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This book had moments where I felt emotional over Ty and Landon and worried over how their relationship would work out with both - or rather Ty - being so stubborn. And while not everything is wrapped up perfectly in a neat little bow at the end, I liked that about the story because it made it all the more realistic. Jul 06, Jen Davis rated it liked it.

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But I struggled at times with the believability especially in the set-up and a bit of cliche. My first issue sprang up out of the gate. Ty and Landon are best friends who are secretly in love with each other. I could buy that, but they are both also, conveniently, secretly bisexual. They are best friends and thick as thieves, but neither tells the other about an attraction to men. And neither has ever acted on their impulses. When the sexual tension finally reaches a boiling point, they go for broke and it all just falls into place.

Ty has never been with a man, but he goes from zero to eager bottom in five seconds. The morning after, the guys have to deal with the fallout and that rang true much more. A relationship with another man could destroy his reputation and could cost him the love of his conservative southern family. I could really feel his conflict. The author did a good job fleshing out his struggle between his love for Landon and his fear of losing everything else in his life. Meanwhile, Landon has his own issues.

He does, however, have to deal with the fact that Ty has all the power in the relationship. Only Ty can make or break them. I liked the main characters and their romance once I got past my initial misgivings. For the most part, though, I did enjoy the story. Both two of my favorite themes.

Landon who we meet in Sharing Hailey Lovers and Friends 1 is a bit of a geek but who is also loyal to a fault. He is loving and curious. Now we have Ty the successful political reporter who is more bi-curious than Landon but has so much more to lose if he crosses the not so straight line. Landon and Ty have always had a close relationship and have been drawn to one Source: Landon and Ty have always had a close relationship and have been drawn to one another but have never acted on their feelings.

After a spontaneous weekend the truth is out. For Landon he is ok with whatever relationship he has with Ty just as long as Ty is in his life but Ty's cold feet send him packing. To give up your career and family for love is a tough choice. I don't believe that. If a man murders someone and then accepts Jesus Christ as his savior, he gets to go to heaven.

Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends, #2) by Samantha Ann King

But if a man loves another man and lives a good life helping others, he burns in hell Love can not be denied. Jul 18, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: I am a sucker for friends to lovers stories so right off the bat I was ready to love this story. Ty and Landan are best friends who realize they want more but struggle to acknowledge their feelings to themselves not to mention friends and family. The book is a quick smooth read but does follow pretty standard plot points. The story starts with Ty a I am a sucker for friends to lovers stories so right off the bat I was ready to love this story.

The story starts with Ty and Landon losing control one night and acting on those suppressed feelings and then the rest of the book deals with the fallout. It just felt staged. A to B so that we can get to C. Sometimes even when you know what is going to happen you read every word even when you know the butler did it you still like "Wait the butler did it" I will be the first to admit I have a pretty high threshold since I read so many of these stories and have read pretty much every variable imaginable so therefore all in all I do recommend Waiting for Ty.

I was interested in how their story progressed. The book is a sequel but you really don't need to read the 1st. If you did read the 1st. I would like to thank NetGalley and CarinaPress for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. Jun 28, Lucie Paris rated it it was ok. I was a little disappointed. I expected a more sensual story. Ty and Landon are friends and are attracted to each other. On a night game, they let their emotions take over. It was a rather attractive introduction and a good start for an erotic romance. Two straight men who decide to take the plunge and accept their attractions.

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But I found the night lacked sincerity, realism and the steamy sex I expected. After an amazing night, reality reasserts itself and the two men panicked. Landon wants to embrace the relationship while Ty takes his heels. Questions about what will people think at work, family If the two characters were really bi or gay, they would have already had the opportunity to consider the implications of their attraction. Same with the presentation to Ty's parents, who are portrayed as devout Catholics who believe that homosexuality is a disease punishable by a trip to hell Indeed, homosexuality is still not accepted by everyone, but I hope that mentalities will change.

This has nothing to do with religion but with tolerance and acceptance of others and their differences. Gay erotic literature can help to bring a romantic look, sensual and exciting on A love story whatever the sexe of the characters. In this book, I felt like living openly your homosexuality was about overcoming a lot of difficulties and not about the beauty of the relationship and feelings. That's why I stayed asking for more. Jun 20, Debbie rated it really liked it Shelves: So why does his best friend Landon push all his buttons, fires all his cylinders, and generally make him all hot and bothered??

