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Even in an age of prolific writers, Charlotte M. During her long career she was a successful novelist, editor, historian, biographer, journalist, reviewer, essayist, translator, and writer of textbooks. Although some of her books were written specifically for children, most were aimed at an adult market, particularly young adults. Her reputation as a close friend of John Keble and other members of the Oxford Movement bracketed her with a class of devout authors perceived to be marginal. Yet, her writing is not stridently didactic; governed by Tractarian reserve, her religious principles are implied rather than stated, and her stories were popular with a broad readership not exclusively High Church Anglican.

In her own time, Yonge was renowned for her novels, particularly the best-selling story that first brought her fame, The Heir of Redclyffe Greatly admired, this book epitomized her strengths as a writer: Many came to think of her fictional creations, such as the May family in The Daisy Chain , as real-life friends and were delighted by their reappearances in subsequent stories, in which they might be linked to and intermarried with characters from households that feature in other novels.

Coleridge remains indispensable as a quasi-authorized biography by someone who knew Yonge well. This is usefully complemented by Romanes Battiscombe and Mare and Percival provide significant insights into Yonge not found in Coleridge , based on a more speculative cross-reading of incidents in her life with characters in her novels. The Story of an Uneventful Life. Reawakened interest in Yonge and remains valuable for details from those who knew her.

Obvious starting point for research. Yonge was a long-time mentor and friend of Coleridge. Yonge regarded autobiography as unseemly but still left an account of her family background and girlhood that make up the opening three chapters. Coleridge includes extracts from correspondence, some of which have since gone missing. Useful appendixes of verbatim conversations recorded by Yonge, family trees, and chronological list of her works.

Charlotte Yonge , — Emphasizes the influential social milieu in which she moved and worked and includes examination of her interest in missionary work. Mare, Margaret, and Alicia C. The World of Charlotte M. Like Battiscombe , this work includes interviews with those who remembered Yonge. A useful, if nonscholarly, volume. Memoir that provides further impressions of Yonge by those who knew her. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Hamilton, thanking him for sending the interesting memo on Treasury official salaries.

Board of Trade, Whitehall Gardens, 22 February Autograph letter signed, regretting that he has not received any communication from the Lord Chancellor and that 'the information which might be laid before the house cannot be given'. Appeal Court, Lincoln's Inn, 8 April Autograph letter signed, to Archdeacon Edward Bickersteth, acknowledging receipt of the petition, which he will present 'at the most effective time'.

House of Commons Library, 27 July Gladstone, in his usual illegible hand, but with summary probably in Hamilton's hand on the verso, with reply by Gladstone presumably he had to get Hamilton to read it for him. Houghton arranges to call for breakfast on 18th, but will also call tomorrow 13th on the chance of seeing Gladstone about Egyptian affairs.

I am afraid the interview must stand for a few days'. Houghton had visited Egypt in and was much interested in Egyptian affairs. St Anne's Hill, Chertsey, 12 May Theologian, journalist, and man of letters. Englefield Green, Staines, 26 July Gladstone, about the Bradlaugh case.

Gladstone has docketed the letter, noting that it refers to Bradlaugh, who had been re-elected to the Commons on 9 April, but who was unable to take his seat as he notoriously refused to swear the oath of allegiance on the Bible.

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He consented to remain inactive while the Government introduced a bill to allow affirmation rather than an oath - but the bill had to be dropped in August. Henry James was attorney-general in Gladstone's second government. House of Commons, 26 April Hamilton, returning the enclosed circular not present , and discussing the question of whether such circulars are 'a gross infringement of the spirit of the Ballot Act', but doubting whether it be practicable to ban them.

House of Commons, 25 January Mary Drew Mary Gladstone , acknowledging having been remiss in his subscription, and noting with pleasure her mother's convalescence.

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Autograph letter of condolence to Maude Ottley, on the death of her brother E. Coton House, Rugby, 6 September []. Two autograph letters signed, to Mary Gladstone, discussing various matters relating to music and performances; including the choir at Uppingham school, and a concert in which he agrees to play the C minor sonata, 'according to your wish'.

Joachim had first appeared in London in under Mendelssohn, and was founder of the Joachim Quartet. Autograph letter signed, to Joseph Griffiths Swayne, sending back a cheque which he had refused to accept, and earnestly pleading with him to give the money to a charitable institution. Swayne was a notable obstetrician who spent much of his life working in hospitals in Bristol. Hursley Vicarage, Winchester, 4 July Autograph letter signed, to 'Barbarina', apologising that she has not been able to find the address of the people with whom she is staying, and about various matters such as a performance organised by Lady Georgiana.

