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These theatrical performances were attended by hundreds of students from the Columbus area. I was also very active in the Buckeye chapter of AATSP and became its secretary since I have always believed that when I join an organization I should participate in its work. In addition, I zealously pursued my doctoral studies which involved several car trips to New York City which would take about 15 hours for the mile trip. During one of those trips I met Rozlyn, who became my wife.

My six years at Ohio State was an invaluable apprenticeship. I learned a lot from my colleague Steve Gilman and later from Carlos Blanco Aguinaga who shared a basement office with me. At that time, the MLA conventions were much smaller than now and there were fewer opportunities to have a paper accepted in the relatively small number of Spanish sessions that were in the annual program. After finishing the Ph. This was a painful but necessary step in order to fulfill myself in my career.

I have written this message in January but as your president I am obliged to look forward to the annual meeting in August. This is my one and only chance to remind you to come to Phoenix, the site of a meeting which promises to be one of the dandiest we will have had. I look forward to seeing you there. Although the award has been presented before, this is the first time that it has been given to someone in the humanities. In , the awards committee of the Modern Language Association of America, giving its first annual Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize, noted on the engrossed certificate:.

A Theory of Latin American Narrative suggests that Latin American legal, naturalist, anthropological, and ethnographic writings have heretofore unexamined connections with more familiar literary narratives, for which they serve as "archive" and "myth".

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Even before the fellowship, Martin had taken a course on Islamic Spain and the Arabic influence. During her six-week independent study, she spent 40 hours each week reading about varied themes relating to Her bibliography of readings covered materials from the 15th century through the 20th. Para muchos, el nombre del Dr.

The citation for the award reads as follows:. Quevedo, Cervantes, and Seventeenth Century Spanish Culture is a major contribution to the field of peninsular literary studies. Making masterly use of a variety of major theories, the author traces the conflicting forms of discourse in Spain's past and caps his performance with a searching look at the conditions under which Quevedo's poetry and Cervantes's Quixote were written.

D from the University of California, Irvine. Popular Culture in Latin America. Faced with the task of defining a notoriously eclectic field that includes orally transmitted ballads, ritual performance, popular religion, telenovelas , and rock music, the authors combine detailed scrutiny of specific genres with discussions of general issues such as modernization, populism, and the role of popular memory as an archive in times of violence and repression. Schelling has lived in Colombia, Brazil, Germany, and, since , in England. The members of the Kovacs Prize Committee gave honorable mention in the competition for the prize to Maria G.

Mildenberger Prize to Elizabeth B. Theoretical, Empirical and Classroom Perspectives. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding research publication in the field of teaching foreign languages and literatures. The citation for the book reads:. Designed as a study of second language reading research, and based on a thorough knowledge of the entire spectrum of scholarship on the subject, Elizabeth Bernhardt's book offers a principled approach to theory, research, and instruction in a second-language reading.

Bernhardt has been a visiting professor in the graduate program of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Previously, she taught German at the University of Pittsburgh.

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D in second languages and cultures from the University of Minnesota. Her prizewinning book was published in ; a second book, Life in Language Immersion Classrooms , appeared in Barbara Mujica, Georgetown University, has won the E. The selection was made by a distinguished panel of authors headed by E. Mujica is also author of a novel, The Deaths of Don Bernardo. Her collection of short stories, Far from My Mother's Home , will be published by Floricanto next year.

She has also published several anthologies of Hispanic literature, including Texto y vida: In one of her essays was selected as one of the fifty best op-ed pieces of the decade by The New York Times. Mujica is an Associate Editor of Hispania. NEH Summer Stipends provide support for faculty and staff members in universities and in two-year, four-year, and five-year colleges; for staff members in libraries, museums, and historical societies; for independent scholars; and for other persons working in the humanities so that they can devote two consecutive months of full-time study and research to their projects.

An applicant's project may be one that can be completed during the stipend tenure, or it may be part of a long-range endeavor. There is no travel requirement in a Stipend application. In this case, applicants will need to explain the purpose of the travel and its necessity to the project. Application deadline is October 1, ; announcement of awards is mid-March The American Council of Learned Societies in a national competition in which applications were considered has awarded forty-six Fellowships for periods of six months to one year for postdoctoral research in the humanities and related social sciences.