Landon has always know he was bi, and Ty is the only man he ever felt enough for to exlore, experiment and just get right down to it! After a usual event truns into something spectactular that neither of them expected, can they get together?? We met Landon and Ty in Hailey's book, and knew something was a-foot between them, even then. I liked this book, and here is why. BOTH men knew they wanted each other, the feelings were as plain as day for both of them. The major problem Ty has with committing to Landon is his family and their beliefs. Deeply religious, and conservative, Ty knows they may well disown him when he tells them of his decision.

Landon's family, while surprised, are at the complete opposite end of the scale, accepting them for what they are, the perfect couple. He does have quite an AMerican accent, and at times, the emotion in his voice makes that more pronounced, but it did not detract from the story, rather made it more real. I have the next book, Tempting Meredith, say on my wishlist, as a book, rather than audio as it will not be made into audio. Jun 21, Literati Literature Lovers rated it it was amazing.

I stumbled upon Ms. When I found out that he was the focus of her next book, I waited patiently until I could get my hands on it. And now— just— such a sweet story in which I can see any two friends turned lovers experiencing together. The experiences and emotions are so real and vivid, that although while not a guy myself, I could feel the excitement of new love, new experience, and at the same time, the trepidation and fear that comes with baring your differences to close friends and family, not knowing how they will react.

Waiting for Ty is a well written, sweet, innocent, yet oh so steamy read. While this focuses on a character from her previous book, I would say that you could read this one as a stand-alone story. Read the first one as well, Sharing Hailey. Jun 27, Pjm12 rated it really liked it Shelves: Labelling themselves as 'bi', the boys have one torrid encounter, then struggle with their feelings and family reactions, well, mostly it's Ty who can't deal for a while before giving in to the inevitability of their feelings.

It's a nice story. Not particularly original but compact and well structured. I loved all the little details we are given about Landon. His two feisty sisters are great characters. There is a harkening back to someone called Nicole, who seems to be a threesome with two hot blokes, and I believe it is the previous book in this series, but it was just alluded to, and I certainly didn't feel like I missed anything by not having read it, I like boys who switch. It seems so much fairer but what the hell do I know? Well, I know I enjoyed this sexy and loving relationship and could easily read more by this author.

This copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley and received with thanks. Out on July Aug 06, Hilcia rated it it was ok Shelves: The story begins on a high with a GFY flavor, but contradictions quickly become obvious to the reader. If you've read this story, you know what I mean. It is unfortunate, however, that these two sections are not better woven in together, as the building sexual and romantic tension found in the beginning is lost half-way through the story and never recovered.

Jun 28, Jason rated it it was ok. I have many issues with this book. The plot was rushed and there were a lot of holes within the story. It was almost like the author wanted to get this great story on paper but fell short. Ty and Landon were great for each other and the sex was accurately written. Makes the story fake. Not the case here. Honestly, this story could have been better if split into several books. Second issue with the plot, outside of the relationship coming together and the eventual coming out to both sets of families, there was not a lot of anything else.

Overall, a good quick read, not for substance, but for the stereotypical perfect male body and the sex two men have. Gah, so hoping for more! Until next time, Jay Jun 18, Megan rated it liked it. I really liked the way that the author brought these two friends together. The friends to lovers trope does not feel over used or forced here. The feelings between Landon and Ty feel real and visceral.

This short read is very realistic and emotional. It isn't all sex scenes, hearts and rainbows. The couple faces their own demons to even be together and once they decide to make a go of it, they have to face the challenges that the world at large poses. They have to deal with sharing their love wi I really liked the way that the author brought these two friends together.

Waiting for Ty

They have to deal with sharing their love with family and friends. They have to find a way to make their relationship work on a professional level. I loved how sweet and genuine Landon is and how brave Ty is when he stands up to his parents. What a great short read.

This one is quality! Jun 11, Mireille Duval rated it liked it Shelves: I think it's a good one if you're into that, though! I liked both characters, particularly Landon he's curing cancer! Nov 23, Camille Adams rated it it was ok Shelves: Nov 16, Silkeeeeeereads rated it liked it Shelves: I can't put my finger on it but there is something missing.

