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Let's Draw Manga: Ninja & Samurai

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The book is helpful for animators or to make you a better one. Its consise and very informational as as whole. One person found this helpful.

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Far better stuff on the web - both descriptions and illustrations are fairly poor. First, let me say that I ran a feudal Japan newsletter for over ten years.

Let's Draw Manga: Ninja & Samurai

I've loved the Japanese culture in this time-frame for far more. I adore the world of samurai and ninja. This book should have been absolutely perfect for me. Also, I love art. Even just looking at well drawn art of this era, along with enticing descriptions, would have earned this high praise from me. Sadly, I found this book suffered in pretty much every area. First, let's get the text out of the way. Sure, we don't buy an art book for its text. This book starts by saying, "Japan's historic characters, the ninja and samurai, are unique in their shape.

A look at historic documents reveals the shape of these characters to be very simple, dynamic and rational. Heck, you could say ANY group from any time period had its own style and look. And how are samurai or ninja "simple" - they are complex characters with intricate rules. The whole book is like this. A page titled "facial close-up" has full body images. Combinations of description-plus-image make no sense or are unhelpful. The point of drawing manga is to show real life human beings in a plot. Feudal lords absolutely felt ashamed or upset at times, depending on what was going on!

The author advises against "villainous" feudal lord looks - but what if your lord IS villainous? The illustrator is absolutely obsessed with females with "well shaped breasts" and puts these melon-breasted women into extremely bizarre poses, even when they're not the topic at hand.

It gets a bit extreme. But really, I could have let all of this slide if the images themselves had been good. Heck, I have a number of books solely in Japanese, which I can't read. I could gaze at the artwork for hours, getting ideas for my own works. It's the art that captivates me. Here, the art literally makes me chuckle at times. Characters look as if they're dog-faced or horse-faced or no-nosed mutants. Several horses look like the zombie-horses from Game of Thrones.

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The image labeled "sultry delight" looks as if she's dazed by bright headlights. You would think, with his obsession over big-breasted girls, that at least he'd draw them well. But the breasts always seem as if they're floating in zero-G with no regard for Earth physics. It's not like there's a dearth of material on this subject. There are oodles of well drawn examples for people to use.

  1. Let's Draw Manga Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology.
  2. Prelude No. 18 in F minor.
  3. Let's Draw Manga.
  4. To refer to this book instead would only guide one down the path of despair and misery. I'll give it two stars for at least attempting to tackle a topic I adore. I was happy to have found this book, I felt there should have been more work with the clothing and how it appears in different positions, and even a basic breakdown of sword strikes and positions would have been helpfull. A good book overall, as an instructional book and source of information on clothing, weapon, and hair styles reference this book is pretty good. The book is a great source of information on drawing in the manga style and gives its readers a good sense of how to draw the details of ninja and samurai, and it helped me to draw my own samurai character that I am quite pleased with.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to draw in this style! It is a one-of-a-kind reference for any manga artist aspiring to create his or her samurai and ninja action series. The western audience's fascination with ninja and samurai has been on the rise recently with famous titles such as Lone Wolf and Cub and animated features like Ninja Scroll, which have gained much public attention.

    20 Ways Drawing Samurai Poses

    Yet there has not been a real instructional book about these legendary warriors until now! Inside this book you will learn from experienced manga artist, Hidefumi Okuma, on drawing the daily life and tools of the legendary samurai and their most menacing foes, the ninja. Also featured are the Kunoichi "female ninja", mendicant Zen priests and much more.