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ACLS is a private, non-profit federation of fifty-two scholarly associations devoted to the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning. Fellowships relevant to the Hispanic world are as follows:. Douglass on behalf of the 25th anniversary of the Basque Studies Program. With the original goal of investigating the impact of the Basque immigrant on the Great Basin, the program grew into a research center with a library of 25, volumes. Along the way, bibliographer Jon Bilbao published his multi-volume magnus opus entitled Eusko Bibliographia , lexicographers compiled a Basque-English English-Basque dictionary; both a minor for undergraduates and a tutorial Ph.

In addition, students occasionally benefited from an occasional summer studies abroad program. Basque Studies Newsletter October The John Carter Brown Library at Brown University has awarded fellowships to 21 scholars for the academic year. Several relate to the Hispanic world:.

Fellowships are of two types:. The library will also receive applications for long-term Fellowships funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent agency of the U. Applicants for NEH Fellowships must be American citizens or have been resident in the United States for the three years immediately preceding the term of the Fellowship. Graduate students are not eligible for NEH Fellowships. Recipients of all Fellowships are expected to be in regular residence at the John Carter Brown Library and to participate in the intellectual life of Brown University.

Therefore, preference may be given to applicants able to take up the Fellowship during the course of the academic year, September to May. For qualified scholars who wish to use the collections of the John Carter Brown Library for periods of less than two months, the Library has funds available for small, travel reimbursement grants.

The deadline for submission of applications is January 15, Awards will be announced before March 15, The John Carter Brown library is an outstanding collection of primary materials relating to virtually all aspects of the discovery, exploration, settlement, and development of the New World. From its beginnings in when the eminent collector John Carter Brown began to concentrate on the early history of the Americas, the Library has grown to include 54, printed books, major collections of maps and prints, and a large number of manuscript codices.

While terminal dates vary from area to area, the collections range from the late fifteenth century to about The National Endowment for the Humanities produces a variety of publications to keep potential applicants and grantees and the general public abreast of agency programs and activities. Humanities Magazine , the Endowment's bimonthly review of current work and thought in the humanities, is available for subscription through the Government Printing Office.

However, other publications are free:. Timeless Classics , booklist.

Visor de obras.

Please enclose a self-addressed mailing label when requesting information. A Bilingual Journal of International Studies. This new journal focuses upon the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of the Texas-Mexican border. Published semi-annually as a follow-on the earlier Portuguese Studies Newsletter , the new journal welcomes manuscripts relating to Portugal or Lusophone Africa in English or Portuguese from scholars of all disciplines. Colonial Latin American Historical Review. The scope of the journal is and the editor is Joseph P. He solicits original documented essays of a maximum pages in either English or Spanish.

Languages of the World.

Las 100 mejores poesías de amor de la lengua castellana. J. Francisco Peña

It includes the Linguistic News Lines , a medium for linguists of various disciplines. To participate in the Linguistic News Lines just send in a circular of your organization's conference, a sample of your newsletter or new journal, a report on your current research project of your organization, an ad of your job offer, your private linguistic advertisement or any information you want to be published.

Hispania. Volume 76, Number 2, May | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Although the editors are especially interested in studies on their works, they will also consider general approaches dealing with theoretical and ideological topics bearing on feminists issues and their relationship to Catalan culture. Manuscripts may be in English or Catalan. Phone , ext. MacArthur Foundation to create a database of information about video tapes including films on tape made by Latin Americans and U.

A directory including basic information about these tapes such as titles, year produced, length, director, U. Each entry will be indexed by country, Spanish title, English title and subject. IMRE is currently in the process of identifying and obtaining copies of Latin American work to be included in the directory. In order to identify which programs would be useful in education, academics from various disciplines, at institutions around the U.

Yet more volunteers are needed. Proposals are sought for essays to be included in Teaching the New Canon: Students, Teachers, and Texts in the Multicultural Classroom , project to be placed with a major professional or university press. The editor seeks essays which deal with course design, classroom management, and the pedagogy of teaching individual texts which have emerged on the reading lists of introductory courses in the past few years.

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The following topics are representative of those under focus:. Although the anthology is directed mainly to departments of English in the United States, translations from Spanish and Portuguese, as potential entries of the canon, will also be considered. Host Publications of Austin, Texas plans a spring publication of a collection of essays in honor of Alexandrino Severino, professor of Luso-Brazilian literature at Vanderbilt University for over twenty years.

