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If Judas will be a traitor, Satan will quickly enter into his heart, and make him sell his master for money, which some heathen would never have done John If they be in prosperity, he will tempt them to deny God Proverbs Those who profess to be followers of Christ, and claim by their faith to been listed in the warfare against all evil in their nature, frequently plunge without thought into temptations from which it would require a miracle to bring them forth unsullied. Meditation and prayer would have preserved them and led them to shun the critical, dangerous position in which they placed themselves when they gave Satan the advantage over them.

The promises of God are not for us rashly to claim while we rush on recklessly into danger, violating the laws of nature and disregarding prudence and the judgment with which God has endowed us. This is the most flagrant presumption. Only he who has true faith is secure against presumption.

What Is Faith?

For presumption is Satan's counterfeit of faith. Faith claims God's promises, and brings forth fruit in obedience. Presumption also claims the promises, but uses them as Satan did, to excuse transgression. Faith would have led our first parents to trust the love of God, and to obey His commands. Presumption led them to transgress His law, believing that His great love would save them from the consequence of their sin. It is not faith that claims the favor of Heaven without complying with the conditions on which mercy is to be granted.

Genuine faith has its foundation in the promises and provisions of the Scriptures. But if honesty of heart and uprightness before God were lacking, or if I did not patiently wait upon God for instruction, or if I preferred the counsel of my fellow men to the declarations of the word of the living God, I made great mistakes.

To limit oneself to only ONE voice lends itself to presumption. And by all means take enough time to clearly hear his voice. In the desire to be bold for God, some individuals are jumping off presumptuous cliffs—so to speak—and finding that the landing is a bit hard if not disastrous. And if you are not sure, wait until it becomes clear. Whatever is to be done at His command may be accomplished in His strength.

All his biddings are enablings. God will lead us forward one step at a time. If God has called you to a particular service or task, He will clearly open doors and bring resources that make that next step possible. However, let me try to give you a refreshing drink. The Bible says God is absolutely, completely, and comprehensively sovereign Psa.

Consider that in order for God to be absolutely sovereign, He must be all powerful Gen. What this means is that nothing is impossible for God Jer.

Presumption Vs Faith

God knows all things actual and possible in the past, present, and future, and nothing escapes His notice for He not only is everywhere present, but has perfect knowledge of every place Psa. Selah, pause and meditate on these simple but profound truths in relation to your fears, anxieties, and troubles.

He is watching you! God knows what is happening to you!

God is powerful to deliver you! Nothing in the universe, from an atom to an entire galaxy, is out of His sovereign rule and control. Your Heavenly Father knows all about your life and present situation. He has caused or allowed what is, has, or will happen to you and will use it for your good—if you love God and are called according to His purposes Rom. But let us get down to the bedrock of these truths.

You have needs, fears of the future, impending doom on the horizon, struggles with your own sinful heart and the sins of others. How can what has already happened to you, evil, wrong, injustice, death, etc. Yes, I know this is a futile exercise in some respects and a ridiculous request. You know ALL things. Nothing ever takes you by surprise. It is all before you all at once and you understand it all perfectly for you are working to guide history to fulfill the purposes you have intended for it Isa. You have sovereignly chosen certain people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to be rescued and redeemed, to worship you and give you glory for all eternity.

Your plan was to send your only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to live a sinless life, to die on the cross for the sins of the world, and to rise again from the dead in order to conquer sin, death, and Satan Rom. Those you save you desire to give you glory, but they are sin-cursed sinners, who live among sinners in a sin-cursed world.

Prevailing Intercessory Prayer

In your infinite wisdom you know just what those individual sinners need to grow and become more like your Son. You know exactly what will help transform them from glory to glory into the image of your Son 2 Cor. You know combinations of blessings and trials, hardships and pleasure, suffering and ease will bring about the necessary growth that will allow your children to be more like your Son, give you the most glory, and bring them the greatest amount of personal blessing for all eternity.

This plan, your decree, you have set in motion and nothing can stop it Psa. You will bring your plan to pass for you declare the end from the beginning saying that your purpose will be accomplished Isa. Enough of pretending to be God—back to you and your life in this sin-cursed world. Here you are in your current situation with your current fears, trials, pains, and sufferings.

Because this is what God, being the infinitely wise, all loving, kind, merciful, gracious, compassionate God knows is what is best for you Psa. But He is the infinitely wise God and that is why you are facing whatever it is you are facing in your life Eph. God loves you Rom. God wants to make you more like Jesus Rom. God is using life and death, infused with grace, to transform you into the image of His Beloved Son so that you can give Him maximum glory for all eternity Jn.

There you have it! So, life has come upon you with all of its trials and difficulties. These trials and difficulties are real, painful, hard, uncomfortable, and unavoidable. It is time to counsel yourself from the Word, remind yourself of the truth, and trust in the Lord. Answer the questions below from the Scriptures and talk to the Lord about them. Eventually the days ordained for you in this world will come to an end Psa.

The Lord will call you home Job The purpose of www. Click to Order from Amazon.

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Self Preparation What is Expository Preaching? For Everyone For Preachers. Here are some of things that pop into my mind: The Bible says being anxious, worrying, and fretting is a sin.

The Bible says I need to trust God and pray. The Bible says God is going to take care of me and my needs. The Bible says to observe the ant, save for the future, and not be a sluggard. The Bible says not to worry about tomorrow because each day has enough trouble of its own. The Bible says it is the responsibility of parents to save for their children. The Bible says not to fix my hope on the uncertainty of riches. The Bible says it is the Lord that gives us the power to make wealth.

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The Bible says the Lord makes people rich and poor. The Bible says the hand the diligent is made fat. The Bible says not to presume upon the Lord. The Bible says the righteous man lives by faith. The Bible says being anxious, worrying, and fretting is a sin Psa. The reason anxiety, worry, and fretting are sins, is they are a practical denial that God is sovereign and good. The Bible says I need to trust God and pray Eph. When we pray asking according to His will, He hears or answers our prayers Mt.

In order to pray, we must believe God exists, that He is sovereign, and that He can answer our prayers. We pray because we believe that God can answer our prayers, to demonstrate our trust in Him, to play a part in His sovereign work, and to amplify praise to Him.

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The Bible says God is going to take care of me and my needs Psa. God is even working to answer our prayers before we ask! He takes care of birds and flowers and yet, loves us even more. He did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us all and therefore we can be assured He will freely give us all things Rom. The Bible says to observe the ant, save for the future, and not be a sluggard Prov.