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You're assuming that when this situation arises, most people will behave reasonably.

In my experience, people are quite often perfectly unreasonable. But I like your attitude and am always glad to meet someone like you-especially someone like you with whom I might disagree on a certain subject. Like you suggest, when people like this meet, things do change for the better, new perspectives are gained. I heard a saying once that whenever a person receives a doctorate in any field, they forget how to say two things: If either politics or religion were based on rational thought, you may be able to do that, but neither are.

You may think politics are, but in the UK, the thought of Cameron putting forward a socialist idea because it was sensible would cause the Conservative Party of which he is leader to have him hung drawn and quartered. And while it's not socialism exactly, the Conservatives also pushed same-sex marriage. In terms of the NHS: And for same-sex marriage: I think Cameron will put party before country.

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In that sense, promoting same sex marriage will, as you say, give the party a good name. But, IMO, that's the reason he did it, it wasn't because he thought it was good for the country as a whole. When was the last time you heard of any politician being called a Statesman? It happens all too infrequently these days. Totally kills the party mood. They're sensitive topics which most people tend to feel strongly about and you're definitely not going to change someone's mind about God or their least favourite politician at a party.

I can think of very few conversations about politics or religion that haven't become contentious after a certain point and that's without even bringing alcohol into the equation.

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Because everyone has their own version of these things that is usually tied to their upbringing or personal experiences, so there is a strong emotional connection to them as a result. I've been in rooms with liberals and conservatives who agree on a majority of things, but still find one area to fight over and it builds up from there. People consider an opposing view to be an attack on their intelligence and character when it comes to these things. Ultimately this is why we vote in private booths.

Sex, Politics and Religion

People have died for holding certain political beliefs, so that should show enough reason to maybe hold back on speaking your mind unless you know you are with like-minded people. Because there are people who sincerely believe a discussion of religion, politics, or sex is an invitation for them to be loud, ignorant, and generally obnoxious. Bring it up, and you are essentially inviting a loud, dumb screaming argument. It's just impolite to trigger these people and thus inflict them on everyone else unless you are reasonably certain everyone else wants to deal with this shit. Because discussions on religion and politics, especially if you have just met the person your talking to, never end well.

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Asking someone you've just met their religious or political beliefs is just arsey. Pretty much, people use their opinions to construct their identity, instead of using their identity to influence their opinions. When you challenge those opinions it can be interpreted as a personal attack. When you're with your actual good friends you can have long productive conversations about all of these things. It just requires an understanding no one will think less of anyone or be mad at the end. I blatantly break social norms here. Personally I don't care much about people's religion or politics if it's different from mine and stuff as long as they aren't a dick about it and are willing to see my point of view.

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Honestly, religion is one of the first things I talk about with new people, because if you can't have a mature conversation about something like that I probably don't want to be real close friends with you. Sex - It can be pretty creepy or just awkward to talk about this. We live in a society where, at least for most people, our sex lives are private.

On their own they're topics that can be discussed in certain settings, but in a party or when you're meeting people? It's smarter to just stay away. In denmark you can talk about sex and politics as much as you want, but dont mention or ask about religion. Monster Glen More II: The Inside World Mansions of Madness: It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. I supported because… "All the cool kids are doing it. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year's end: Please select a support frequency. The Hotness Games People Company.

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