Queen Anne's Mansions, Friday 28th. Gladstone, enclosing Bulwer's report as the 'arrangements of Zululand'. Gladstone has annotated the word 'report' with 'i. Kimberley was Colonial Secretary Colonial Office, 22 November KING , Edward Autograph letter signed, to Mary Gladstone, regretting that all the tickets have been disposed of for some days. Christ Church, Oxford, 17 April Lady-in-waiting to Queen Alexandra. Autograph card signed, thanking him, on behalf of the Queen, for his letter and hoping that he is better.

Balmoral Castle, 15 August Knowles was founder and editor of the influential journal the Nineteenth Century. The Hollies, Clapham Common, 30 December Autograph letter signed, to [Edward Bickersteth Ottley], thanking him for sending an invitation to the Festival of the Theological College a month ago, and regretting that he was absent when the invitation came. St Albans' Rectory, Manchester, 30 July Gladstone, arranging to reach Sandycroft station at 3.

Lacaita compiled the catalogue of the library at Chatsworth, and this letter is written from a Devonshire residence. Holker Hall, Carnforth, 23 August LANG , Andrew Morrison, asking him to dine at the Oxford and Cambridge a club on Tuesday. No place, 11 February, n. Autograph letter signed, to Miss Barnett, saying that he devoted yesterday to the Buckeridge hounds, 'so that it is impossible for me to get another day 'out' until Saturday - if then', and discussing other hunting matters.

Leech was a good friend of Thackeray, a prolific humorous artist and an indefatigable huntsman. Fine autograph letter signed, to Mrs. He hopes that she and her husband and daughter will come. Gladstone, sending him some books to read 'in some private moment of leisure'. Autograph note signed, to an illegible correspondent, inviting him or her to a private view.

No place, 3 April. Gladstone, about the cost of the robes for the Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lewis was Chancellor in , succeeding Gladstone who had held the office under Aberdeen in This letter therefore probably dates from Home Office, 18 July [? Autograph letter to an unnamed correspondent, thanking him for the loan of 'the office' presumably a book or MS , and hoping to return it in a day or two when he has had time to make a transcript. Hamilton, thanking him for his kind and welcome letter. Lockwood was Solicitor-General in Hamilton, bringing to his attention with all delicacy the fact that 'the agents general of the big Colonies much feel their present exclusion from the official parties', and asking that they be included in official guest lists.

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Lorne had been governor-general of Canada ; he was married to Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, hence the address. Kensington Palace, 11 February Daughter of Queen Victoria. Gladstone, accepting an invitation to dinner on the 6th. Two autograph letters signed, to E.

Hamilton, on the subject of his ennoblement. The first tells Hamilton that he proposes to take the title of Sherbrooke, and that 'as I have no land' he does not intend to take a local name. The second concedes that 'If I must have a territorial designation it must be Sherbrooke of Sherbrooke in the county of Surrey'.

Hamilton was Lowe's private secretary until , when he moved to Gladstone's office. Hamilton, saying how sorry he is that more cannot be done for 'the poor man of whose merit in the reduction of the price of books and consequently the diffusion of knowledge I am quite convinced'. American man of letters and diplomat. Autograph letter signed, to Mary Gladstone, about a pension for Mrs. Llanos, 'the only surviving sister of Keats': Senor Llanos is now near ninety.

His wife is about seventy Now pray be a sister Dora for them with Mr. Lowell's relation Amy was to become the most prominent Keats collector of her time. Legation of the United States, London, 25 August Autograph quotation signed 'Lytton' , consisting of two four-line stanzas commencing 'At man's birth some satirical elf'.

Wilton House, Salisbury, 8 June Autograph letter signed, to Herbert Gladstone, telling him that he has been asked to write the article 'Gladstone', for a new edition of Chambers' Encyclopaedia, and asking if his father has any area of his life which he feels has been omitted from other published biographies. With endorsement by Herbert Gladstone: Will you ask about this?

No doubt this is directed to Mary Gladstone. House of Commons, 21 August Fine autograph letter signed, to George Grove, enclosing a MS by a friend of his: This was the minor writer George Cupples, whose story had first appeared in The Retreat, Hammersmith, 27 April, n. Autograph letter signed, to Mary Gladstone, regretting that she cannot come to her concert on Wednesday week, having promised to attend a lecture at Lady Bloomfield's house that same afternoon.

