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Jul 05, Aishu Rehman rated it liked it Shelves: Much like we like to watch our favorite shows with a new episode every week, the Strand published these stories and fans couldn't get enough. Readers, not unlike fans today, wanted to have a marathon, so Doyle published collections allowing them to binge out on their favorite detective. This is the second Sherlock Holmes collection and at the time it was thought to be the last.

At the end of the stories, Holmes fights Moriarty to the death as they fall from the edge of a cliff into a waterfall. The fandom was strong, however, and Doyle would eventually succumb to the pressure and bring Sherlock back.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Another series of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as reported by his faithful biographer Dr. Watson and it becomes clearer than ever that the real draw of these stories is the fascinating character of Holmes himself. The mysteries are secondary to the enjoyment, though many of them do prove to have distinct elements of interest otherwise why would the great detective have bothered himself about them?

Indeed, this collection provides a rare treat for the reader in that we learn more about the detective and his early life and connections than has previously been the case. Finally this tale gives us a glimpse of a young Holmes still capable of emotion and surprise to the point that he cries out in horror at certain circumstances that, in later tales, would have left little other than a wry smile and remark of interest on his lips.

We in fact meet his older brother Mycroft, a man even more withdrawn from normal human society than his brother, but who also seems to possess even greater observational powers a fact that leaves both Watson and the reader shocked to say the least. Other tales in the volume that were of interest: Doyle had grown weary of the public clamour for more tales of his peerless sleuth and decided it was time to end it so that he could concentrate on other characters and stories. Well, as it turns out this was not to be, but what resulted was an exciting tale in which Holmes finds himself pitted against the greatest adversary of his voluminous career.

After months of playing cat-and-mouse with Moriarty and his insidious league of crime Holmes finally has gathered the pieces he needs to crush the vast criminal organization and its most dangerous leader. Moriarty, of course, is not likely to take such a possibility lying down and thus we have a final chase across London and Switzerland that ends in view spoiler [an off-screen and thus retcon-able death for both Holmes and his adversary.

Mr Fry is a genius of interpretation View all 4 comments. May 31, K. Absolutely rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Maybe, it was just the way of grouping these short stories. Silver Blaze John Straker tries to drug the horse Silver Blaze so he can bet against him and win a lot of money to finance his mistress.

Holmes solves the case by checking the behavior of other animals in the barn. They have Lucy who is black. Jack dies and Effie marries John. Effie hides Lucy because she is black to John. No crime for Holmes to solve. Looks like just a story on racism and not your typical Sherlock Holmes. A story similar to the previous ones where an undesirable person is eliminated so that the crime can be committed.

Quite a good story to read even if there is no big action. I liked this one. In this story, only the power of deduction is used and everything is flashback memory? I liked the fact that there is variation in this collection and of course the plot is very interesting. Gloria Scott here is the name of the ship. It also deviates from the usual Watson telling the story. This is the story-within-the-story frame tale where Holmes is the narrator recounting a story that happened before.

If I understood this correctly, this is one of the first story where he used his power of deduction and that incident is very interesting because of the oak. Holmes, an expert in handwriting, deduces that those notes have been from two men. The plot is tight and stimulates thinking. The way the crime was put in the open is not really new but maybe during that time it was so this should be okay. Then when the doctor meets another patient, the whole scheme becomes questionable. Quite interesting for me. Mycroft also has those great observation skills and power of deduction that Holmes has. Melas, the Greek interpreter.

Melas is invited to translate a document but when he arrives in the house of his client, he sees that the windows are papered so the suspicion begins and the plot thickens. I liked this one too. Percy Phelps, an old schoolmate of Watson. The document is taken when he was out taking some coffee.

This one made me want to become a detective. The film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is based in part on this short story. It ends with Holmes and Moriarty plummeting into the falls, and Watson is shown writing the final sentences of "The Final Problem" on his typewriter. What a nice way to end this collection! At some point in my reading, it became boring. I noticed that some of the stories became formulaic. I thought, what's the use of completing the canon when the reading is no longer enjoyable and becoming a chore?

However, the last two stories recapped the collection quite well. But that is not important, the stories are nice to read! View all 16 comments. La cara amarilla 5: El escribiente del corredor de Bolsa 4: La corbeta Gloria Scott 3: El ritual de los Musgrave 4: El planteo del enigma me gusta por lo que implica. Los Caballeros de Reigate 3: Es el caso del robo de unas casas que luego termina con un giro peculiar.

El enfermo interno 3: No es una brillantez, pero intriga lo suficiente. El final es interesante. El tratado naval 4: El problema final 5: Menos mal que ya tengo El regreso de Sherlock Holmes.

View all 6 comments. As with most short story collections, you have hits and misses. However in this collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, Conan Doyle writes far too many misses to be it to be enjoyable.

Sherlock Holmes: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Complete Set 4)

As the collection went on I found myself getting less and less invested in the stories of the great detective. I tutted and sighed at how formulaic and ridiculous some of the stories were. My utter frustration came to a vocal climax when Holmes was pushed from the Reichenbach Falls and I muttered, "thank god". If yo As with most short story collections, you have hits and misses. If you're looking for a recommendation, give The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes a go. It's a far superior collection.