I just didn't fall in love with either of the MCs and I'm not sure why. It wasn't a horrible read but it definitely isn't my favorite. Feb 05, Ammts Missy rated it it was ok. There was plenty of screwing but no real chemistry between the main characters. I love a good friends-to-lovers story but this one fell flat for me. Landon was a supporting character in book 1. In it we learned that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. He'd begun revising his notion of what that word meant. Who made up a family and what was their place in his life?

He'd been grasping at childhood ideals and trying to work them into a world that would no longer accommodate them. Close-knit, biologically related, loving each other no matter what. Obviously, he'd been wrong about the biological part. Sharing DNA didn't guarantee that closeness. Jun 13, Carolyn Storer rated it liked it Shelves: The premise for Waiting for Ty is an intriguing one.

He's always felt a strong connection with Landon but has never acted on it for fear of the consequen The premise for Waiting for Ty is an intriguing one. Verdict It is a shame Waiting for Ty is such a short read as it had potential to be very good. Jul 22, Shirley rated it really liked it. I received Waiting for Ty in exchange for a fair and honest review. I really loved these guys. They had known each other forever. They fantasized about each other and they both had the same reluctance to take the next step. That first step was a doozy though.

I also loved his honesty and his willingness to let Ty find his way even though it broke his heart. Usually when a character in a couple steps back and walks away, re I received Waiting for Ty in exchange for a fair and honest review. Usually when a character in a couple steps back and walks away, regardless of their reasoning I get upset. When he walked out on Landon it just about tore me apart, but I totally understood his reasoning. Supporting characters played an important part in Waiting for Ty. The first one introduced I loved from the start. Once you found out a little bit more about her it made sense.

I loved his sisters.

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Actually his whole family was great. Their reaction to everything made me cringe. I not only sympathized but respected Ty so much more after his interactions with them. Yes, the mom in me came out in spades with Ty. I think that what I loved about Waiting for Ty the most was that their relationship really defined love. Neither one of them considered themselves gay, they were most definitely bi. Their attraction to each other was just that — uninhibited attraction.

Review: Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends #2) by Samantha Ann King

Love is what it is and what Ty and Landon had was love — pure and simple. Jun 26, Shirley Frances rated it liked it Shelves: Tyler has been friends with Landon since college. He doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that, but he can't also deny the attraction he feels for the man although he's straight.

Anyway, he can't ever act on those desires because his family would disown him and Landon is straight too. Landon has been keeping his attraction for Tyler a secret for years. For him it goes deeper than merely finding Tyler attractive. He loves the man and is afraid to act on those feelings because he doesn't want Tyler has been friends with Landon since college.

He loves the man and is afraid to act on those feelings because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. But one night it becomes to much for him to keep at bay and they kiss.

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Landon decides to move on. Can they find themselves before it's too late? Waiting for Ty was a sweet, friends to lovers story. It didn't pack much of a punch, but the concept was a good one and the characters were interesting enough to keep my attention and cheer them on to make something out their relationship. There were aspects of the story that didn't work for me.

I found it hard that Tyler confronted his family and confessed his relationship with Landon after all the fuss he made and what he put Landon through when he stayed away. Although their connection felt real and their chemistry was sizzling-hot, I still think that they resolved their problems way too fast for it to be a believable outcome. Landon is getting ready to buy a condo and take a sabbatical for 6 months in another city. The time is ripe for change in their relationship. Will Landon take a chance on love or let his dream of happiness with Tyler go?

I have mixed feelings about Waiting for Ty. And without that information, much of this book feels incomplete as the author did not take the time to build it into her narrative. And that is just one of the issues with Waiting for Ty.

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He is finally finished with his years of college, including graduate degrees and is working as a cancer researcher. He has bought a condo and has agreed to take a 6 month sabbatical from his current position to work with another research group in a different state. And in walks Ty. His entrance and the start of the novel is so abrupt that we feel as though we have entered midway through the novel. The reader is given little to no back story as to the men or their history together. Once the plot moves forward and the men try to establish a relationship amid family disapproval and personal assertiveness, then the book takes shape and the reader can finally settle into feeling more connected to the men and their struggle to be together.

I liked this story but felt it had so much more potential than was evidenced in the final product. I think Samantha Ann King has a gift that she has just begun to explore and I look forward to more stories from this author. I liked this story but am on the fence as to whether I would recommend it. You are commenting using your WordPress.