Kensington Palace, 17 March Hamilton, thanking him for his kind note, and regretting that he cannot join him for dinner at Brooks's on Friday. House of Commons, 24 January Autograph letter signed, in German, subject unknown. Autograph envelope signed, addressed to the Rev.

Hamilton at Merton College Oxford. William Kerr Hamilton, father of E. Hamilton, was indeed appointed to this important ecclesiastical post by Melbourne as Prime Minister in London, 21 March Meredith proposes a visit to London, in which he will stay with Morison; he also gives report of his close friend Admiral Maxse , on whose character he had based his novel Beauchamp's Career: This is a rare and valuable survival and is not, of course, included in the edition cited and appears to be unpublished.

Box Hill, 3 June Gladstone, saying that he feels 'quite guilty in troubling Mr. Gladstone with these proofs, but the opportunity is irresistible '. Proofs not present, of course. Hamilton, evidently in reply to sight of something proposed to be printed: Christ Church, Oxford, 2 April Statesman and man of letters. Gladstone, accepting an invitation to call on Mr. Hamilton, asking for a copy of the speech, 'as usual, on the assurance that no copy leaves the office until after the speech is spoken', and also asking about Mr.

Cryptic autograph postcard signed initials , probably to E. I think the word is as you say. We are still on this mountain'. The Croft, Hindhead, Surrey, 21 November Chaloner, dismissing a paragraph sent to him as 'a very absurd one from whatever source it came. My nine hours Bill is exclusively applicable to Women and Children'. Mundella was an active proponent of many of the reformist measurespassed by Parliament in the s, such as the Education and Factory Acts. No place, 25 May Hamilton, informing him that he will have the honour of calling on the Prime Minister tomorrow. This address had been that of the Turkish statesman Mustafa Pasha Reschid when he was ambassador to Britain in ; no doubt it was still the Turkish Embassy.

Autograph letter third person in pencil, stating that she 'has signed one if not two copies of this Petition this year. Otherwise she would gladly have obeyed Mrs. This must be the women's suffrage campaigner Millicent Fawcett ; but it can hardly relate to women's rights, because Florence Nightingale opposed most political rights for women.

Gladstone, informing him that Sir Cooper Key would be content to remain as senior naval Lord at the Admiralty, and that he now has enough names to make a list of those who would have the confidence of the service if they were put upon the Board. This clearly relates to the opening days of Gladstone's second government, in which Northbrook was the new First Lord of the Admiralty. Gladstone, hoping that the rest which she will be taking will make her quite well again, and saying that Mr. Gladstone 'looks better than he has ever looked since the Govt formed'.

Admiralty, 24 August Politician and colonial governor. Autograph note signed intials: Florian, the French Sec.

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Autograph note to E. Hamilton, enclosing a receipt. Gladstone, expressing his obligation to him and saying that he will not trouble him further: Autograph envelope signed, to the Hon.

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Alford Harris at Chilmark, Salisbury. London, 3 July Autograph letter signed, to the Bishop of Salisbury, thanking him for his invitation for Monday next, but he was to be in Salisbury for only a few hours that day. Address illegible, 25 June Autograph letter signed, to Maude Ottley, having heard the 'too dreadful news last night in London' i. Highnam Court, Gloucester, 5 September Autograph letter signed, to Maude Hamilton later Ottley: Highnam Court, Gloucester, 6 November London, 20 July Autograph letter signed, to 'My dear old pal', probably E.

Hamilton, reassuring him that he has not forgotten him and that will come and look him up the first time he is in London. He also gives a detailed account of their Majesties visit to Wilton, which exhausted him. Wilton House, Salisbury, 29 June Autograph letter signed, to 'My dear Bob', expressing his sorrow on not being able to attend the funeral of 'our dear old friend', i. I shall miss him very much'. Mount Merrion, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 6 September Autograph letter signed to George Grove, arranging a visit and raising questions about the identify of the biblical city of Ascalon. Charlotte Mary Yonge: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Christ Church, Oxford, n. Hamilton, making arrangements for the Royal Box to be made available for Mr. Gladstone next Friday evening. He is to be received by Carl Rosa, and the performance will be of Tannhauser - though Gladstone's diary shows that the opera performed was in fact The Flying Dutchman. Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, 7 March