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In the following selection I used the year of publication, 56, 90 and 94, and the number in these publications to identify them. This is a translation in English and in French of a selection of Sigiri Graffiti. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Remember me on this computer.

Graffiti on the Mirror wall - Picture of Citadel of Sigiriya - Lion Rock, Sigiriya

Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Sri Lankan Music in Sigiri Graffiti. The aim of this paper is to identify the evidence of music in Sri Lanka that has been encrypted in Sigiri Graffiti.

The graffiti on the mirror-wall in Sigiriya Rock belongs to a period ranging from 8th- 10th centuries CE, and with no doubts, they are an extant example of the social and cultural background of the period.

The Mirror Wall and The Sigiri Graffiti

I am apprehensive with the fear rising from the thought: Although there is a direct link between the Sigiri verses and the frescoes, the latter is like a silent film while the former is like a talking feature film depicting the heterogeneous aspects of the society of yore. A difference in Sigiri that is not found in other sites like Ajanta, which is the mirro-wall. He feels that the poets belonged to the same tradition as that of the exceptional artists who drew the frescoes on the wall.

The poets remained independent and avoided the common similes in traditional poetry.

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For these they looked around themselves, at their own surroundings, and selected refreshingly moving and evocative metaphors. So, for the Sigiri poet the smile of a woman on the wall reminds him of a water-melon. The woman's teeth are like the rows of seeds in the fruit, her pleasant speech is as sweet as its marrow, and her long eyes are like the segments on the rind. A total of nearly writings have now been deciphered. The first study and publication was by Prof.

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Senerat Paranavitana which itself is a masterpiece of the literary, social and creative activities of the period, the earliest recorded poetry found in Sri Lanka. On the wall, visitors from an ancient time have written graffiti in poem form, most of it dedicated to the Sigiriya Maidens, whose paintings can be seen further up. Nearly 1, neat messages have been deciphered, some more than 10 centuries old. I dedicate a part of a poem from the Sigiriya Graffiti written in the 8 Cent. The body afflicted by numerous maladies.

Life necessarily spends itself and departs. Here stands, as it were, being have none of these conditions".

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Who is not happy when he sees. Those rosy palms, rounded shoulders. Gold necklaces, copper-hued lips. And long long eyes. Tall city of stepped stone.

Graffiti on the Mirror wall - Picture of Citadel of Sigiriya - Lion Rock, Sigiriya - TripAdvisor

High reef of the human dawn The fallen kingdom survives us all this while. The girl with golden skin entices the mind and eyes Her lovely breasts cause me to recall swans drunk with nectar. The forms of these celestial maidens rise above delicate clouds at waist level. They are elaborately bejewelled and their ample breasts are barely concealed by diaphanous gauze garments. Some hold flowers or trays of flowers in their hands.

They are extremely sensuous--a quality readily noticed which has aroused conflicting emotions in visitors to Sigiriya down the years.