and the flippant, the rational and the inexplicable.