The collection entitled Homenagem a Alexandrino Severino: Also included are tributes to professor Severino that reflect the many facets of his career as mentor, scholar, colleague, and enthusiast of Luso-Brazilian letters.

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The collection is being published to honor professor Severino on his retirement from Vanderbilt, which came earlier than expected due to illness. The editors of the collection are Marshall C. Eakin of the Dept. Phone , tax Box 38, New Brunswick, NJ , , fax International Association of Applied Linguistics, Aug. Wayne Figart, N. Foreign Language Conference, Dept. Georg Steinmeyer, Black Mt. Modern Language Association of America, Dec. Renaissance Society of America, April, Texas. Craig Kallendorf, English Dept. Burlington, VT ; Kemp, who was acquainted with numerous Latin American literary figures, many of whose works he eventually translated, died January 1, in Harwichport, Mass.

Among his translation of Latin American works are the following: He joined the institute staff in , after working as an editor at UT Press for more than eight years. He retired from ILAS in Born in Philadelphia in , he did his undergraduate studies at Temple University and earned his doctorate in from the University of California at Berkeley with a dissertation on the poetry and thought of Octavio Paz. His research and teaching were principally concerned with Spanish American, and particularly Mexican, literature of recent decades.

Dabbs, foreign language professor and scholar, died in Austin, Texas on October 6, His work at this institution was recognized in when he received the Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award in Research. Jack also taught at Texas Weselyan Academy and St. Although he retired from teaching, he never retired from scholarly research, as will testify his many publications. Geographically these works relate to Latin America, but more specifically to Mexico and Texas and occasionally even to India. D from the University of Texas, Austin, in literature, history, and anthropology, plus studies at the Linguistic Institutes of the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and the University of Texas gave him the background for this research.

At the time of his death, he was working on the Riva Palacio archives. As a past president of the American Name Society, he was a frequent contributor to name lore in Latin America. He was born in Mercury, Texas in and spent his life in this state except for military duty. From to , he was either on active duty or in the reserves. Other sources appear in brackets.

A Poesia En Espanol

De este estudio surge una manera inesperada de comprender la historia y a la vez el temor por las posibilidades que se pueden perder. Moacyr Scliar, Marcos Aguinis, Teresa Porzecansky, and Isaac Goldemberg were among the authors who participated in the gathering, which commemorated the Columbian Quincentenary and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Several of the participating writers read from their works.

At the conclusion of the event, the Association issued a declaration condemning the worldwide upsurge in racism and anti-Semitism as well as related revisionary trends in Holocaust and Inquisition studies. Edna Aizenberg Marymount Manhattan College. Fern bars and price shopping clubs, English lessons and Disney World vacations. South of the border, a flood of American products has inspired a rising tide of prosperous consumers eager for hamburgers, Haagen-Daz, and Hollywood.

Mexican stockbrockers flash about the capital in big American luxury cars. Young people sporting the preppy look cruise fashionable new discos with such haughty names as Status. American products began flooding the country after , when Mexico joined the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and lowered many tariffs on imported goods. But the large-scale cultural assault has picked up speed in the 90s.

Cable Network News and MTV now reach into tens of thousands of homes, Stephen King stalks the top of the Mexican best-seller list, and icy cases of American frozen foods have begun popping up in supermarkets. And that may be just the start, since Mexico, the United States, and Canada have signed a North American free trade agreement, which establishes the world's largest trade zone, if ratified. Likely as not, two cultures will exist side by side.

For the have-nots -most of Mexico's 81 million people- poverty probably will never be eradicated. But then there is the smaller, but quite visible, consumer class. She said she liked the changes, except some of the excesses The signs of conspicuous consumption are everywhere: A Mexico City billboard declared: A price-shopping warehouse and huge supermarkets with imported food sections offer everything from Wheaties to smoked salmon and bagels. The Brooklyn Bagel Co.

There's even a Slim Center to help folks squeeze into American jeans after overeating. The erosion of Mexico's cultural identity worries many people. Bored teenage mall rats are one side effect of the smart, new shopping centers; headaches and Stresstabs use are soaring. Even endearing cultural traditions are under attack. As Mexican flags went up for Independence Day on Sept. It used to be celebrated as the Day of the Dead, or All Souls' Day, a major family and religious holiday.

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