Jan 04, Kelly rated it liked it Recommends it for: Come and see the Softer Side of Sherlock Holmes! The stories in this collection focus on the revelation that: He's Just Like Us! He judges too quickly! He was once young and went to school! He has a brother who is, as Sherlock readily admits, smarter than he is, just without his ambition! We see Sherlock has a family, and has interests other than things that have to do with his Come and see the Softer Side of Sherlock Holmes!

We see Sherlock has a family, and has interests other than things that have to do with his work. He's a man living in his time and place in the world and is both affected by it and engaged by it- he does not live in a vaccum. He reads about politics, seems to understand the colonial system and has opinions about it, and reads other books. He does enjoy every day things, a beautiful day, a picnic, and can even be poetical yes, really, there's a story where he philosophizes about flowers. But lest you think this is all the mushy stuff- the last story in this collection, "The Final Problem," introduces Professor Moriarty.

And that's anything but mushy! And really, the other stories aren't really either- its just the presence of much sentiment at all seems rather unusual. There's the requisite amount of chases, nighttime frights, fights, intrigue, and murder, as ever. A must read for those Holmes fans that like to see the charcter develop as well as solve the mysteries. View all 14 comments. Though some of these stories slipped into the formulaic, I was still entertained. The one I keep thinking of, however, is the one that's most laughable — for both good and bad.

The 'bad-laughing' had me wondering if Though some of these stories slipped into the formulaic, I was still entertained.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3) (FULL Audiobook)

The 'bad-laughing' had me wondering if this is when Doyle started to weary of his creation, yet the powerful stories that succeed it belie that. Oct 30, Kenchiin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this is my favorite. View all 5 comments. Sep 26, Katiria rated it liked it. The stories for me in this book is a 4 stars and the audio is a 2. I really did enjoy the amazing stories in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holms they all was absolutely amazingly brilliant stories.

And so far my favorite short stories in this one was The Adventure of Silver Blaze I so didn't see that twist at the end left me guessing until the very end. Yellow Face that I got teary eyed just listening to the sweet ending of that story. And the last short stories that I just have no words for it, but I was ready and prepare for it because I've seen the movies and so I was ready for the The Final Problem short story that left me reeling after reading that ending! First there were different people narrating which I did like some of the narrators but not all.

I was hoping to hear David Clark narrate this book because I absolutely love and enjoy how he does the voices of the characters, but unfortunately he didn't which was a huge disappointed and let down for me. But all and all I really did enjoy this book that I can't wait to continue listening to more of the Sherlock Holmes books soon! Having recently read a collection of Father Brown stories, where solutions often depend on mere coincidence and guesswork, and where criminals often go out of their way not only to kill for the strangest of motives but also to come up with the most Byzantine of plans, I cannot disagree more strongly with the Inspector: Holmes is a haven of sanity, and so is Watson, and so are the criminals with whom the two have to do.

When it comes to good detective fiction that does not have its readers feel duped by phony surprise elements, Sherlock Holmes is more than just a notch above Father Brown.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes , published in is a collection of 11 short stories. We often find this story included in the compilation His Last Bow now. As it is, we have the following stories in this collection: The Adventure of Silver Blaze: Holmes cooperates with Inspector Gregory, who is a good observer and a logical thinker but does not have a lot of imagination, as the Baker Street detective puts it. This is easily my favourite story from the whole collection. The Adventure of the Yellow Face: What secret does Mr. The story is remarkable in that Holmes is able to form a very clear idea of his client just by looking at the pipe he has forgotten in Baker Street, but eventually his theory about the mystery proves wrong — an outcome that does not cause him any grief at all because there are instances when Holmes can feel relief at being wrong.

The story bears some similarity with the Adventure of the Red-Headed League from the first collection of short stories, but it is still enjoyable. The Adventure of the Gloria Scott: It takes place when young Holmes spends the holidays with his school friend Victor Trevor, whose father is visited by a sinister sailor that makes himself the master of the place in no time, apparently knowing about a dark mystery in old Mr. It is this case which makes Holmes consider living by his wits and investigating crimes, for the first time.

The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual: Another case which predates the friendship between Holmes and Watson and which is told to Watson by his eminent friend. The Adventure of the Reigate Puzzle: Holmes and Watson try to relax in the countryside, but to Holmes, work is the best form of recreation, and so he jumps at the opportunity of clearing up two mysterious cases of burglary, in one of which the perpetrators killed a servant who came into their way. The Adventure of the Crooked Man: A nice locked-room-mystery with a melodramatic background story.

The Adventure of the Resident Patient: Percy Trevelyan is a promising doctor but does not have the means to establish his own practice. Blessington offers him to set him up as a practitioner on condition that he pay him two thirds of his income, Trevelyan accepts this business deal, little knowing that one day, his business partner would develop strong symptoms of paranoia.

