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Dinner starts before 5: And by the fact that there is a "loud din" from the Great Hall when they leave, I am going to say that it is probably 6: As the three of them are walking out to the forest, the sun is "falling toward the tops of the trees in the Forbidden Forest. We do not get another waypoint until they are on the thestrals.

Harry and his companions started their ride when they cleared the trees in the forest and "soared out into a blood red sunset" and then streaked over the Castle. Scotland in mid-June has sunsets at about In order to validate the sunset time we can go back to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and compare the use of sunset there with the real life sunset in Scotland. According to Hagrid, Buckbeak was going to be executed at sunset. According to the Lexicon, the execution was scheduled for 6 June.

For Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen the sunset times listed range from 9: Rowling can use sunset properly in her writing.

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So I will assume that, as she did with Prisoner of Azkaban , she accurately used the time of sunset in Order of the Phoenix as well. But still they flew on, the flight to London only takes a little more than a page, but there are numerous items in it to add length.

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There are eleven ellipses on the page; those are usually used in writing or printing to indicate an omission. The other variables are the speed and distance of the trip. While on the thestral "Harry did not think he had ever moved so fast.

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This speed is very high, possibly too fast, but it definitely serves as a conservative upper limit given the information provided. As for the distance from Hogwarts to London, we can make some estimates of the distance using Scottish cities. The distance from Edinburgh to London is miles and from Aberdeen to London is miles. If the thestrals traveled at mph it would take two hours to get there note that if they flew at a more reasonable mph, it would take at least four hours. So this information puts Harry and his friends in London between midnight and a bit after 2: On Harry's arrival back in the castle, "There was a cool line of pale green along the horizon: Dawn was approaching" 34 and he was greeted by the portrait Phineas Nigellus who asks him "And what brings you here in the early hours of the morning?

Rowling uses ellipses to show the passage of time. Then after Dumbledore arrives, we have the end of our timeline with the sunrise as the sun is visible over the mountains36 sunrise in Scotland in June is 4: The fact that sunrise is over the mountains keeps us from getting an exact time as we can not see the actual horizon, but this occurs after Harry has destroyed Albus Dumbledore's instruments and Phineas has been informed that Sirius is dead. The earliest that Harry could have seen the sun was at 4: Working backward, if they had been talking for 15 minutes, Dumbledore took the full half hour he tells Harry he will take at the Ministry, 38 it would put Harry in Dumbledore's office at about 3: We can also check this by using the "cool line of pale green along the horizon.

By working backwards from sunrise to arrival time it has provided us with a time consistent with what would be seen in the real world at 3: So now we have made a conservative estimate of the beginning and the end of the timeline, starting when Harry and Hermione enter the forest with Umbridge around 6: It is time to fill the middle of the timeline with the following: Entering the Ministry and finding the Department of Mysteries DOM Navigating the rooms in the DOM to find the Hall of Prophecies and the lifting up of the prophecy The fight between Harry's group and the Death Eaters The arrival of the rescue mission and the subsequent fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort We still need to account for events between the arrival at the Ministry and Harry's return to Hogwarts.

Depending on the speed of the thestrals they probably entered the Ministry between approximately midnight and 2: We can estimate a more exact time by using the constraint of 4: To get from the front of the Ministry to the Hall of Prophecies was a trip through numerous rooms, though they only stopped in the veil room; it probably took about 45 minutes. I think that Snape's final warning was given at about the same time as Harry picked up the prophecy.

This is because Snape was using a reliable means of communication, the Order could Apparate or use Floo Powder to get to the Ministry, and they knew where they were going in the Ministry as they had been guarding the prophecy. But more importantly, this makes the shortest possible time between Harry and Hermione leaving the castle and Severus giving his final warning at nearly eight hours. That coupled with the fact that the warning would have come too late to help had Lucius Malfoy's plan been a success, has always made me suspicious. But if Snape took nearly eight hours between warnings, wouldn't that have been suspicious to the Order?

I was still missing something. The Dark Lord is satisfied with the information I have passed him on the Order.

It led, as perhaps you have guessed, to the recent capture and murder of Emmeline Vance, and it certainly helped dispose of Sirius Black, though I give you full credit for finishing him off. The subject of Emmeline Vance has been argued to death on various message boards with no conclusion in sight. But more importantly, in that same sentence, he claims to have provided information that helped to dispose of Sirius Black. Why would he be bragging about giving information that led Sirius to being in the Ministry if Sirius was not supposed to be there? He is not talking to people who have no idea of what happened at the Ministry, Bellatrix was there.

Narcissa was the wife of the person who planned it and was, according to Dumbledore, the conduit for information between Kreacher and Voldemort; 45 I would expect both of them to know what happened at the Ministry and the planning that went into it. It is also made clear that Snape refers very specifically to the information he gave the Dark Lord in these sentences, not his actions. The sentence could easily be rewritten to say "the information I have passed him certainly helped dispose of Sirius Black" with no change to the meaning of the sentence. In talking about information he gave to Voldemort, Snape makes it clear he is referring to more than the fact that he "goaded Sirius about staying in the house.

Perhaps another piece of evidence that Snape was involved in this event on the side of Voldemort. Though I do not know exactly what Snape's plan was on the evening of the Ministry of Magic rescue attempt, it seems clear that a time gap of nearly eight hours is not consistent with the behavior of a person working with Albus Dumbledore. Thus, it is likely that Dumbledore has been misled by Snape somehow and that Snape had some plan that required him to wait this length of time.

Here is my theory: At this point, Voldemort made a plan to have Snape pass on a warning to the Order when Malfoy had everything under control. But Harry took a long time to get to London and left Snape vulnerable to being found out as a spy. If Snape gave the warning just after leaving Umbridge's office, it would leave around an eight-hour time gap and no matter how much Dumbledore trusted Snape, it would look suspicious to Dumbledore. So did Snape give the first warning immediately?

Probably not; he must have given the warning later, at a point when he knew where Harry was. No matter whose side Snape is on, he should have been watching the forest for signs of Harry and Hermione.

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So why didn't he report the six thestrals with riders that came out of the forest and flew over the castle? The Captain purchases a new ship and uses it to stowaway slaves and bring them North to freedom. Allie is independent and strong-willed. She finds herself in a relationship with a wealthy, young man who is the brother of one of her schoolmates whom she does not like.

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