The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter: Holmes and Watson try their best to save the lives of Mr. Melos, the eponymous interpreter, and a young Greek who has been lured into captivity. The Adventure of the Naval Treaty: An important document, a Naval Treaty between Great Britain and Italy, has disappeared, and Holmes is the only one to be able to retrieve it.

This story has a very ironic solution. All in all, this is a very entertaining collection of stories, but then Holmes and Watson are always a safe bank, at least in my books. We are getting more and more background information on Holmes, e.

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  • The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, Arthur Conan.

Holmes also lets us in on some of his methods, which indeed may not seem exactly mad but unorthodox, when he says, for instance: Okay, he shows certain moments of vanity, e. Watson, who never seems to mind her husband spending so much time hunting criminals with his friend, not only neglecting his work as a medical man but also putting his life in danger.

Apart from that, Holmes can also make mistakes, like the rest of us, as is shown in the second case in this collection, and he can feel delighted at finding that the truth is less detrimental to his clients than his theory made it out to be. Pensaba darle 3 estrellas porque la verdad es que estos cuentos no me atraparon tanto como los de otros libros salvo "El problema final" que fue GENIAL.

Todos estos detalles suman: Mar 02, Vanessa J. In , we had to read for classes one of the Sherlock Holmes' books.

Bestselling Series

My teacher gave us three options. We had to vote for the one we considered the most interesting, and the winner was THotB.

More books by Arthur Conan Doyle

Since then, I made the promise to read the entire canon To get to TMoSH. Do you know why? Because in this one Holmes was supposed to die, and also because Moriarty app In , we had to read for classes one of the Sherlock Holmes' books. Because in this one Holmes was supposed to die, and also because Moriarty appears. Okay, now off to review each story. A great horse Silver Blaze has just disappeared and he had a race the next day, so they need him because the bets are made and people might get angry if they don't get to see the famous horse running. This one is not outstanding, but it was interesting to see how Holmes deduced who did the villainy.

It's not a complex one, but it's not predictable, so I really enjoyed it. Munro is married and has a happy life until one day he sees a yellow face inside a cottage where his wife was found once. He's jealous and consults Holmes to see what he can get from his story. This one has a touching moment in the end, which I rather liked.

Oh, and Holmes is not perfect, ladies and gentlemen. He sometimes has his deductions wrong. A man is offered a job, but he's suspicious as to the employer's motives. Holmes and Watson hurry to see what's behind all that. Ah, there's always a fool. Someone is deceived, but Holmes managed to discover who the responsible for the tricks is before it was too late. A good story, in general. This is Holmes' first case, dated back to his university days. I really liked this story. Watson always wants to know things about his friend's past, and here's where he got his fill.

Sherlock was a misanthrope back in his university days. Ah, Holmes, some people never change This was a clever one. It rounds about a family ritual and the disappearance of two people. As I said, this was clever and really intriguing. Holmes' way of solving the riddle for it is indeed a riddle is not the usual one, so I ended up enjoying it immensely. Holmes is sick, and he decides to give himself or rather Watson pushed him a vacation. In there, Holmes finds that there are also people who need him, so he decides to quit his vacation and solve a case for them, which is about a murder.

The victim had a mysterious torn piece of paper in his hand, and it appear that this paper was very valuable. This one was very intriguing and thrilling. It had an intense action scene that I enjoyed deeply. There was indeed a puzzle. If you can, try to solve it before Holmes reveals the answer. A man is dead and his wife is suspected. Holmes calls Watson Did you hear that, people? Damn Holmes and his ability to make complicated things simple. Why did he call Watson? Not because he needed his help, but merely to have someone to show his brilliance.

But the story was interesting, and we have some more of Holmes ever-growing arrogance. Trelawney as his doctor and everything is well until one day something happens to Blessington and Trelawney's new patients seem rather odd, so he gets suspicious and asks Holmes for advice. The text is nonetheless very well preserved. Chapter 1 Books Published: Blue cloth, lettered in gilt, pictorial vignette, a. Frontis and illustrations by Sidney Paget. Recased, with later endsheets, old small marginal repair to verso of frontis, two spots on upper board one pencil eraser tip size, the other quarter-size , two patches of paper adhesion lower board, a sound though compromised copy.

Original blue cloth; lettered in gilt and stamped in black on upper cover, a. Spine rubbed and worn, hinges repaired, half-title tipped in, some foxing, repaired tear p , good only. Housed in morocco backed slipcase. Eley contemporary ownership signature to half-title. James Cummins Bookseller Published: Spine rubbed and worn, hinges repaired, half-t Edition: George Newnes, Ltd, Original blue cloth binding with gilt lettering and black vignette to the front board, boards with bevelled edges.

Binding generally very good with a little general wear and rubbing to edges, gilt bright to front board, somewhat dulled to spine, cloth slightly marked. Contents clean and tight, no inscriptions, original peacock patterned endpapers, but missing the front free part which has been replaced in facsimile. A good to very good copy. Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Good some wear to cloth. A scarce and unusual edition, apparently published for Prize-giving at English schools.

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